tagNonHumanMixed Blessings Ch. 05

Mixed Blessings Ch. 05


Mixed Blessings Ch. 5
By Deathlynx

This is the fifth chapter in a series. Although it can be read on it’s own, parts of the story may make more sense when read in order. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Alicia didn’t understand. “What the hell was that? I know your other-sight can see things that I can’t but it looked like you were fighting something. And I know something attacked me.”

Laslie smiled at her, as the jeep continued to rumble down the highway. “Talianna sent out her spirit. Shadow-boxing is usually the first method they teach us to fight spirits because it’s the easiest to understand. It’s limited to your physical speed though. That’s why she switched to astral combat. If you’re skilled enough, it moves as a thought, and she’s damn quick.”

There was more than a hint of admiration in his voice. Alicia couldn’t blame him. She had used every ounce of her inhuman speed, speed that rendered her all but invisible to even Laslie, and Talianna still managed to intercept her attack. That was worth respect if anything was. And further, Laslie had somehow managed to restrain her. “I thought astral combat could not harm someone who wasn’t even connected enough to see it? I felt her attacks as if they were real.”

Laslie nodded as he watched the road carefully. The snow had been falling when Alicia went out for food and supplies earlier. Now he had to concentrate heavily on his driving. The snow had stopped, but the roads had yet to be plowed.

“Actually, I was surprised too. I’ve never seen an astral attack effect anyone who couldn’t at least sense the attacker. There are some spirits who can do it, but no Sidhe I know of. And it was clear Talianna wasn’t expecting it either. It had simply been a probing attack in order to see how good your defenses were.”

Alicia considered that. She knew that the Sidhe had means to hurt Dhase that no other creature did, but she had never actually seen it. Vasili, the elder who had granted her the Gift, had specifically hidden himself and her from the end of the war when the two races squared off. In addition, he had never told her how the Sidhe had done what they did; possibly because he never understood it himself. Until Talianna had appeared, Alicia had assumed it was some form of spell.

“Astral combat is learned by every Sidhe, to one degree or another. I can’t defend against it.” Her voice was soft with the realization. It was terrifying, to someone who could best every warrior and fighter she had ever met. She knew that the Sidhe were capable of it but, much like the mortals’ atomic bomb, she never honestly expected to face it.

Laslie’s hand rested comfortingly on her shoulder. “Don’t worry love, I can.” She smiled as she looked over. His grin was decidedly cocky. “Among the Seleigh, only those from Hunter’s pack can best me. Not really sure about the Unseleigh, to tell the truth. I’m probably the match for any except the Dark Huntsman, but that could simply be Seleigh pride rather than truth. We have beaten them at almost every Great Hunt since the war, a hundred years ago.”

Some of the tension drained from her, but there were other concerns still. “I’m assuming that Talianna was drafted, for lack of a better word, into Hunter’s pack because of her skills as a world-walker but what if he sends one of his fighters next time? Will you be able to keep them busy long enough for me to attack?”

Laslie looked much more serious. “You’re right about that. There are only a couple in his pack I can best, and that’s because they were selected for highly specialized abilities. The ease with which Talianna can shift her corporeal body into the spiritual realm qualifies her. Although even she could best many, if not most, Sidhe in both physical and astral combat. I have no illusions that you could mop the floor with his entire pack out here, but now they know your weakness. Even coordinating our attacks, me astral and you physical, I don’t give us better than a fifty-fifty chance against most of them.”

Alicia looked down at her hands, folded in her lap. “So now, I guess, I ask you. What do we do now?”

Laslie shook his head. “I dunno.” He sighed and looked over at her for a moment before returning to the treacherous road. “I really don’t know. We ditch the GPS phone, that’s for damn sure. After that, we’ll be harder to find, but I’m willing to bet they will. We’ll keep looking over our shoulders until he catches us. It won’t be often, but enough that we will never feel safe.”

There was a defeat in his words that she didn’t like. She’d heard that tone in too many fellow Dhase before they finally gave in to apathy. In and of itself, that would not kill Laslie as it did her kind. Unfortunately it was likely to lead to mistakes that would kill either, or both, of them. Desperation began to creep into her own voice. “There has to be something we can do. Some way to hide me as the original spell does for other Dhase? Some way to make you stronger? Some weapon? Somehow I can see, to defend myself?”

