tagNovels and NovellasMore Dutch & Rosa Ch. 10

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 10

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 10

Formerly 29 & 30

San Francisco Weekend

As they rode in the cab after leaving the airport, Dutch explained to Rosa who had never been to the city before, that no matter how convenient it may seem they wouldn't even consider driving.

"It's not that driving is difficult," he said, "it's just that parking is nonexistent, well not really, but its premium prices everywhere for the privilege of parking in the city."

Rosa's eyes widened at that, for she was accustomed to driving everywhere around the L. A. area.

"Uh uh, not here," He said. "Here we use public transportation. It's available to almost everywhere and I think you'll find hopping on and off the trolleys a lot of fun. And with With its crowded streets, bustling markets, mysterious alleys, hidden temples and busy restaurants," he paused to take a breath, and the cab driver glanced over his shoulder and smiled in deference to Dutch's knowledge of his city.

"You know this town pretty well huh, buddy?" The Cabby said with a grin.

"Yeah, I guess I do," Dutch replied. I lived here for several years. And until very recently they were the best years of my life."

The cabby nodded happily and swerved around a slower moving van.

For that comment, Rosa gave Dutch a big hug and laid a kiss on his cheek, leaving an imprint of her lips. She immediately began rubbing it with a tissue from her purse to remove the lipstick stain. Dutch didn't mind at all. He was delighted to be back in a city that he truly loved.

"Los Angles is fine as far as it goes," he said to Rosa, "but this town . . . this town has character. I mean, take Chinatown and Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. You gotta see the bridge shrouded in fog; it might be the most romantic setting in the world."

She hugged his arm at the use of the word romantic, and promptly forgot the reason for their escape to this city, avoiding the police in their investigation of the Clarice's murder.

Dutch continued his talking tour. "And the Japanese Tea Garden, absolutely beautiful, one of the finest in the world . . . you'd have to go to Japan to see anything better."

"Are we going to see that today?" she asked.

"Why not?" he responded and then continued on. "First though, we'll explore Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli Square. You can get some shopping in as we hop around town." He smiled at her and she beamed back at him.

He picked up where he'd left off, "We're not meeting Marilyn until tomorrow afternoon. We'll have dinner with her someplace nice and the next afternoon we'll fly back home.

"All this sounds great," she said, thinking this was like a mini-honeymoon more than a brief escape from the potential notoriety of being among the last to see poor Clarice.

"And I'm saving Chinatown for tonight," Dutch said, "Its San Francisco's most colorful neighborhood. It's also among the most famous, and it teems with visitors. Beyond all the tacky tourist traps, I'll show you an authentic area well worth exploring."

"Oh, Dutch, I love you so much," Rosa said and they kissed and were still kissing when the cab pulled up at the Hyatt Fisherman's Wharf, Hotel.

Rosa noted that the Powell and Mason Cable Car Line were across the street and that everyone was streaming toward what must be the wharf itself.

They registered and had their luggage brought up to their room on the 12th floor. Rosa was stunned by the view of the harbor and the spectacular waterfront in front of her.

"The view . . . it's actually breathtaking, honey."

"I was hoping you'd be impressed," he said as he donned a pair of Nike sneakers. "Better put something comfortable on, we'll be doing a lot of walking today."

"Okay," she said and opened her suitcase and drew out a pair of Addias walking shoes and began putting them on.

"And a sweater, I know it's warm out right now, but the temperature changes fast and often in this town. It's better to be prepared." Thus warned, Rosa tied the arms of a cardigan around her slim waist and felt she was ready to take on San Francisco.

"I have to say that I'm getting hungry, could we eat first?"

"Sure, that's what I had in mind for us anyway. How about something fishy?"

"Hey," she smiled, "when in Rome . . ."

They lunched at Cioppino's on the Wharf; taking a table outside and enjoying the cool breeze and the seagulls flying overhead. They both settled on the restaurant's most famous dish and had what Dutch called, "the best damn cioppino in the city if not the world."

As they dined, he told Rosa, "There's no shortage of places to eat on Fisherman's Wharf, or all around the city for that matter. I have serious doubts about getting a bad meal in San Francisco. But of course I do have my favorites. Aliotto's is my all time favorite. They serve great seafood, have a beautiful view of the bay, and across the street is another favorite; the Boudin Bakery; which serves up steaming clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls.

