tagIncest/TabooMoving In with My Brother

Moving In with My Brother


My name is Jamie; I am a 27-year old blonde and this is the story of how me and my brother got 'together'.

It was 2009 and I was living with my best friend Suzie when she decided to get engaged and move in with the guy; as I was unable to pay the rent on my own, nor find an affordable apartment in the three weeks notice she'd given me, I found myself suddenly without a roof over my head. My brother Jeff, 33, kindly offered to come and stay with him until I found a place of my own. Jeff was a bachelor by choice; although a bit on the chubby side, he is a very handsome, gentle and witty man, with a rather busy social life, switching girlfriends every couple of weeks. He said to make myself at home and we agreed that all rooms were common ground except for his bedroom and the guestroom, which was my room for the time being. The very first morning we had our first incident...

Still half asleep, I walked into the bathroom without knocking and saw Jeff sitting on his knees on the floor, jerking his enormous penis... I mean, I'd had seen my share of naked men and he was definitely one of the biggest I had seen so far! Jeff jumped up and grabbed a nearby towel to cover himself up. I stumbled back, closed my eyes and said:"Sorry, sorry, sorry...." using my hands to find my way back out the door. I didn't reopen my eyes until I was back in the hallway, where I leaned against the wall to compose myself for a few seconds; it had been years since I had seen my brother naked, but boy had he grown!!!

A few minutes later Jeff came out and dropped his head when he saw I was still standing in the hallway; he mumbled good morning and tried to pass me by as quickly as he could on his way to his room. I didn't want this little incident to become a problem and so I stepped in front of him and said:"Hey Jeff, I am sorry... I should have knocked instead of just barging in like that; this is completely my fault!"

Jeff looked at me and said:"Forget about it, I should have..."

I interjected him by saying:"Heck no, this is your place... I am just a guest here; and you shouldn't have to change your ways just because I am around; you just go about your business and do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it... I am the one that needs to adapt!"

Jeff smiled and nodded appreciatively.

"So, did you at least finish what you were doing?" I asked.

He shook his head and said:"I couldn't..." as he continued towards his room. I walked into the bathroom and hit the shower, deciding to forget the whole incident. For a few days after that, everything was fine; by knocking every time I went to the bathroom or toilet, we managed to avoid any further incidents.

Until one morning, when I deviated from my usual pattern: when I woke up, I realized that I hadn't contacted my boss to let him know I'd be in late; I had an appointment with a realtor who was going to show me some last minute apartments. Remembering my cell phone was probably still in my purse, I hurried downstairs in search of my cell phone. As I had heard Jeff going down the stairs several minutes before, I figured the coast was clear... Imagine my surprise when I saw Jeff sitting on top of the dining room table, butt naked and wanking his huge cock like there was no tomorrow... taken completely aback by this scene, I stared for several seconds, as Jeff jumped off the table and grabbed some clothes to cover himself up. "Sorry, sorry, sorry..." I said, my back turned towards him.

"What are you doing downstairs so fast... I thought you were in the bathroom!!"

"I am sorry, I just need my cell phone... urgent call to make... " as I shuffled towards my purse next to the couch, keeping my back towards him at all times. "Please don't stop on my account, I'll be out of here in five seconds!" I said as I reached into my purse, took out my cell phone and ran back upstairs; all through my phone call and my daily shower I couldn't stop thinking about Jeff and why he would jerk off so often when he clearly had enough female attention, and secondly why he would do so on top of the dining room table. By the time I got downstairs, he had left for work and so I tried my best to forget this incident as well.

However, luck was not on our side because the very next day, we had our third incident: I had made plans after work to visit some more places with my realtor; figuring it would get late, I told Jeff not to wait on dinner and that I wouldn't be home until at least nine o'clock. Alas, my realtor cancelled the meeting, so I got home a lot earlier than Jeff had expected.

When I walked in, I could see him jumping up from the couch, pulling up his pants... struggling with the remote control to switch off the porn flick he was watching; I felt so sorry for him and I felt like such an inconsiderate idiot for not letting him know that my plans had changed.

Deciding I had disturbed him enough, I walked in and said:"Jeff, wait... don't stop" with a firm voice. He looked at me and I couldn't help but peek at his massive cock which was pulsating up and down...

