tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 04

Mistress Barbara Ch. 04


Tuesday morning, half an hour before the appointed time of midday, Kent arrived. I had already discussed most of the important issues at length with Melissa, prior to our involvement with her family. There were still a few issues remaining to be covered, mostly concerning privacy at Kent's new mansion. Kent had been pleased with the weekend interaction and praised the way the young group had been schooled in matters of etiquette and discretion. He was impressed with the maturity and integrity of the younger group which, especially in Melissa's case was a credit to her. At just nineteen, although the youngest she was clearly a strong and natural leader to the others.

As soon as Melissa arrived, we all got straight to the point and the meeting concluded two hours later. We were all convinced that the multigenerational expanded family would work to our mutual advantage. Kent outlined areas of his house which were only to be entered by invitation but he generously offered the grounds and some service areas of the house to be open to the entire group as of right.

It was important to preserve a degree of private space between the three families.

As I fully expected we became a commune with three separate and clear financial interests, but putting personal finances aside we were one large family group in all social matters. To this end an evening at Taylor's Ridge was planned for Thursday night.

Kent went back to the mansion as he now did most of his work from there. Upon our arrival in town there were a number of businessmen standing around the front of Rick's photography shop, probably from the two-day sales convention that was being held at Lakeside this week. As got out of Melissa's car the breeze caught my dress, lifting the front flap of my toga and making it obvious that I was naked underneath. They wolf whistled and made cheeky comments as we approached the shop, reminding me of the times when I used to flash similar groups back in the city. It was a great confidence booster and I still enjoyed the reactions so I flirted with them for a few minutes while Melissa went into the shop to get Cat.

Cat commented on the brisk business that she and Darlene had done while Melissa was absent, telling me that they should be kept very busy this summer. She was also looking forward to a combined evening out at the Club, before we were all too committed to organise it. Like myself, Cat enjoyed the additional thrill of safe sexual contact with strangers. Kent wisely restricted these outings to a minimum in order to increase the anticipation.

We made an impressive entrance to the club and our group occupied the largest table. Kent had outfitted the younger ladies personally, in the newest lines of outfits for the following autumn collection.

Wearing the outfit that I had re-shown Kurt at Lakeside, Melissa clearly enjoyed the entrance but Caroline stayed with Margaret and Darlene throughout the evening, while the rest of us sampled our own areas of special interest. Monique, Melissa, Cat and I made the rounds of the tables under my direction. The strange patrons that I had previously avoided were pleasantly surprised when I spent more time with them. I ignored their scarred body modifications and gave them complete access to fondle my intimate parts, if they wished. They weren't rough or over demanding as I had previously expected, so it was a pleasure to interact with them. I was ashamed that I had been so judgemental in the past. I was curious as to the reasoning that motivated them to scar their bodies in such a way. They seemed intelligent in every other respect. Some of them were actually fun to talk to.

I left the other girls to acquaint themselves with more conventional patrons at the other tables. One particular couple, sitting on their own, were particularly friendly and gentle. I talked with them for a short time, connecting well with the lady in particular.

"Would you let me touch your genital piercing?" The blushing lady asked. "It looks so beautiful." She added.

I nodded and opened my leg to allow access, putting one foot on their table. I shivered as she touched me, noting that her breasts appeared horribly scarred under her leather brassiere. Otherwise she was very attractive and appeared to have a gentle disposition. Her delicate fingers traced over my engorged vaginal lips, making me gasp with orgasmic delight. I shuddered a bit. She smiled apologetically and withdrew her hand.

"Th--Thank you Mistress." She stuttered. "S-Sorry--"

"Your lips are so smooth." interrupted her husband. "May I?"

"I'm a bit wet down there now." I warned. "Please don't be rough." I turned to the lady. "I enjoyed your touch. Pease feel free to continue." I smiled at her reassuringly. "You just made me orgasm a little. I don't mind a bit if you don't."

Straight away, she caressed my lips again, teasing them before touching my ornament and examining the place where my clit was pierced. She looked up at my face.

