tagErotic HorrorMidnight Hunger

Midnight Hunger


The noise of the bar was almost deafening. I practically had to shout to get the bartender's attention so she could bring a refill. She brought the dark brew to me and put the cost on my tab. I just stared into the beer, tired from a long day of work and trying desperately to let the world wash away from me. I actively ignored everyone around me as I tried to relax, which is probably why I didn't even see her come up to me until she stood next to me with her back to the bar.

Her dark hair cascaded past her shoulders, giving off the slightest shimmer in the light of the bar. Her icy blue eyes almost seemed to pierce into me and set off nicely against her olive skin. She smiled at me as I looked at her, her teeth a brilliant white, made even more so against the deep red lipstick on her full sensual lips. I felt my pulse quicken in spite of myself and quickly tried to regain my composure. And yet, for some reason, I wasn't able to speak as she looked at me. I didn't know why, but I supposed it was because a woman of this sort of exquisite beauty hadn't been near me in quite some time.

She signaled to the bartender and a glass of deep red wine was brought to her. She didn't leave any money on the bar, but I assumed that she too had a tab running and I just hadn't seen her come up to the bar tonight. As she drank, she tipped her head back, her neck smooth and supple. Her skin seemed unimaginably soft and I felt my desire for her growing. I shook my head, trying to clear the fuzzy feeling I was getting from looking at her. And yet, I unconsciously licked my lips as she drank. She shifted slightly as she finished her glass and the leather coat she was wearing slipped open.

Underneath the soft calfskin she wore a deep red corset. The satin clung to her body and squeezed her breasts together. Her impossibly deep cleavage drew me in as I openly stared. I don't know what came over me, but I couldn't resist drinking in her form. I felt my mind grow foggy again as I ogled her every curve. And then, I felt my stupor lessen as I heard her laugh quietly to herself. I shook my head and blushed. I tried to apologize, but she just smiled at me. "If I didn't want men to look, I wouldn't have dressed like this, would I?"

I blushed even more and I could feel my heart pounding. She slipped a finger into her empty glass of wine and collected the dregs on her fingertip. She then lifted her finger to her mouth and sucked the last of the deep red liquid into her mouth. She smiled as I watched her, entranced by her every movement. I tried to control myself, but I could already feel my cock beginning to swell as I watched her. Her every breath pushed her breasts higher and I practically drooled as I looked at her. She set the glass down and licked her lips as she stared into my eyes.

She leaned close to me and spoke directly into my ear. Her breath was hot and her words took on an insistence that I could barely comprehend. "You should come with me. Now." I couldn't resist her invitation and felt very lucky to be leaving with such a beautiful woman. The bartender smiled after us and I didn't even care that I had forgotten to settle up my tab. All I cared about was being near this intoxicating woman.

We walked beneath the moonlight and I barely even noticed that the night had become almost impossibly quiet. All I could hear was the sound of her heels clicking on the pavement. I walked right behind her, reveling in every curve that was being displayed before me. She wore a short tight skirt and a pair of fishnet stockings. And every inch of her body seemed to be either the ending of one curve or the beginning of the next. Feminine was the only appropriate description. Painfully, intoxicatingly, sensually feminine.

We arrived at her townhouse, about two blocks from the bar. She unlocked the door and let me in. She then slipped off her coat and hung it by the door and I finally got my first truly complete look. Her legs were firm and supple, her hips a very pleasant curve, and her breasts were full and firm, made even more so by the corset squeezing them up and out. She smiled again, her teeth still impossibly white against her deep red lipstick. I felt my pulse quicken and my cock become painfully swollen as she looked at me. She held out a hand and crooked her finger, beckoning me toward her. I was only too glad to follow.

I was led to a four poster bed in an opulent room. Mahogany furniture filled the room, along with artwork from a variety of masters: Da Vinci, Cezanne, Kahlo, O'Keeffe. Heavy curtains covered the windows and soft silken sheets covered the bed. The white of the sheets contrasted delightfully with the deep red fabric hanging from the posts of the bed behind the headboard. She directed me to lie on the bed and I eagerly agreed. I could feel my mind growing foggy again, but I completely ignored it now. My desire and pleasure were winning out over any concerns I had over being seduced and enticed by this intoxicating stranger.

As I lay there, she quickly began stripping my clothes off of me. Her fingernails grazed over my body and my eyes almost rolled back into my head in ecstasy from the feel. I struggled to maintain my focus so I could watch her move languidly over my body, slowly rubbing her body against me, the feel of her cool flesh, the soft satin and the texture of her silken fishnet stockings. She leaned down and kissed me deeply, her breasts pressed against me. I embraced her tightly, longing to feel her full body against me, my cock swollen and aching, precum pouring out of me and dripping down my throbbing shaft.

She pulled away and smiled again, a possessed desire burning in her eyes and pulled up her skirt, revealing a neatly trimmed and dripping wet pussy. I must have lost some time in the midst of feeling her against me because I couldn't remember when she had slipped off her shoes. She licked her lips as she looked at me and slipped on top of me. She felt impossibly tight and I strained to push the head of my cock inside her quivering pussy. She grabbed me by the hips and pulled me into her, a moan of ecstasy escaping my lips as my shaft pushed inside her.

I shuddered as I felt her clench her pussy around me over and over again. My hands roamed her body, luxuriating in the feel of her on top of me. I ached for her like a man possessed and my hands trembled as I eagerly unhooked her corset, freeing her breasts from their satin imprisonment. I moaned softly with every movement, my mind swimming as the room spun. I grew drunk with lust and desire as I squeezed her full firm breasts in my hands and rolled her nipples between my fingers. She began to moan as well and ground her clit against me, her juices pouring onto me, lubricating my shaft as she rode it.

Over and over I plunged my cock into her, each thrust making me hungrier than the last. Each sensation making me ache for more. I began to fuck like a man possessed. She threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy as I felt her pussy spasm around me, her orgasm rocketing through me and making me harder and more desirous to explode. I grabbed her hips and thrust wildly, unable to control myself. She licked her lips as she looked down at me and I felt my mind almost go blank. My heart pounded and my pulse raced as she raked her nails across my chest. She squeezed her pussy around my cock, almost milking the cum out of me.

Finally, when I could take it no longer, I felt my entire body tense. She sensed my orgasm coming and with a burst of almost inhuman strength pulled me close to her, the sensation of my cock moving inside her making me explode. My head was thrown back as I moaned and screamed in ecstasy, cum shooting out of me over and over again as I came. And as I came, she leaned down and kissed me passionately on the neck. The feel of her lips and tongue on me made me cum even harder, cum flowing out of me, filling her up, dripping out of her. I felt like I came for an eternity, harder and longer than I thought possible. I almost felt weak as the fluid continued to pour out of me. Finally, when I could take no more, I collapsed back on the bed. I felt her eyes on me, her smile as she enjoyed the feel of her hunger being satisfied. I smiled too, unable to do more, unable to speak. I laid back and my head tipped to one side. And although I couldn't see them, I could feel the two perfect circles on my neck and the bright red trickle that slowly emanated from them, impossibly red against my now ghostly pale skin.

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