With the same firm voice, I continued:"This is my fault, I should have let you know that I was coming home so soon -- three hours before I said I'd be home; this is the third time I've ruined your private moment; so I am going to walk out that door and I won't be back until at least nine: please don't let me barging in like an inconsiderate baboon ruin your fun!"

I turned back and headed towards the door, when I heard his voice thundering:"STOP!"

I stopped and turned, afraid that he'd be angry or fed up with me and kick me out. Although he was holding up his pants and shirt, he failed to cover himself up completely and so I was still able to see his large thick cock.

"You will do no such thing... while you're staying here, this is as much you're home as it is mine! You don't have to go wandering the streets just because I am masturbating! Like you said, it's not like you haven't seen me naked before and I am sure you've seen a guy jerk his cock before..."

"But I..."

"No buts." he said. "Instead of you constantly apologizing and me trying to cover myself up -- in vain, let's just pretend that everything is normal... if you can stand seeing me naked, I can sure stand you seeing me jerk off! So, do we have a deal!?"

"Uhm, sure..." I said, a little surprised, but mostly relieved.

"Good, because if you apologize one more time after seeing me naked, I'll kick you out."

We laughed.

"Okay then." he said and dropped himself back on the couch, wrapping his right hand around his fat cock again. Still a bit uneasy, I took off my coat, put down my purse and hurried into the kitchen where I fixed myself a couple of sandwiches and grabbed a soda. When I walked past him, as quietly as possible, on my way to my room, he suddenly grunted and moaned: I turned my head and saw a big glob of sperm shooting straight up from his throbbing cock, as he kept pumping his shaft, glob after glob flew up in the air and landed mainly on the carpet in front of the couch.

I gawked at this wonderful spectacle, impressed by the large volume of cum and didn't know whether to stay or go... he removed that choice, by getting up, turning towards me as he zipped himself back up and asking:"You wanna have dinner together?"

Still perplexed by what I had seen, but trying to act as casual as I could -- like requested, I said:"Sure."

When he walked towards the kitchen, I looked at the couch and asked:"Aren't you going to clean that up?"

"Uhm sure." he said, turning around, looking for something that could be used as a rag. After a few seconds, he took his hanky and started scooping off his cum, very clumsily.

"You don't usually clean up after yourself, do you?" I asked.

He looked at me and said:"Not really, I know I probably should..."

"Then don't... you just said that we both needed to feel at home here; if you don't wanna clean up your cum, you don't have to..." I said, as I walked towards the kitchen.

"Really, you don't mind?" he said, forgoing the cleaning and following me into the kitchen. I sat down at the kitchen counter and said:"If you don't mind cum stains all over your stuff, why should I?"

Jeff smiled and said:"You know, we're going to get along quite nicely."

I returned the smile and said:"I do have one question... if you don't mind me asking."

"Not at all, what is it?" he asked as he put a frozen pizza in the oven.

"Why were you on the dining room table the other day? I mean, it's such a strange place to be masturbating..."

Jeff smiled a bit shy and said:"I don't know; I just enjoy masturbating in unusual places and positions, it makes me feel extra wicked and bad..."

"A bit like splattering your cum all over the place and not cleaning any of it up." I smiled.


"Well, my stay here should be very interesting then... maybe I'll learn a thing or two!" I teased him.

We laughed and had our dinner... now that the air had been cleared, the atmosphere was much more relaxed and open, much like before during our early years :-)

The very next day Jeff put our new arrangement to the test. When I stepped into the shower, I noticed a big glob of sperm gliding down one of the glass walls; on the shower floor were several large strands of cum; combined, it was quite an impressive load. After looking at it for a few seconds, I used the shower hose to wash it away and didn't give it another thought. When I ran into him downstairs fifteen minutes later, I surprised him by saying:"Nice load by the way!"

"You noticed huh..." he asked.

"It was kinda hard not to, it was like a horse came in there..." I said, speaking before thinking.

He grinned proudly as I looked away, my face turning beet red.