"I don't know how you could stand the pain, Barbara. Did it hurt when they did it?"

"No, honey! It's momentary but the pleasure goes on for years."

I stood there while she played with my clit ring, fully aware that my vaginal lips were opening at her touch and almost overwhelmed by the desire to let her penetrate me with her fingers and play with me, as Sir Gideon had on my first visit to the club. My juices were running down my leg and I bit my lower lip to stop myself from screaming to her to finish what she had begun. I was moaning and convulsing when the man began to stroke my breasts. I willingly allowed both of them to explore my body. They seemed fascinated by the fact that I was Mistress to the three other girls circulating the room and yet I was so submissive in my nature.

"Will you spend a bit of time with us in private, Mistress Barbara?" The lady asked uncertainly. "We only want to talk." She added, glancing nervously at her husband.

"I can't tonight, honey." I apologised politely to the breast scarred lady. "Perhaps some other time." I recovered from the effects of her fondling. "Tonight, I have to look after my guests."

Her husband tweaked at my nipples and tucked a card under my corset, making me shiver again with his strong fingers.

"Please contact us with a time that we can meet again." He said with a smile. "We're harmless enough." He urged as I moved on.

I took my charges around the entire premises, mentally noting the equipment that appeared to interest them the most. Kent came along to explain the intricacies of the wide variety of devices designed to test the limitations of the human body's endurance, or break the will of recalcitrant slaves. There was something available to appeal to every imaginable deviance of the members. We only wanted to excite their interest at this early stage. Tonight's main purpose was to introduce Melissa's family to the wide variety of deviation existing within society and not to push their limits in any way. Tony and David were fascinated by some of the suspension and restraining equipment. They had tried our love seat at Rome but the scope of the gear available here was superb. I thought about the lady that had fondled me a lot that night but they were gone by the time I went back into the main room again.

We left the club for the journey home with a lot to talk about on the way. The plan was to spend the night with Kent as one family, leaving for work in the morning from the mansion.

I expect that it was because of the long awaited tour of the club at Taylor's Ridge. Melissa's group were particularly active and sexually demanding that night, with heightened libidos and greater stamina notable in the men. I put the couple's card in a safe place and forgot about the encounter, as I enjoyed the pleasure of group sex in the comfort of Kent's luxurious playroom/dungeon.

I found myself able to take Kent more easily in his favoured position while enjoying vaginal sex with Ken at the same time. In the past, coupling in this way had been uncomfortable but tonight I climaxed continuously as they both made love to me. In a rare private moment with Des, later in the night, it was obvious that our special bond hadn't diminished in any way over the last year. He and I had a warm affinity and he enjoyed sexual variety as much as ever. I told him about the encounter with the couple at the club. There were usually no secrets within our family. He knew that I wouldn't contact them alone, suggesting that he and Ken would be happy to chaperone any further contact. Des shared my strange curiosity, to a point, about the culture of modification. Many was the time, over the last six months or so, that Des mentioned getting a Prince Albert piercing.

I had mixed feelings about it. I knew the healing process took up to six months and my sex life was more than adequate without altering his member in that way. In fact, Kent was the only pierced man that I had been with. To be honest, his penis felt great with or without the stud. I knew that Cat felt the same way. Our greatest joy was derived from the variety of partners, both male and female, that was always at hand within our three families. We had a lot to be thankful for and she and I were content. Money problems were non existent and we had an idyllic, beautiful relationship between sixteen different lovers.

After everybody else went to work and Cat and I were exercising in the gymnasium, I mentioned the card to Kent. He was concerned about any contact beyond the confines of the club, pointing out the dangers of agreeing to meet elsewhere but suggesting a meeting at the club. He agreed that I should take Des along with me. I put the whole issue out of my mind while we all travelled into Lakeside to put on our last showing with Kent before the main holiday break.

