tagIncest/TabooMom Goes Down Ch. 02

Mom Goes Down Ch. 02


Ronnie and Walt sat on the couch in awe. They couldn't believe how well their plan was working. They wanted to teach Bianca a lesson and they did just that. The once proud woman had completely given in to her sexual urges and fucked the hell out of her only son. Luckily for the two men, Bianca's oldest daughter Julie made the mistake of showing up at the house on that fateful day. Now she too was being forced to participate in this hideous scene.

The tears were streaming down Julie's face. She knew these two sick men were forcing her mother and brother to do this but she couldn't understand why they were enjoying it so much.

Bianca stood in front of her daughter and eagerly massaged the girl's massive, heaving breasts. Julie had always been busty but after she had her child, her boobs just exploded. They were absolutely massive and had the biggest aereolas you'll ever see. While Bianca worked her daughter's boobs, Sean was going over Julie's huge ass with his hands. Julie's butt was enormous, very similar to the beautiful Jennifer Lopez. Unlike J.Lo's booty, Julie's butt wasn't in shape and had a good deal of cellulite on it. It didn't seem to bother her younger brother who was completely overcome with lust and passion.

Julie was disgusted. She wanted this to end. Here she was in front of two strangers while her mother and brother fondled her. Walt and Ronnie had seen enough. They wanted things to pick up.

Ronnie barked out the commands, "ok, let's get to the good stuff...get on the floor bitch."

Julie looked at her mom nervously but by the tone of Ronnie's voice she knew she had no choice. She sat down on the floor; her huge boobs drooping down to her naval. She sat with her head down, totally ashamed.

Ronnie continued to take charge, "now, remember what I said earlier...if you do what I say, you'll be fine but if you don't, I have no problems with killing you people."

"Hey little boy, you enjoyed fucking your fat mommy, hows bout you pork your sister's big ole pussy? And momma, let's see if your daugher licks pussy as good as the boy!"

Upon hearing that, Julie flipped out. She began hysterically screaming and lashed out at Ronnie. She kneed him in the groin and feverishly began to put her clothes back on. Walt was too scared to try and stop her. The girl's massive boobs swayed back and forth as she struggled to get her pants on.

Ronnie quickly regained his composure. Julie's attempt at an escape only made him angrier. He grabbed Sean by the neck and held the knife to his face.

"Real dumb, bitch. Really, really dumb. Either you get back here now or I'll cut your damn brother's throat. Don't push me!"

Julie was terrified. She knew Ronnie would kill her brother if she didn't listen...after all, if he was willing to force them into sex like this, what wouldn't he do? She gingerly made her way back into the living room. Ronnie grabbed her by the hair and forcefully threw her to the ground. The two brothers laughed as the pudgy girl's boobs flopped around.

Ronnie grabbed Julie's arms and held them over her head. The family had their orders, they knew what to do. Sean was lost in a rage of lust. He didn't care who he was fucking, he needed a release. His cock was rock hard. Julie's hairy pussy gave her mom's a run for the money. Sean thrust his cock into his sister's dry cunt. Julie couldn't believe the size of her baby brother's cock or the force with which he stuck it in her. The air was forced out of her body.

As he gladly pumped his cock into his sister's hairy cunt, Julie begged for him to stop.

"Please Sean, stop it! I'm begging you, you'll get me pregnant, don't do this!"

But there was no response from Sean. All feeling was lost from his eyes. He only began to fuck his sister even harder. Ronnie wasn't done with Julie. That knee to the groin hurt like a bitch and he wanted her humiliated even more.

"Mommy, get over here. Kneel down on this bitch's face and let her lick that hairy cunt of your's."

Bianca was almost in the same position as Sean. She simply didn't have any more energy to fight. These two men had broken her will and spirit. She went over to her daughter and began to lower her vagina onto her mouth.

Julie was mortified. "MOMMY! NO! MOMMY! DON'T! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!"

But those were the last sounds she could get out. Her mom's big, fat ass covered her face. Julie was as big a prude as her mom. She had never been with a woman before and the thought of performing oral sex on woman, let alone her mother was enough to make her sick.

Walt and Ronnie surveyed the scene. There was Sean, pumping his sister's big pussy, grunting and moaning as he went. Bianca, the proud mother, the woman who ridiculed them and treated them like crap was now grinding her unusually wide hips on her daughter's face. The two brothers began to hoot and holler when Bianca brought her saggy breast up to her mouth and licked the nipple. Bianca periodically would let out a large moan. Fucking her daughter's face was so wrong but it felt soooooooooo good.

Bianca and Sean were enthralled with Julie's body. What about Julie? Well, much like her mother before, Julie tried with all her might not to give into this sick incest orgy. She struggled with all her strength. But unfortunately for the busty brunette it was no use. After a few minutes of her brother fucking her, Julie began to thrust her hips to meet her brother's cock. Her husband's penis was extremely small. She had never been filled with anything like this before. She let herself go, she needed Sean's cock.

As for her mother on her face...Julie was nearly suffocated by her mom's large butt and vagina. She had no choice but to lick her pussy. After a few minutes, Julie got caught up in the passion. The aroma of her mom's hairy cunt had overtaken her. As her brother fucked her harder, she could feel her massive boobs hitting the back of her mother. Julie's body couldn't take much more.

Bianca couldn't take any more and she slid off her daughter's face. She had multiple orgasms. She just lay limp on the floor next to her son banging her own daughter.

Just then, Julie reached her breaking point. "OH YEAH! OH MY GOD! ARRRGH! SEAN, DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! YESSSSSSSSS!"

