tagIncest/TabooMom and Son Ch. 02

Mom and Son Ch. 02


In chapter 01, my mother Ellen and I had overcome the border that exists between mother and son. We had kissed, made love, and shared our desires. It was such a beautiful night! After making love for the final time that night, we had fallen asleep in each others arms.

Now let me share with you the very next day.

I awoke in the bed alone. The sun had arisen, and I could see everything clearly. She, Ellen, was not there. Her scent lingered... on the pillows, the sheet... my lips. But where was she? Maybe she had gone to the bathroom. So I rolled over and pretended I was asleep. Would I surprise her when she climbed back into bed!

Five minutes passed. Then ten. Our first night replayed in my mind. The kisses - so soft at first, then so demanding. Her gorgeous hair, her succulent breasts, her long sexy legs in those sheer black stockings that she wore for me all night long.

I felt my cock stiffen as the thoughts flooded back. Fifteen minutes had now passed. Had I scared her away? Had our talk about becoming man and wife and her possibly having a baby by me frightened her? I realized now that such speculation was much too premature. The subject had been broached much too soon.

My god! Had I driven a wedge between us? She had said that she wanted me. And I wanted her. We were so perfect together.

I could wait no longer. I got out of bed and put on a pair of boxers. Before looking for her, I stopped in the bathroom and brushed my teeth. No matter what she thought of me...of us...this morning, I would be the perfect gentleman. At least until we got into bed.

Then I heard it. Water was running in the kitchen. I tiptoed down the hall, past the living room, and saw Ellen standing at the stove, frying some bacon. She was wearing a short red nightie, high heel slippers, and still had those very very sexy nylons on. I was pleased that she remembered to not put on panties. Her ass cheeks, so smooth and perfectly formed, called out to my manhood. It responded.

I stood there watching her. She hadn't seen me yet. With each step she took, her leg muscles tightened. Her ass giggled invitingly. She brushed back her hair, and I could wait no longer.

I walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning...Ellen."

She was startled. Turning towards me, I was rewarded with the most radiant smile I had ever seen. Thank god, I thought. She wasn't angry. Her face seemed aglow. Her breasts swung free. My manhood commanded her attention.

"Good morning...lover."

The bacon spit loudly, and she turned back to the stove.

"I'm just making breakfast. Bacon first. Didn't want to start the eggs until you were up, which I can tell that you are...in more ways than one."

As she turned the heat down on the stove, I moved behind her and wrapped my arms around her slim waist. I pressed myself against her backside. Nuzzling her neck, I whispered, "I missed you when I woke up."

"I didn't want to wake you, sweetheart. You seemed pretty exhausted when you fell asleep last night." She backed herself against my cock and I let out a moan.

"You can wake me any time for any thing you want."

She turned to face me. She licked her lips lightly. Her long eyelashes fluttered. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and began to pull my face to hers. I know she wanted a kiss. And hell, so did I.

But I held back. My eyes held hers. She looked troubled as to why I hadn't kissed her yet. So I said, "I just want to look at the eyes of the most beautiful woman in the world."

And they were beautiful.. Even without makeup. As we gazed at each other, I had the strangest feeling. I was becoming lost in her spell. I dove into the depths of her soul and never wanted to leave. Her soul, like her body, was warm, sensual, oh so feminine and desirable. We merged in that timeless way that true lovers do. Not just physically. But emotionally and, yes, even spiritually.

We stood there like that, fighting against our physical needs for the moment, so we could achieve oneness in a way that would treble the joy of our sexual congress.

S-l-o-w-l-y, my body touched hers. Her skin was warm,,,no, hot, as was mine. We seemed to melt into each other, as my lips brushed lightly against hers. I knew she wanted the deep kisses from the night before, but on this day, I was taking it at a different pace. I was in control.

Her scent filled my nostrils. My rock hard cock was demanding release from its boxer shorts prison, and she knew it.

Without a word having to be said, her small hands reached down and softly pulled by boxers down to my ankles. She grinned at me, as if she knew why I was holding back the French kisses she wanted. Then she lowered herself to her knees.

What more can a boy want? His very sexy mother, in black nylons, kneeling at his feet. I had dreamed of this so often since puberty. Seeing her in the kitched with her robe on, her smooth, long legs tempting me. But my special treat was when she wore nylons and a dress. She would come home from a hard day at the office, kick off her heels, and sometimes fall asleep on the couch for a while. Once, I gingerly picked up one shoe and caressed it. The smell of leather was intoxicating. After I made sure she was still asleep, I held it even closer to my nose and inhaled. The scent of her feet, after a long hot summer day, was beyond belief.

But what could i do back then except go to my room pretend I was going to do homework. I would find my stash of Playboy pictures of blondes, lock my door, and imagine I was kissing, licking, and doing other things to my mom that good boys would never have thought about. Unfortunately, there were no pictures in my collection of any blondes in black nylons. I guess that accounted for my nylon fetish. Now I would live that fetish every day with my lover Ellen. And she would enjoy it too!