It was well attended and the sales were particularly buoyant for all categories. Swimwear was doing especially well, with Darlene's own label breaking into the overseas market as well. She and Margaret had worked well together on design. Des and Ken were doing a fantastic job in marketing. After the last customer had left I realised that we were now in a position to spend a lot more time together over the next three weeks. Lakeside was running particularly well under Les's management and Kent and Margaret were going to visit their friends in the city. They would be taking Monique with them next week. Melissa's family would all be busy so we organised a break, with just the four of us, when Kent returned.

Des suggested borrowing Pete and Sally's mobile home and having a few days away in a remote area. Cat wanted to go for a cruise in a charter sailboat and Ken suggested flying to a Caribbean island for a few days. I had no special preference but just wanted a break from Maple Lake. The four of us were inseparable in any holiday plans, as we had always regarded ourselves as one family.

Over the next week we looked after Kent's property, although Cameron was still working on the grounds by day and Rick was there every night. Meanwhile, we made inquiries and collected information on the various options available to us. Rome began to look like a travel agency as the brochures arrived. We did the only sensible thing and put the most agreeable options into a hat, vowing to let Melissa draw out the option that we would adopt. I realised that we should have planned much earlier, and in future we would. Before the end of the week our dilemma was unexpectedly solved in a most unusual way.

I was at Lakeside, taking to Melissa, when I was called in to Des's office. Kurt had an additional order to place for swimwear and he wanted to speak to me personally. He had taken a small consignment of swimwear as a trial and Darlene's label had sold out within weeks in all of his shops. His outlets were all around Brisbane and Surfer's Paradise in Australia. I told him that I would organise immediate air shipment, telling him we would be going away for a few days holiday next week. I spoke to him for half an hour, flirting a little as I did so, telling him that I was looking forward to his next visit.

He offered to show us around if we decided to come to Brisbane, telling me that there were a huge variety of islands within the Gt. Barrier Reef. He said that coral cruises and diving were available nearby. Telling me that lived at Bribie Island, connected to the mainland by a causeway bridge, just north of Brisbane, he made it sound so good that after minimal discussion with the others I rang him back accepting his offer of accommodation and guidance. The climate was tropical and Queensland seemed to combine all of our holiday wishes, as far as we could ascertain. Des was quick to point out that we could call it a business trip, for tax purposes, as Kurt was one of our better clients. I had previously told the others about my little private show with Kurt and the subsequent conversation so we all were looking forward to the trip.

We made arrangements for return flights and travelled to the nearest international airport by commuter plane, the following Sunday. Des took his trusty camera gear and we packed very lightly because we were only going for one week. Kurt had promised to arrange all the travel from the airport at Eagle Farm until we returned. This made our holiday arrangements similar to a package tour. He and I talked regularly during the days leading up to our departure and Kurt had regard to all our interests. He was a widower and told me that he was looking forward to having us as guests in his home.

The flight was comfortable because we were dressed casually knowing that the climate was tropical upon our arrival. I felt sorry for all the passengers that were dressed more formally. The air hostess complemented Cat and I on our foresight in wearing our light summer clothing, telling us that the temperature in Brisbane would be over thirty degrees Celsius on our arrival.

As promised Kurt was waiting for us when we cleared customs and he ushered us to his car. I sat in front with him as he drove to his home. We were all slightly jetlagged with the time differential but were interested in the sights along the way. Kurt continuously chatted for the forty-minute drive to Bribie Island. My family all knew Kurt to speak to but it would be fair to say that he had a far more intimate relationship with me. At the beginning of the car trip Kurt appeared more reserved than usual, not wishing to offend Des by being too familiar. Des broke the ice by telling Kurt that I had really enjoyed my last interlude with him, saying that he wished that he had been there. Thereafter, a conversation developed where Kurt became more fully informed about the four of us.

By the time we were halfway to Bribie Island Kurt became his usual cheeky self, placing his hand on my upper thigh and remarking on my lack of underwear. Although the dresses that Cat and I wore were fairly short, they were uncharacteristically conservative by our normal standards. I would have worn a toga on the flight but didn't want to attract attention from the Airport authorities and so spoil our holiday. The return trip might well be another matter.