Sean shot load after load into his fat sister's cunt. Julie lifted her hips all the way off the floor, her eyes bulged out of her head and she tossed her head back, screaming in delight. Bianca lay motionless. For the first time since Sean had fucked her, she was beginning to feel ashamed again. Hearing her daughter moan and yell with delight was making her come back to reality.

Unfortunately for Bianca, her humiliation was only starting. During this latest display, Walt had disappeared. It would have been better for the family if he had stayed that way.

"RON! Look what I got! A camera! Let's take some pictures of these damn snobs. Let's get some action shots!"

Ronnie couldn't believe his luck. "Damn, little brother. I could just kiss you. But hey, I'm not like these losers, I don't have sex with relatives."

The two men started laughing again. Ronnie ordered Julie on the couch and told her to spread her legs. She willingly did so. She needed to get off again and would gladly take someone eating her pussy. Little did she know it would be her mom.

Ronnie ordered Bianca, "eat the slut out!"

Bianca began to cry and looked at the floor but Ronnie was in no mood.

"Please, stop it! You fucked your own son twice and just had your daughter lick that smelly cunt. You know you want her. Of course, if you don't, I could cut those fat titties of yours right off and mount them on my wall!"

Ron had become more assertive and daring since this thing started. Bianca knew he would kill her. She continued to sob as she knealt between her own daughter's vagina. She had never licked another woman's crotch. She closed her eyes and slipped her tongue inside.

Julie was in awe. She couldn't believe this. Her once proud mother was eating her pussy. Her mom, who was once the head of the PTA, the woman who held charity dinners and bake sales was being humiliated.

Deep down, Julie had always resented her mom. For years, Bianca had been hard on her daughter. Always telling her she wasn't pretty enough or she needed to lose weight. She constantly put Julie down.

To make matters worse for Julie, her mother was always so pretty and had such big tits. Her old boyfriends always used to sneak a peek of her mom's boobs and ass. Even now, her own husband would try to catch a glimpse of her mom's cleavage. Thoughts began to race through her mind. Just how weak was her mom? Julie would never be forcd to fuck her own son and daughter. She'd die first.

Julie was beginning to get angry...and horny. As her mom continued to explore her pussy with her tongue, Julie lost control.

"YOU BITCH! That's it! Eat it you freaking whore! It's about time someone taught you a lesson!"

Julie thrust her hips into her mother's mouth. The girls breasts were swaying out of control on her chest. Bianca's eyes nearly popped out of her head! What was going on! She looked at her daughter with pleading eyes, begging her to stop but Julie didn't care.

"All those years of putting me down, now you're the one who is being put in her place!"

With that, she grabbed her mother's hair and thrusted her head deeper into her pussy. Julie was taking out years of frustration on her mother. Bianca was helpless. Her giant boobs hit the floor as she kneeled between her daughter who was yelling expletives at her as she licked her pussy.

Ronnie couldn't get enough of it. "See, even your own daughter thinks you're a bitch!"

Meanwhile, Walt continued to snap photos of the mom and daughter action.

Julie's body had lost all control. She was bucking her hips wildly and her orgasm approached.


She was absolutely lost in a world of passion and revenge. Her body felt so good and her mom was so humiliated. Julie was loving it.

Ronnie and Walt nearly bust a nut in their jeans as they watched Julie turn on her own mother.

Bianca crashed to the floor, hysterically crying. She couldn't believe this. However, her daughter had no mercy.

"See, you always thought you were better than me. Always prancing around with those giant titties, making my boyfriends stare! You always told me I needed to lose weight.

Well, Mom, you're a slut! You're not any better than me at all! Are you!"

Bianca only cried louder. What hurt was that Julie was right. She always thought of herself as a Queen and here she was. She was trash, she knew it. Her daughter was completely right.

Ronnie grabbed the busty mom by her hair and said to Julie... "Hey, looks like those boobies of your's could use some help."

Julie breast-fed her baby and her massive breasts were lactating. They were hard with milk and had been aching all day. The thought of her mom sucking the milk from her boobs drove her wild.

Ron pulled the limp body of Bianca onto the couch and lowered her head onto her daughter's massive boobs. The woman had trouble fitting her mouth around the massive breast. She slipped her tongue around Julie's rock hard nipples and began sucking like a baby. Before long, shots of warm milk squirted into her mouth. Bianca nearly choked but there was no escape. Julie grabbed her mom's head and forced her to take in the liquid. With her other hand, the girl began to finger her massively hairy pussy.

"Oh yeah, mom! That's it. Don't even think about stopping you bitch!"

Bianca was stunned. She couldn't believe the way her daughter was acting. Did she really hate her this much?

Meanwhile, Sean's penis was about to burst. Seeing his sister dominate his mother drove him nuts. He was dying for someone to get him off.

Ronnie took notice. "Damn boy. You just have no shame. You get off on watching sis boss around your big fat momma. Hey, to each his own."

Ronnie pushed Sean in front of Julie. "Looks like you're the biggest slut here, huh porky. Suck bro's cock, help him out."

Julie simply didn't care. Anything to upset her mom. She knew this would upset her mom even more.

"With pleasure."

She eagerly took her brother's massive cock and began to suck on it. Sean's eyes rolled to the back of his head. It was like paradise. His sister sucked his dick like a pro.

Walt got a photo to remember the moment: Busty Julie, who finally had enough of her bossy mom's attitude, was on the couch. Her large boobs hanging to her naval. Bianca, tears running down her face, sucking her own daughter's breast, taking in her breastmilk. Bianca had been tortured and abused by not only these two thugs but her own resentful daughter as well! And there was Sean. The virgin no more, pumping his cock in and out of his slut sister's mouth.

Hey, what more could happen to poor Bianca?

Well...Ronnie wasn't finished!

"Hey Walt, I'm just horny as hell. How bout we finally have some fun! Oh Bianca..."


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