Anyhow, back to her kneeling. She asked me to raise first one foot, then the other, so she could remove my boxers. Before she tossed them aside, she surprised me. She pressed the boxers against her nose and mouth and sucked in air through the most pungent part! Looking back up at me, she confessed a secret she had been keeping for years.

"Sam, I'm embarrassed to tell you this, but, after last night, I know I can confide in you."

"Of course, Ellen, tell me everything. I'm here for you."

"Oh, and I for you too. But for years, when I would do your laundry, I used to do something with your underwear. If nobody was around, I would take a pair of your shorts, stained with one of your wet dreams, and... well... smell it."

"Ellen, that's turning me on just hearing about it."

"But Sam, that's not all."

"Tell me, sweetheart."

She stood up. Damn! I was hoping for well... I'm sure you know what I was hoping for.

She snuggled up against me, and wrapped one gorgeous nylon clad leg around mine. I almost shot off right then. But this was a morning for taking time.

"I not only loved smelling your dirty shorts, I would, well, I would,,, lick them too. I'm soooo sorry!" She buried her face in my shoulder and began to cry.

"Ellen... darling... it's okay. Really it is. You honor me with that memory."

She looked up at me. God, I wanteed to kiss her right then and there, but it looked like she wasn't done confessing.

"You tasted so good. Then, after I licked them, I would run to my bedroom, take off all my clothes, and crawl under the covers with your shorts. They were moist from my saliva. Then I...then I... oh I can't tell..."

I held her shoulders and said, "Tell me, Ellen, right now!"

My directness and firmness seemed to surprise her and she actually seemed to cower a bit. It was as if I had assumed the position of authority figure now. She felt like she had to obey me. It was a feeling I liked.

"I put them between my legs. And...and... rubbed them back and forth, and then took my finger and pushed the moistest part of your shorts as deep inside me as I could! It drove me to the fiercest orgasms of my life! At least until last night."

Whew. I certainly wasn't expecting that story.

What could I do now, except hold her close and tell her that I was very turned on, and that I loved her.

"Yes, Sam, I could tell."

Without my noticing, she had wrapped one hand around my stiff cock, and had pulled my face to hers.

We kissed. At first they were light, teasing, closed mouth kisses, little more than pecks, actually. But then her experienced fingers began to work wonders. They stroked me gently. That's the way I liked it. None of my girlfriends had understood that. They treated my cock like it was an inanimate object. My Ellen knew better.

I could tell that she still was recognizing me as the authority figure. So I pressed my lips to hers. Her lips parted. I pulled back with a start.

"Ellen. Go now and put on your lipstick. The red color from last night. And do your face too. Don't I deserve you to be at your sexiest?!"

She backed away, perhaps a bit startled that I was taking this leadership role so seriously. She backed against the kitchen sink.

"Yes, Sam. Right away."

"And what else, Ellen? I didn't hear an apology yet."

"And Sam, I... ah... apologize for not being made up for you when you got up this morning."


"And it won't happen again. Ever. I promise."


"Ummm... because you are the man of my dreams. And my future. And you deserve me at my best at all times, day or night."

"That's better, Ellen."

As she scurried off to the bathroom, I called out to her, "Ellen, you did wear your nylons and heels for me, so you do get some points for that."

Her voice echoed from the bathroom, "Thank you darling. I know that you are a legman. And my heels accentuate my calves very nicely, don't you think?"

I didn't respond. My praise will be saved for later... if warranted.

I ate the bacon while I waited. Ten minutes later I heard her say from our bedroom, "Oh Sam, I'm ready..."

I entered the bedroom as the man of the house. My cock was at attention. My woman lay on our bed. I was pleased to see that she had straightened the seams on her nylons. How many young women today would prepare themselves like that? I admitted to myself that I was one lucky man. Her long slim tapered legs were definitely her best feature, and, as the song says, she knew how to use them. Her hair was splayed across the pillows. Her arms reached out for me. But I saw that her eyes were focused on her prize - her man's cock.

But before I would bestow that gift upon her, I sat down at the foot of the bed. I was going to take full advantage of the feet having been in these stockings all night, and in these heels all morning.

I slipped first one shoe, then the other, off her feet. Her toenails, painted a deep red to match her fingernails and lipstick, beckoned to me. I took one nyloned foot in my hand and spent a few minutes just admiring it. Its shape, its feel, its texture. The nylons were super smooth - obviously very expensive. I made a mental note that Ellen would have a large budget for nylons and silk stockings.

Then I fulfilled my earlier, years before, fetish. I raised her foot to my mouth. My tongue snaked out and savored, for the first time, her nyloned foot. I breathed deeply as I licked. I tasted her - her sweat, her feminine scent, the smell of the shoe - all mixed together in a pungent odor of sheer delight.

"Oh, Sam! No man ever did that. I felt something I'd never felt before. You know. Down there"

"This is just the beginning, sugar."

