tagChain StoriesMidnight: The House is Dark

Midnight: The House is Dark



Debbie sat bolt upright in bed. What was that? Is someone downstairs? Did someone break in? She glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand, it was midnight; midnight, she was alone and there was someone in the house. Vikki isn't due back until Friday. What if it's a burglar? I'm sure I locked everything before… I'm scared!

She pulled the blankets around her bare body as a shiver ran through her. If only Vikki was here. She would be downstairs by now, flashlight in hand, her warm contralto voice proclaiming she was turning the pit bull loose and she had a gun. Debbie grinned at the image in spite of her fear. Throwing a blanket around her shoulders, she stepped cautiously onto the cool wood floor, undecided as to what to do. Should I call 911? What if it's just the house settling? They'll think I'm just another hysterical woman… Debbie's heart sank as she looked at the empty cradle of the cordless phone. She had left it downstairs when she watched TV waiting for a call from Vikki, and her cell phone was downstairs in her purse on the kitchen counter.

I'm trapped up here…I'm trapped…get a grip, woman…what would Vikki think of me? I must be strong, like her. Protect myself, protect our home... Debbie paced back and forth uncertainly, moving to open the bedroom door, backing away, pulling the blanket tightly around her. There had been break-ins and a home invasion in the redeveloping neighborhood where they lived, leaving them slightly on edge. Now trouble had come knocking and it was up to her to meet it head on.

Debbie opened the bedroom door slowly and peered out. Seeing no movement, she stepped back in the room. She took a robe from the closet and slipped it on, not wanting to confront a burglar naked. She hadn't heard any other noises than the squeaking floorboard, but she was determined to look around downstairs. She suddenly felt in charge, not dependent on Vikki to help her. I need a weapon…I know…Vikki's golf clubs...She went into the closet and rummaged in the golf bag, removing a large club she remembered as a 'Driver', and began creeping down the dark hall towards the stairs, swinging her weapon experimentally. Look out Mr. Burglar, here I come.

Debbie barely stifled a shriek as she saw a shadowy figure coming up the stairs. She hefted the golf club in her hands, pulled back and swung wildly at the intruder. Her bare foot slipped on the stairs, the club missing its target and smashing into the plaster wall. Strong hands gripped her arms and a familiar voice screamed, "It's me, babe, It's me."

"Vikki, is that you?" Debbie squealed as her lover pulled her from the stairs into her arms. "I almost killed you. What are you doing home so early? What the hell do you think you're doing frightening me like that? If this is your idea of a joke, I don't think it's very funny. You scared the shit out of me. I oughta…"

She stopped for breath and saw the shocked look on Vikki's face. Tears welled in her eyes as her anger turned to relief. "Oh love, it's so good to see you…I was so scared. I missed you so…" She buried her face in Vikki's shoulder and began to cry.

"It's okay, darling, it's okay," Vikki said soothingly, stroking her hair. "I left the seminar early. I wanted to surprise you. I wanted you so much…" Debbie's lips met hers in a passionate kiss, her tongue seeking and gaining entrance in Vikki's mouth. Debbie lay back on the stairs, pulling Vikki to her as they kissed wildly, hands caressing the bodies they had longed to hold for so many days.

Debbie clawed at Vikki's blouse and bra as Vikki wiggled out of her skirt and panties, seeking the warmth of her partner's skin. Vikki pulled Debbie's robe open and rubbed her stiff nipples against her lover's, their tongues dueling and hips grinding together. Vikki tore her mouth away and gasped, "Baby…our bed…I want…"

"Nooooo," Debbie moaned, "Want you now…can't wait…please…"

Vikki growled deep in her throat, sliding down the steps between Debbie's spread legs, gripping her lover's firm ass. She fastened her mouth on the bare pussy and began to suck and tongue it greedily, purring in a frenzy of pent-up lust. Debbie clutched the railings with white-knuckled hands, thrusting against her lover's mouth, emitting little cries of pleasure as Vikki devoured her.

"Ahhhhhh…eat me baby…yesssss…" Debbie shrieked as her orgasm ripped through her body, her thighs closing against Vikki's head, pulling her face closer to her gushing pussy. Vikki's mouth opened wide as the warm juices squirted down her throat, gulping and swallowing the rich flow of love honey from her sweetheart as she ate her to another orgasm. Debbie collapsed on the stars with a long sigh of satisfaction as Vikki laid her head on her partner's belly, licking the last tangy juices from her lips.

