tagIncest/TabooMommy Cheers Me Up!

Mommy Cheers Me Up!


"A boring Friday afternoon for me and the only thing I found even remotely hot about this cheesy 90's porno, is how sexy that girl looked dressed in that cheerleader outfit!" I thought as I continued to slowly whack my meat with my unaccustomed left hand. "She is so sexy and wearing no underwear!" "Just how I would like it..." "With the perfect well shaped ass... Yes!" "Hero's: Hayden Panettiere cheerleader status!" Came even more dirty thoughts... A few seconds after those thoughts whirred past, I suddenly realized that the girl wearing the slutty cheerleader outfit looked very much like my own mother – in those days at least. I immediately saw a flashback in my mind of her in her prime as a high school cheer-captain in the scrap-book albums she meticulously kept for her own nostalgic purposes.

"Wait What!?!" I asked myself almost audibly. "My mother...? I must be sick..." "That did it!" I thought. To my discomfort my boner went from 7" of rock dick, to a lesser marshmallow soft weenie within what seemed seconds of that last thought. As I was massaging my aching blue-balls, I heard my mother downstairs calling.

"Jason! Jason, come down here..." She sang tauntingly.

At 23 years of age, I felt a little sheepish living with my mother still. It was hard holding up a story and having to always claim to my friends that I live with a "roommate." When they got especially nosey and wanted to come visit my place and meet this "roommate," I always managed to reply with some lame excuse. This left me with almost no girlfriend and nothing worth calling, "gettin' laid."

Pressing the "Pause" button, zipping up my pants, and getting off my bed, I quietly opened my room door to the upstairs hallway and heard a few faint but very familiar voices emulating from down the hall and downstairs. I crept to the end of the hall trying not to make the floorboards creek underneath my weight. I was just about 6' 2", 190lbs, and still a little toned. As I continued to creep down the hall I saw my photos from my prime as a high school football player. I never really did anything worth mentioning, but sit on the bench during games and work out a lot. It was mostly to call myself a "football player" and impress girls.

I took the stairs a step at a time trying not to give away my position. I heard my mother talking, to my aunt and uncle, so I felt safe as I pied my eye around the corner to catch a glimpse of the conversation. My teenage sister was posing for my mom unenthusiastically, meanwhile my mother was excitedly snapped pictures of her every 5 seconds. My aunt and uncle seemed to be going on about how good she looked in the cheer outfit and compared her to the photos of my mom at her age. My mother turned half to my direction and started to yell for me to come down again, when I came out from behind the corner of the stairs.

"Jason! There you are..." She exclaimed. "Your aunt and uncle are here to take your sister to Cheer Camp!" She yelled with a wide-eyed, smiling expression.

"Cool." Was all I managed to blurt out. At that my aunt started in on me...

"Cool? No, what would be cool is if you got a damned job and helped your mom out – She damn near shelled out $10,000.00 for this damn cheer camp alone!" "You're just like your no-good, 2-bit, father – and look where he ended up..." She growled.

I brushed it off with, "Nice to see you too, Auntie..."

My uncle smiled and whispered as if not to be heard, "Hey Jay."

I nodded towards my uncle, the poor bastard.

At that silence my mother cut in and asked, "Well Jason how's your sis look?"

I thought for a second turning her way... "She in no way fit that outfit," I thought. She was much chubbier and awkward than my mom was in her cheer days... She may have gotten more of my aunt's genes. I felt sorry for her as I knew that she was just trying to fulfill my mother's wishes to pass on the cheer! "Oh wow!" I let out enthusiastically... "Great sis!" I chimed again. She rolled her eyes.

My mom wasted no time, everything was packed and she wanted to get this show out the door and on the road. She put her arms out and started to corral my aunt, uncle, and sister out the door taking short, choppy steps as she was slightly bent. I was left behind with nothing but the view. My attention turned to my mother's back. As she was coaxing them towards the door, her ass was jiggling wildly! She was wearing skin-tight, white, spandex-type pants, with a little tank-top. For some reason I was drawn to note that she seemed not to be wearing underwear, at least I saw no signs of panty lines or even a skimpy thong. Strangely I noted the familiar tingle happening towards my dick and balls. Her ass was almost perfectly rounded and seemed to be alive with movement every choppy step she took in her heels. She turned to me swiftly and paused – catching my eyes coming up to meet hers.