Jeff had a date that evening so I rented a few chick flicks and got comfy on the couch, with a nice bottle of wine. After a relaxing evening I went to bed. Half an hour later I heard Jeff and his date come in, walk up to his bedroom and then fuck each other's brains out; the squeaking of the bed and the soft moans kept me up for nearly half an hour. They were starting to get me hot, so I decided to go downstairs for a glass of milk. When I came up the stairs again, I saw Jeff on his knees in the middle of the moon lit hallway, butt naked, holding the girl's handbag, jerking his cock over it... clearly planning to shoot inside of it. For a second I thought of turning back, but considering our new arrangement, decided against it and walked closer; Jeff kept pumping his prick; maybe he thought that due to the lack of light I wouldn't be able to see anything anyway, but the moonlight provided just enough illumination for me to see his hand flying up and down his large, erect shaft!

"You can't possibly be horny after a fuck like that!" I said.

"The bitch fell asleep on me..." he grunted, clearly getting ready to cum.

How any woman could fall asleep with that kind of cock inside of her was beyond me...

"So you're teaching her a lesson huh?" I whispered as I gave him a wicked smile.

"Fuck yeah." Jeff grunted as he arched his back and shot his load in the girl's purse. I kept watching as he moved and slapped his cock around in the bag, no doubt making a complete mess.

That turned me on so much that a shiver ran through my body; after first feeling sorry for Jeff because he didn't get laid properly, I know felt sorry for the girl who'd be cleaning cum off of the entire content of her purse in the morning. When he was done, we said goodnight and returned to our respective rooms. Before I knew it, I was playing with myself thinking about my naughty brother; after a few minutes, I came to my senses and decided all I needed was a good shafting from my ex-boyfriend to cure this ache: I'd see to that tomorrow. I drifted off to sleep and my alarm clock woke me up about six and a half hours later.

I stumbled out of bed and walked into the bathroom, after the mandatory knock; the first thing I noticed was that my red towel was decorated with several large strands as well as dozens of specks and beads of white cum; I smiled mischievously and admired his artwork for several seconds before throwing it in the bin and getting a clean one from my closet.

I ran into Jeff downstairs as he was fixing breakfast for his guest; after greeting both of them, I whispered:"Did my towel piss you off as well? Was it perhaps in cahoots with your lady friend's handbag?"

"It didn't freak you out did it?" he asked, with a smile.

"No, I am not too sure about your guest though... has she been in her handbag yet?" I replied, avoiding the actual question. I knew Jeff was testing me, curious how far I would allow him to take his little game.

"Not yet." he said.

I left for work. During the day I called my ex-boyfriend to see if he wanted to get together, but he was dating someone else and apparently she was putting out as well, because he declined my offer. I didn't want to pick up some random stranger, so I decided to forget the whole thing and just soldier on... if need be, I could always buy a vibrator to get myself off. The following morning I walked into the bathroom a little anxious as I didn't know what to expect after the shower and the towel... to my surprise -- and slight disappointment -- there was no cum to be found.

But when I returned to my bedroom ten minutes later, I couldn't help but smile as I saw the black skirt I had been wearing for the past two days lying on the floor in front of my bed, drenched in cum. Jeff had snuck into my bedroom and dumped his load on my skirt; although this was clearly crossing a line, I just selected something else from my wardrobe and stepped over the drenched skirt on my way out. When I came down, Jeff was putting his plate in the dishwasher; he turned to me and smiled as he said:"Are you wearing a new skirt, what happened to the black one?"

"Yeah, cum stains... what ya gonna do?" I returned the smile.

Jeff, surprised but pleased with how I reacted, smiled and whispered:"Cool!"

As he passed me on his way out, he gave me a peck on the cheek and a hard slap on my ass. Maybe it was my aroused state from not getting a decent fuck lately, but I couldn't get the incident out of my head; I felt a tingling sensation between my legs all day long; I knew that Jeff was not going to stop on his own, if I wanted him to stop I was going to have to define some boundaries...

That night Jeff had made spaghetti and we had a glass of wine afterwards.

We sat facing each other at the kitchen counter and while we were talking, after our third glass of wine, Jeff suddenly reached down, unzipped his pants and -- what was clear from the movements his hands were making -- started jerking himself off, right there, under the counter. Although I couldn't actually see his cock, his movements left little to the imagination.

