tagNovels and NovellasMore Dutch & Rosa Ch. 09

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 09

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 9
Formerly 28

Continuing the Long Day – Part 2

11:20 AM

Sharon, smiling blandly at him said, "I believe there's a motel three blocks over if you take the next right. Let's go there and finish this . . . conversation."

A few minutes later they were in the motel and Mundra was pulling Sharon's face to his. As their faces neared, he watched her as she shut her eyes and wet her lips in anticipation. As soon as they met, Mundra sent his long, flat tongue between her lips and into her warm mouth and started to mash it against hers.

Whimpering softly with giddy anticipation, Sharon teasingly worked the tip of her own tongue back against the invader. Mundra then wasted no time, cupping her firm left breast and then squeezing it firmly. Sharon continued to moan as Mundra's exploring palm moved over her chest to her flat stomach and then over the tight black miniskirt before snaking underneath it and ever-so-gently caressing her mound which he was delighted to find soaking wet.

Inspired by the dampness and heat emanating from her pussy, he moved her panties to one side and sank a finger deep into her sopping hole.

Sharon moaned louder and ground her pelvis against his hand.

They renewed their kiss and Sharon's nimble fingers began opening the buttons on his shirt and then ran her hand over his chest, finding it bereft of body hair. She teased a nipple and reveled in her power as it grew taut under her manipulations. Mundra was undoing her blouse, albeit at a slower pace that Sharon had performed on him.

In due course the white material fluttered to the thin, worn carpet and he saw her bare breasts for the first time. They were full and firm, not the detestable cones that marred so many woman; but full and firm and ripe and tanned. She had stubby nipples in the center of dense areoles. Her belly was firm and flat, and her buttocks slim, almost boyish, but firm and neatly curved, leading to shapely legs. Her arms and legs were slender and smooth, the fingers and toes square and strong. Her skin was smooth and fair and flawless, with the texture of cream, soft, silken, firm, with no trace of the fine downy hair that blemished so many women. For Sharon truly loved the feel of her own flesh, wanting it to be cool and smooth and alive to a lover's every touch.

He cupped one breast in each hand, kissing the nipples in turn. Sharon made no sounds as she was intent on unbuckling his trousers, striving to free his erection. But this time Mundra was the quicker of the two. He had her skirt up and her pantyhose down -- she wore no panties – and was kneeling just as his pants were dropping to the floor.

Sharon got a brief glimpse of his formidable erection before he blocked her view and tongued her shaven labia. He waited a second to enjoy the sounds of her gasping at the touch of his tongue on her vagina, but only heard a quiet moan. Essentially a patient man, Mundra contented himself with gripping the cheeks of her ass and bringing his face in tight against Sharon's cunt.

He sucked on her major labia until they flooded with blood and became swollen and opened her slit for him. He wondered if she had shaved herself, or had someone do it for her. If the later, would he be able to convince her to let him watch the next time she had it done? He had a momentary fantasy of enjoying two women simultaneously; and then raising one leg at a time shucked off his trousers. He wore bright red boxer shorts and chose to leave them on for the present.

Sharon moaned and emitted a long, soft sigh; and twisted away from the brown-skinned Indian.

"Let me taste that delicious looking prick of yours," she said in a velvet-tinged voice.

And she knelt down as he sat in the worn, armchair next to the motel's queen-sized bed. Taking his limber member between her lips, Sharon used her formidable fellating skills and brought serious pleasures to bear almost instantaneously. Mundra had to call on his own skills to prevent his ejaculating in her mouth.

"Hold it!" He said, and Sharon stopped, thinking that somehow she had inflicted pain when only pleasure was intended. She looked up at him, her eyes quizzical, as if asking what the problem was.

"Sorry he said. "I . . . didn't want to come so quickly and so . . ."

"I understand she murmured and took one of his testicles in her mouth and teased it while squeezing the base of his prick with her free hand.

Mundra felt his orgasm fading away and told her so.

"Then you'd better put that salami in me and fuck me good, because that's what I crave right now."

She received his initial thrust without a qualm, surprising him, for most women required some loosening up before he could plunge in and out without undue effort, but aside from noting that her breasts were heaving from an increase in her breathing rate, Sharon gave no indication of any kind of having trouble accepting his length and girth.