"Come on Jason! And lock the door behind you... We are going to follow them there."

She was too busy to notice that my total attention had been on her bouncing ass... "I didn't want to go for any road trip," I thought as I locked the door. Then again I didn't want to be stuck with that same old porno that had messed with my thoughts... "Maybe I could catch a glimpse of some of the cheerleaders at the camp when we arrive." I realized.

My mom got in the driver's seat and had the engine running. Within seconds, her pink bedazzled sun glasses were on, the gear was set to "Drive," and her foot was pressing on the gas. I was barely able to pull my body into the car as my mom peeled off. Nearly falling out, I shut my passenger side door and shot her an aggravated look.

She smiled with a cute little squeal and asked, "Jay-Jay, aren't you exited for your sister?"

"Mom, please don't call me 'Jay-Jay'," I said as we tailed my aunt's car.

After about an hour's worth of my mom's Shania Twain karaoke type session in the car, I started remembering her ass jiggling uncontrolled in those pants. She was dancing and singing along to Shania, her still-perky little tits bouncing in her loose bra. My dick began to stir as I admired her from a safe angle. "I need a girlfriend." I thought as I closed my eyes. Somehow, the more I thought of it, It was such a turn on to imagine my mother's bare ass and how soft and malleable it would be in my hands.

We finally arrived after about 3.5 hours and I was happy to get out and stretch. My dick had gone up and down so many times during the car ride I was looking for the men's restroom to let out a load and rid my abused balls of their pressure. It was nothing like I imagined. Hot, blonde, thick bottomed cheerleaders were NOT bouncing up and down in my face... Instead there was a dorm like hall that my sister jetted off to without really saying goodbye to anyone. My mother was visibly exhausted from the car ride and the excitement of the day. All she was left with was a glazed look and heavy eye lids as she did her best to give a goodbye wave and cheerful smile to my disappeared sister. We turned to my aunt and uncle who looked just as tired and said our goodbyes my aunt shaking her pointer finger in my face just before she turned away. I wanted to flip her off, but turning I caught my mother's eyes zoned out and staring directly at my genital area. I stopped for a moment and saw that she had a puzzled look to her.

She seemed to jerk herself back into reality when she pulled her eyes up to mine and said "Baby, you drive home Jay-Jay..."

Arriving home and passing through the door she turned to me and said "Shower time for me hunny," you go have fun. She reached into her purse and pulled out about $700.00 cash! "Here, go take out a girlfriend. I know you have them – those sluts... I bet they've already given it up..." She implied drowsily with a raised eyebrow and a deranged grin.

"Mom, serious?" I felt my cheeks go red at her using dirty words to explain my dwindled dating experiences. "I am going to go to the fair, or the movies, or maybe even go bowling at the casino with Jimmy – probably." I promised.

After letting her eyebrow down, she began to walk towards the stairs and kicked off her shoes. She then proceeded to walk up the stairs... Her ass, swollen from sitting on it for hours, was partially eating her pants, showing every dimple as it swayed back and forth with each step up the stairs invitingly... My eyes were locked in on her ass and it's every jiggle and sway as she raised herself up each step.

As she reached the top of the stairs out of view, I heard her peel the material stretchy pants off each leg and balance herself.

As I waited there listening to her undress, she yelled, "Your father never brought much more than a criminal record back with him from that casino... Stay away from there Jason Jr."

My father, Jason Sr., was sent to prison after being caught stealing money from the casino, or so I was told. He was in charge of security there and was foolishly caught by an entry-level guard that he had just interviewed and hired days before the major heist. Supposedly the amount of cash he swiped was about $777,000. Oddly enough, none of it was ever recovered... The FBI and State police interviewed my Mom and all direct family for months. They closely monitored all accounts and performed constant searches, but came up with no trace of large deposits or transfers with the missing loot. He was sentenced to a life term in the Federal Penal system – leaving behind my mom, my baby sister, and I. My mom has always had money when we need it though and for a paralegal she doesn't make very much, but I guess it has always been enough. She paid off the rest of this house a few years after my dad left. Then again, this isn't the first time she has pulled out hundreds and twenties out of her purse...