I took a large sip of wine, while I considered my options; Jeff was clearly pushing the boundaries of socially acceptable behavior here, but after ignoring the shower glass, the towel and the dress, I could hardly object now... besides, only one thing mattered and that was that I didn't mind at all what he was doing!

Honestly, I couldn't think of a single reason to stop him!!! So I ignored him and just sat there. After a good three minutes Jeff exploded under the table and I could feel his sperm raining down on my naked legs and feet; I took another large sip of wine as my pussy was getting moist. He zipped up and carried on like nothing had happened. Immediately after dinner, I nearly ran to the bathroom to get myself off.

After cleaning up the kitchen, we sat down on the couch and started watching tv together; first it was a comedy show, then an action film. When it was over, I went to take a leak and Jeff switched to a soft porn channel, figuring I'd go straight to bed after my trip to the toilet... instead -- not sure why exactly - I just sat down in my seat again, the one next to where he was sitting in a three seat-sofa.

Jeff looked at me strangely for a second, but smiled as he turned his head back towards the tv and laid back in his seat; I put my left arm - the one closest to him - on the back rest and looked at the screen, where some blonde bimbo was sucking two cocks. After a minute or so, I noticed something stirring in his pants. Without much ado, he wipped it out and started stroking it slowly: it was massive...

My pussy agreed and started tingling again; the sound of his warm manly hand rubbing his big hard shaft up and down, faster and faster, was intoxicating and I hardly looked at the tv anymore. During his wanking, he looked at me several times, each time no more than a second, as if to see if I was still there and paying attention; if only he knew how horny I was!!! He was crossing yet another line; under no circumstances whatsoever could this be construed as normal or socially acceptable behavior!!!

Suddenly he rolled onto his side, turning towards me and pushed his pelvis forward, so that he was jerking his cock directly above my skirt, aiming the tip of his cock at my blouse; unafraid, he looked me in the eye and kept wanking, staring unabashed at my rack and my face. I kept looking at his cock, only averting my eyes once in a while to see his face contorting... I knew what was going to happen and yet the thought of making him stop never entered my mind. Shortly afterwards, Jeff moaned and his cock started spewing his rich thick cream over my dry-clean only blouse; I looked down and patiently waited for him to finish. When he was empty, he rolled back and closed his eyes as he was catching his breath. I excused myself for the night, got up, gave him a peck on his right cheek and retreated to my room, where I got on my knees on my bed and gave myself a good fingering!

Although I derived great pleasure from it and even had a tiny orgasm, my fingers couldn't quite reach my itch down there and so I went to sleep still feeling pretty worked up.

The following morning, the first thought that entered my mind was: where would I find my brother's cum today? As I envisioned all the things I had let my brother do to me or around me over these last few days I got horny again... I decided to go out and buy a vibrator later today: that itch between my legs needed to be scratched, desperately! I didn't notice any cum in the shower, nor anywhere else in the bathroom, so I figured Jeff had probably relieved him in my room again. More than a little curious, I walked in and found my underwear drawer opened: it seemed Jeff had cum inside, spunking three pair of panties and two bra's with his morning load. It had become a continual ritual; Jeff would find a new, unusual and naughty place to dump his cum every morning, usually somewhere where it would make my life a little more uncomfortable. And yet it was precisely this aspect of his behavior that I found incredibly exciting. I threw the five items on the laundry pile -- which was growing nicely due to Jeff's activities -- and got dressed, feeling the moisture building up between my legs; with Jeff already gone for work when I got down, I drove to work myself and used my lunch break to buy a big black dildo!

Somehow I managed to refrain myself from using the little bad boy at work. When I finally got home, I locked myself in my bedroom and gave my pussy a nice big long workout... after drilling myself through three powerful orgasms, I hit the shower and got cleaned up.

As there was still a little time left, I cooked a nice meal and got the table ready by the time Jeff came home. We sat down and talked chitchat mostly, until Jeff put his hands under the table again and I heard him unzip his pants; I looked at him and smiled, continuing the conversation like I knew he liked. Not only that, but I decided to give him something to look at: casually, I took out my left naked breast and hung it over the cleavage of my dress; he looked at me surprised, stared at my breast unabashed and increased the speed of his wanking, clearly very aroused by what I did!!!

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