tagIncest/TabooMom and Son Ch. 01

Mom and Son Ch. 01


I was raised by my mother alone since I was three years old. Growing up, I saw my mother go out on dates - occasionally, but not often. When she did, she always dressed up - a nice dress (not too short), nylons, heels, makeup done perfectly, and wearing the sweetest smelling perfume in the world. This is how I became a confirmed leg man. My mom is 5'7", 140, 45, a natural blonde, and has long legs. Some of her relationships lasted, most did not.

I began serious dating at age 15. Yet at that time, the girls were mostly into wearing pantsuits, or maxi dresses. They either did not wear nylons (the feminist movement was strong at the time), or wore opaque pantyhose. What a turn-off!

When I was 18, a girl I had been going with, and had fallen in love with, dumped me one night while we were on a date. At a fancy restaurant... after dessert! I was heartbroken. It was a Saturday night, but I got back to my Mom's apartment about 8 pm - in tears. She was still on her date, so I was surprised when I heard the door open about 9 pm. I could tell right away something. Her mascara had run down her cheeks, and her eyes were puffy. Her little black dress, sheer black nylons, and 4" black stilettos made a perfect picture. Her blonde hair was a bit frazzled though.

I got up from the sofa in the living room and ran to the door.

"Mom - what's the matter? Are you OK?"

"Yes, honey." Then she broke down into tears.

I held her gently until the sobbing stopped. I didn't say anything, figuring she would tell me in her own time.

"Sam, let's sit down. I feel sick."

I walked Mom over to the sofa. As we sat down, I couldn't help but notice that her dress crept up her thighs. My God, I shouldn't keep noticing her legs like that!

"Are you sick? Should we go to the hospital?"

She looked up into my eyes and gently patted my cheek.

"That's so sweet of you, Sam. Always wanting to take care of me and protect me. But no, I'm not physically sick. Just heart sick. I found out tonight that the guy I thought really might be THE ONE is... well... is married." She slumped onto my shoulder again. Only this time there were no more tears. Just a heartbroken woman seeking a moment of shelter from the storm.

"That bastard!" I almost shouted. "How could he do that to you?"

Mom didn't respond. She finally raised her head.

"Sam, what are you doing home so early? Didn't you have a date with Mary?"

Now it was my turn to seek shelter.

"Well, yes. But she... she decided I... I was not... she left me for another guy... "

My mother took my hands in her small petite ones and squeezed. She put our hands on her lap, and hugged me.

But I couldn't concentrate. She took that exact moment to cross her legs, and her dress crept up another inch, revealing the tops of her stockings. Wait. They were stockings. Not those nasty pantyhose. And they were sheer. My head began to pound, and my cock began to respond.

"Sam. We don't deserve the treatment we've gotten tonight, do we?"

"Hell no, Mom. If only I could find a girlfriend exactly like you. I mean, you're sweet, thoughtful, wear nice clothes, and your legs... oh my God, I'm sorry Mom!"

"Don't say you're sorry. A girl has to show off her best assets. That's the way I was taught. Don't girls do that today?"

"Are you kidding? No way."

"Well, Sam, when I walked in the door tonight, I thought how nice it would be to be in a relationship with a man just like you. I'd love to come home every night. I'd wear whatever you'd like to see me in, because I'm a woman and you'd be my man. Am I so wrong to think that?"

I stood up. My hardon was raging now. I took her hands and helped her stand in front of me. I looked into her blue eyes - so soft and vulnerable, yet so much a mature woman's. With her heels she was still several inches shorter than me.

"I love you, Mom... in many ways that you know nothing about."

"Sam, I know how you look at me when you think I don't notice." She took a step closer to me. Our bodies lightly touched.

"Have you noticed how I keep my skirts on at night when I get home from work?"

"Yes. But I thought you were just too tired to change."

"That was true at first. Until I caught you sneaking glances at my legs, especially when I crossed them. Then I began doing it on purpose. You know, a woman like me likes it when a young, handsome man appreciates her legs."

I took control. My arms wrapped around this spectacular woman. I pulled her close. She rose onto her toes as I bent my face to hers. Our lips met. Gently at first. Then, her lips parted. Her perfume filled my senses. My tongue slowly invaded her mouth. She kissed me back, like no mother ever should.

My hips ground against hers. My cock had become a rock hard weapon with a mind of its own. It pushed rudely against her, and her hips pushed back, in that timeless dance of procreation.

My hands went to her ass and I lifted her dress. There was a mirror in back of her. I saw her legs in all their nylon clad glory. Our first kiss as man and woman, as boyfriend and girlfriend, had ended. We were both breathless.

"Oh Sam, I've dreamed of you kissing me like that."

"Mom... can I call you Ellen now?

"You'd better."

"Ellen, I've fantasized about that first kiss so often... and in my fantasy it always happened when you were wearing a black dree, heels, and nylons with a garter. And it came true tonight!"

"My, but you have a vivd imagination."

She kissed me again. Then she suddenly turned her back.

"Unzip me Sam."

My hands trembled as I unzipped her dress, revealing the black bra underneath. The dress fell to the floor. Her bra matched the smooth black satin panties. She is a goddess. A temptress. A woman in need of her man. My woman.

She stepped towards me, undid my shirt and pants. I took off my shoes too. All our clothes were in a jumble on the living room floor.

"Sam, we always had what we each needed right here at home, didn't we?"

I answered by sweeping her off her feet and carrying her to her bedroom. Her heels were still on! She giggled like a virgin bride on her wedding night. As I laid her gently on her... I mean OUR bed, I ordered her to take off her panties and hand them to me. She did. I threw them in a corner.

"I don't want to see you in panties ever again. Only stockings, garter belt, heels, and maybe a short nightgown. Understand?"

"Yes darling."

I stripped off my undershorts and sat on the bed. Her long legs held me in a trance. I stroked each one slowly with my fingertips. She groaned. I laid next to her and wrapped her in my embrace, kissing her until we had to come up for air. Her delicate hands grasped my cock as I laid on top of her. We fit so perfectly.

She lifted her legs and rubbed my cock along her pussy lips.

"Oh God, I need you, Sam. I need you to hold me, to take care of me, and protect me. I need you to be what a husband should be."

I took that sweet moment and slid my cock into her very wet pussy. Her eyes went wide. We kissed as I went all the way in. Then I stopped.

"Ellen... should I wear a rubber. I mean... could you still get pregnant?"

"Darling, I still have occasional periods, so yes, I could get pregnant. But now I have a rule for you. Never wear a condom. I want to feel every inch of you. I want to feel every drop of you. And if I get pregnant, I'll be the happiest woman in the world!"

I plunged in all the way. She was so tight and I was so much in love. We moaned and screamed. She came suddenly, kissing me. Then she came again. And again. And again. Her nylon clad legs rubbed against my skin. I felt her high heels dig in. I had found my soul mate.

"Ellen... oh God, please... I'm almost there."

"Sam... you're deeper than any man has ever been. I want your cum deep inside me. Don't pull out, darling. I'm your woman. Fill me up. I'll always wear stockings and heels for you... I love you, my darling! I'm your woman... your wife..."

I came like I never came before. My cock swelled up even more and like an out of control fire hose, I filled this sexy woman, formerly my mother, now my wife, with the very essence of my being. We've been together ever since.

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