"Mmmm…so damn good…" Debbie purred, "I have wanted that for so long. I love you. Now get up here and sit on my face. I want to welcome you home."

Vikki scrambled eagerly up the stairs, kneeling on the step and lowering her dripping pussy to her companions wiggling tongue. Hips bucking, Vikki sighed in ecstasy as Debbie sucked and licked her bare pussy, hands gripping her ass, pulling her harder against her busy mouth.

"Ooooohhh…oooohhh…mmmm…" Vikki moaned as Debbie nibbled and sucked on her pussy lips, working two fingers into her partner's slick folds, twisting about in the velvet walls. Debbie's hot mouth found her partner's engorged clit, lashing it with her tongue as her fingers pumped in the gushing pussy. Debbie took a slippery finger and worked it into Vikki's puckered asshole, forcing a shriek from the auburn-haired woman's lips. Humping wildly on her lover's tongue and fingers, Vikki's back arched as she reached orgasm.

"Ooohhhhh…fuck meeee…" she howled, flooding her partner's face with waves of warm cum; filling Debbie's mouth as Vikki climaxed again, shuddered and slumped forward. Debbie embraced her as her breathing slowed.

"Now we go to bed," Debbie chuckled, helping Vikki to her feet. Spooned together under the blankets, Debbie said, "Don't you ever scare me like that again Vikki Gianella, I could have hurt you."

"I just wanted to surprise you, sweetie," Vikki replied tiredly. "Besides, you're great fuck when you're scared. My pussy still tingles."

Arms and legs wrapped together, the women were soon asleep. Vikki's last thought was of the fun they would have tomorrow with the toys she had bought.


Vikki's eyes fluttered open as the rays of the morning sun filtered through the drawn blinds, bathing the room in a soft glow. It felt wonderful to have Debbie in her arms again, their legs entwined and their bodies together. Vikki looked lovingly at the face of her sleeping partner; her blonde hair tousled, lips parted and her nose whistling as she breathed. Vikki resisted the urge to wake her with a kiss, already wanting her again. I'll make her breakfast. That will be a nice surprise. She carefully disentangled herself from Debbie, slipped on a robe and padded barefoot down stairs. Humming to herself, she prepared a meal of poached eggs, sausage, rye toast and coffee. Placing it on a bed tray, she returned to the bedroom to find her partner sitting up in bed, rubbing her eyes.

"Vikki, you are here," Debbie said delightedly, "When I woke up alone, I thought I dreamed you'd come home last night…Ohhh, breakfast, that's so sweet."

Vikki set the tray before her lover, dropped her robe and slid in beside her. Chatting happily, they soon finished their meal and sat back against the headboard, sipping their coffee. "Now what about that surprise you talked about on the phone," Debbie said with a grin. "You were being so mysterious; I can only imagine what it could be."

"Imagine no longer," Vikki replied. "It's in my suitcase." She rose from the bed, set the bed tray on the bureau and opened her suitcase. Removing two large purple bags, she carried them back to the bed, sat down and placed them before Debbie. "Surprise," she purred, "I think you'll like these toys."

Debbie "ooohed" and "ahhhed'" at the assortment of vibrators and ticklers she removed from the one bag, grinning as she turned on each one and ran it along Vikki's leg, making her jump and squeal. Then she opened the other bag and removed the strap-on dildo. "Vikki, it's wonderful…and so big," she gasped, stroking the phallus, feeling the bumps and ridges on its length, pulling experimentally on the harness and the shorter dildo. "One for both of us," she murmured, "Let's try it out right now."

Vikki was already taking the tube of lubricant from the drawer in the bedside table. After carefully coating the shafts, Vikki rose up on her knees, fastening the straps around her, sighing as the shorter dildo slid into her wet pussy. Debbie helped her buckle the straps, eyes shining with desire. "Let's do it missionary, sweetie," Debbie said huskily, "I want to look in your eyes as we fuck." She lay back on the bed, slipped a pillow under her hips and pulled her knees to her chest, her pussy glistening and ready for her lover.

Vikki's breath caught in her throat as Debbie opened her legs. She never tired of seeing her partner ready and willing, her eyes shining and a sly grin on her beautiful face. Moving forward on her knees, she rubbed the dildo's formed head on Debbie's stomach, then moved downward, leaving a trail of lube as she wiggled it teasingly just inside her lover's pussy lips. Debbie moaned and lifted her hips, eager to be penetrated. Moving away, Vikki continued to tickle and tease until Debbie gasped, "If you don't fuck me this instant I'll never speak to you again."

