tagBDSMMilking the Cow

Milking the Cow


I studied my handiwork on Daniel. It was not bad. Black spots now randomly decorate his nude body. I took the last piece of the costume in and gestured him to turned around.

Daniel reluctantly offered me his ass. He was not exactly keen on the cow play or having his ass plugged with a real cow's tail, purchased for him by yours truly from a slaughterhouse downtown.

I whipped him with the cow's tail. His slowness was annoying me. Daniel has this problem. He does the punishments he like with great enthusiasm and purposely delays all sorts of play he is not comfortable with. The boy never pushes himself.

His concept of obedience still needs work. Obedience is not a measurement that runs on a scale of one to then. It is absolute. But he will learn that by the time he finish training. I am in no hurry. Right now, it gives me more reasons to punish him and what Domme would say no to that.

Daniel stuck out his arse toward me and worriedly looked at the cow tail in my hand. It was neatly made with a plastic plug that would reach deep into his asshole while the animal part dangle and move with Daniel's every move.

I bent over and studied his arse. it was cute and bubbly. One mole sits right atop his ass, almost a signpost that it needs to be poked and abused. I spread his cheeks and pressed into his perineum, located between the base of his cock and anus. Daniel moaned and I slapped his right cheek hard.

"From now on, you are a cow and what do cows do? They moo. Do you understand?" Daniel nodded. I grabbed his penis and pulled it downward. "Do you understand, COW?"

"Moooo." Daniel answered.

Lightly I scrapped my nails in circles around his sternum, closing in around his asshole with every round I make. Finally, I poked Daniels tight little pucker hole and he shook. Good, he was aware and aroused.

I slipped a finger into the lube jar and hooked in a generous amount. Spreading the lube directly over his asshole, I inserted a finger in by just an inch and pressed while sliding inward until I found the walnut-sized prize.


The magic of male pleasure, the P-spot. I pressed harder and Daniel mooed loudly.

Just like a real cow! I smirked.

I slid my finger forward and back, making sure to increase pressure around the P-spot. Daniel mooed with every stroke. It could be a minute or it could be sixty, because all I knew was that every moment of my hand was producing a sound that would put a real cow to shame.

I froze at once when I brushed over Daniel's p-spot and heard nothing. I looked up. Daniel's body was tense as a wire. His head was bowed down, so I switched to watch his face from the side.

His face spoke of horror and surprise as Daniel stared at his own cock, which was now leaking like someone had forgotten to turn the faucet off.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The good stuff is going to waste. I took my finger out of Daniel's asshole and walked over to the door where I kept a small wooden bowl.

I would loved to get a real milk bucket but wooden buckets were a little hard to come by than wooden rice bowls. I placed the bowl where the drops have landed and watched with satisfaction and a nod as the drips now drop perfectly into the bowl. Daniel looked up at me in disbelief.

"It's called milking, cow. Why did you think I painted the black dots?" I said sweetly as I blinked my eyes and try to look innocent. I watched as the realization hit Daniel and smiled. Inside I howled and laughed like the Wicked Witch of the West.

My heels clicked on the wooden floor as I returned to my position as the milkmaid. I took the butt plug and briefly examined the shape. It was the shape of a ball in the front that narrowed sharply before increasing to a one-inch wide base. The ball would press on the prostate.


I dipped the plastic plug into the lube jar and grabbed some more lube with my hand. Spreading it over his anus, carefully I inserted the ball in first. Daniel stiffened. It was a bit thicker than my finger after all. I massaged his balls with my left hand while I pressed the plug in with my right. After a few minutes of loosening, the ball popped in.

I pulled the cheeks further apart with one hand as the other continued pressing the remaining part of the plug in. Daniel grew stiffer as I pressed the plug in farther and farther until at last, all that was left visible was a white cow tail stick out Daniel's ass. Teasingly, I grabbed it and swung it from side to side before pulling it lightly. Daniel's ass moved with it. It was a perfect fit. Big and snug.

