tagFirst TimeMountain Seduction

Mountain Seduction


It was lonely back in the mountains. Just family to talk to, and an occasional neighbour, but their visits were few and far between. Too busy scratching a living out of the hills.

Pa was the only one who ever went to the nearest town and he never took her with him. One of the boys went with him sometimes, but generally he left alone as it took a week to get there and back. That's where he was now, and he'd promised her a present for her nineteenth birthday, which was due in a couple of weeks. He had plenty of time to get back before it, and he made it a point to always be there for birthdays and Christmas.

Simone was feeling bored and edgy. She wanted to do something but didn't know what. Her chores were all done for a change and she had a few hours to herself. If she didn't make herself scarce, she decided, Ma was sure to spot her and give her additional work, and she wasn't in the mood. I'll ride over to my swimming hole. I'm hot and sticky and a cool dip will help and with a bit of luck I might catch some fish for dinner. Ma will overlook my vanishing for a couple of hours for a couple of nice trout. She collected her rod from the barn, quietly slipped around the back of the house and headed into the woods.

Quarter of an hour later she approached the river and her private swimming hole. Her brothers never came here. Too tame for them. If they wanted to go swimming they headed up river a bit where there were some deeper pools and they could dive and play stupid boy games. This was her spot.

Swim or fish first? The trout wouldn't really rise for a feed for another hour or so, so she'd have a dip and then collect some bait and some trout.

She quickly slipped off her clothes and dived in, relishing the feel of the water sliding over her hot skin, cooling and cleaning. She ducked under and came up, giving her hair a light rinse and then lay back, floating.

Relaxing, floating, listening to the wind rustle in the trees, the snort of a horse, the birds calling to each other, just enjoying the peace.

Hold on. The snort of a horse? She jerked up. There are no horses around here? She stood up and looked around. There was a pinto, saddled and tied under a tree. He wasn't there when I arrived! And neither was he, suddenly seeing the tall figure leaning against the tree, looking at her in appreciation and some amusement. Who was he?

Only one way to find out. She'd ask him.

"Who," Simone demanded, "are you and what are you doing here?"

"I'm Shaun," supplied the stranger, "and I'm leaning against this tree admiring the pretty kid in the pool."

"You're a stranger!" Simone accused. "Strangers never come up here."

"What, never?" came the reply. "You never, ever have strangers pass through."

Simone stopped and considered for a moment. "Well, hardly ever. Last one I heard of was about five years ago, and even he didn't come this far back in the hills."

Something the stranger had said was nagging at the back of her mind. What was it? He'd said his name was Shaun and he was leaning...'

Simone straightened up indignantly, throwing her shoulders back and trying to look taller than her petite five foot four. Also causing a pair of nicely rounded and rather full breasts to stand out and bounce gently. Not something that she noticed but definitely noticed and enjoyed by Shaun.

"What do you mean, kid? I'm fully grown thank you very much!"

"That's telling me, isn't it. Ah, you don't seem to have grown very tall, have you kid? How old are you? Sixteen?"

"Are you blind? Do I really look like a kid?" Simone snapped. "I'm eighteen, nineteen in a couple of weeks."

"My apologies, Miss. My mistake. May I ask what your name is and are you going to come out of the water and talk to me or just shout from over there."

"I'm Simone. Everyone just calls me Monie, so you might as well, too. And yes, I'll come over and talk to you. It's only polite, I guess."

Shaun watched Simone wade towards him, struggling to keep a straight face as he realised that she wasn't just topless, but the small black triangle that he had assumed was a bikini bottom was no such thing."

Simone stopped in front of him, staring up at his face curiously.

"You're the first stranger I've seen since I was a little girl," she said. "What are you doing here?" Her memory poked her again. "Oh, I'm still naked from swimming. Am I supposed to get dressed to talk to strangers?"

Shaun smiled. "Simone is a nice name. I think I'll use it properly. Do you normally get dressed if someone interrupts your swimming?"