Vikki grinned, leaned over Debbie on stiff arms and plunged the dildo deep in her lover's pussy, gasping as the shorter end slid further into her, the ridges rubbing her clit. "Ohhhhh…so good," Debbie cried, her pussy lips closing around the thick shaft as Vikki pumped her. Lowering until their nipples brushed against each other, Vikki moved smoothly in and out, the stubby phallus working inside her. Debbie whimpered and moaned, hips rising to meet the thick phallus, wrapping her legs around Vikki's waist as they reveled in the pounding, thrusting fuck. Vikki lowered herself on top of Debbie, their breasts pressing together as she gripped her lover's shoulders, their eyes locked in a gaze of lust and adoration.

"Mmmmm, I love fucking you," Vikki gasped as Debbie's lips met hers in a passionate kiss, their hips grinding as they felt their orgasms rising within them.

"Yes, baby, yes, fuck me harder," Debbie screamed, her head snapping back on the pillow, spine arching as she rode the dildo, Vikki sucking and biting her blonde companions shoulder in a frenzy of desire.

Debbie felt Vikki's body begin to shake and knew she was nearing orgasm. Hers was boiling within her and she knew they would cum together in a glorious explosion of release. "I'm cumming, oohhh," she gasped in Vikki's ear. "Cum with me, pleaseee…"

"Unhhhhh…fuckkkk…" Vikki squealed as her orgasm lashed her body. Her nerve endings aflame as the waves of ecstasy rolled through her. Pussy gushing, she felt Debbie's warm fluids spraying on her thighs. Rocking together, they came repeatedly, finally collapsing in a gasping, sweaty heap. Wrapped in each other's arms, Debbie nuzzled Vikki's sweat-soaked hair and whispered, "I'm so glad you're home." Vikki smiled tiredly and nodded. There was nothing more to say. She lifted up from Debbie, unbuckled the dildo, threw it on the bedside chair and returned to her lover's arms. Snuggling together, they drifted off to sleep.


"Shopping, eating, sleeping and fucking, what a great way to spend a day," Vikki said, taking Debbie's coat and hanging it in the closet with her own.

"That's right, sweetie," Debbie answered, pulling off her shoes. "That was a lovely French restaurant we found. We must have walked miles in that mall. Will you rub my feet for me?" she said with a twinkle in her eye.

"You are insatiable," Vikki laughed, kissing her partner's nose. "Is it any wonder I love you so much."

"Do you love me for myself or just for my body?" Debbie giggled, continuing the erotic byplay that they had exchanged all day.

"Hmmmm, let me think about that one," Vikki replied. "Ooohhhh, not fair, I wasn't through thinking," she squealed as Debbie tickled her on the ribs, pushing her against the wall.

"Don't you love these short skirts?" Debbie purred, pulling Vikki's skirt over her hips as she leaned against the wall. Her hand moved between the redhead's legs, "Someone's all wet," she said in a singsong voice, fingers wiggling in the soaked folds. They had not worn underwear when they went shopping, teasing each other with discreet caresses in the stores and at the restaurant table.

Vikki moaned as her lover's fingers worked in her pussy. "You are such a tease," she sighed, "I may have to teach you a lesson."

"I'm always ready to learn, Ms. Gianella," Debbie murmured, fingers sliding in Vikki's pussy.

"First lesson, never finger the teacher," Vikki growled in mock anger. She lifted her smaller partner by her shoulders and legs and carried her into the parlor, Debbie struggling and laughing as Vikki set her down on the couch and pushed her skirt to her waist. "Second lesson," Vikki said, "Never tease the teacher. You may get more than you bargained for."

"Oh, Ms. Gianella , I like this lesson," Debbie whimpered, spreading her legs as Vikki's long tongue slid wetly on the inside of her thighs, then over her creaming pussy, the tip slipping between the engorged lips..

Vikki shivered with desire as she sniffed the aroma of her lover's wet cunt. Her mouth watering, she began to lick and nibble on the labial lips, tongue wiggling in the pink folds as Debbie's ankles locked against her back. She clutched her lovers' ass, purring deep in her throat as she devoured her pussy banquet, Debbie panting and moaning as she humped Vikki's face, hands digging into the cushions.

"Oh God, baby," Debbie cried, body shaking as Vikki sucked her stiff clit between her lips, plunging two fingers in her lover's sopping hole, probing against her g-spot. "Ooooh…ooooh…yessssss…" she shrieked as she exploded in orgasm, her pussy releasing a torrent of hot cum that Vikki swallowed greedily, her mouth clamped on her lover's gushing slit.

