tagLoving WivesMom, the Supervisor Ch. 05

Mom, the Supervisor Ch. 05


Lucy was on pins and needles as the weekend approached. She knew that not only Glen and Sheila would be there, but since it was their home, Mark and Adriana would be hosting the party. She was concerned about how Glen and Sheila would react to Charlie and Cindy. She knew that once Sharon and her mother had Charlie’s overstuffed flagpole stuffed into their hungry channels, both would be saluting – but how about until then?

Larry had tried to answer her questions. In the short time he had been working at the company, Glen and Sheila had been totally accepting of the idea that Charlie should be considered as an employee in the customer service department – assuming that he was as good as Larry and Mark had promised. Sheila had almost licked her lips in anticipation. Sharon had been less enthusiastic, but still very curious. Now it was show time and Lucy was nervous.

“Are you sure Charlie will like doing Sheila? After all, she’s old enough to be his mother.” she asked, still bent sideways on the seat with back to the dash. She had her head on my thigh, looking up at me, her hand grasping my swollen cock. I wanted her to continue that wonderful suction, but I knew that until I answered her concerns there would be no more of that sweet mouth surrounding my dick.

“Honey,” I laughed, “Charlie would fuck a bull if it meant he was going to get his rocks off. He’s basically just another horny guy who loves to fuck. If he hadn’t met Cindy, he’d still be out there chasing the ladies. And,” I added, “if Cindy wasn’t as patient and understanding as she is, she would have killed him by now.”

“I have to agree with that,” my wife said, letting her tongue catch a rivulet of pre-cum from my shaft before continuing. “He sure seemed to enjoy doing me.”

“He’s been after your pussy ever since we were in school together,” I reminded her. “If I hadn’t been his best friend, he would have tried to put you on your back the first time he met you, you know that.”

“And I would have let him,” she laughed before resuming her superior oral talents on my all day sucker.

“I’m sure you would have after seeing how he rode you the other day,” I reminded her. I relaxed and let Lucy’s talented mouth do its magic. “I really enjoyed seeing him screw you. There’s nothing prettier than seeing some guy with a big cock spreading your pussy lips with a thick chunk of pork like that.”

We were getting close to our destination now, and I needed to concentrate on driving in the heavy traffic. I wasn’t too sure of where Mark and Adriana lived. Their directions had been good so far, but they had warned us that they were in the middle of a maze of cul-de-sacs, winding and poorly signed streets.

“Put away your toy,” I told Lucy softly. “I need some help finding this place.” Much as I hated it, I felt her give me one last lap of that fantastic tongue, then the harsh feeling of a towel wiping down her saliva and cum coated treat before she ran the zipper of my fly back up the track and sat up.

“Where’s the map they sent us?” she asked. I handed it to her and she studied it for a moment. “We’re close,” she announced. “Here’s where we are at, passing Charity. Bigelow should be next. Take a right on that.”

Lucy is a superb navigator. She had me executing left and right turns until I had no idea where we were in relation to the street where we entered that subdivision. “It’s the sixth house on the right,” she finally announced, pointing ahead through the windshield. The house was an impressive two story colonial on what appeared to be almost an acre of ground and a wide semicircular drive with the apex at their front door. The driveway already had two cars in it. One I knew belonged to Charlie and Cindy. Glen and Sheila’s oversized Lincoln was behind that one. Ours would be the last.

“Looks like everyone could be here already,” Lucy said as we removed our small overnight bags from the trunk and went to the door. I could hear the sound of laughter already. It quieted slightly before Mark opened the door.

“I hope you guys didn’t have a hard time finding us,” he commented, hugging Lucy to his chest and giving her a short welcoming kiss. I dropped my bag and shook his hand as I saw Glen and Sheila coming through the living room with smiles on both their faces. All three wore only short robes. “We’ve been in the pool most of the afternoon,” Mark explained as Glen and Sheila greeted us in the same manner.

“Oh, I didn’t realize that you had the pool in,” Lucy flushed as Glen gave her a soft kiss on the cheek and covered her breast with his hand. “We didn’t bring suits.”

“Neither did we,” Glen and Sheila laughed, whipping their robes open to display nothing but flesh. “Thank goodness for that high fence out there,” Sheila continued laughing, “or we would have had a visit from the cops by now.” She put her arm beneath mine and led me through the house, toward the patio, leaving Mark, Lucy and Glen to bring up the rear. “I’ve been waiting to tell you that Charlie and Cindy are definitely in,” she said sub rosa. “That guy fucks like a mink, and his wife gives head like no woman I’ve ever known before. We really need them, so please ask them if they will join the company.”