"It hasn't happened before. No-one comes here. That's why I'm not sure if I have to or not. It'll be a pain because I'll have to strip again when you leave because I haven't finished my swim."

Shaun nodded thoughtfully. "I see no reason for you to get dressed just because I'm here. We'll have our chat and then I'll push off and let you return to your swimming. And your fishing. I noticed your rod. What sort of fish are you after?"

"Trout, but they won't rise around here for another half hour or so. That's why I'm filling in the time with a swim. You never said why a stranger is here. Why are you?"

"I'm just taking a holiday, riding the hills, exploring and camping out. This is a nice spot. I might actually camp here for a few days if you don't mind."

Simone considered that. This was her private spot. How did she feel about having a stranger there? She looked at Shaun. He seemed nice. She shrugged, her breasts doing some more interesting bouncing, to Shaun's secret delight.

"I don't mind," she said, "as long as you keep it tidy."

"No problems there." said Shaun. "Now that we're agreed that I'm staying here, why don't you go back to your swimming and I'll strip off and join you," he added innocently.

Simone was taken aback. "You want to swim with me? But my brothers never want to swim with me. They say I'm boring."

Shaun smiled. "Different people have different tastes. I don't know you so I won't be bored while I learn what you're like, will I. And you can learn about me. You never know, if we like each other enough we may do the whole stranger to friend thing after our dip."

Simone frowned, confused. "What is the stranger to friend thing? I'm not sure what you mean."

"Don't worry about it. It's just a way of getting more closely acquainted and learning to know each other more deeply. I'd have thought your parents would have explained what to expect when you meet a stranger, but I guess if strangers never come up here they saw no need. I'll show you after our swim if you want to learn more. If you don't, I'll just pack up and keep going."

Shaun started to undress. "Start running, Simone," he drawled, "because I'm going to catch you and duck you."

Simone squeaked, and rushed back into the pool with Shaun quickly following. There followed a happy time for Simone, as she rarely had company, and almost never when she went swimming. They disported and romped around in the pool, and if a hand accidentally brushed her breast or bottom occasionally, she didn't really mind. These things happen, and that touch between her legs was undoubtedly an accident, even though it had felt quite nice.

Eventually they left the pool, and they both lay in the sun near each other. Simone was feeling excited, though not really sure why and she was acutely conscious of her breasts and lower regions. "What now?" she wondered. "Are we going to do that stranger to friend thing he mentioned or has he decided not to bother, and what did it mean, anyway."

She peeped over and Shaun and had a sudden shock. "Oh!" she gasped.

Shaun smiled across at her. "What's wrong?" he asked, knowing full well what had caused her discomposure from the direction of her eyes. He glanced down. "Oh, don't worry about that," he said. "That's just a sign that I'm interested in you and would like to be a friend."

"But it was small in the pool," Simone whispered. "Now it's huge and swollen. Doesn't it hurt when it's like that?"

"Oh, just a little, but that's really just tension. It wants some attention, and waves gently like that to let people know. That's one of the first signs that a man wants to be your friend. Would you like me to show you what's involved in the stranger to friend thing, and how we go about establishing ourselves firmly as friends?"

Simone considered. She wasn't sure what was coming, but things felt right. His thing standing up like that showed he wanted to be a friend, and there were these odd feelings she was having that indicated that she was missing out on something and she wanted to find out what.

"OK. Let's try it. But you'll have to show me what to do."

"Trust me," smiled Shaun. "I'll show you everything you need to know. We'll start with a little kiss, as our bodies want to taste each other to make sure we're compatible."

Simone moved closer to him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Like that?"

"No. I'm not your Ma or your Pa. More like this," he said. Shaun leant over her and lowered his head. His lips gently grazed hers, then again, then ran the tip of his tongue lightly along her lips then, when her lips opened slightly, took her mouth in a fullblooded kiss, pressing her close to him and running his tongue along her sensitive inner lips. He could feel her reacting, pressing back, returning his kiss and felt her tongue duelling with his.

