Mother in Law Cannot Resist


I gave her pretty much everything I had for a good ten to fifteen minutes until I was dripping sweat from my forehead all over her awesome tits, our eyes met throughout the sordid session and at one point I remember even thinking that she looked fantastic with a face full of my sperm whilst she still took my dick in her hole.

I knew I was getting close to coming and hoisted her legs further back towards her head at which point I had to jump up on the bed and shift in a position where I was crouched over her driving myself as deep as possible in to Fiona's hole.

"I MY GODDDDD I'M COMMMMMMMING AGAIN OH SHIT OH SHIT," she shouted through gritted teeth.

But this time I didn't let her grip me with her legs, I pushed her legs further back and drove myself harder and deeper into her hole fucking her right through her orgasm. Until she again had no options but lose more of her married juice on my shaft that was nearing eruption itself.

"Are you ready for my come Fiona?" I asked.

"Not in me please," was her futile request.

"What Of course I'm coming in you," I said not missing a stroke.

"Not in me, on my tits," she asked again.

"I don't think so Fiona," I said driving home one final time and holding myself deep inside and looking in to her eyes as my dick pulsated and spewed in to her married pussy. I held my position for another few seconds until my balls were empty deep inside my mother in laws womb and again I smiled at her and used my right hand to wipe my earlier spunk from her top lip.

I then leant in and kissed her forcing my tongue in to her mouth until she began kissing me back. We passionately kissed whilst my dick went soft inside of her and then I pulled out with a wet squelch.

"I have to get to work," Fiona said grabbing at her clothes and dressing quickly.

She pulled her knickers over her sodden used pussy that was now leaking a mixture of our juices. She used the bathroom to wipe her face then disappeared quickly down the stairs. I heard her car start and then she was gone.

I rolled over on the bed with a big smile and couldn't wait until Fiona got home tonight to see if this morning was a one off or the start of something filthy.

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by zwyrbl07/04/17

right order

This probably ist the worst structured story I came across here on this site. I worked myself through and might spare you some work. This ist the order in which these stories should be read and which shouldmore...

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