But we can't eat all day and night, we'll explode," he was looking at her and Rosa felt herself blush like a young girl.

"What?" She said with a shy smile.

'You're beautiful," he said, "truly beautiful."

"Stop it, you're embarrassing me."

Other diners heard the comment, and were smiling at the two of them. He stood up and holding his napkin in one hand waved the other to garner people's attention. "I think this lovely lady is beautiful, do you folks agree?"

The surrounding patrons burst into applause. Even several passersby stopped and joined in. Rosa was mortified and delighted at the same time.

And then basking in a smile from Rosa that told everyone around them how much she loved him, he sat and they finished their meal without another word. But throughout the remainder of that meal, their eyes relayed untold pledges of love back and forth.

When they left the restaurant, he inquired if she would like to get some shopping in and like a small girl she nodded affirmatively.

"Good," he laughed, "I never for a moment thought you'd say no. So let's start around the corner at the College Shop."

"Lead on, McDuff," she said, and spun around causing her skirt to flare out and up, providing Dutch and several passersby a revealing look at her magnificent legs.

They toured the College Shop and she selected several items sporting Stanford's logo for Kathy' three "T" shirts, extra large, one football jersey and a matching pair of shorts. Rosa thought of Kathy's friend Peggy and also selected a sweatshirt for her with the University of California, Berkeley on it.

They also went into the NFL Shop, also located on Pier 39 and She selected what she playfully called "his" and "hers" Oakland Raider jerseys for Alice and Robert.

A short walk found them in Ghirardelli Square, once a chocolate factory, now considered a historic landmark that is home to an exceptional collection of over 50 specialty shops, galleries and award winning restaurants and breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz. They purchased boxes of Ghirardelli Chocolate for Mom and Molly and then returned to their hotel to set the presents aside and continue with their tour of the city by the bay.

First they boarded the Blue and Gold Fleet boat and headed out to Alcatraz Island. Enroute they learned Alcatraz is perhaps the most famous former jail in the world. Its name, taken from the Spanish for 'pelican', has become notorious since it housed the States' most hardened criminals, including Machine Gun Kelly, Robert 'The Birdman' Stroud and Al Capone, who apparently lost his mind as well as his liberty there.

The island first became a prison back in 1854, but came into its own after the 1906 earthquake, promising unrelentingly hellish and inescapable conditions. In the 1920's and 1930's a new wave of crime had swept across the U.S. The problem was that, no sooner did law enforcement authorities manage to incarcerate the bad guys then their buddies in crime would bust them out. With this problem in mind, the U.S. Justice Department began looking into a maximum security prison that was inaccessible and thereby inescapable. When they found Alcatraz, it was almost too good to be true.

Both Dutch and Rosa were surprised to learn about the Indian occupation of Alcatraz in 1969 -- 1971 after it had closed its doors as a federal prison in 1963. And the early military fortifications represented there as well. It was the first U.S. fort on the pacific coast; and featured the West Coast's first (and oldest operating) lighthouse. As they toured the ground they came upon several of the island's many natural features ---gardens, tide pools, bird colonies, and a view of San Francisco Bay beyond compare.

They sailed back to the mainland utterly content, returned to their hotel, showered and changed for the evening.

Dutch surprised Rosa by hiring a rickshaw at the Chinatown Gateway, a dragon-crowned portal located on the corner of Bush and Grant. He seemed to know something about this areas history and proudly related to Rosa that the street was originally known as Dupont Street; and that the road was notorious for its opium dens and gambling halls.

"Ah," he said, "but that was yesterday. Today, Grant Avenue is still notorious, but for a different reason. Try counting the number of shops selling jade jewelry; and see how many others sell clay Buddha statues and electronics and kites."

Rosa was dazzled by it all and felt that she had been transported into a foreign land; which in some ways she had.

They left the rickshaw after winding up back in front of the Empress of China.

"Let's have a cocktail here, Rosa," he said and they rode the elevator to the sixth floor and passed a few straggling tourists eating in the dining room as they headed for the glowing green cocktail lounge on the left. Rosa sighed as she sat down in a deep swivel chair and Dutch spun her around to the magnificent view of Russian Hill.

"How did you ever find this place? It's fantastic, honey."

"I found it in another lifetime. I spent a few years here both before and after my navy days."