They fucked in silence for seven or eight minutes, except for the occasional grunt. Sweat covered their bodies, making it easier for their flesh to slide together. They were in the traditional missionary position and Mundra was getting tired of it. His leg muscles were not used to such exertions and so, with a loud grunt he rolled them over so that Sharon was now on top.

Sharon made a little clucking sound with her teeth and ground herself downward on his pole until her cunt was rubbing against his pubic hair.

They groaned in unison as she started to bounce up and down, being ever so careful so as not to dislodge his cock from her cunt.

Mundra was concentrating hard on holding off from coming. He had the distinct impression that she had already come, at least once and possibly more. Glancing upward he saw her breasts hanging above him and was unable to resist reaching for them, taking a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.

He squeezed.

She moaned.

He pulled, stretching them out – making her breasts cone-shaped. She closed her eyes and her face betrayed her pleasure as he twisted her nipples slightly.

She responded by clenching his cock with her cuntal muscles even as she started to come; rocking and rolling above him, teetering and almost but not quite falling off him, reaching out and clutching his shoulders to right herself; and all the while fucking furiously.

Mundra looked down at his groin to where they were joined and saw a frothy cream covering his shaft as she pounded up and down.

"Lean to me," he rasped, she slowed her frantic pace and complied, draping a breast just above his mouth. Mundra drew the hardened end into his mouth and suckled like a babe for a short time; and then bit playfully down on it causing Sharon to whimper and then spasm into yet another orgasm.

He felt himself growing ready and grabbed the cheeks of her ass as she was descending upon him and forced his full length into her as she was still in the throes of her climax.

Hit bit harder on her nipple.

"Oh yeah! She hollered. "You bastard . . . you've got me coming like there's no tomorrow!"

And Sharon renewed her efforts, putting even more intensity into them.

Mundra thought she'd become possessed as her breasts bounced and jounced up then down, and her fingernails drew blood from him as they raked over his shoulders and chest. He though she might have torn his nipple open, but quickly saw it was only a scratch, although a deep one.

He didn't have time for concern. He began to come, in a series of uncontrollable waves his orgasm dominated he being – locking out his other senses, and still Sharon rode over him, sweat soaring off to the farthest parts of the room; her hair flying this way and that as she rode him like a young cowboy on a bucking bronco; only she was responsible for all the bucking.

Suddenly she collapsed upon him. For a split second, Mundra thought she'd died, but his medical training quickly brought his eyes to bear on the heartbeat pulsing rapidly in her neck.

His organ finished he sought to repay her for her exceptional effort in holding him at bay for so long and he kissed her throat at the center of her throbbing heartbeat. Their bodies seemed glued together and he saw no need to separate, not yet anyway.

Finally she spoke. "Want to have another?" She smiled.

"Yes, but I can't. I've a patient waiting for me and I can't keep her waiting."

"I understand. I probably have someone too," she laughed, "but I'd let them wait for another fuck like that one."

"Another one like that would in all likelihood kill me." He said and was serious.

"I never asked, "Sharon said, "Are you married?"

"Yes, but we have an understanding. Besides she's pregnant."

"How far along, "Sharon inquired, filing away the contemptuous remark about his wife.

"Almost four months. She's just starting to show."

"So Mundra is not getting as much as he'd like at home?" She said teasing him.

"Right now, no. But once her initial problems are overcome she'll be horny like most other pregnant women and not care where she's getting poked."

"I'd like to meet her some day," Sharon said and meant it.

"That's possible," he said, "she wants to try a three-way, would you be interested?"

"Maybe and just maybe I know of someone who would be very interested."

"Good, but we'd better get back. Would you like to shower first, or would you prefer showering together?'

"Oh, we've got to get back. I'll go first, thank you, Mundra."

12:15 PM

Marlene had just had her first ass fuck. Dickie had persuaded her to let him try it and it hadn't been too bad. Micah was enjoying another blowjob from Janis and Snake had petered out, no pun intended, when the doorbell rang.

Dickie went to answer it after Micah told him he was expecting a guy named Ronnie who was his supplier. Marlene lay on the bed, legs spread, looking wanton and well-fucked at the same time. Only a young woman could carry it off as she was doing.

But it wasn't Ronnie at the door. It was Micah's father, and he'd had a few drinks at lunch.

