tagIncest/TabooMilitary Brats Ch. 2

Military Brats Ch. 2


Note: Thanks to all who responded to the first part of this story. Suggestions for the second part varied so I hope this is a happy medium. If you have not read Military Brats I would recommend reading it before taking in Part II.


Emily lay awake in bed. She tilted her head and looked at the clock. It was 5am. Almost time for her go back to her own room to make it look as if she slept in her own bed. She listened to the hypnotic breathing of her older brother as he dozed behind her.

They had fucked earlier, a couple times before falling asleep in each others arms. In fact, they had fucked every night for over a month. And that meant only one thing. She was pregnant. Eric and Emily had been fucking for two months now and they hadn't slowed down. Every second they could be together, they were together. Every chance they had to experience their dirty little secret they seized it. It wasn't as if Eric and Emily didn't always practice safe sex. It was just there isn't always a condom around passion erupts.

Emily sighed and closed her eyes as she lay naked with her brother. His arm over her body, holding her close. She was pregnant. She should have realized it earlier.

"Fucking your own brother is bad enough....but having him get you pregnant......?" she whispered to herself silently. Emily looked at the clock again. It was 5:30. It was time to switch beds and begin another day as her brother's lover.


Eric leaned against the wall of the shower trying to wake himself up as the water hit his body. He heard a knock and the door opened. He smiled when he saw his sister smile back and step inside.

"Mom and dad left early, although mom will be back soon," said Emily.

"It's still enough time to shower with you sis," responded Eric as he moved to his sister, wrapping his arms around her body as he kissed her passionately.

Emily melted into her brother's arms. Sucking on his tongue when it entered her mouth. Grinding into his hard cock when it rubbed against her cunt.

Eric broke his kiss with his sister and picked her up in his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he put her against the wall. She knew what was about to happen and she wanted it....bad.

She kissed him on the lips again and then whispered in his ear, "before you slide that big hard cock into my pussy I want to tell you something."

Eric smiled and waited. His cock rock hard against her pussy. His hands wiped the wet hairs from her face as he waited for her to continue.

Emily looked at her brother for a moment. Water pitter pattered on their bodies and on the ground.

"I'm pregnant," she stated.

Eric's jaw dropped. He tried to speak but no sound would come out.

Emily smiled sheepishly. "I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant. I mean I missed my period and we have been fucking like jackrabbits."

Eric started to talk but she put her hand to his mouth. "I have more. I'll go to the drug store after school and get a home pregnancy test but I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant....and I was thinking this morning in bed.....after I got over the initial shock myself.....that it isn't so bad to be pregnant with your child....in fact it gets me hot," she grinned. Eric smiled at his sister. Instead of speaking he leaned in to kiss his sister and thrust into her. Sliding his hard cock deep inside of her.

Emily groaned as her brother responded with force to her words. Loving the sensation of his cock inside of her. His hands held her close to his body as he fucked her hard and deep against the shower wall.

Emily clutched her brother, pushing back against his cock. Giving him complete access and fucking him back just as hard.

Eric started to kiss his sisters neck as they fucked in the shower. Kissing and nibbling on her ear as he fed all 10 inches inside his sister's eager pussy.

Eric fucked Emily hard and deep. Pulling back each time to the brink of leaving Emily's pussy before plunging back in.

Brother and sister found a perfect rhythm as they fucked hard in the shower. Eric moaned into his sister's ear as he thrust inside her. Cumming hard in her pussy as she clamped down in orgasm.

Both brother and sister reveling in the sensation Emily might already be pregnant.


It was the middle of the same day that Amanda Abbott began to tackle some of the chores around the house. She had just finished watching her favourite soap opera and was now concentrating on folding the laundry.

She put a pile of Eric's clothes in a basket and carried it up to his room. She pushed open the door and went to work at putting away his clothes. He hated her doing this but Amanda had so little to do around the house she would do just about anything right now.

She hung up his shirts in his closet, folded his pants back in his drawer and put his socks back in his drawer and was reaching down to empty his garbage can when she noticed something.

It was a used condom.

Amanda wasn't surprised her son was sexually active. She just didn't know with whom. He spent nearly all his time with Emily. She set down the garbage can and decided to root around a little. She knew it was wrong but she didn't care.

