tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMo Visits The Club

Mo Visits The Club


It was a club...a very special club. A place where city workers could obtain quick, anonymous daytime sex - get a quick fix and hopefully something more pleasurable than a self-administered climax. No guarantees though. And perhaps that helped to explain why the club had a larger male clientele - less demanding than women?

Still, Mo had finally surrendered to the truth that a lunchtime fling was just what she needed. It had been months since her last prope fucking and lately her work productivity had suffered by the distraction caused by her lust...even on those days when she had hidden herself in the womens' restroom to do some work with her fingers. She'd heard one of her friends mention how a lunchtime fuck had been 'just the thing'...and so here she was, horny and nervous as all hell.

Having signed in and paid the registration fee Mo had been shown to the lounge room and supplied with a small drink...something to help 'smooth things along' they had said. Mostly men waiting there...perhaps this was the place finally to try out her desire for another sexual experience with a woman. But for now it was cock she was after and there was no shortage on this lunchtime. Strange to be so pragmatic about it...or was it? Wasn't that some kind of old fashioned morality speaking to her? And besides, she had to admit both she and the 'talent' on display had come here for a straight out, uncomplicated screw.

A couple of men stirred in their seats, as if they were about to stand and proposition her. Everyone was clothed which made it easier...though harder, too, since it wasn't easy to assess what was on offer under those work clothes and suits.

She felt relieved (why?) when a slightly younger man stepped to her side and gave her a simple 'hello'. This was not too bad she decided instantly - nice smile, quietly spoken and obviously with an athletic build. No need for lengthy negotiation it seemed. Mo didn't pause to think about why this one was her choice...except the obvious attraction of his body. He'd seemed confident without being arrogant and it obviated the need for conversation with half the room.

'Shall we spend some time together'? he asked smoothly and it was all Mo could do to nod her agreement. Her knees felt terribly weak and her legs were shaking but he calmly took her hand and led her to one of the rooms that led off from the lounge area.

They paused briefly inside the door for their first soft kiss. A quick fuck was one thing but it was nice to think he might supply a little foreplay first. Not that she needed help to get her juices flowing...it was more the principle of the thing.

Easily now they both disrobed. Mo was rather self conscious about her body. Age and child bearing had left their traces as with any woman on the verge of 40. Still her new friend seemed rather appreciative as he nuzzled her neck and cupped her tits. His hands moved to her arse and cupped and squeezed the cheeks as their tongues wrestled. Mo could feel herself relaxing...feel her cunt getting more and more wet...the feeling of his rock hard cock poking up between their bellies was making sure of that. Her hands now took the opportunity of checking out his arse in return and she was pleased to find it round and pert. His strong arms pulled her close and she revelled in his scent and the quickened breathing of his aroused state.

And then he murmured something and his hands were pressing gently on her shoulders. 'Typical' she thought as she moved to her knees, a meat and potatoes guy. It was her cunt that needed his hard tool...but it did seem like a very nice cock and she could be careful to ensure he had plenty left for the main agenda.

She'd only just wrapped her fingers around the shaft and started to move her lips across his knob when there was a soft knock at the door. Mo started to move, not being in the habit of giving public blowjobs. But his hands stayed firmly on her shoulders as the door swung open and three men entered the room. It could have been a mistake...the wrong room maybe?

Something was said between them. Mo couldn't hear but it was obvious enough - no mistake. It was as if it was all pre-arranged. And of course it had been. Shit! Now what? She wanted to move...something in her head was shouting at her to get out - now! But he was holding her down now...wasn't he? Flight or fight...were they her only options? This was a new place for her...she really had no idea of what the rules were or what went on. Was she expected to simply submit?...or did they want her to resist, to scream? Would that make it easier or harder? Too late now and all she knew for sure was that three extra men were walking towards her while they unzipped their pants and pulled their cocks out.

What was it to be then...rape? Someone growled in her ear 'we'll have some fun now won't we'. She wanted to respond...tell him to go fuck himself. What the hell was going on and what did these four really want with her?