“Why didn’t you ask them?” I said, curious.

“Because I’ve been way too busy getting myself fucked and sucked to think about anything that mundane. Damn, he’s good!”

I laughed. “Well, how about George and Sharon? What do they think?”

“I can’t tell,” Sheila admitted, “but judging from the fact that she pushed Mark away after Charlie fucked her the first time, and pulled him into her cunt by a hold on his cock, I would say that she likes it. I can tell you that George does. He was doing Cindy when we heard the doorbell.”

“Well I can assure you that he’ll enjoy her, and so will you. Did you know she goes both ways?”

Sheila’s smile went even wider, “No, but now I’m really anxious to find out for myself and, by the way, Lucy is no amateur at that herself. She gives an old broad like me lots of reason to keep myself in shape, even if only to keep up with her.”

“She’ll be glad to hear that,” I told her with a smile. “I thought you would enjoy her. Adriana told me she was good and I had to assume you’d like to find out for yourself.”

“You have no idea how much I like to find out anything for myself,:” Sheila said with almost a purr in her voice. She pulled my arm closer to that magnificent chest of hers and gave me a smug grin. “Now I’d like to see if you can repeat your performance of our first meeting. Once you take care of that little chore, Sharon wants a piece of you herself.”

“M-m-m. Sounds like a busy schedule. I think we should get started, don’t you?”

“Indubitably,” Sheila laughed aloud, “but not out there. Those chaises are too uncomfortable for an old lady like me.” With that pronouncement, she grasped my cock through my trousers and pulled me toward a flight of stairs leading up into what must be bedrooms. I followed behind her even when she released her hand hold, admiring that lovely, ball bearing ass and began licking my chops. I looked behind me to see what was holding Lucy up, and saw the cause immediately.

Glen already had the blouse she was wearing open to her waist, with his face buried in her chest. Judging from the pumping motion of his hips, I knew that he had already gotten his cock into my wife’s comforting pussy. With her skirt around her waist, and her long legs wrapped around his waist, she was getting fucked royally. Her closed eyes and smiling face over his shoulder confirmed that. What was even more interesting was that Mark, just behind her, was holding one of her tits up for Glen’s oral enjoyment while he was busily feeding his own pork into my wife’s ass. I knew that until now, Lucy hadn’t much cared for an anal fucking, but something about the way her body was bounding back and forth between the two men told me that obstacle was no longer a concern.

I was smiling when Sheila tugged at my hand. She too looked back and saw what was happening. “I told the old fool that he could have her as soon as she got here,” she admitted, “but I didn’t expect him to screw her before she even got well into the house.” She stopped for a moment and turned around on the steps. “Hey, you guys, can’t you even wait until you get her upstairs?” Neither Mark nor Glen responded, although I saw Mark’s body jerking frantically against Linda’s and heard him groan as the first shot of hot cum blasted its way up her chute and deep into her organs. Lucy came too, her body jerking against both her lovers as her orgasm struck repeatedly, leaving her gasping for breath even as Glen continued fucking her pussy.

Finally, Mark backed up slightly apparently as his defanged cock began slowly sliding out of her asshole, leaving a puddle of his juices on the marble floor. Glen managed to reply. “Just a minute, hon. I’ve almost got her.” He was still pummeling my wife’s pussy as Sheila turned back and continued up the stairway.

“He’ll be up in a minute,” she grumbled. “It’s just his way. He says he’ll never get enough of her. Haven’t you noticed how many times he screws her during the week?”

“Sure, but who am I to object. She loves it, and she gives me all I want, at least until someone comes along that tempts me.”

“Like Cindy?” she teased as we turned the corner upstairs.

“Unh hunh,” I nodded. “Like Cindy, like Adriana, like you, like Sharon.”

Sheila looked at me as she turned the knob on a door leading into one of the four bedrooms upstairs. “I didn’t know you had done Sharon before.”

“Oh yeah,” I said with a smile at her. “She told me the rules the first day I went to work with the company – and gave me a welcome fuck as she called it. But I have to admit that, as good as she was, you and Lucy still are the best I’ve ever had.”