She tried his drawers again, rooting to the back or bottom when she came upon a key. She looked at the key in her fingers and then looked down at his desk. One of the drawers had a key entry.

She inserted the key, turned it and the drawer opened. Amanda pulled it back and let out a gasp at what she saw. In the drawer was a box of condoms, but beneath that was a number of pictures, naked pictures no less of his younger sister Emily!

She picked up some of the pictures and looked at them. Her daughter looked good and seemed to enjoy posing for the camera and her brother.

Amanda suddenly had thought.

"Could Eric and Emily be having sex?" she wondered to herself.

As if to answer her queries Amanda opened the drawer further and came upon a video cassette.

She picked it up, it was unmarked and took it to her own room and inserted it in the VCR.

At first there was nothing but suddenly a picture flashed on the screen. It was Emily's room. She heard giggling in the background and suddenly Emily came into view. She was naked and EXTREMELY excited.

Her wet young pussy drooled with excitement as she called her brother to the bed. Soon enough, Eric entered the picture and joined his sister on her bed. They began to kiss like lovers as Eric began to rub his sister's excited sex. Amanda was in disbelief. She couldn't believe her children, her won son and daughter were sexually active together.

"I wonder how long this has been going on?" she asked herself as she watched the video.

Eric and Emily were now in a 69, Emily was eagerly gobbling up her brother's bloated prick as her brother buried his face between her thighs.

"How can she take that huge cock so easily?" Amanda asked herself again. Suddenly she realized her hand was rubbing her pussy beneath her shorts but she didn't bother stopping herself. Family or not, the scene before her was erotic.

Amanda watched as Emily came on her brother's face, she watched as he licked her pussy through her orgasm, sliding his tongue inside of her. She watched as Eric fucked his sister's face, deepthroating her hot young mouth. Emily's moans were evident even though her brother's big cock was stuffed in her mouth. Amanda watched as her son fucked her daughter’s mouth so hard his balls slapped against her chin. She watched as he bellowed out in orgasm as he shot his load in his sister's mouth and she watched as her daughter swallowed it all, save for a few dribbles which escaped her mouth and ran down her chin.

Eric pulled his cock from Emily's mouth and Amanda saw the disappointment on her daughter's face. Emily lay back on her bed, her girlish room making the erotic scene unfolding all the more dirty.

Emily spread her legs wide and her brother began to lick her inner thighs. Trailing his way up her sexy smooth legs. Slowly, teasingly slow he moved up her body. Stopping at her breasts, so round and firm, to first squeeze and then suck.

Eric nibbled on her nipples, sending goose bumps through even Amanda's body. Amanda rubbed herself harder as she watched her children on video. Her shorts and panties now at her feet as she reached around for her dildo,sliding it in and out of her glistening pussy.

Turning her attention back to the television, Eric and Emily were now kissing passionately. Their tongues mingled together as they kissed for what seemed forever. She watched as Eric's once again hard cock rubbed against Emily's sopping wet pussy.

Amanda watched as Emily grinding her pussy against her brother's cock as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Suddenly Emily broke the silence and looked up at her big brother.

"Fuck me Eric.....fuck me hard and fuck me deep. Please just give me your big cock. I need it. I want it so bad. Please fuck me brother. Fuck the shit out of your little sister," she begged.

Amanda listened to her daughter’s words and came around her dildo. Her pussy was on fire as she watched her son lift her daughter's legs and sling them over his shoulders before pushing deep into Emily's pussy.

Eric started to royally fuck his sister, fucking her for the camera. His cock pounded her sweet wet pussy harder and harder with each and every stroke.

Emily's moans filled the room as her brother assaulted her pussy. Her pussy open to his big fat cock as he fucked her harder and harder, fucking her balls deep.

Eric slammed into his sister, forgetting the camera and concentrating on giving his sister the hardest fuck of her life. His cock sawed in and out of her well lubricated pussy, fucking her harder and harder. Emily threw her head back into her pillows. Moaning like a total whore as her brother filled her with cock.


Eric gripped her shoulders. Holding her tighter as he fucked her harder, fucking the living shit out of her pussy, fucking her as she pushed back against his cock, wanting to feel every single inch inside of her.

