tagNovels and NovellasMonster's Mate Ch. 01

Monster's Mate Ch. 01


"This shall be the most lucrative invention I have come up with yet, Boris!"

The Mad Scientist guffawed loudly as he pulled frantically at the chained pulley system, lowering the metal slab from the rooftop opening of his laboratory. After having been struck by several bolts of lightning, his experiment should nearly be reaching its conclusion. And he was damned glad of it too, for the sexual frustration of the last few months was starting to kill him.

Upon the metal slab lay the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, luminous and naked, her limbs bound down with metal clamps. The Mad Scientist grinned with anticipation as he gazed upon her in glee. Oh, yes, she would suit his purposes quite nicely. No monster would be able to see such a female without wanting to fuck her senseless. With her blonde long locks, her slight figure with voluptuous curves and her big blue eyes, she appeared to be just the sort of fragile beauty that all of the cretins of the world craved.

"We picked out the most suitable corpse to bring back to life, Boris!" the Mad Scientist raved in a self-congratulatory manner. "What luck we had to have found this exquisite woman wandering the streets of Transylvania all alone! It is a shame we had to go through that distasteful business of raping and murdering her first before putting our scheme in motion, but no plan is foolproof."

"You are a genius, Master!" Boris, his hunchbacked servant, answered back, lust gleaming in his eyes as he stared at the creature.

"We must give our ravishing beauty a name. Lucinda, I think, that is a fairly fuckable name, don't you think so?"

"Very fuckable, Master!"

"Yes, much more fuckable than Mina or Christine or Elizabeth...yes, she shall be called Lucinda!"

The two men approached her naked body, strapped down upon the metal slab.

"Such a precious treasure..." the Mad Scientist mused, in love with his creation already.

The Mad Scientist ran a finger down the line of her perfectly proportioned cheek. Her facial features were so well sculpted that she could have been a porcelain doll. Her ivory skin was soft and flawless. And her body inspired sin. In his experience, he found that most monsters craved women who were 'built', for lack of a more dignified phrase. Therefore, he was quite pleased with this woman's large breasts and plush hips. And she also had a nice lush ass that was just right to cradle a beastly cock in.

"Feel her tits, Boris. Are they not delicious?"

His servant did not need to be told twice. Enthusiastically, Boris grabbed at her luscious breasts with both hands and started squeezing at them as if he were milking a cow.

"Not too much pressure!" the Mad Scientist cautioned. "We do not want to damage the merchandise, do we? No one will want her if she is all bruised."

Boris made an effort to soften his touch, rubbing at her pink nipples with his fingertips until they erected with excitement.

"Are they not a pleasant weight and texture?"

"She has quite a rack!" Boris giggled, practically drooling as he jiggled her breasts in his hands. "Might I taste them, Master?"

"Why not?" the Mad Scientist shrugged. He could afford to be a bit generous with her. And Boris had been a great help to him.

Boris suckled hungrily at the woman's nipples until the wet buds were large and swollen.

Experimentally, the Mad Scientist slipped his fingers between her legs, testing out her folds. Even in her state of unconsciousness, she was wonderfully responsive to touch. Copiously flowing juice was already flowing out of her vagina.

"Aahh...sometimes I shock myself with my own brilliance," he gasped as he felt himself grow as hard as a rock, plunging his fingers into her warm passage. "We will make a fortune from her, Boris."

Unclamping her from the slab, the Mad Scientist carried her to a specially designed chair. With her wrists chained high above her head and her thighs spread apart as widely as they could go, she was in the position he wanted as he adjusted the seat to where her vulnerable thatch lined right up with his cock while he was standing.

"Now to test out my newest creature."

Taking his manhood out of his pants, he began to work his way into her spread pussy. He leaned against her, unable to help himself from planting kisses all along her neck and shoulders as he relished in the feel of her tight womanhood. Cupping her breasts in his hands, he tweaked her nipples playfully.

Her eyelids fluttered open, revealing her blue irises, as he began to thrust into her.

"Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty..." he crooned with ecstasy as he rhythmically rocked against her. "Your Master has been waiting for you."

"Master..." she gasped in a childlike voice, writhing against him as she looked into his eyes with endearing innocence.

"That is right. I am your Master, Lucinda. Do you like it when your Master fucks you?"

"Oh, very much, Master."

When he slipped his hand between them and began to rub at her clit with a fingertip, she moaned in soft little sighs as a shy smile played upon her lips.

"Boris!" the Mad Scientist called out frantically as he kept pumping away in his invention, just barely staying in control. "Turn up the lever with the red handle..."

"Which one, Master?" Boris asked while rubbing at his own cock furiously.

"The one with the 'libido' label on it..."

Boris obeyed, limping over to crank the lever up to the highest power.

Suddenly, the creature became wild, thrusting her hips violently up to meet the doctor's own and letting out orgasmic shrieks as she did so. When her pussy gripped upon him like a vice, spasming erratically, the Mad Scientist could not hold out any longer and spurted hotly inside of her with a maniacal laugh.

"Excellent..." he moaned before collapsing upon her naked body, his face buried in her seeping crotch.


Lucinda was created by the Mad Scientist for two reasons.

In the first place, he intended to loan her out as a high-priced prostitute to service other frightening creatures around the globe. His wild experiments had almost entirely drained him of his inheritance and he had to refill the family coffers somehow. Being a comely Englishman in his thirties with raven dark hair and sculpted classic features, he had spent too much time frequenting brothels and gaming hells, especially with his upcoming marriage with Elizabeth hovering before him.

In the second place, he needed a mate for his other invention.

The Mad Scientist winced merely at the thought of his humiliating failure with that being.