I left quietly, waddling now because of my again pressurizing nut sack... Thinking of my mom at the top of the stairs, bottoms completely off and that wobbly, yet somehow still muscular ass just beyond my view... I was sure it had been toned from years of cheer practice. "What if I had gone up the stairs? Would she have hid? Would I have caught a glimpse and gotten away with it?" I pondered that thought as the strange impulse almost made me run up the stairs. I instead continued on and carefully slid into my mom's car taking off towards the casino.

After more than a few shots of tequila and bad hands, I was good and ready to go home to my cheesy porno. Alone, I made my way to the exits noticing everyone else holding their significant others close, caressing their curves, and some sloppily making out. "Drunks!" I repeatedly muttered under my breath. As I made my way to the car and climbed in, my goal was to try to get the key in ignition within the first 5-7 attempts.

Midway home I happened to find a few crumpled up fifty dollar bills in the car's ash tray, so I stopped by the local liquor mart before to pick up medium sized bottle of the same alcohol I was drinking at the casino. After making it home by the skin of my alcohol coated teeth, I planned my undetected voyage to my room. "Something nice, to put me out for the rest of the night." I thought as I snatched the bottle out of the passenger seat. I was an expert at sneaking in by now, tipsy or not, I managed this on fear of my mom catching me. I took the same familiar paths through the darkened house to my room. Making it there I grabbed the shot glass from my hidden compartment in my closet and filled it up. Sitting down on my bed and throwing the shot back, I noticed my TV was still paused on the porn I had left on, so I turned down the volume and started it back up. "Fuck! I need to cum," is all I was thinking. The day's built up action had left me feeling volcanic.

With my dick in hand and my sexy retro-cheerleader on screen, I couldn't help but find the humor in the fact of how much I loved the sight of cheerleaders. I must have gotten that from my mom's side. Lol I stopped to watch the rest and poured another shot. The porno was on silent, but I had watched it so many times that I knew what the climaxes sounded like. As the video was drawing near end I noticed something... There was moaning and panting sounds! I rushed to turn down the volume, but noticed that it only got louder. "That's not coming from my TV." I told my drunken self as I shut the TV off and turned off the lights. I poured myself one final shot while fighting to stand straight. I slowly opened the door to the already dark hallway and saw that there was a faint light coming from my mother's room door that just happened to be cracked open. The moaning and heavy breathing got louder and soon I made out rustling and rhythmic movements as I got closer. I came to a dead stop at a realization... "Was there another car in the driveway? Could she have called someone over not suspecting me to be back till tomorrow?" I asked my alcohol soaked brain. I was suddenly enraged with anger. Thinking of how my Mom could do such a thing with my father away. Blind with drunken rage I stomped the last 7 footsteps to her door and threw it open violently.

What I saw stopped me hard, again. This time I felt my face let loose and my jaw drop like a cartoon character. There my mother was, partially wrapped up in a blanket she had quickly grabbed a few seconds after I bursted in. She was covered in sweat, breathing heavily, and she had some sort of papery-garbage all around her on the bed rustling with movements. There was a dim light on her nightstand pointing in my direction and I had to squint to make her facial expression.

My already disoriented pupils were not making it easy, as they tried to adjust in the dim light. She was alone, her hands were up on her head holding her hair up – a few strands were missing and flowing down her sweat glazed, toned shoulders. She was in mid moan and half way through grinding down on some sort of pink fluorescent toy she had propped upwards into her, positioned underneath her on the bed. We stared at each other for what seemed like a full minute. Before she broke eye contact and looked down at my pants. In my drunken curiosity, I hadn't zipped up my pants before leaving my room. I was now standing in front of my mother with my dick and balls out of my pants, now swelled at least a full inch longer and wider than usual. It was hanging out of my boxers – thanks to the alcohol thinned blood and the sexual tension of the day. She broke her eyes away from my raging hard on and once again met my eyes for the second time.

She said in a surprisingly calm voice. "Can you come here, Jay-Jay, mommy can explain."

She covered the rest of herself up with the blanket as I drew near her and I became increasingly aware of the musty smell of my mother's vaginal juices permeating the air as I drew nearer.

She began explaining how "lonely a woman gets..." and that she is "sorry that I had to....."

