tagGroup SexMFM Encounter Ch. 2

MFM Encounter Ch. 2


A few weeks ago I related a true story about one of our MFM encounters. I mentioned we had another planned in a few weeks with a rather largely endowed gentleman and I would be back. Well, I am back with another true episode.

We met James for lunch late November and he appeared to be everything he said he was in his e-mail response to our ad. We had placed a very specific ad that we didn’t believe anyone could live up to and James had answered it. What got my attention was his confidence (my wife loves men with self confidence) in answering the ad with “I not only meet your qualifications, I exceed them”. He described himself as 50, good looking, white, an amateur body builder, professional, experienced and with a 9.5 – 10” cock. He later sent a picture both g-rated and X-rated proving his statement.

After several e-mail and picture exchanges we agreed to meet for lunch. The meeting went great, we all felt comfortable, it was obvious that James found my wife (Ellen) quite attractive and when leaving he hugged my wife pulling her very close so she could feel his cock against her stomach. She made some remark like, “I think this is the one” laughing. He hugged her again in the parking lot and she remarked in the car later that his cock felt quite big and was hard. The hard part is a good thing since at the time four out of five men we had been with couldn’t get it up.

We planned to meet sometime over the holidays when time would allow and later set a date. My wife and I traveled about an hour to a larger city to do some final x-mas shopping, checked into a hotel and waited for James to show up at the arranged time. Ellen spent the usual time primping, preparing herself for an evening she was nervous about, dressing in her black short skirt, black lacey thong, black bra, and thigh high stocking with black high heels. She, as usual looked very sexy and classy. She appeared a little nervous because she had never been with any man as big as James described himself and Ellen is quite petite. The biggest was about 7” and she described him as perfect. I would say that, as usual, the size thing was more my fantasy than hers.

At exactly the appointed time James arrived, and he gushed over how beautiful and sexy my wife looked, they exchanged hugs and we headed for his car to grab a quick bite and get reacquainted. James was not hungry so at the restaurant we visited and Ellen and I split a dozen oysters. We left and came back to room about 7:15.

I busied myself with lighting the candles and turning on a CD while James and Ellen began to hug and he felt her tits remarking over and over about how sexy she looked. She did! I excused myself to use the restroom and when I came out my wife was sitting on the low dresser with her legs spread and her short skirt pulled up exposing her lace-covered pussy. James was sitting on the bed facing her about two feet away with the look of lust and amazement on his face as Ellen rubbed and played with her pussy….. never taking her eyes off of James.

I sat down in one of the table chairs and positioned my self for the show. After a few minutes of watching James had removed his shirt revealing a body that Adonis would have been envious of. James, who was 50, 6’, 190 lbs. had the body of a 25 year old that worked out every day. I could tell by her expression and comments she was quite impressed and she stood up and ran her hands all over his chest, shoulders and arms remarking what an incredible body he had.

She then requested that James go ahead and take off his jeans, which he did. James was wearing no underwear and when he sat back down on the bed Ellen glanced down at his cock and all she could mutter was, “OH MY”! With eyes big she was able to squeak out a few more words, “I have never seen anything that big in my life”. Not only was he huge but totally shaven, as well. Ellen immediately dropped to her knees in front of James and proceeded to lick from his balls to the top of his cock, back down again, over and over. She took him into her mouth and proceeded to give him a long slow blowjob as James laid back and moaned and groaned like a wild animal.

- Part2 -

After about 15 minutes of this I decided I needed to get involved and suggested that James scoot up on the bed and for Ellen and James to continue. He did and Ellen rolled over on her back exposing a glistening wet pussy. James made the comment he wanted some of that now but I told him, “sorry, you’ll have to wait your turn” and proceeded to lick and suck Ellen’s pussy like I know she likes it. Before long she was moaning her way to an explosive orgasm. The whole time James was kissing her and massaging her tits. As you may recall we have a weird rule that kissing is allowed between Ellen and the other only when I’m performing the oral magic on her. She loves to be deep kissed and be eaten at the same time. It really gets her off.

After she recovered a bit from what would be one of many explosions she roll over on her stomach and proceeded to suck James’s cock again. James had warned us that he was very verbal and his orgasm would probably alert the front lobby to call the cops. We laughed…. but he was right. As Ellen continued to suck James, it was obvious he was really enjoying himself with moans and groans like I had never heard before. I got up and poured myself a glass of wine and sat down to watch some more. After a few minutes it was obvious that James was getting closer to cumming so I made a comment to Ellen not to do too good a job as she will want the full effect of James’s cock a little later. James agreed, rolls Ellen over and dropped down to taste Ellen’s pussy. He was obviously impressed as he remarked what a beautiful one she had. It was a light moment that brought some laughter because I am always telling Ellen she has the prettiest pussy I have ever seen. Believe me………. she does.

After a few minutes of Ellen enjoying the tongue of James I moved over to offer her some of my cock. I kneeled at her head and she grabbed my cock and fed it into her mouth while James continues to eat away. I’m about half the size of James but Ellen says she likes my cock better than all the others she has ever had. Maybe so, but she is always very careful to include me in everything and makes sure that my ego is fed so that there will be no chance of insecurities on my part. I’ve never felt threatened, as I know where our love is and what this is all about.