It seemed obvious enough as hands now gently, firmly gripped her arms, pulling them back behind her. Three cocks now were presented to her and more hands took firm hold of her head, guiding her back and forth across these bobbing meat poles. Silently, fearful (of what exactly?) body trembling and heart pounding, she parted her lips and allowed the heads of these strange new cocks one after the other to invade her mouth. It seemd the choice had been made for her...not by her surely? But submission it was to be. That strange feeling in her guts...not quite despair, at least surrender.

They tried to reward her with soft moans and tiny gasps. Men! - so easy. Mo allowed herself a secret thrill at being able to pleasure them, to meet their challenge. Their voices were not threatening...indeed they seemed almost too excited to be able to muster anything menacing at all. But their cocks were all stiffening and they began to urge her on...'come on sweetheart, take it in nice and deep'.

There was a changing of positions now...she guessed the one behind her wanted his turn...and once more her mouth was guided to each prick in turn. Mo summoned up a wad of saliva into her mouth. The cocks were becoming more insistent now and with hands still firmly guiding her head up and down their lengths she'd need that lubricant to ensure the shafts continued to slide easily in and out of her mouth as she was face-fucked in turn by each member of this little group.

There was a definite humiliation in this...the fact she was being used as...well, as if she were less than a whore. Generally she rather enjoyed sucking a cock...a single cock! Now these men simply lined up for a turn, exchanging and swapping her between them. No need for her to make any decisions - Mo was sure that wouldn't be allowed. These men clearly were set on taking her and using her as they pleased. And at that thought Mo cunt seemed wetter now. Or was it the brazen mauling they were giving her fulsome tits?...their hands alternately caressing and squeezing her tit flesh, pulling and stretching her teats.

In time the grip on her arms relaxed and fell away. She felt hands begin to knead her arse cheeks. Only minutes before Mo had hoped her new lover wouldn't notice her arse. Now she was relieved and pleased that this one at least was admiring her rear - not least because now her hands were free to grasp each of the cocks and guard against their obvious enthusiasm. It wasn't as if they'd give her a choice but there was no need to allow any of these men to get the sudden idea of making her gag on their swollen cock. No question, though, that these cocks appreciated the extra attention she could give by softly stroking along the base of each shaft. She stroked firmly now, faster...if she could extract an orgasm from each perhaps they would then decide to leave her be to return to her office still in one piece.

And then she jumped as fingers began to move along her arse crack. They passed over her anus and she sighed inwardly with relief before they found 'paydirt' (as the bastard described it) and began to fiddle with her cunt flaps. Fortunately the others remained content to thrust their dicks into her mouth while two rough fingers worked at her opening. Again and again the shafts were pushed between her lips and Mo already felt her mouth gently aching at being forced to accommodate their repeated assaults.

Something more was said and the group now stood back. But she was not released. Instead they now lifted Mo to her feet and moved her to the bed. There was no request or suggestion or even a sense they were interested in what she might want. The boys clearly were getting warmed up by now and Mo was simply shifted across the room like a piece of furniture to allow its owner (owners?) more comfort.

So oral wasn't to be enough for these boys...they'd want her cunt now of course. All she could hope for was that they wouldn't hurt her. But Mo already knew she had more than enough lube of her own to be able to cope with even these four rampant cocks.

'Just let us have some fun now' she was instructed as the men pushed her onto the bed on hands and knees. One slid in front of her and quickly a handful of hair was yanked so that there was no mistaking what was required of her. Mo bent to her task, easy enough as this one wasn't all that well endowed. She did her best to concentrate. There still was that little hope she could make him cum and thus have one less cock tearing at her cunt hole. The trouble was that her cunt was being filled over and again with rough, thrusting fingers. One man or three? They were excited...too quick. Maybe there were three fingers in her...she sure felt as if she was being stretched and her cunt juices now flowed freely and spread over her cunt lips and her pubic bush.

'Come and feel her cunt' said one in a rasping voice and a little dance ensued as the men changed positions. Mo would have appreciated a more comfortable position herself but there was no chance of that yet.

