tagNovels and NovellasMoving to San Diego Pt. 08

Moving to San Diego Pt. 08


Chapter 22: Acquiring breeding rights

An hour later Shannon and I greeted a plain looking couple at the condo, overlooking San Diego's waterfront. The condo was made for luxury living and on the ride over Shannon had told me, that the couple had plenty of money, but were quite cautious in their economics dealings. So she didn't think they would make an offer.

Hearing this I made a quick decision and said, "Why don't we make a bet about it? I believe if we join our forces towards the couple, we could make them sign a sales agreement today."

Shannon just looked at me and said, "What kind of bet had you in mind?"

"Well, if you win our relationship changes. Then we are equals and if we yet again are going to have sex, then it is because you want it and I will not be dominating you. So it would be kind of back to basics in our relationship."

"Sounds all right, but what if I lose the bet?" Shannon said.

"I'll write a demand on a piece of paper, and you'll have to fulfill the commitment if you lose the bet. You'll not know my demand in advance, so you are betting on an unknown proposition."

Shannon looked at me with a thoughtful expression and after some minutes she said, "Okay, we'll make the bet. I don't think you're going to win, and if it happens God knows I need the money from sealing the deal. But I'm looking forward to winning and take you down a couple of notches. You're not as irresistible as you think; you're just a cocky boy with a big dick."

I grinned. I had never been in doubt of the outcome of the conversion. Shannon was almost back to her bitchy attitude against me.

As we arrived at the furnished condo I made a big deal out of writing my demand in front of Shannon without her being able to see, what I was writing.

I folded the paper and placed it on a shelf at a bookcase. Inside I had printed the following with capital letters:


I can't explain my recent obsession with knocking up married women. It wasn't because I looked forward to being a father it was rather that I enjoyed knowing that I had planted my seed in a formerly faithful married woman. I was kind of a human cuckoo.


We arrived at the condo ten minutes before the couple made an appearance. I had told Shannon she should introduce me as her assistant.

We greeted the couple with charming smiles and Shannon said, "Hello Jenny and Steve, how nice to see you again."

I had told Shannon she should concentrate her energy on the girl and I would make an attempt at bounding with the guy. This way we hoped not to create some kind of jealousy between Jenny and Steve.

We talked together for a couple of minutes before splitting up. I gave Steve the whole tour of the condo with a lot of sales talk. I made sure he saw all the special features inside the condo, while I asked about his job and his hobbies. Before long we were male bonding and joking together.

We met with Shannon and Jenny at the spacious private balcony overlooking the waterfront and I could see that Shannon also had made an impact on Jenny. As Jenny and Steve took in the view I saw an alarmed look on Shannon's face and as I looked down I could see a steady stream of my cum running down her shapely, long and tanned left leg. I blinked at her and said to Jenny and Steve, "The two of you should enjoy the view alone for a couple of minutes and then we'll talk about the community amenities in the building."

"All right Jason," Steve said and I followed Shannon into the kitchen. Shannon took a paper handkerchief from her purse and dried up my seed from her leg. She took another handkerchief and yanked up the black skirt and I got a nice look at her swollen pussy lips. With a scowl she crumbled the paper and stuffed it inside her pussy and let go of her skirt.

As she looked at me I beamed at her and said, "Sorry honey, next time you should put it in your mouth instead of wasting it."

Before she could reply Jenny and Steve summon us to the balcony.

As we once again stood at the balcony Steve said, "We have made a decision. We want to buy the condo."

Shannon brought out the papers and began to a set up them up while I showed Jenny and Steve the community amenities.

Half an hour later we had negotiating a price for the condo and Shannon said, "Ok. Here are the papers to sign. Do you have a check for me?"

"Yes," Steve said and with that we got their signature on a sales agreement...


As the couple left the condo with wide smiles on their faces I closed the door and turned towards Shannon with a beam while saying; "Now it's time to settle the bet Shannon."

Shannon still had the check in her hands and quickly put it in her purse. She looked me into the eyes before moving towards the bookcase.

She took a deep breath before taking the piece of paper and unfolding it. As she began to read my demand her face started to redden. After a moment she turned to me and said, "Jason, I can't do this. It's against everything I stand for."

"A bet is a bet bitch, and you'll have to fulfill it or else I'll send all the pictures on my phone to your husband, your family and your friends. I think, they would be shock seeing a faithful housewife covered in my cum."


"There are no but's, you'll accept my demands or you know the alternative," I said with a roar.

A tear made its way down Shannon's cheek as she realized her situation. With a sob she said,"Okay Jason, I'll make the commitment."

I congratulated myself because I had just added another hot housewife to my increasing harem. With a smile I said, "Now let's celebrate our new relationship my gorgeous fucktoy."

We were standing in the kitchen and I had already decided what to do next. The kitchen had a huge center island and I had fantasized about fucking her on that island ever since I first stepped into the condo.

"Climb onto the countertop and strip for me," I ordered.

I was a little bit surprised when Shannon climbed onto the island without complaining, almost falling down as she steadied herself on top in her high heels.