Eric's cock glided in and out of his sister's pussy. Fucking her for all she was worth. Fucking her until he couldn't hold it in anymore and he exploded inside her cunt.

Eric's orgasm stimulated Emily's and she uttered a low groan as she came around her brother's cock. She reached beside her and grabbed a pillow, putting it over her face as she orgasmed, her brother's cock very much buried inside of her.

Amanda orgasmed again. She had long ago dropped her dildo and this orgasm was caused by the scene before her. She watched as her son and daughter fucked like animals. She watched as her daughter presented herself to her brother and begged him to fuck her and she watched as her son fucked her daughter with his gorgeous cock. She pressed stop on the VCR and the tape ejected. She put her wet panties and shorts back on and held the tape in her trembling hand.

She took the tape back to her son's room, put it back in its place and locked the drawer and replaced the key. She looked at the condom in the garbage again and there was no doubt in her mind Eric had used it to fuck Emily. Amanda shuddered in pleasure, remembering the tape.

"Emily, you are a lucky girl," she said to no one in particular as she left the room and went back downstairs to finish her chores, knowing the Abbott family had changed and will change even more in the near future.


It was four days later when Amanda was once again doing some housework that she walked into her daughter’s room with some laundry. She set the basket down on Emily’s bed and grabbed some hair spray and make-up Emily had asked her to buy. She put the hairy spray on Emily’s dresser and opened her drawer to put the make-up in. As she was closing the drawer something caught her eye. She pulled it open slowly and pushed away some make-up and other products and pulled out a home pregnancy test.

Amanda felt an intake of breath as she opened the box and realized two of the tests had already been used.

“Oh my god,” were the only words she could find.

She put the box back in the bottom of the drawer and left the room, forgetting the laundry on the bed, her mind dizzy at the idea of her daughter pregnant with her son’s child.

As she walked to her room she realized her hand was already in her pants.

Emily got home from school first; she was practically on cloud nine and couldn’t wait for Eric to return home to tell him why.

Eric arrived home shortly after and smiled when he heard Emily come bounding down the stairs into his arms. He kissed her passionately and felt a twinge in his groin.

He and Emily hadn’t had sex for a couple days (at Emily’s insistence) and he was horny for family pussy.

He held his sister in his arms and smiled, “why the warm greeting Emily? This is more than I usually get,” he chuckled.

Emily grinned devilishly, “I have really good news today big brother,” she responded.

Eric let his sister go and she took his land, leading him upstairs to her room. They entered Emily’s room and she closed it behind them.

“Sit on my bed and close your eyes….I have a surprise,” she said.

Eric shrugged his shoulders and did as his sister said. Emily waited a second to make sure Eric would keep his eyes closed and then went to the bottom drawer of her dresser. She took out a napkin and unfolded it to unveil one of her home pregnancy tests.
She giggled softly to herself and told Eric to hold out his hands. He did. When Eric felt something in his hands Emily told him it was ok to open his eyes.

Eric looked down at what lay in his hands. It took him a second to realize it was a home pregnancy test and another to realize it was positive.

He looked up at his sister. “Y…You’re pregnant?” he asked.

Emily smiled, “Mmm yes I am you big stud, pregnant with your baby.”

Eric groaned, “I can’t believe this, I mean I knew that at the pace we were going it would probably happen but I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it.”

Emily’s smile dimmed slightly, “are you happy?” she asked.

Eric smiled, he set the test beside him on the bed and he pulled his sister down onto his lap and kissed her on the lips.

“Of course I am,” he responded.

Emily moaned into her brother’s lips. Her arms went around his neck as she kissed him back. Her tongue slid in his mouth and she felt him suck on it.

Eric’s hand went around his sister’s back and under her shirt, rubbing her back softly as he kissed her. His other hand went up to her neck and rubbed his forefinger in a circle softly, he knew she liked that.

As they kissed Eric’s cock got harder and harder and Emily felt it, she felt it and started to rub her pussy against it. Holding off on sex, something she had got daily had been tough on her too, but she wanted to celebrate with her brother in a big way.
Eric and Emily dry fucked on Emily’s bed. Eric getting harder as Emily got wetter. Eric pushed Emily’s shirt up and over her head and begin to lick her breasts. Emily rarely wore bras anymore and Eric loved it.