Kurt had a lovely home on the ocean side of the island and I was most pleasantly surprised by the lovely views over the Pacific Ocean from his lounge when we walked in.

On the way to his house, the shopping centre had been similar in size to Maple Lake with wide roads and centre gardens. The people, mainly casually attired with brief swimwear in evidence around the beaches as well as the main shops. The house was reasonably large and roomy with air conditioning. It was a welcome retreat from the temperature outside.

Kurt made coffees while Cat and I showered and changed into our brief togas. For the next hour we familiarised ourselves with the local protocol and learned that Kurt had a small one-bedroom apartment at Surfers Paradise where he normally stayed during the working week.

This house was his weekend retreat and had been his family home for many years. He had prepared brochures of the various theme parks and entertainment facilities around the district for us to look at. It really was impressive, with Lion parks through to Water World with sea mammals and helicopter rides. Warner Bros theme park was only an hour away by car, on the way to Surfers Paradise. To see everything on offer would take more time than a week. Kurt had lived here all his life and told us about the coast road to Cairns, to the north, with all its interesting towns along the way. There were even theme parks in some of the sugar and pineapple plantations. This was all within Queensland.

He had organised a trip along the Ocean Beach on camel back, for this afternoon, and told us that the trip lasted three hours.

"They sound a bit like lions and they look fairly fearsome but the drover has them well trained." He laughed.

"Do you think we should change?" I asked, glancing at Cat. Our bodies looked so vulnerable in our translucent, flimsy togas.

"Naah!" Kurt drawled. "Let's give the locals a thrill!"

I was going to change into more suitable riding attire but upon more urging from the men, particularly Kurt, Cat and I wore only our wide brimmed hats and our skimpy togas. Kurt packed some cold refreshments and Des carried his camera.

The sea breeze was fairly brisk and it felt strange to be walking in such a highly populated area, frequently being exposed to public gaze when our dresses blew up around our hips. Cat and I attracted quite a bit of attention from the other beachgoers in the area but no adverse comment was made along the way. Kurt had told us that nudity was not a problem with the beach population in this area.

By contrast the drover was dressed quite warmly and I wondered at his ability to wear so much clothing in this heat. He glanced upward.

"It's pretty mild today, love. I come from Darwin."

I knew that that was much further north, where the temperatures were much higher. His grizzled features broke into a sly grin and he nudged my arm.

"We often get people that peg out in this heat." The drover chuckled. "You gals look dressed well enough to me."

Before setting off, Des captured a photo of Cat and I holding the reins of two of the meanest looking camels with our dresses billowing in the sea breeze. We may as well have been nude but there weren't many people about and the drover certainly wasn't complaining.

On the beach, the drover commanded the beasts to lie down and we mounted the seat behind their humps and held on tightly as they rose to full height. I was too nervous to worry about the clear view the drover must have had of my exposed genitals as I climbed up into position. My nipples became rock hard and the sensation of the calico seat rubbing against my clit ring produced a pleasant warm feeling.

There were a few people about at the start but as we progressed along the beach the area was quite deserted. We were only moving at walking pace but as I became more used to the strange gait of the camel I began to relax. The others were all coping well. Cat was glowing, as much as I was, from the orgasmic sensation of riding her camel along the deserted beach. Des took photos as he chatted to the other men. A few miles along the beach I followed Cat's lead and took off my toga and rode naked for a while. It was cloudy, but the salt spray from the ocean cooled my skin and provided Des with some memorable photo opportunities. The drover appeared totally unconcerned to be speaking to two completely naked ladies, saying that he often came across groups of people along the beach, swimming or sunbathing in the nude. I had already seen several naked sunbathers, discretely scattered in the dunes along the beach as we rode by.

Des took the opportunity to get a great shot, with the camels in the background and Cat and I on either side of the over dressed drover when we stopped under a tree near a creek at the halfway point. We went into the breakers for a cool swim while the men sat talking in the shade of the tree. We found the heat stifling in spite of the sea breeze and welcomed the chance to cool off.

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