I turned on some music and Shannon began to sway her hips from side to side. The tight black skirt made her smooth tanned legs look really superior and the low cut blouse made an alluring frame for her unrestraint big breasts, which pulsate to the rhythm of the music.

Shannon took of her blouse and I could clearly see her big full tits with hard brown nipples.

"Hot damn, you're a fine looking woman," I growled and began to cheer her on while getting rid of all my clothes.

It seemed as if Shannon began to embrace her new role and she blew me a kiss. My cock strained upward as Shannon cupped her tits and proudly thrust them forward, pinching her nipples lightly.

Slowly Shannon began to work the zipper of the skirt down and she began to shake her hips as she worked the skirt little by little down and completely off her married body, now standing on the tabletop in front of my totally nude. She leaned forward and I was amazed at the lack of sag of her big tits. Her tits looked exactly like they would have had she been 19 instead of a milf.

Turning away from me, Shannon leaned forward sticking her firm, trim butt in the air, and then spread her legs, giving me an unobstructed view of her hot, wet pussy. I could see her lips glistening with a fine covering of juices that gave away just how turned on she was.

Shannon was now only standing in her heels. She turned around and I decided to take the initiative as she slid down off the tabletop, obviously ready to become my fucktoy and cheat once more on her husband.

With a finger I beckoned her towards me and Shannon walked the few steps between us allowing her heels to click on the tile floor. When she was close to me I bent down and we kissed and I shoved my tongue into her mouth. The kiss was broken as I backed Shannon against the counter top and lifted her on top of it. I stepped between her smooth tanned legs, placing them on top of my shoulders. Now Shannon's married cunt was hanging just off the edge, and she moaned heavily as she felt the tip of my long hard pole pressing into her moist box.

I looked deep into her dark eyes as I pushed forward, slamming the entire length of my big shaft deep inside her tight pussy. Shannon cried out as she closed her eyes and I had an out of this world moment as I laid my eyes on her shiny diamond engagement ring and gold wedding band as she played with her nipples right in front of me.

Gripping her hips, I began grinding deep inside Shannon's cunt, using short deep strokes. With my hand I started to stimulate her clit as well, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Shannon's body began to tremble and I pick up the pace of my thrusts, as I grabbed the heels of her pumps. I spread her legs as far as they would go, opening her up very wide. Evidently Shannon had been a cheerleader in high school and she was still quite flexible. I extended my strokes as well, and now I was plowing the entire length of my long pole deep into Shannon's cunt with each thrust, so deep I could feel the head press against her cervix.

Shannon opened her eyes and looked into mine and she groaned, "You fill me completely. Fuck me Jason."

I began to fuck her with full in and out strokes. I could feel her cunt squeeze my pole each time I pulled back and after some time she screamed in delight, as a powerful climax overtook her body. Her pussy rapidly contracted around my cock, and it brought me closer to my own release.

I was really ravaging her pussy and Shannon couldn't conceal her deep pleasure as her internal muscles began clenching and unclenching my cock as she experienced another orgasm. Shannon began screaming at the top of her lungs and I bent down and covered her mouth with my mouth and stifle her voice. With her fingernails she scratched my back as she came a second time.

As Shannon came down from her orgasm I experienced a tingling from head to toe and I tried to keep hold on myself and make this feeling last. I leaned forward, bending her legs over her head and slamming her knees into her wobbling tits. I thrusted one final time into her sweet pussy, and could feel my cock swelling and it became even harder and thicker than usual with the pleasure of taking this hot married housewife at the center island in a newly sold condo. I pressed my cock deep inside Shannon's slick cunt as I exploded at the edge of her womb. As my mushroom head pressed hard against her cervix I imagined Shannon being knocked up as I felt spurt after spurt of my sperm blast against her cervix and likely making their way up inside towards her eggs. This sent Shannon over the edge once again and I kept on moving in and out the sopping wet hole.

After awhile I collapsed on top of her, my cock still dripping cum into my married fuck-toy's pussy and not going soft. After a minute I once again began thrusting my still erect cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Even sopping wet Shannon's hole still made a warm snug for my meat pole.

I pulled out a few strokes later and looked down; my cock was still very hard and now covered in a mixing of our juices.

I backed away from Shannon, who was beginning to recover from her orgasm as well. Somewhat later she got off the kitchen island and stood up. I could see a kind of uncertainty in her beautiful brown eyes as if she couldn't believe what just had transpired. It was obvious our newly fucksession had changed something inside of her, because even if she had a sorrowful look in her eyes a little smile played about her swollen lips.

I got hold of her left hand and guided it to my massive tool. As Shannon wrapped her hand around my cock I made her move it up and down. She quickly got the idea and began to stroke it and I bent down and started to kiss and nibble her neck and lightly fondled her impressive tits. My cock was slick with our juices and Shannon had no problem jerking me off. I was incredibly turned on watching her rings slide up and down my huge member and I became steel hard as I thought about how I just had pumped another man's wife full of my rich fertile seeds.