As James continued eating, Ellen continued enjoying but for some reason she seldom gets off when another man is eating her. She says that I always bring her off orally (her favorite thing to do) because I know the exact rhythm, touch and technique that take her to another place.

I suggested that maybe she should test that cock of James and perhaps it would be better for her to be on top so she could control the depth. She remarked that I only wanted her on top because I wanted to watch his cock slide in and out. There was probably some truth to that and I threw James a condom. I thought James might use a Magnum because of his size but he said he liked the condoms tight and used a normal size.

Ellen took the condom out of James’s hand and said, “let me take care of that”, opened it and rolled it on James’s cock. She then proceeded to climb on and position his cock at the opening of her pussy, guided him in and slowly started to push him in further. I walked around behind so I could see his cock slid in. Taking his girth was not a problem. Ellen has a very resilient pussy and it is always nice and tight even after she takes a very thick 8” dildo prior to me.

I was amazed as she slid down on James’s cock almost to the bottom. She then started to ride that cock, slowly at first and faster and faster taking almost the entire length. I watched her face as her eyes seem to roll back into her head, that smile I love so much came across her face and she started her slow moans verbalizing what a nice big cock he had and how much she loved his cock filling her up. She would lean forward to get more friction on her clit and rub her tits all over James’s very developed chest. She continued to get louder and louder as did James. James was making noises and grunts that I’d never heard reacting to Ellen’s motion and her noises. He was right; he would have alerted the front lobby except that Ellen was drowning him out. Her moans turned to screams, screams of pleasure and I remember wondering what the people in the next room must be thinking. I knew they could hear as we could actually hear them talking in the next room earlier. I didn’t care. I just wish I had a tape recorder to record both of them as Ellen screamed at the top of her lungs in a massive explosion while at the same time James came in a glut of animal noises. I thought I was at the zoo. What a site. Ellen lay there for what seemed like 30 minutes but was actually about five minutes mumbling “oh my God, oh my god”.

- Part 3 -

Finally, Ellen rolled off and James lay there jerking. Not jerking off mind you, but jerking from the sensitivity of his cock. Every time Ellen would touch him he would jerk. Strange but definitely a turn on for Ellen. I made the comment that we had plenty of condoms and he could toss the one he had already filled if he wanted. James excused himself and I poured Ellen another glass of wine as it was apparent she needed a break and so did James. James doesn’t drink during the week, as he’s a fitness nut so no wine for him.

I sat in the chair sipping some wine and James and Ellen laid on the bed relaxing with Ellen sipping her wine and James drinking water for about 20 minutes just talking about nudist resorts, Hedonism II, and various experiences we had all had in this “life”. Ellen began stroking James’s cock again while we talked and it wasn’t long before she had him hard as a rock again. He remarked how quickly he recovered and gave Ellen credit for turning him on.

While she started sucking his cock again (she couldn’t get enough of that big thing in her mouth) I slid down to her pussy and started giving her head again. James was on his knees this time stroking his cock in and out of her anxious mouth. She had just had a massive orgasm and was ready for more. It didn’t take long at all before she exploded again. I allowed her about 30 seconds before I started eating her again and within five minutes she exploded again. James was absolutely amazed and was throwing compliments my way for being able to bring her off twice in five minutes orally. He couldn’t believe how responsive Ellen was.

I suggested that he take her from behind this time, as I knew she wanted to feel that cock inside her again and she loves doggie style. I lay on the bed and she moved to a standing position at the end of the bed signaling me to move closer to her. I moved up and straddled her legs, rubbed her tits and kissed her stomach and then leaned back on the bed. She bent over and took my cock into her mouth while James tried to slide his cock into her pussy from behind. Even though she was very wet, James’s size, Ellen’s ability to return to tightness and the fact he was using a non-lubricated condom was making it difficult. I always carry lube with me so I suggested he put some on the condom. He agreed and proceeded to slide right in. He was very careful not to hurt her and suggested that she initiate the motion and depth to maintain comfort. She said she hurt a little in the doggie position but “it hurt so good”. The pleasure was overshadowing any discomfort. After about ten full minutes of this she was getting close and so was James. James exploded first and continued to pump, jerk, make animal noises for what seemed like forever and finally Ellen exploded again. Not quite as verbal but that look of a satisfied lady was certainly there. She smiled at me and said hmmmmmmmm finally collapsing on the bed.

We all sat around talking for a few more minutes and James said he’d like to go for round three but needed to get home as he had some driving to do the next day. Both Ellen and I were fine with that because I hadn’t cum yet and I had some driving I wanted to do with Ellen after he was gone. I’ve discovered that I really enjoy the one-on-one with Ellen after the other is gone and so does she. We had another hour or so of “making love” before she faded off to sleep. The morning brought another wonderful repeat session with each other.

It’s been an interesting 2000 with more failed encounters than successes. But, oh the successes. Our goals included finding about three quality partners to party with from time to time. After many meetings, no-shows and erection failures we have found two. Finding that third should be fun.

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