She was mid-sentence when I dropped my sagging unzipped pants and loose boxers with one pull! I then climbed onto the bed, pushed her over on her back, and pulled the blanket from her grips as I positioned myself between her knees. I pulled the pink toy out of her pussy – smearing my stomach by accident with her juices. Throwing the pink toy to the side, I chuckled thinking "the toy she was using was quite small." My mind quickly shifted... "She was sooooo wet!" I imagined... I held her hands down on the bed above her head and re-positioned myself above her. To my surprise she did not put up a fight, I made eye contact with her as I hovered inches away from her steamy warm body, my dick sensing immense heat from her hot cunt. She was speechless...

Her expression was almost angry looking, but more surprised – without being able to speak. She was breathing heavily, almost as if she was hyperventilating, and she was blinking uncontrollably. I released one of her hands to grab my dick and steady its position. She quickly darted her eyes down to my dick and looked back up to my eyes almost with a worried or helpless and scared look. She moved her hand so fast to my chest it made a slapping noise and she lightly pushed hesitantly against my chest as if almost to give one final attempt to resist, but it was too late. I nudged forward slowly, impaling her pussy inch by inch, keeping my eye contact with her the entire time. Her expression went from pure terror at first as the tip entered to a stupefied glaze and a quivering bottom lip...

I shoved my dick in hard the second entry, making her gasp for air. She looked like she was going to pass out. The alcohol in my veins made me feel numb dicked. "Fuck!" I whispered out loud. I couldn't believe how amazingly tight her little pussy was. It squeezed my dick every time I moved passed her slippery vaginal lips. I soon felt her pussy juice covering my balls. She closed her eyes and turned her head away to keep from looking into my eyes as I rapidly pounded in and out of her. She was whimpering and biting her bottom lip now to stop it from quivering. I heard her climax and felt her cum with a full body shudder! Over about a 20 minute time span of me pounding in and out, she came on my dick at least 3 times before I cried like a baby and blew my final load deep into her vagina...

I was soaked from the sweat and breathing like a race horse after a short, but intense race. My dick was still stiff and half way into her vagina. I looked down at the bed and realized that I was surrounded and on top of a pile of $100 dollar bills that covered the entire bed and even spilled over on the floor. I was throwing my head around looking at all the money everywhere when my eyes caught my mother's.

She was now looking at me endearingly. She bit her bottom lip and her eyes again became glazed. "We are rich Jason," she said with a cracked voice. I sat there dumbfounded with my dick still being warmed in her.

After a while we moved to separate sides of the bed still covered in sex, pheromones, sweat, and sticky Benjamin Franklins. She got up and went to her closet. We hadn't said a word to each other in a little over an hour. My head was spinning with thought traffic, the room was spinning because the alcohol was wearing off, and my dick felt like it was spinning – "That was hands down the best pussy I have had!" I said to myself. I then heard movement in the corner of the room... It seemed my mother was getting dressed and I sat up to look.

My heart skipped a beat and then it went crazy, probably beating like a humming bird's... I felt my heart jump up in my throat and my balls jump up in my stomach. I was attracted first to all the shinning sequins, lit by the dim lamp and the two palm-palms that she was playing with. One palm-palm hid her partially showing ass cheeks and the other hid the bottom of her face, leaving her eyes staring directly at me. She spun around and did a little dance in her cheerleader outfit. She fit it perfectly – still after all the years. This time she came up on the bed a knee at a time and she pushed me down flat on my back. She then grabbed my hands and put them firmly on her hips while at the same time throwing her leg over my head to the opposite side with a quick, energetic, twist. She mounted me with her gorgeous ass cheeks facing me as they came plumping perfectly on my lower stomach. I was still holding her hips and I let my hands slide down to finally cup and gently squeeze the most gorgeous ass I had ever seen.

I couldn't see her face and I couldn't see her eyes... All I saw was a blonde cheerleader, in her uniform, holding her hair up on her head, grinding her half covered ass and pussy on my lower stomach, just above my dick. Every time she ground her pussy down, I would squeeze her ass cheeks one in each hand and help her mash her pussy down on me. My dick was back in action and at attention! Seeing this, she released one hand from her hair and I felt her cup my dick slowly jacking it off against her tight tummy with her grinding motions. After hearing me start to moan, she let out a little laugh and lifted her pussy up a little bit. For some odd reason I put my hands over my mouth and shut my eyes hard as she slowly sat on my dick. I felt her ass cheeks provide the perfect amount of cushion for her light body as she came down with my full dick inside of her.

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