Laslie shrugged helplessly, but she could see him honestly thinking about it. He his concentration grew to the point that it seemed he was barely seeing the road. She was about to say something when he slowed the car and pulled into the breakdown lane. Once comfortably parked, with the emergency flashers on, he leaned back. One hand crossed his chest while the other reached for his chin.

After a minute of pondering, Laslie finally turned on the car once more. “There are artifacts out there. Some are weapons that take astral form. Some are armor like the stuff that Talianna wore. There might even be something to hide you from them. I don’t really know for sure. I always trained as a warrior. I left the myths and legends to others. Tales of astral weapons were all well and good, but Hunter wouldn’t have had me in his pack if I couldn’t win my way without them.”

“Do you know where any of these might be?” It was a very comforting thought to Alicia. She knew how it was to be forever looking over her shoulder, waiting for the next extermination squad. During many periods in human history they had been intent on hunting down the ‘evil monsters.’ Human squads were difficult enough. Eventually Hunter would begin to send more than one assailant. Talianna, after all, had simply been a messenger. Perhaps a test of their capabilities. After all, against any other opponent she would have been able to cross worlds and escape. Only Alicia’s speed had incapacitated her before she could.

Laslie shook his head. “To be honest? No. But I may have some friends who can help me find them. Some might be off limits though, especially if Hunter’s put out an APB for us. I doubt it. Likely he’ll try to catch us himself a few times before he brings anyone else in. Pride and all that.” Laslie laughed derisively. “Besides, he hasn’t had a truly good hunt in years. Unless, of course, you count wandering all over the Earth in search of that tramp that rejected him.”

“Then we should probably start with those contacts before his pride breaks down and they can’t talk to you.” The mention of the woman Hunter had searched for reminded Alicia of her earlier question. She looked down, nervous of his response. “Back in the room, you and Talianna were talking about sullying the Sidhe blood. Were you really afraid that would happen with us?”

A pulse of panic flooded through Laslie’s aura. It quickly subsided as he remembered she could read his emotions as easily as others could smell a field of flowers. Alicia had figured out he could suppress his emotions when he concentrated on it. Until this moment he had only done so in order to surprise her with the true depth of his lusty intentions. Now she had to wonder if he was hiding things from her. Of course the flash of panic implied that it was not an exact art, or at least not in him.

Laslie’s voice was wounded which made Alicia wonder if he shielded in order to protect her from the true depth of his sorrow and embarrassment. “For many centuries the Sidhe have been on the decline. We have never been prolific, as you noted, and that has not increased either. What has increased is the number of Sidhe bearing children to humans and vice versa. It’s only because of the increased population really, and the amazing technological capabilities. Our powers have weakened. Less and less can walk between worlds, to the point that Talianna is the best of us at it. And we all know that she has more difficulty than all but the most inept once did.”

Alicia nodded in understanding. “And that your kind can now bare the proximity to iron and steel.” Laslie looked at Alicia in confusion, an emotion that spiked briefly in his aura before subsiding back into his neutral facade. “Once, when Sidhe were still as powerful as you mention, none could have even held a steel blade. Talianna not only wielded them, but carried them back and forth into the spirit world. The Sidhe did not much mingle with humans, not because of their lack of numbers or sophistication, but because they could not bear to be near the tools. Those mortals that lived away from civilization usually lacked the pristine beauty or overwhelming artistic skills to attract Sidhe notice.”

Annoyance flared from her lover, only to be quelled as quickly as the other emotions. “Please, Las, you must understand I am not condemning them for the attitude. You yourself perceive modern Sidhe as above the mortals. They, who were more distinct from the mortals than you are, were even more particular.” Alicia understood the sentiment, although she never could accept it. Dhase, all of her kind, began their lives as humans. As such, most never broke from thinking of themselves as more than an exceptionally blessed mortal.

Laslie seemed to think about it, his eyes firmly on the dangerous conditions, and finally nodded. “The closer we come to becoming human the more some of us relate to them. The more attractive they become to us.”