Emily let her head fall back as Eric played and licked her breasts. His tongue circled her nipples and then ran over them. His one hand continued to play with her neck as he started to nibble on her nipple.

Emily let out a long, low moan. She pushed her brother’s head into her chest as he started to bite her nipples. Emily moaned louder as her hands went to Eric’s chest now to take off his shirt.

Eric’s mouth left Emily’s nipples, covered in his saliva as brother and sister stood up. Eric took off his pants and boxers, his big hard cock springing free as it slapped against his chest.

Emily licked her lips and pushed her shorts down her sexy smooth legs. Her panties followed and she motioned her brother to the bed.

Eric got on the bed and lay against the pillow, spreading his legs. Emily got on the bed and crawled up between her brother’s legs like a cat, dragging her tongue on his body slowly.

Emily’s eyes never left Eric’s cock. She licked it lightly at first and then licked the entire shaft. Aware of her brother’s moans as she toyed with his cock she moved back up to the head and gobbled it inside her mouth. Eric looked down at his sister as she took his cock into her hot wet mouth. Her lips dragged deeper and deeper down his cock, slowly but surely Eric watched as his sister swallowed his cock deep.

Eric’s hands went down to Emily’s head and he cupped it as Emily’s head bobbed up and down his bloated prick. His cock throbbed inside of her mouth as Emily deep throated her brother.

Emily sucked her brother’s cock as his hands gripped her head tighter now and he started to fuck her face. Emily moaned onto Eric’s cock, sending vibrations across it.

Emily moaned harder when Eric’s cock throbbed again as he fucked her face harder and harder. Eric’s balls banged into Emily’s chin as he thrust up into her mouth.

Eric groaned and began to cum, Emily’s eyes bugged slightly in surprise but she quickly began to swallow every drop, sucking hard on her brother’s cock as he came down her throat, loving the taste of his cum.

Suddenly Eric and Emily heard a clapping from behind them and looked up to see who there.

To their surprise there stood their mother, wearing a t-shirt and shorts and a very big smile.

Emily pulled off her brother’s cock and licked her lips. She was about to speak when her mother raised her hands to tell her to be quiet.

“I’m big fans of yours kids…I love your movie’s….I was a little shocked at first, to see my son and daughter fucking like animals…for a second I thought you were sick….but if you are sick then that makes me sick too because you are all I can think of, so you aren’t sick….you’re just extremely entertaining,” she said.

Amanda moved closer to the bed, as Eric and Emily looked at their mother in shock. Their mother smiled down at her children, “I was doing some of Eric’s laundry the other day and I found an old condom in his garbage…I then found his secret key and all his toys and the video you two made…..and you two made mommy very hot,” she groaned.

Amanda stood at the foot of the bed and took off her t-shirt, her large breasts bouncing free. She ran her hands across her chest and then down to her shorts, undoing them and letting them fall to the floor to expose her soaking wet panties.

Amanda ran her hands across her panties, rubbing them hard and moaning as her panties got even wetter. She slipped a thumb underneath her panties and slid them down her thighs.

“I’ve watched you two enough, now it’s time for mommy to join the fun,” she groaned again.

She got on the bed with her children and started to kiss her daughter. Emily was still in shock as her mother’s lips touched hers and she was even more shocked when she kissed back.

Amanda’s tongue slithered in her daughter’s mouth and she tasted her son’s cum. She sucked her son’s cum out of her daughter’s mouth and into her own, enjoying the taste.

She broke the kiss and smiled at her daughter. “Fuck your brother, show mommy the fun in person, show mommy how much you like fucking your big brother,” she groaned.

Emily grinned hornily and moved over to her brother’s hard cock. She held it in her hand, lifted her body over it and slid down it, groaning in pleasure as her brother’s cock filled her cunt.

Amanda watched the pleasure wash over her daughter’s face as she slid down her brother’s cock. She moved over to her son’s face and straddled it. She moaned in satisfaction when she felt his tongue slide across it.

She turned to her daughter and watched as she rode her brother’s cock. Her breasts bounced and she licked her lips as she looked at her mother. Amanda leaned in and kissed her daughter as they both rode Eric.

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