I sucked first one toe, then two, then three into my warm moist mouth. She groaned. My tongue licked around each toe. I was on fire. I couldn't stop. Her taste was divine. I did the same with the next foot. Her moaning was getting louder; her movements on the bed more violent.

I removed her toes just long enough to say "I love sucking your toes, You taste soooo good. Do you like?"

"Shit yes! Don't stop. Oh please, Sam, don't stop."

It was then that I noticed that she had two fingers in her cunt, making that slurping sound that means only one thing. She was close to cumming.

I jammed her toes back into my mouth and sucked and licked until there was no pungent flavor left. At the same time, I used my free hand to stroke her legs from ankle to as high on her thighs as I could reach in that position. But I used light, teasing strokes, up and down, down and up. The feel of her smooth nylons was electric. I myself could barely keep from cumming.

Then she screamed, "I'm cumming, son!!!!!!" She thrashed around the bed, her breath coming in gasps, with light sweat breaking out all over her body. This woman was one erotic lady. And she was mine now.

Finally her breathing returned to normal. How can I describe the look to you? Here was a long legged blonde MILF in seamed black nylons, hair askew, smile on her face, and arms outstretched. This was the woman I had called 'mom' and now I called my lover. I knew now that last night was no fluke. She was my future. My love.

I lowered myself slowly on top of her. Her legs parted. I felt her nylons rub against my naked skin. She knew damned well what she was doing, and how i would react.

I kissed her lips. The memory of the taste of her lipstick from last night came flooding back. Her lips parted, as did mine. Soon our tongues touched and began their erotic dance. We both groaned. We both didn't care. We both knew the risks we were taking. She had made it very clear last night that she refused to let me wear a condom. And I knew she was not on the pill.

These thoughts fled from my mind as I felt her soft, womanly hand guide my rock hard cock to her pussy lips. But I would take my time here too. I slid my cock head and one inch into her. She gasped, breaking our kiss. Her pussy was so very hot and wet. It was like the softest of velvet clinging to my cock, exciting every single nerve ending. And as every nerve was activated, I got harder, longer, and felt more like her man

"More, Sam, more... please."

Now it was my turn to smile as I suddenly pulled out completely. The look on her face was of the greatest disappointment I have ever seen. Anger flashed in her eyes. Or was it lust? Was it the primal need that women feel when they know their man is going to take what is his and will not be denied?

I lowered my lips to her ear and sent a stream of warm air inside before saying, "You want more?"

She shivered. "Yes, lover, YES!"

"Then beg, woman."

There was no hesitation in her voice as she said, "Please please give me your cock. I need it so bad. I love you. I love how you make me feel. I need every inch of you to fill me up and make me feel like your woman. You know I'll do anything for you. I'm not like those bitch girlfriends of yours I always hated. Don't you like the way my nylons look on my legs? Don't you like the way I wrap them around you and stroke your skin as I pull you inside me? Don't you want yo mark me as your woman?"

She had me there. As a legman in bed with this long legged nylon clad hot, fertile female, I could deny her, and me, no more.

I thrust forward, and she screamed out, "Oh god! Oh god!"

My lips covered hers again. This time, as my tongue entered her mouth, I let some of my saliva trickle in. I wondered how she's react. She surprised me. Pleasantly. She began sucking the remaining saliva from me. I gladly obliged. I fed her. I liked it. The more of my DNA entering her body, the more she was mine.

I groaned as I felt every inch of my shaft plunge into her moist het pussy until I hit bottom. Slowly I pulled almost all the way out. She screamed again. I then ever so slowly fed her pussy my cock and felt her pussy muscles grip it tightly.

"You're not gonna be able to pull out so easily now, Sam" She laughed deeply now. The laugh of a woman who has been joined to a young man fully capable of giving her orgasms like she's never experienced before; filling her womb with the hottest streams of cum she's ever had.

Now our bodies worked in unison. We moved as one. The beast with two backs. She came again as my cock pistoned in and out, gently but firmly. Our kisses were constant now. We exclaimed our love for each other as each orgasm washed over her.

"Are you ready, Ellen?" I asked her as I felt that sweet wonderful feeling deep within me.

"Yes, my lover, my sweetness. Cum inside your mother-wife. You're in deeper than any man has ever been. Do you realize that you have taken my real virginity. Now fill me... fill me up!"

My cock got even fatter and harder. My cockhead swelled up more than I had ever felt with any other woman. Ellen was screaming through a continuous orgasm as the first shot of my cum raced through my cock and hit her womb. Then the second, third and fourth streams of thick cum shot into her, filling her to overflowing.

As I kissed her and told her how much I loved her, she replied, "I know, my son-husband. I know. Stay inside me a while longer. I desperately want my body to absorb every drop of you. I felt every stream of cum like I had never felt before. I love you so much!"

Our mouths opened to one another for another long French kiss. Even though it was still morning, we were exhausted. Sleep soon overtook us. I don't remember for sure, but we probably met in dreamland. Soon, as our relationship developed and matured, dreamland was every day - day and night.

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