Alicia couldn’t argue with the theory, as much as she didn’t like the implications behind it. She didn’t like the bitterness that resounded in Laslie’s voice either. But what was most troubling was the fact that his bitterness did not show in her empathy. She never realized how much she relied upon her ability to read those around her until, suddenly, she could no longer read the one closest to her.

Laslie walked out of the pawn shop, counting out the bills. He had only gotten a pittance from the sale of his old cell, but it didn’t matter. His resources were relatively limited but so were his needs. The urban Freehomes, now abandoned in the Retreat, should still be fairly well stocked for food and could easily provide them shelter. In addition it was likely the absolutely last place Hunter and his goons would think to look for him.

They might need considerable money to get artifacts of the nature and power they needed. Alicia’s financial situation was very well handled, however. She worked simply because she enjoyed the interaction. He wasn’t entirely certain, even after so many months with her, what she did, but assumed it to be some form of business dealings in the mortal world due to her standard outfits. Laslie knew she could cover any expenses in getting a hold of the artifacts if, indeed, they existed as more than legend.

Laslie grinned at the beauty awaiting him in the jeep and flashed a thumbs up. The two were now free of the fear that a GPS chip could track them. The new phone, he was assured, had no such device, although its signals could still be tracked and triangulated while it was in use. He wasn’t worried though. He had little need to use it now that he had been declared ronin.

That still rankled him. Cut adrift from his people. He would be able to continue to contact them for a little while, sure, but eventually every Freehome, or rather Stronghome, would eventually hear of his status and refuse him. He hadn’t been kidding when he’d mentioned a time limit on some of his friends. Unless he turned traitor to everything he had been raised, he would live either among the mortals or as a hermit. And the thought of turning Unseleigh, of bowing to that pathetic clown that deigned to call himself Dark Huntsman, filled him with revulsion.

Laslie slid into the driver’s seat and grinned at Alicia. Neither of them had a chance to change after they fled their hotel, and the unconscious Sidhe warrior. He could almost imagine he could smell the dried juices that stained her white thong. His body pulsed in response to the thought. Alicia’s eyes widened as she caught the intent with her empathy. His grin widened as he winked at her. Alicia blushed and looked away, but not before he caught the twinkle in her eye.

Laslie knew that she loved the intensity of his passion. She loved that he wanted to bring her as much as she wanted to him. “I think we should find a new motel room. We’ve traveled far enough that she shouldn’t find us easily. We can afford a few hours.” Alicia nodded demurely, but he couldn’t help but notice the twinkle had only grown in intensity.

He quickly pulled in at the next vacant motel and ran in for a room. He was back in the jeep in minutes and unloading their bags moments later. Everything was a blur as his lust began to override his patience. While he emptied the vehicle, Alicia had jumped into the shower. As he dropped the last of the bags, his grin was feral. In the slippery setting would negate most of the advantage of her strength and a little of her speed. He quickly slipped out of his clothing, made sure to dampen his emotions so she would have no warning of his presence and slipped into the bathroom.

As expected she faced away from him as she let the water wash away the signs of their earlier session. She paused for a moment as she reached for the soap. He froze, but relaxed once more as her hands came up to dig shampoo from her eyes. Her eyes still plastered shut, Alicia turned towards him in order to let the water pound at her face. Her firm, pert, breasts glistened and the light twinkled off of the moisture that saturated the well groomed, light brown, fuzz that hovered above her lust. His body, already flooded with thoughts of having her, stood fully erect at the gleaming sight before him.

Alicia reached out, still blinded as she tried to clear her eyes. Her hand slipped on the soap and knocked it to the floor. Laslie had to struggle to quell the excitement that rose. His moment was almost at hand. Her eyes squinted open, but she turned away from him in a vain effort to find the lost soap. She half-knelt, half-bent, to retrieve the bar. He knew his timing the moment the bright pink flesh slid into view. He dashed the curtain aside as he made his move.

Laslie knew, as he jumped the rim of the tub, that they were going to collapse in a tangle. His hands reached for her shoulders. He felt his hard length press against her for a moment before folding down and between their bodies. His feet slid on the slick floor. Instead of fighting to maintain his balance, Laslie used the awkward reaction to wrap her legs and ride her to the ground. Neither would take the slightest damage from such a slight mishap and it would leave him firmly in control.