"What the fuck's going on here?" He bellowed, taking in the mini-orgy before him.

"I . . . I can explain," Micah began, but found he couldn't and sat down, putting his head between his knees and awaiting his father's wrath.

"Who the fuck are these . . . people?"

Micah named everyone. And to Marlene's astonishment Micah's father unzipped his fly and shook his cock out. Unlike his son, he possessed a rather large cock, perhaps seven inches or so and it quickly rose to full size as he leered at the two girls cowering in front of him.

Calvin Abramson forced himself to drag his eyes away from Marlene's lithe form on the bed in order to ogle Janis, still on her knees in front of Micah who had moved slightly away from her, trying to distance himself from the orgy.

"Well hi . . . Janis is it?"

Janis nodded, but couldn't speak, her fear was too great and her eyes were riveted on his quivering cock, only several feet from her face.

"Well Janis, why don't you join the other cunt on the bed and I'll be with the two of you shortly."

Janis did as she was told and sat cross legged on the bed next to Marlene who was now on all fours staring at Calvin's cock.

Calvin started to undress, stopping only to reach into his side pocket and pull out several condoms, which he tossed toward the bed, hitting Marlene's right breast.

"Open one," He said with a nasty laugh. And Marlene struggle to open it until Janis took it from her, put it between her teeth and ripped it open, then laid it on the table next to the bed.

Calvin had a slight beer belly which made Marlene want to giggle, but her fear stopped even the slightest smirk from crossing her face.

As soon as his bulky body sank into the mattress, he motioned to Marlene. "Suck it," he said, and as her young, ripe lips wrapped themselves around him, Calvin told Janis to spread her legs.

Want to eat some of that ripe pussy too," he half laughed half growled.

The boys were trying to hide all traces of the marijuana without being noticed by Calvin and managed to do so. Then Dickie and Snake quietly left. Micah wanted to leave with them but fearful of his father's anger remained, awaiting his fate.

Marlene was surprised that she was able to accept over half of Calvin's cock without gagging. Calvin lay on his side as Marlene sucked away on him, and he positioned Janis so his face was close to her cunt. Janis pussy was still inflamed from a session with Snake and as soon as Calvin's brusque tongue rubbed over her clit she started coming.

Thus inspired, Calvin continued to patiently flick his tongue back and forth over Janis' most sensitive nub while bringing the middle finger of his hand all the way into her sodden pussy.

As he continued strumming on her love button with the tip of his tongue and finger-fucked her, Janis closed her eyes and started to groan loudly in rhythm with his licking

She found herself vigorously rotating her hips around on his mouth in an attempt to increase the stimulation against her distended clit even as her slender lithe frame shuddered through one orgasm after another.

As Calvin's cock rested in the crook of her neck, Marlene worked the base of it with her tongue licking and sucking his balls while sniffing and savoring his manly aroma. After an animal-like growl by Calvin, Marlene withdrew her mouth from around his balls, grabbed the thick shaft of his prick in her tiny fist and lifted it up so she could munch on his hairy balls. She gingerly licked at his one plump testicle before taking it into her mouth and softly sucking on it and tonguing it. After stimulating his one gonad for a minute or so, she removed her mouth from around it and then shifted her attention to his other hairy ball.

"My ass, you cunt! Lick my hairy asshole!"

She did as she was told, blanching at the initial smell and taste of remnant of shit encountered along the way, she forced the unthinkable from her mind and carried on primarily due to fear of reprisal if she didn't please him. His left ass cheek wiggled in her hand and she felt his thighs tremble as her tongue deftly circled the brown rim of his nether hole.

As Janis' convulsions finally began to subside and she freed Calvin's neck from between her clenched thighs, he raised his head from her frothy, juice laden cunt and looked over at Marlene. He couldn't see her face for she was busy licking his ass, but he took a moment to admire her ass and wondered how old this kid was on seeing her almost non-existent tits.

He moved his ass away from her and pulled her around so that they face one another. Janis lay beside them, her hand on her pussy, fingering herself through yet another orgasm.

Calvin started rubbed and squeezed her small tit for several minutes, delighting in the feel of her little nipple as it finally hardened up and poked itself into his palm, and after a minute or so, moved his hand down over her soft white belly and then further down into her sensitive pubic area. Marlene was moaning and writhing now, wanting him to fuck her with his nice big cock.