The first creature, which he indifferently named the Monster, had not gone off as well as Lucinda had. The Mad Scientist had hoped to create a superhuman but instead wound up with a large ugly giant who had limited learning capacity and tended to indiscriminately kill people. Being assembled from various pieces of dead bodies and his flesh being sewn together in ragged stitches, the Monster was quite grotesque to the eye. How the Mad Scientist hated this creature who was supposed to be his masterpiece! He had tried to kill this poorly formed creature several times, but finally gave up and was resigned to be his caretaker. Still, the Mad Scientist had better hopes for the future. And he was very curious to know if the creature had the ability to procreate. At least then, he would be useful for something.

The Mad Scientist sent Boris to go fetch the Monster. No time like the present to test out how his two creations would respond to each other. Washing Lucinda's naked body off with a sponge, he kept her in her position of bondage on the chair.

When the Monster entered the room, his expression was that of a dead man. And a dead ugly man at that. The Mad Scientist grimaced at the very sight of him. Yet, when the Monster spotted the naked spread eagled female before him, his eyes lit up as he grinned with a boyish smile. Actually, he was not quite so repulsive when he had an expression on his face, the Mad Scientist mused.

"Pretty...woman..." the Monster uttered in broken words.

Awakened at the sound of the unfamiliar guttural voice, Lucinda turned to observe the creature who was stomping up to her. As predicted, she gave out a loud shriek at the sight of him.

The Mad Scientist could not say that he blamed Lucinda for being frightened. The fact that the Monster immediately reached for his extremely large and thick cock and released it from his pants probably did not lessen Lucinda's apprehension. In fact, she looked downright horrified as she gazed upon the appendage, erect and throbbing and pointed right for her. Things were not going well at all as Lucinda's face began to scrunch up and she looked like she was about to burst into tears.

"He is just a poor virgin of a brute, Lucinda," the doctor soothed as he stroked her blonde hair. "There is no need to fear him. I am sure he will be quite a vigorous shag once he has been broken in. After all, I went to quite a bit of trouble to give him such a nice big cock when I assembled him. You will probably like him a lot once you have given him a try."

Clumping over towards her, the Monster immediately rubbed his cock against her pussy, trying to shove it inside of her. She screamed with such ferocity that the Monster became scared, backing away from her and moaning in fright as he ran out of the room.

Pleased that the Monster had left, Lucinda then smiled with naughty pleasure.

"You are being a bad girl, very bad indeed!" the Mad Scientist snarled as he pinched one of her naked breasts, causing her to cry out in pain. "And you've upset your mate by your snobbishness. If you cannot even fuck that poor sod without any trouble, how am I going to rent you out to all of the other creatures I have in store for you? But I have just the thing for tight-assed little misses such as yourself!"

Releasing her from the chair, the Mad Scientist grabbed her about the waist and hauled her onto the laboratory table face down. Along with Boris's help, her wrists were bound to the sides of the table as her hips were placed upon a wooden box with her thighs spread wide.

He shoved a vibrating dildo into her pussy, making sure that the extension of it was nestled snugly against her clit. It was the precise measurements for his purposes, large enough to keep her stimulated but too small for her to find any sort of satisfaction from the instrument. Pressing the switch, her body began to twitch spastically at the intense ticklish sensations as she made soft keening sounds.

"This is what happens to bad girls who do not follow my orders," he warned, turning up the vibrations by her clit a notch higher. "Now you shall stay like this and think about what you are missing. And then maybe my monster shall give you another chance."

"Unnhhh....Ohhhh...Please, Master...don't leave me like this..." she squealed. "I'll be good..."

But her cries were to no avail as the Mad Scientist had already left.



Lucinda was in a state of confusion. She could not remember anything at all of her life before being awakened to the feel of being fucked by her Master. Yet, there were glimpses of some sort of previous memories. She knew enough to know that she should be horribly ashamed about what was happening to her.

The other man, the ugly little hunchback named Boris, laughed cruelly once her Master left. He turned up the vibration to its highest power and thrust it in and out of her vagina, fucking her with it and torturing her clit repeated. He slid his cock between her ass cheeks and spunked between them. She suspected he did not dare go as far as to bugger her because he might make the Master angry. Washing her ass off with icy cold water, he then left her alone in her misery, twitching with unfulfilled lust.

She did not know if it was hours or only minutes, but the time seemed to drag on forever as the vibrator whirred away inside of her. She felt her vagina trying to clamp down on the dildo, but it simply wasn't thick enough. It merely tickled and teased her into intense stimulation without any relief at all. She could not sleep or come...all she could do was suffer and sweat in frustration.

Oh, if only she could come! At this point, she cared little about anything else.

Then she heard large clumpy footsteps behind her.


She knew the voice although she could not see the large behemoth behind her. And she was too scared to even scream.

But she was incredibly grateful when he withdrew the vibrating apparatus away from her pussy and threw it across the room where it smashed against the wall of the laboratory with electric sparks.

He huddled behind her, grasping onto her breasts as he began to push his large monster cock enter her from behind. Oh, he was so large that he would tear her apart! Yet she did not tear, but simply stretched around the appendage, waves of pleasure reverberating through her pussy at his thrusting movements. That cock that had so frightened her before was now the source of instant relief as she clamped her muscles about him hungrily, milking him with her pussy. He squeezed her tits roughly as he pounded into her. Perhaps if she were not in such a desperate state, he would have been hurting her. But as it was, she could only grunt in appreciative moans of pleasure as the orgasm ripped through her. So great was her climax that she felt as if she were going to faint.

After the Monster had spent inside of her with a large roar, he tore off the metal clamps that trapped her and carried her naked exhausted body into his chamber. She remembered little else but sleeping in cozy comfort next to his gigantic frame.

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