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More Oral Bliss & Lips to Kiss


Does he love receiving oral sex but is a bit shy or turned-off by returning the favor? Tell him he doesn't know what he's missing and suggest you try a few things together to enhance what may become one of his favorite sexual activities. Obviously, be spanking clean (no pun intended) and invite him into the shower to help. If his misgivings about oral sex are that he's afraid to end up with a mouthful of hair, a shaving experiment is in order.

Even if your guy loves pleasuring you, he'd still love to get a good look at the object of his desire. Use a moisturizing shaving gel and be sure to use moisturizing lotion afterwards. You can either go for the bald look or perhaps get creative and shave the area into a triangle or anything your imagination comes up with. The shower is probably the best place to shave, but you can also lie in bed on a towel while he (carefully) experiments with a razor, lots of shaving goop and a small tub of warm water for rinsing.

Is it your natural taste your guy may not have acquired a fondness for? Women do tend to taste differently at different times of the month and after having a baby and probably all things hormonal. But you can make sure you taste yummy with any number of flavoured lubricants, lotions or potions available at your local adult toy store. If you have a 'Pleasure Chest' where you live, you've probably already tried your hand at this -- and a lot of other fun things. So in this day of thirty-one or more flavours meant to sweeten the pot, taste is no longer a problem.

As you know, there's always whipped cream and chocolate sauce or marshmallow sauce, etc. But I can't stress this point strongly enough: NEVER, NEVER use the microwave to warm anything that will end up anywhere near his delicates. The microwave warms unevenly and you may miss a hot spot that will take him out of the game for weeks -- and you out of the picture forever. This is not an urban legend of some sort; I know someone who lost their boyfriend by nuking ice cream for only 15 seconds, about 5 seconds too long.

Could the problem be, perhaps, that Mr. Right isn't quite sure how to please you? Tell him to relax and just start by licking the alphabet on your clitoris. Depending on how that goes, he can do it again a couple of times, going a little faster each time. When he does finally find what unique series of tongue flicks that drives you to the brink, give him a lot of encouragement. Yes, yes, yes may be enough, but it could stimulate you both if you 'talk.' Or 'talk dirty.' If you are this intimate, you know by now what works!

One thing he can do is to stiffen his tongue and use it like a small penis to explore all the nooks and crannies he's not visited before. This will give his tongue a cramp if done too long, so be sure to let him know as soon as you do if nothing is to come of this maneuver.

An advanced move, once he is comfortable with and has learned to enjoy your natural smells and taste is for him to press his nose against your clitoris and, while still using pressure, move up and down and side to side. This will cause wonderful clitoral tickles and also your clitoris and pelvic area will be engorged with blood so that you will be able to climax easier during intercourse, an added bonus.

Now he's extremely turned on both by your excitement and what he's been doing to bring you that pleasure. It's his turn.

But, wait, you ask. What about that old standard position called sixty-nine. Well, that's another article. Obviously you can't be totally into giving your best while being driven to the brink yourself. Taking turns not only extends foreplay, causing a larger set of fireworks later on but also allows you to know your partner as intimately as you can. You will know what gives her pleasure as well as she herself does.

Now, if you like his natural smell and taste, you don't need anything else -- unless there's toys or lotions or potions that you like, too.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

If you have a toy or special tip you'd like to share, anonymously, or if you'd like to fill out a questionnaire on sexual turn-ons and turn-offs, please send a blank e-mail with "STUDY" in the subject line to me at my "Lacey Sheets" address here. Thanks. I am currently doing a project that merely updates other fun sexuality studies on what we do, how often we do it, our fantasies, etc.

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