The bartender, a petite Chinese woman approached them and Dutch ordered a pair of Jade Empress's.

"I don't get to order my own drink?" she said, teasing him.

"Normally yeah, you would. But right now I want you to forget your troubles by drinking one of these. It's called a Jade Empress. It's really Midori and coconut milk, and maybe some other secret ingredient."

With her first sip, Rosa knew he was right. They each had another before moving on to dine elsewhere in Chinatown and on returning to their room on Fisherman's wharf made lazy, unhurried love before falling asleep, leaving their worries behind them.


The next morning they set out to explore the Golden Gate Bridge from several aspects and found it swathed in fog. Still, Rosa was up to walking across it and hour and a half later they had a sumptuous breakfast in Marrin County, followed by a guided tour of Muir's Woods that Rosa said, "took her breath away."

They "hitched" a ride to Sausalito with a couple on their honeymoon and bought them lunch at a small restaurant close to a bevy of houseboats and a background of San Francisco's skyline across the bay.

Later they said goodbye to the couple and walked along the shore until they grew tired. Eventually they recrossed the bay, this time catching a ride on a motor launch and found themselves back in San Francisco only several blocks from their hotel.

They took a short nap then dressed, eager to meet Marilyn, who to Rosa was a lady of mystery. To Dutch, a woman, who until Rosa, had been the best woman he'd ever known.

Rosa was elegance itself, in a gypsy-style blouse and organza off-the-shoulder dress as they arrived at Marilyn's brownstone. Marilyn had shooed the girls out, arranging for them to spend the night at Tucker's. She wanted Dutch and his fiancée all to herself.

The women hit it off from the very beginning. Both were pleased that they didn't have to fawn over one another with false sincerity. They were pleased with the genuine feelings they seemed to share, and both kept looking at Dutch like proud parents.

Marilyn made cocktails for everyone and after the initial round of toasts, Marilyn, in her straightforward manner broke the ice, if there indeed was any to break, by asking, "So Rosa, how do you find this guy in bed?"

Rosa was nonplussed at the question and, squeezing Dutch's thigh, said, "He's the best I've ever had."

Marilyn arched an eyebrow at this and Rosa's fingernail lightly traced the growing outline of Dutch's rising erection.

"I won't ask if you've had enough to know," Marilyn purred, showing her fangs for the first time.

"You don't have to," Rosa said with a smile and rubbed his cock. "This cock is the best I've ever tasted, the best I've ever had rammed in me and that includes my mouth, my pussy and my ass. Did he get to do you in all three too?"

"Yes, he did and I have to agree with you. He is the best. Why don't you take him out of that confining pair of pants and let him breathe a little?"

Rosa was about to do just that when Dutch decided it had gone far enough. "We have reservations, don't we?" He asked as he placed his hand over Rosa's stopping her from unzipping him. "Let's go eat. If you ladies want to unveil me later, fine, but right now I'm hungry and you both know enough to feed a hungry man, right?"

Both women were mildly excited, but agreed and after finishing their drinks rose to leave for the restaurant.

Marilyn had selected the First Crush Restaurant, located on 5th Street, just north of Market. They were seated in a corner and to everyone's surprise no one was seated near them.

They ordered appetizers first, with Rosa choosing the Crab Cake, served over sautéed leeks and dressed with a mustard cream. Marilyn opted for Baked Cambozola, which proved to be a generous portion of melted camboloza served with toast points and sprinkled with green onion garnish. Dutch had decided on an all fish evening and selected the Seared Ahi Tuna, which proved to be a fine sushi-grade tuna, pan-seared and served on a bed of fresh sautéed roma tomatoes accented with shallots, capers and a dash of garlic.

He also selected the wine, knowing both women preferred white wine, he asked the server for the Kalin Chardonnay, Sonoma Valley, 1993. It was expensive at $85.00, but he felt it was an unusual occasion and that a good wine was called for.

The appetizers proved to be veritable meals by themselves and as they ordered their Entrees each person at the table secretly wondered if they would be able to finish their meal.

Rosa ordered Lobster Tagliatelli, which turned out to be flat ribbon pasta tossed with fresh Maine lobster in a rich cream sauce with a touch of cayenne.

Marilyn deliberately selected the Horseradish Crusted Salmon Fillet that was grilled & finished with a whole grain mustard sauce, and accompanied with julienne vegetables & dill mashed potatoes.