They landed better than he could have hoped. On instinct, Alicia’s arms flew forward to break their fall. Her legs buckled around the strange placement of his, considerably longer, limbs. In the end she ended up on her hands and knees, beneath Laslie. He felt himself nestled along the length of her incredibly moist lust and pulsed against her.

His hips pulled back and he manhood sprang upright in response. Alicia started to say something, but her voice was cut off in a squeal as he buried himself within her. Her entire body seemed to tighten with the contact. He found the position amazing, as he began to pull himself free. She relaxed slightly, although she gripped him still, desperate to milk him.

He slammed himself forward once more and her back arched with a scream. Once more her entire body seemed to squeeze at him. He knew he wouldn’t last long like this, but it didn’t matter. Alicia’s screams told him she enjoyed it, and he could always make sure she finished on the bed later. He loved feeling her writhe, helpless, beneath him anyway. She began to pull away after a moment. He’d waited to long for her impatience. It was possible he wouldn’t even need to pleasure her, that she would finish as quickly as he.

Fire shot down his length and flooded his veins as he helped her pull off. The instant he popped free she sighed slightly. He used the same moment to tighten his controlling grip. Sure of his aim, the thrust forward. Her muscles tugged and pressed at the base of his need. Her scream was even louder. Finally she regained herself from the initial surprise and she began to struggle against his constraining limbs. He felt the pressure, fit to burst, slap against Alicia’s hot pearl.

Her body tightened hard against him as he pressed forward to rub her sensitive head. After a moment of her paralysis, the fresh scream was purely primal. She jerked almost clear of him when he felt his molten seed flood up his length. He crashed deep into her. Quickly they reached a rhythm as he pierced her over and over. Slowly her screams rolled into soft moans even as his own endurance waned.

It wasn’t a position he was used to and his calves quickly gave out. He collapsed onto her back and her arms and legs slid from beneath her until she lay between him and the cool material of the tub. He had fallen out of her through a combination of the transition and his shrinking form, but it didn’t matter. Laslie was spent and so was Alicia.

A sound intruded on his dull consciousness. It took Laslie a moment to realize it was his new cell phone. He grinned as he unsteadily pulled himself upright. He grinned as he looked down to see their lust seep from Alicia. He loved to just sit and watch her body shake from the aftershocks, but the phone rang and he knew he needed to get it.

Laslie sprinted, still naked, into the main room and scooped up the phone. As he flipped it open he grinned at the small dark spots that he’d trailed in from the bathroom. Alicia wasn’t the only one who needed to clean up. “Las here.”

“Laslie? From Barren Rock?” Laslie smiled as the familiar voice of Tenvid drifted from the phone. Laslie had sent a forest spirit to find the Sidhe mystic during one of the brief rest stops on the flight from Talianna. The message had been simple, his phone number and a request to call.

“Tenvid. Thank you so much for calling!” Laslie’s relief was evident in his voice. “I need to find something very quickly, and you’re the only person I could think of who might have a clue.”

“Laslie, boy, slow down. What is it? What do you need?”

Laslie took a deep breath. “I need a spirit blade.”

Silence answered the other end of the line. Laslie glanced at the display to confirm that the call hadn’t been disconnected somehow. Finally the older Sidhe breathed out a deep sigh. “You don’t aim low, do ya me boy?”

“If you only knew.” Laslie’s voice was low but Tenvid apparently heard the mumbled comment.

“With that reaction, I’m sure I don’t want to. You’re the best warrior I know outside of Hunter’s pack. What you’d be wanting with a spirit blade? Nope. I’m certain I don’t want to know. Come to the diner. You know the one. Come alone and we’ll see what we can do.”

The call hung up. It was risky. It could easily be a trap. Why else would Tenvid have asked him to come alone? Of course, spirit blades were very dangerous weapons and people had been known to kill to possess them. Laslie wouldn’t want to see even a couple of Sidhe approaching if he was offering even simple knowledge of one’s whereabouts. Likely they’d leave no witnesses.

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