'She's a slut isn't she? She enjoys being a slut' and Mo D's face burned red - humiliation?...guilt?

She wanted to answer back but already a new cock was poking up at her - better just to follow their plan.

Hands reached under her to take her hanging tits. Cupping, squeezing hard...for whose pleasure?...well Mo knew the answer but took something from knowing these males could appreciate all her bodily assets. And again now they took their pleasure in fingering her sex and feeling their way inside her cunt. There were a few fairly pathetic attempts to strum her clit...which would not have been so bad but they still were so excited that they went at everything way too fast. But this obviously was their party and her needs and her speed were the furthest thing from their minds.

A tongue briefly lapped at her arsehole now - not too bad...some more of that and maybe things could get interesting.

And then without warning a finger was jammed into her bum. She protested the best she could...but somehow the cock in her mouth turned it into a moan. That simply caused the finger to press deeper. Mo knew she didn't want this new assault but it seemed best just to stay quiet lest they take further moans as a licence for still more liberties. This one, too, felt the need to use a fistful of hair to guide her mouth along his length and Mo figured the dull pain was enough for her to know he was getting what he wanted.

'Turn her over' came the command and Mo was sure now the men would pursue the simple goal of shooting their cum into her womb.

She'd not spoken so much as a word since she'd entered this room. But these boys...couldn't even organise a gang fuck properly. Mo sighed with...despair? ...frustration?...and hoped their actual fucking technique would be an improvement.

'Like this?' she asked softly. 'No' came the answer and the four continued to pull and drag at her limbs...'over here...head back'. And now she saw - Mo was positioned across the bed, her head hung off one side causing her mouth to fall open and present a ready target for the next swollen cock. The youngest of them was already standing panting, waiting for her...she only just had time to adjust her neck when his balls were slapped against her mouth. 'Lick them' came the command, this one trying to sound as if he could be in charge. Hands now shoved her legs apart and she willingly obliged by spreading her thighs as wide as she could...after all, they'd no doubt get around to that soon enough.

Again a finger was rammed into her sopping hole...and a companion teased at the entry to her butthole. But this time she hardly had need to complain for just as quickly a warm, soft mouth closed over her cunt lips and Mo felt a strong tongue begin to lap at her slit.

Mo had a momentary vision of the sight she must have presented. Once more she felt the rising heat of...shame? At being forced into this situation? At allowing herself to look and act so wanton? The two mouths now simultaneously suckling on her nipples reinforced the point. There was no doubt the wet sounds of her sopping cunt were evidence enough that she was that same slut that bastard had been so happy about.

Again and again the three below her changed positions...snacking on her cunt...ensuring she continued to gush forth her musky cunt juice. Someone squeezed and pulled firmly on her nipples - if it was meant as a challenge Mo was more than up to it. Fuck do it more, she thought...and then checked herself, aware of how completely at their mercy she was.

And then the one with his balls in her mouth decided it was time for more...and promptly slid his cock into her throat. Mo almost panicked - she was about to be suffocated and this little shit wasn't going to even notice! With her head back like this he could casually enjoy a little deep throat action - no doubt a left over teenage fantasy she decided.

And still the lapping and fingering of her cunt and her clit continued...and as the cock in her mouth slowed its assault the moment of terror passed slowly and Mo could again allow herself the illicit luxury of taking stock of all that she was feeling.

A strange, juicy kind of pleasure it was. Scary - but clearly they'd been even sufficiently aroused by her efforts and by the pleasure they could take from her body. Though she was outnumbered and in a position of some potential danger Mo felt deep down the satisfaction that she had what it took to deal with these four...she was intimidated but not completely out of her depth.

If only she could relax a little more...take some real pleasure for herself...perhaps this assault, this invasion wouldn't be so bad.

'I want to fuck this slut' one of them announced, having lifted his head from between her splayed legs. 'Condoms' said the one biting her left nipple, 'we don't want to be sharing slops'.