She laughed at that and smacked my arm with an open hand. “Flatterer, I’m just sorry that I haven’t had any chance to get down and see you myself.” She turned to face me. I took her in my arms and kissed her. It was a long, passionate kiss that promised as much as I really could deliver. Our tongues met and twisted around each other as I held her close, feeling those magnificent breasts crushed against my chest. I felt her hands between us as she began unbuttoning my shirt, then my trousers until her hand found the zipper tab and pulled it down its full length. Her hand was cool as it encircled my cock and lifted it from its covering.

“M-mmm, this almost makes up for it,” she said in a soft purr as my hands pressed apart the facings of the robe and found her breasts. Her nipples rose at my touch. “Fuck me, Larry,“ she said in a whisper. “I love the feeling of your dick in my pussy, and I need it so bad.”

“Even after Charlie has fucked you?” I laughed.

“Even then, “she said tugging at my pants which fell to the floor and tangled my feet.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her with me. I bent over, took my shoes off then got rid of the rest of my clothing. I inched my way into the middle of the bed on my butt, then pulled her back on top of me.

“This is one of the things I like about you,” Sheila said, twisting her fingers in the scant hair of my chest. “You not only fuck, you make love.” Her face came down to mine and our lips found each other in a long, passionate tongue twisting kiss. I felt her hand moving down over my stomach until her fingers once again were trying to encircle my cock. They couldn’t quite meet, my cock having grown considerably since that first touch a few minutes earlier. “And this too,” she said, sliding along my torso until I felt the heat of her breath on my rigid rod.

“Beautiful!” she hissed before her stretched lips closed over the bulbous head. She hesitated for a second, letting her lips find the ending of the mushroom head and then slowly moving down the shaft . She had to pull back for a second as it reached almost full length inside that hot mouth, but her head immediately went back toward my crotch and I felt her lips touch my wiry pubic hair. Slowly she retreated once more, leaving a warm trail of saliva down my swollen cock.

“This is what I really like to do,” she said, looking at me over the tip of my cock. “Charlie is just too big to really enjoy. Yours is just right. Just long enough to tickle my tonsils, thick enough to make me feel full, and still have a little over for another woman to lap on while I suck it.”

It was almost as if that had been a stage cue. I looked up and Glen came in, still imbedded in my wife’s pussy and her still riding up and down his shaft by her hand on his shoulders and her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Her eyes were almost glazed with lust as Glen laid her down beside me. Somehow he had stripped the rest of her clothes off as they came up the stairway. Lucy was totally nude except for her stockings, garter belt and high heels and Glen had apparently not lost a stroke in my wife’s hot pussy.

The sight sent Sheila’s head down again. Then I felt additional wet warmth on my cock. I couldn’t believe it until I looked down and saw Lucy’s head on a pillow, her face turned to my crotch, also lapping my dick while Glen continued pummeling her pussy.

“Eat her, baby” I suggested twice before I saw Glen lift my wife and hold her until Sheila could get on her knees, then slide her head between Sheila’s thighs. Sheila slowly settled down on my wife’s face, her hips bucking against Lucy’s mouth as I heard the liquid sounds of love beginning. Sheila was bucking at both ends now. Her hungry mouth was devouring my cock even as my wife ate Sheila’s pussy and Glen fucked Lucy unmercifully.

“Damn, I love fucking this sweet pussy, while I watch her eating Sheila’s pussy,” Glen groaned. “Feel her tits, honey,” he told his wife. “Don’t they feel lovely when she’s being fucked.”

I had to relinquish the enjoyment of one of Sheila’s hands on my balls as she did what Glen had suggested. Still it wasn’t enough to keep the built up cum in my balls from starting the trip up the canal and begin trying to blow a hole in the back of Sheila’s head with its first hard jet of male cream. I think it almost strangled her coming so unexpectedly, but she managed to keep it all and swallow with a sigh of pleasure.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled as she lifted her head and looked at me after cleaning the half dozen eruptions from my diminishing cock, “but just the sight of my wife eating your pussy while your husband fucked her was so erotic, I couldn’t help myself.”

“Me neither,” Glen groaned as with one final, hard push he sent a geyser of his own juices deep into Lucy’s welcoming cunt. Abruptly Sheila gasped and I watched her thighs quiver as she smeared Lucy’s face with her own juices when the orgasm hit her. That in turn triggered Lucy’s joy. Soon both women were bucking and crying out the happiness as they felt their bodies consumed by lust. Glen was still fucking my wife slowly, but the emphasis was gone. He was letting her down from the heights slowly.

“That’s some of the best pussy I’ve ever had, Larry” he managed to croak as he slowly backed out of my wife’s still clinching cunt muscles. He sighed as he felt Sylvia take his cock into her mouth and begin cleaning it of his and my wife’s juices.