Her mouth opened yieldingly when Calvin's tongue gently pressed between her two soft lips. He swirled his large tongue around in her small mouth and gently pressed the hardened tip of it against her small soft tongue as he gently massaged her hardening clit with my finger.

"Please . . . Put it in!" She cried out in longing.

With a course laugh followed by a grunt, he did and she came instantly.

Marlene now considered herself a full-fledged slut and loved it. She would remain a slut and a whore for the rest of her life.

1:20 PM

After lunch Peggy Stinson joined Kathy before their shared class in World Events. Kathy sensed something on Peggy's mind and asked her, as friends do, if something was troubling her.

"Well, yeah, but I don't think I can tell you," that said, she began to cry.

Kathy put her arm around her closest friend and offered comforting words and eventually the tears stopped and with a sniffle, Peggy began talking.

"Promise you won't tell a single soul?"

"I promise, Peggy, honest, I promise."

"This morning . . . you remember, I missed our ride?" She wiped her face with her sleeve. "I forgot my paper and ran back to get it and when I went into the house I heard some strange sounds. Well, not really strange sounds, but more unusual than strange and . . ."

"Go on," Kathy urged.

"And, I discovered my kid brother going into the shower with my mother!"


"Yes! And Mother invited him in! Both naked and she had him soap her up and he had this huge erection pointing straight up in the air and after rubbing it against Mother a couple times he ejaculated on her rear end."

"Oh, my God!" Kathy couldn't believe what she was hearing for a moment and then she realized how close she and Dutch had come to doing it the other night and how she had been dreaming about him fucking her ever since.

"So then what happened? She asked.

"The truth?"

"Of course the truth. What, I want to hear some lies at this point? Come on!"

"I came too, just watching them."

"I can understand that, I'm already wet just listening to you telling me about it."

"You are?"

"Shit yeah! I'm as horny as the nest person, but you already know that." Both girls began to giggle.

"Mom turned around and took him in her mouth and . . . and she cleaned him off and then kissed him!"

Kathy's hand flew to her mouth, "Oh!"

"Oh, Kathy, I want to taste a cock! I can't hold out much longer. I want to have a cock explode its semen into my face; I want to suck one; I want one inside me!"

"Me too!" Kathy exclaimed and the girls hugged each other until they heard someone approaching.

"Later today . . . you and me, okay Kathy?"

"Sure" Kathy agreed, for the itch was already spreading through her young loins.

"Where?" Peggy asked.

"My place. Mom and Dutch are going to San Francisco this afternoon. I think they have a 5 PM flight."

Peggy squeezed her thighs together. "I can't wait . . . I'm going to the girl's room and Jill." And she turned and started running down the hall toward the restroom.

After a brief hesitation, Kathy followed. 'Maybe we can get adjoining booths,' she thought, feeling the dampness growing under her skirt.

1:30 PM

Dutch Perry cancelled the rest of his appointments and squared his early departure with the other staff members and trotted down the hospital steps to greet Rosa after her frantic call to meet him in ten minutes. She was running up the steps toward him when he came through the doors.

"Let's hurry," she said, sliding behind the wheel.

"What's the problem? Dutch asked.

"Molly," she replied with an urgency Dutch hadn't seen in her before.

Molly was Rosa's neighbor whom Dutch had met and bedded before reintroducing her to Rosa. They had all had sex at Rosa's that night and convinced the confused Molly to leave her husband, and she had and was now living in her RV, but unable to find work.

"She's really down right now. I'm afraid she might try to kill herself," Rosa said, as she drove through some side streets hoping to find a short cut through the snarled traffic that lay between them and Molly's RV.

"Why for God's Sake?"

"She feels useless, she's unable to find work; and her monies running out. She took her eyes off the road and glanced at him. "You know, we've sort of abandoned her after talking her into leaving that prick of a husband."

"Aw fuck!" Dutch said expelling his breath which he'd been holding.

"I tried to reason with her. I told her a great job could be just around the corner and not to quit trying. We gotta convince her we care."

"We do care," he said and bit his cuticle.

She drove faster, risking being pulled over and soon found herself back on the main drag with a faster moving traffic flow.

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