He felt the pace of her breathing change, so after letting the kiss run for a while, he drew back. "Now we taste other parts," he murmured, cupping one breast and moving his lips down to fasten onto the nipple. He could feel her twisting in place as he gently suckled, while his other hand reached over and latched onto her other breast, squeezing and stroking, rolling the nipple gently between two fingers. After a few moments he eased back, and smiled at her where she lay, breathing hard.

"I'll give you a choice now. Do you want me to taste your other breast, or would you like to taste me?"

"How do I taste you?" she whispered. "Just kiss and lick your breasts the way you did mine?"

He nodded, rolling onto his back and this time she leant across him, running her open mouth across his chest, teasing and tasting. At the same time he reached up and fondled the two globes that dangled beneath her, rubbing and pinching at the nipples. For a few minutes they continued, taking it in turns to taste each other, and then Shaun disengaged and sat back.

Simone was flushed and breathing hard. She didn't know what was going on, but she liked it. She was going to have a real friend by the time all this tasting was done, she just knew it.

"Time to move this along a little," Shaun said. "I'm moving the touching down a little to learn what your body feels like. When I think you're ready I'll move your hands where I want them so you can feel me, but until then just relax and let me touch you. Make sure you tell me if you don't like it, in which case I'll stop."

Simone nodded, wondering what was coming. What had happened up to now was nice and she'd liked the touch of his hands touching and his mouth tasting her. She's also liked touching and tasting him. It was making her feel funny inside, but funny in a nice way. She watched as his hand drifted down over her tummy, leaving a curling sensation inside her as he lightly skimmed her sensitive skin. Then she noticed with shock that his hand was moving into her little tuft of curls and gently pulling them and squeezing her mound. She gasped. Should she say something? No-one had ever touched her there before. Then again, no-one had ever sucked her titties and she hadn't said anything then, so she supposed it was all right. Shaun certainly seemed to know what he was doing.

Simone felt herself pressing back against the gentle touches that were teasing her. How could she feel that touch so deep inside her when he was just playing with her fur and pressing on her mound? She realised that she was starting to feel wet down there and flushed slightly.

"Oh, please, don't let me piss. That would be so embarrassing."

It slowly dawned on her that the sensation was wrong for that. She could just feel herself getting wetter internally and didn't know why, but she liked it.

That marauding hand was now moving along, rubbing her lips, each touch being carried down into her, stirring her insides, loosening them, heating them.

Shaun glanced at Simone's face and could see that she was transfixed, revelling in the touch and waiting to see what came next. He took her hand and moved it down until it was resting on his hugely erect cock and just left it there, touching him. He continued the gentle stroking, sometimes slipping his fingers in between her lips and touching deeper, putting her deeper and deeper into the spell of feeling. He felt the hand touching his cock tremble slightly and then close over it, clutching it and holding it tightly. Too tightly. If she gripped him like that much longer she would do him an injury.

"Relax, Simone, love." He murmured. "Just hold it lightly and gently stroke it. Get a feel for it. It wants to get to know you and you should get to know it."

"Hold what lightly," she wondered. "What's he on about?" She fought to control her wandering mind and then suddenly focused on what her hand was doing. She gasped, and tried to snatch her hand away from that thing, but Shaun was too fast, and his hand closed over hers, trapping it in place before she could withdraw it.

"But I'm holding your thing," she almost wept. "I've never touched one before. What am I suppose to do?"

"It's OK. My 'thing' likes to be touched, but just a bit more gently. Stroke it as though it were a kitten that you wanted to pet. The head of it is especially sensitive and like to be lightly scratched. By the way, it's called a cock. You'll have to learn to call it that."

Simone gently stroked the cock. "It's a nice big one," she thought. "I wonder why they grow that big. And if it's not hurting him, why does it twitch and jerk when I scratch that knob on top?"