Ouch, thought Mo. So typical of men to be timid about semen...but it almost made her feel...dirty?...low?...or just plain slutty? Well if that was how they saw her D Mo knew that was how she saw herself right at this moment as she readied herself to take two cocks at once into her body.

Once more a new cock was presented to her lips...nice and thick and as hard as stone. There was some unseemly fiddling about down below her...someone struggling with a condom...

And as she sucked the cock deep into her mouth powerful hands placed her tits in a vice-like grip, so that they would begin to swell oddly and discolour. Other hands pressed down on her ankles. Mo was being pinned to the bed - all thoughts of flight could be put well aside now...she was to be fucked and her choice or will would have nothing to do with it. Christ don't break me, was all Mo could think as her legs were forced even further apart. Mo chose to concentrate on pleasuring the man now pressing his length into her mouth. The next thing she sensed was the sheathed man meat parting her flaps and sliding easily into her hot, wet hole.

'Slut'...'hot'...'fuckhole' - crude and coarse words flowed easily now. It seemed her tormenters were reaching some kind of peak. Mo of course had heard and read about 'spit roasts' such as these - never imagining she'd be subjected to one...never thinking she could feel so slutty, so used as this. She felt herself flush red once more. To be simply used like this...spread and poked and penetrated...to be simple plaything, almost as if she had ceased to exist as a person. 'Slut' they callled her...and how could she argue now even if her mouth wasn't filled repeatedly with musky man meat?

Soon a second cock took its place in her cunt. Mo wasn't even bothering to try to look now. This was the smaller of the men. She'd had lovers like this before and had always tried to compensate for their size by squeezing her thighs together. Not as if this one deserved that kind of consideration she told herself, but it wasn't going to happen the way they all continued to hold her legs wide. This one contented himself instead with doing his best to pound his stiff tool into her cunt hole. His hips over and over collided with her pelvis. Not too bad, she allowed herself to think. She knew worse was to come.

There was pre-cum oozing into her mouth now. Oh please, Mo thought to herself, a cum feed is one thing but let's not have the taste of rubber mixed up with man juice.

A third took his place now and this one, a longer and thicker version, simply skipped the niceties and proceeded to thump into her body as the others continued to force her down onto the bed, mauling her tits all the while. Long and strong came each stroke as the cock was buried right to the hilt. The grunts and moans this elicited were, Mo realised quickly, unexpected only in that they were issuing forth from her throat.

The four took up some kind of rhythm...a system even. Mo had forgotten completely about whether or not to resist - besides, it was far too late for that. She had known that the menu was gang sex as soon as those other three had started to pull at their zips. The problem for Mo now was whether or not to allow herself to obtain any real pleasure from these four...and whether she ought to let them see the results their assault was having on her body and her mind.

Her head still hung from the side of the bed...mouth empty now as if abandoned. Shame, she thought, since the taste and the smell and the sight of cock and balls had allowed her to escape from the reality of her cunt now being shared liberally by this little group, the reality of her body being repeatedly invaded, violated. And more a pity because with her mouth empty there no longer was anything to help stifle the sounds Mo was making, however unwillingly. The almost constant pounding and ramming of their weapons into her now flooding cunt was accompanied by a series of groans and grunts. The reality of the assault was burning into her brain now...the sounds being forced from her marked her...was it pain?...not pleasure surely?...but she was a slut, she knew she was a slut - these sounds were all the proof she could need.

They seemed to revel in the sight of her tits shaking and bouncing under the now furious attack. Christ, she loved having her tits played with. Mo could feel the sheen of sweat building on her body and the tingle that surged through her as the abuse of her tits began to match the fury being visited on her fuck hole. There was even a fleeting admiration that these four had been able at least to co-ordinate that particular interaction.

And then there was a soft cry and 'oh fuck' and the man currently taking his place in her cunt shoved forward in a way that told Mo he was shooting his cum into the condom covering his swollen, sweaty rod. Ordinarily Mo would have felt not relief at this moment but satisfaction, knowing she'd pleasured her lover. But how was this bastard a lover? Surely she'd done nothing to pleasure him, only make the mistake of not objecting when he'd entered the room.

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