“And you always taste best when your cock has been in some lovely girl’s pussy,” Sheila purred. “Even Sharon’s.”

Glen laughed as his wife spelled out the depths of his depravity. “It wasn’t my fault that she always wanted to sleep between us. I’ve told you that I never knew when my dick slid out of your pussy that night and into her mouth. Obviously she had been watching us long enough to know you like to suck cock, and just decided to try a little of daddies while she was at it, Besides I didn’t see you object when she began eating your pussy after I fucked you.”

“It felt too good to complain,” Sheila chuckled. “She’s still one of the best pussy eaters I’ve ever had get to me, except you, of course, Larry. But really you should have Lucy lay back and get a little of her talented tongue in that hot muff of hers..

“Did I hear someone calling me,” Sharon said, sticking her head through the doorway, then coming into the room and joining the bunch of us on that poor, overburdened bed. With a smile she moved toward the bed, absorbing in her mind the possible combinations in view. She reached out, caught Lucy by her left breast and gently rolled her over on her back, eyeballing her crotch. “Daddy, you’ve been a very bad boy again, haven’t you. Just look at Lucy’s pussy – it’s a mess. I really must clean this up.” With that announcement, she placed herself on her belly between my wife’s legs and dived into that soupy mix of cum and Lucy’s juices. Lucy gasped and reached down to take her head in both hands as she felt Sharon’s talented tongue begin its work. She was already squirming with lust.

“Oh, damn,” she gasped, thrusting upward with her hips, trying to drive Sharon’s tongue deeper. “I had forgotten how good it feels to have you eat my pussy.”

“I learned from the best,” Sharon managed to murmur. “Momma always had me clean her out when daddy finished fucking her, then she would eat me after daddy fucked me – just like this.”

Lucy moaned and tried to push Sharon’s head through her crotch as Sharon’s tongue skated back and forth from one side of her pussy to the other, dipping in between only long enough to get a taste of her father’s cum before moving higher on Lucy’s labia. When the tip of her tongue hit Lucy’s clit hood though, rolling it back, and then her lips closed over the tiny morsel, Lucy shrieked with pleasure.

“Mark, Put something in her mouth” she ordered. “Otherwise we’re going to have everyone up here trying to get on this bed and I don’t think it can take much more.”

Mark obeyed with alacrity, putting his throbbing tool deep into Lucy’s mouth and straddling her upper body to feed her his cock while Sharon ate her pussy. On all fours, he used the flexing of his hips to fuck my wife’s mouth as she, appreciating the all day sucker, wrapped her arms around his back and her legs around Sharon’s torso.

“Now, that’s a beautiful view,” Sheila said, stepping back and looking at the three on the bed who were obviously enjoying each other’s talents to the utmost.

I shook my head with a smile, watching Lucy giving Mark head as she had done the first time we met, and seeing her hips jerk in appreciation as Sharon continued feasting on her hot, cum filled cunt. I would never have dreamed that conversation just a few short weeks ago would have resulted in anything like this, but I certainly was glad that it had. I had a new job, a very happy wife, and as much pussy as I could have ever hoped to have. Lucy was overjoyed at the opportunity to try as many cocks as she had in college, and even more impressed with her employer and his wife who had made it all possible.

“Maybe we should go downstairs and leave these lovebirds to their fun,” Sheila relented, sitting up on the side of the bed. I really didn’t want to. I had looked forward all week to having that hot, hungry pussy of hers wrapped tightly around my cock, but - after all, she was the boss, so I followed.

“Don’t worry, you and I are going to have plenty of time to enjoy each other before the weekend is over,” she said softly, leading me toward the door. “I just hope Lucy can hold out with all those kids all over her,” she said, pulling the door closed behind us, but not before I saw Glen holding his daughter’s hips in his hands and probing for the entrance to her pussy.

“How long has he been fucking Sharon?” I asked, still curious at this bit of incest which I had learned about during the short time I had known them.

“Ever since she was old enough to cum,” Sheila grinned. “Like you heard him say, it started out with her sucking his cock after he fucked me and just kind of grew from there.” She was leading me back toward the stairs. Just before reaching them, she took my arm and pulled it around her, placing my hand on her right breast. I could feel that hard nipple tightening even with this slight contact. “Oh, damn, you’ve got my motor running. I’ve got to find George and tell him mamma needs to have his dick in her.”

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