Shaun started moving his fingers deeper and deeper, feeling the tension rising within Simone. He could feel the moisture and heat and knew that her pussy was now ready for that final invasion. He carefully withdrew his cock from Simone's eager grasp, before edging her legs further apart and settling between them.

"It's time to seal that friendship," he told Simone. "My cock wants to make a deeper acquaintance with your pussy, so I'm going to slide it into you so that they can both feel each other. I'll take it nice and slowly as your pussy hasn't met a cock before and it might be a bit reluctant to open up and let it in. Is this all right with you?"

Simone nodded enthusiastically. She was breathing hard, and could feel the internal heat and wetness of her pussy calling for something more. If this meant she had to let that cock in, she'd let it in. The way she was feeling if it didn't want to go in, she'd damn well force it herself.

Shaun raised Simone's knees and splayed her legs to give himself room and to position Simone for a relatively easy first entry. He gently moved her lips apart and edged the head of his weapon gently between them. He felt Simone's lips close over the head and was startled when he realised that she was already pushing up, trying to get that cock into her as fast as possible. He edged forward and felt a cobweb like touch that flicked and parted as he moved in, and realised that her hymen was there no longer and that Simone hadn't even noticed it going. He moved forward, sliding in at a steady rate, trying to give her time to adjust, feeling his cock throbbing and urging him forward, yelling at him to go deeper, now.

It seemed no time passed, and he had fully entered that hot little pussy and could feel Simone's small black curls rubbing against his testicles.

He rested there, giving Simone time to adjust to the intrusion, and was startled anew to find her glaring at him and asking, "Is that all? I want more. I need more!"

He laughed, "More coming," he said, and started to move.

Simone felt that lovely cock starting to withdraw, and for a moment was horrified to think that it was leaving. Then she felt if surging back into her and gave a little sigh of relief. That was better. Do it again.

Shaun's cock drilled down into her, lifted and drilled again. Simone was panting now, thrusting up to meet this cock that was getting acquainted with her pussy. She loved those words. His cock. My pussy. They're getting to know each other and Shaun and I are getting to be real friends.

Shaun was steadily pounding down now, thrusting hard, getting ready to ride his orgasm, but wanting Simone to have one as well. Simone didn't know what was happening but she could feel tensions rising within her, tightening within her, urging her to press forward and accept that cock, let that cock carry you away. She was losing the ability to think now, feeling that massive member filling her, examining every internal inch of her, leading her to an unknown but desperately desired destination.

Shaun was gasping now as he could feel his climax approaching, then shuddered as he felt Simone convulse beneath him, her internal muscles clamping tightly around his cock and triggering his own climax. Together they rode it out, until they finally sank down, still and spent.

After a while, Simone spoke. "I think that friendship thing went rather well. Don't you?"

Shaun nodded. "Indeed it did. I think we can now be considered friends.

Why don't we go and have a quick dip to wash the sweat of and then we can round up some bait and try for those trout."

Sitting back, fishing. Relaxed and at ease with each other.

Simone felt a glow within her and relished the feeling. "Do you want to come back to the house with me and meet my family" she queried, hoping he'd say no so that she could keep her new friend to herself for a while.

"I don't think so," said Shaun. "I'd much rather camp here and be by myself, unless you want to come and visit sometimes, seeing as how we're now friends. Actually, it might be a good idea not to mention that you met me. Then no-one will come wandering down looking."

Simone relaxed. She didn't have to share him. She considered what had happened that afternoon and bit her lip. Should she ask or shouldn't she?

"Shaun," she said shyly. "I'm not too sure of everything we did in that stranger to friend thing. Would it be possible for you to show me again if I come back tomorrow. I'm really a fast learner, and I'm sure I'll pick it up real soon, but I would like to be able to practise it a bit more."

"That's OK, love," said Shaun. "I don't mind showing you what to do. As a matter of fact, I'll even show you some extra bits and pieces that we didn't cover. Things like blowjobs and different positions. I think we can put our time to good use."

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