Debbie surged frantically on Vikki's face as she continued to orgasm, her lover's mouth driving her to new heights of ecstasy. With a final moan, she fell back on the cushions. Vikki reluctantly removed her mouth from Debbie's pussy as she shivered and lay still. Vikki laid her head on the hard stomach, licking the tangy juices from her lips and hugging Debbie's thighs as her breathing slowed.

"That was wonderful," Debbie said as Vikki lifted her head and smiled. "Now it's time to return the favor." She stood on wobbly legs and began removing her clothes. "I'm going upstairs for a minute and when I come back, I want you naked."

"Yes ma'm," Vikki replied, beginning to strip as she watched her lover's ass wiggling up the stairs. Her usually submissive Debbie was suddenly taking charge, and it was exciting. Goosebumps prickled her skin as Debbie returned, carrying two of the new vibrators and the tube of lubricant.

"On the couch, hands and knees," Debbie said her voice thick with lust. "Let's see how well these toys work."

Vikki scrambled eagerly on the couch, thrusting her pussy and ass at her lover as she climbed behind her. Debbie rubbed lube on Vikki's asshole, pushing a finger in the puckered opening as she stroked her lover's slick pussy. They both loved anal play and Debbie couldn't wait to fill her lover's holes and give her a spine-twisting orgasm.

Vikki sighed with pleasure and wiggled her ass at Debbie when she heard the purr of a vibrator and the finger slid from her asshole. A second later, the tip circled teasingly around the rim as Debbie licked and nipped on the firm globes of her ass. Her lover's teasing driving Vikki wild. "Please baby, do me, please…I want it…Ohhhhhh…" she moaned as Debbie turned the buzzing shaft on high, working it deep in her lover's puckered hole. Vikki felt faint as the vibrations spread through her body, Debbie thrusting and withdrawing the shaft as she fingered Vikki's pussy.

"Ready for number two, Ms. Gianella?" Debbie purred, not expecting an answer as Vikki moaned and shoved her face into the cushion. Debbie flicked the switch on the larger vibrator and tickled Vikki's pussy lips for a few seconds before slipping it in, drawing a scream of joy from her companion. Vikki writhed in ecstasy as Debbie worked the vibrators in her, her pussy gushing as her lover licked and sucked her ass cheeks.

"Ahhhhhh, harder, harder," Vikki gasped as Debbie pumped in her frantically, her body shuddering as the orgasm took hold. "Ooohhhh…yesssss…" she howled, pussy gushing warm wetness on Debbie's wrist and hand as she came and came,

her hips bucking wildly against the probes within her. The room spun and Vikki fell in a pleasurable faint.

Debbie was startled when Vikki pitched forward and lay breathing heavily. Pulling the dildos from her lover, she crouched beside her, stroking her face and kissing her. Vikki's eyes remained shut and Debbie ran for the kitchen, wetting a washcloth and bathing her partners face. Vikki had fainted before when they had made love, but it still frightened Debbie when it happened. After a few minutes, Vikki groaned and opened her eyes. Debbie was wiping her face with a wet cloth, saying softly, "You okay, babe? Wake up, please. Speak to me. You okay?"

"I'm okay, darling', that was just so intense," Vikki sighed, her pussy and ass still feeling the vibrations although the dildo's were lying quietly on the coffee table. "That was quite a workout you gave me. I should go away more often."

"Don't even joke about that," Debbie replied. "You okay to walk?" Vikki nodded. "C'mon, it's almost midnight and it's time for bed," she continued, helping her partner to her feet.

"Are we going to sleep this time?" Vikki chuckled as they walked to the stairs.

'Maybe, maybe not," Debbie replied. "Ohhh, I hate that sound," she exclaimed as she stepped on the squeaky floorboard. "That reminds me that I almost hurt you last night."

"I'll fix it, sweetie," Vikki replied. "And that hole in the wall too. The least you could have done was hollered 'fore' as you swung."

"My golf playing burglar, I love you," Debbie giggled, pinching Vikki on the ass as they climbed the stairs. "Next time you go to one of those seminars, I'm going along."

They strolled into the room and crawled into bed, snuggling and laughing, happy to be together…as the clock on the nightstand flashed 12:00 AM.


My thanks to RogueLurker and geekychick_76 for their editing expertise and helpful suggestions. To my readers, your votes, comments and feedback are most welcomed.

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