Dutch picked the Fresh local halibut on a bed of purple potato purée with a citrus beurre-blanc sauce.

No one finished their meal. Rosa did hers justice and Dutch demolished his halibut, but left everything else virtually untouched. Marilyn picked at her meal, seemingly savoring horseradish crust more than the salmon itself.

Dutch excused himself to go to the men's room and when Rosa stood up to go to the ladies, Marilyn declined, saying, "You don't mind going alone, do you? I have wanted to study that picture in the corner since we sat down."

"Oh, no, not at all, I'm a big girl," Rosa smiled at Marilyn, "I can go by myself."

"You are certainly a big girl," Marilyn said looking at Rosa's chest, as she also stood. Both women headed in opposite directions, but as Rosa entered the powder room, Marilyn feigned having dropped an earring and went back to the table and casually knelt down as if searching for it, but carefully crept under the tablecloth and waited for them to return.

Dutch left the men's room after empting his bladder and made his way back to the table to find a smiling Rosa waiting for him. Evidently he'd been gone long enough for the waiter to bring dessert and for Marilyn to answer her own call of nature, because she was absent and his cheesecake and hers were on the table along with Rosa's fresh strawberries and a pot of coffee and three cups.

"Is she powdering her nose?" he inquired of Rosa.

"I guess," she responded. "I left her admiring the painting over there," she pointed at the wall near the entry. "It looks like a valuable original. I'm not sure, but it could be a Picasso, from his blue Period and it's very impressive."

The waiter reappeared and poured coffees for the two of them as Dutch regarded his cheesecake with some apprehension. He picked up his fork then decided he could wait. It wouldn't take Marilyn that long, it never had in the years they were married.

He reached for his coffee, stopped himself when he felt a hand on his thigh. Jesus Christ, she was under the table! What was she going to do down there? He asked himself. And wasn't that a stupid question, he answered right back. His eyes darted to Rosa, who sensed something was wrong.

"What?" She asked.

Before he could reply, all doubt vanished, the hand moved to his groin, fingers worked the zipper; and in seconds he felt her breath on him, and then she had him in her mouth.

To her credit, Rosa picked up on what was happening almost as quickly as Dutch had. Arching her eyebrows, she gestured under the table and he weakly nodded. A smile curled across her mouth and she held a napkin to her mouth to contain whatever sound she thought might escape.

This was delicious, she thought, Dutch surprised by a woman, utterly delicious. And she leaned back in her chair and studied his face.

He sat there, wondering if anyone in the room other than Rosa had a clue what was going on. Someone must have seen her getting under the table. Did it really matter?

Oh, hell, he finally decided, nothing mattered but the sheer pleasure of it, for Marilyn was exceptionally good at this; and apparently in no hurry either. He looked across at Rosa who was calmly spooning strawberries into her own luscious mouth.

She saw him looking at her and stuck her strawberry-covered tongue out at him, and then cast her eyes down to her plate. Feeling a bit devilish himself, he took a bite of his cheesecake.

God, it was exquisite, Marilyn thought, this feeling of utter submission, kneeling unseen before him, his fiancé sitting across from him as she serviced him anonymously, totally in control. Rosa must know. She must have seen something in his face that gave him away. She was a woman and women looked for signs like this. But she had spoken only one word: "What?" Obviously questioning some action on his part, that meant he'd had to answer her, but he hadn't said a word. A gesture? It must have been a gesture. Perhaps he'd used his eyes to signal her. She knew . . .

Rosa knew she was under the table and hadn't made a fuss. Dutch really had himself a good woman there. And she would reward her too before coming up for air.'

The thought made her giddy and she held herself in check, keeping from laughing out loud by thinking about the lovely penis in her mouth. An iron rod in a velvet glove, she thought, so sweetly soft on the surface, so iron-hard within.

She cupped his balls in her hand, ringed the base of his cock with her thumb and forefinger. He gasped when she tucked the tip of one finger into him, and she thrilled at that, and at the way the sphincter tightened and relaxed, tightened and relaxed . . .

Rosa tried to imagine what Marilyn was doing and how she was doing it only inches from her. The varied expressions on his face told her much, but she had to resist taking a peek under the table and to fight off a surprisingly strong impulse to get under there herself and wrest his precious cock away from her.

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