I stood up and studied my handiwork before marching over to the desk, where Daniel keeps his phone. I walked back and took a picture of his bubbly ass with a cow's tail sticking out and hanging perfect in alignment with the crack of his ass. I laughed out loud. It was perfect. I took a few more pictures before taking them to Daniel.

Sliding through them, I watched as Daniel's face froze at the sight of the foreignness sticking out his derriere. He had a fucking tail. Gently, I petted his head and kissed his ear.

"You know in China, cow ears are considered a delicacy." I whispered soft into his ear, followed by a quick bite and blow of hot air. Daniel shuddered.

With the phone in hand, I stood up and walked to the kitchen where I had earlier prepared a delicious plate of freshly washed arugula. Back into the bedroom, I placed the plate in front of Daniel. "Eat and do not forget to keep sticking your butt out." Daniel looked at me and the plate of arugula and back.


The boy was catching on and learning. Nothing pleased me more. I went back to Daniels ass and rubbed the two cheeks with my open palm. So soft and bubbly. I gave it slap and Daniel kept on eating. I moved my hand to his inner thighs where my favorite pair of balls waited. I grabbed both at the same time with both hands and pulled them apart, together, left and right, forward and backward. It was pure play for me.

I watched as Daniel continued to eat slowly out of the plate and chewed quietly. Wait. What is wrong with this picture?

Cows have no eating manners.

"Chew with your mouth open. I want to hear you munch on those greens." I ordered. All stopped for a second before Daniel resumed eating and I was back to playing with my balls to the music of continuous crunching and chewing.

Bored with the balls, I looked to Daniel's penis. He was now leaking at a slower rate. Every drip took a full minute. I poked a finger at his penis. It was mostly soft and dangling from his spread legs, just like the udder of an old breeding cow.

His nipples, on the other hand, thus far had received no attention. Well, that simply cannot be done. All the udders of a cow must be used, unless there is not enough milk. In which case, some udders would be clamped so that the milk would flow to the remaining udders.

Clamps, clamps, clamps. Where the hell do I find clamps?

I tucked a strand of hair out of my way as I searched the room for things to use as clamps. Something cold touched my finger pads. A hair pin. Could it work? Who cares. I took the bobby pins out of my hair.

The golden pins gleaned in my palm. This could work! I walked over to the side and order Daniel to straighten up. He did. His nipples were semi-erect. Well, this should do the trick.

I grabbed one nipple with my thumb and index finger and pulled. Daniel yelled. I pinched with nails. "Cows don't yell." I reminded him. Daniel looked at me and nodded. I pulled the same nipple again until it was firm and fully erect. I took one pin and grabbed both sides, pulling it open wide until his nipple was in the middle, before releasing. It snapped into place and Daniel gave a loud moo.

His udder squirted some more milk into the bowl. I turned around at Daniel and raised an eyebrow. "Like that, huh?"

I stood up and went to his other side to repeat. Daniel gave another loud moo as the second pin snapped into place. His udder didn't squirt this time but it leaked a bit faster. It was not much, but the milk had now filled a third of the rice bowl. It was good enough. Daniel was never one to give a big load.

"Oh, lookie here. What an unproductive cow you are! Most cows could at least produce enough to sustain my breakfast. You?" I snickered. Daniel flushed red. It was so easy to tell since his skin was pale and fair. Nobody would ever tell me when I blush.

"Come here." Daniel lowered himself to the ground and crawled on his hands and knees to me. When he finally kneeled in front of me. I gave him the bowl.

"Drink half of this." I ordered. Daniel paused for a second but took the bowl and drank a large gulp. He returned the bowl to me while one arm raised to wipe a drop of cum that had slipped out of his mouth. I shuddered.

It was so erotic. The single drop of cum streaked down his chin.

"Don't wipe it!" I barked. Daniel froze in mid motion and dropped his arm.

I took the bowl and placed it on the ground. My hand reached for Daniel's shoulders while my eyes focused on that single drop of cum. I stuck my tongue out and licked the cum from his chin to his mouth. It was salty.

I pecked Daniel's lips once, twice and a third time just for the hell of it.

"Good cow. Good sub. Good boy." I petted his head in approval.

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