Shannon was busy moving her hand up and down so I decided to make my authority clear to her.

"Look at your hand Shannon, look at those rings moving up and down my cock. Try to recall how the rings were given to you by Jasper as a symbol of your everlasting love for each other. Now you're treating that notion with contempt as you're stroking my meat with your delicate hand."

Shannon made a low sound but didn't say anything and continued jerking me off.

I continued, "It is obvious you have accepted your new role as my fuck-toy. I'm really glad to have an aloof bitch like you fulfill my every demand. I am turned on by the sign of your infidelity so keep your rings on your hand, but I'll have to brand you as my new slut."

With that said I bent down and moved my mouth to her neck near her collarbone and started sucking. I had every intention of marking Shannon as my fuck-toy with a hickey visible to anyone meeting her.

While sucking on her neck I could sense that Shannon quickens the pace on my cock. I was feeling quite proud of myself because I had broken down another hot housewife and I decided to stroke her ego, so I removed my mouth from her neck and said, "You just make my so hot bitch; I can't control myself around you."

Shannon looked up into my eyes and a little smile played about her lips. A large hickey was beginning to form at her neck and I decided to fuck her once more in the condo.

I grabbed her by the waist and swiftly turned her round, so she was leaning over the counter. I pushed her down rather roughly, and without delay I penetrated Shannon's dripping slit from behind, once again slamming the full length of my cock deep inside her. Shannon let out a huge moan and began to rock back against my hard club. I ploughed into her harder, deeper and faster than ever before and with a deep thrust I bottomed out against her cervix. While I hammered her pussy with long hard strokes I reached around and began mauling her firm breasts as they were dangling underneath her.

Seconds later Shannon gasped and moaned as her cunt muscles began squeezing my throbbing meat in a rhythmic fashion indicating that she was beginning to orgasm. I reached under her and began stimulating her clit. I could feel that her orgasms came one right after another.

"Oooohhhh Jason, aaaarrrrrhhhh fuck," Shannon wailed as her cunt pulsated in a flood of uncontrollable convulsions.

I grabbed Shannon's hair and pulled her head back, the suddenly rough treatment of my girlfriend's mother turned me on even more. Normally I made sure I didn't hurt my women, but Shannon had awoken another element in me. I just wanted to fuck her hard and her well-being was of no concern to me.

I suddenly extracted my steel hard pole from her pussy, and pressed the big mushroom head against her firm, athletic ass. Shannon began to struggle a little as she felt the cock press against her tiny rosebud. I didn't give her time to voice any objection as I swiftly pushed my cockhead inside her anal ring for the second time this day.

She shook and moaned in pain as I forced my hard pole up her ass, inch by inch. It was a fascinating sight, seeing her ass stretching to accommodate my large intruder and Shannon kept on moaning as I fed her my cock inch by inch. I put pressure on Shannon's back to keep her pinned to the counter. As my cock was about halfway inside her bowels, I started to pull it out, and then push it back in, fucking about 2 inches out and 3 more back in.

"So big, ...so fucking big," Shannon gasped and I felt the intense heat of her ass as it clamp down and massage my buried cock while I slid it deeper and deeper into her. As my balls finally slapped against her pussy indicating that I had fully penetrated her backside, Shannon surprised me by moving her ass up towards my cock as I fucked into her.

I saw this as an encouragement and pulled my cock almost all the way out, before forcing it into her ass once more. As Shannon began to rock back against the fuck, I used more and more speed and force, until I was jackhammering my dick deep inside Shannon's ass.

"Fuck, you have got one hot ass. If I had known a hot housewife like you would be such a slut for an ass fucking, I would have fucked you even harder the first time," I growled as I wrapped my hand into her long, chestnut-brown hair and yanked back hard, forcing Shannon to arch her back and meet a particularly hard and deep thrust.

"Oooohhhh, Ahhhh. Stop, stop, stop." Shannon screamed as my large head opened her tight ass even more.

With Lisa and Megan I would have stopped, but right now with Shannon I decided that I wouldn't show her any kind of gentleness and I continued yanking back on her hair with each stroke of my long hard bloated manhood up her rectum.

"Please stop Jason it hurts too much," Shannon cried and now she tried to get away from my assault on her fine ass.

I was hard as a rock. Here I was with my dick completely buried in the ass of my girlfriend's mother and I had no intention of stopping. I said to Shannon, "I'm not going to stop, I'll fuck you hot housewife ass until I'm ready to blow my load once more. Try to rub your clit, maybe it'll help but frankly I don't care if I'm hurting you. You're my bitch and I'll have to show you what will happen if you're disobeying me."

Shannon began to rub her clit hard with her long manicured nails and I enjoyed the sight of this mature real estate agent acting like a total slut as she accepted my supremacy.

For the next couple of minutes I fucked her hard until my entire cock was deep inside her ass. At first Shannon kept on screaming and sobbing, but she kept stimulating her clit and after some time the sobbing change to moaning and her hips began once again to move towards my hard shaft.

"How does it feel, my horny bitch," I laughed.

"Oooohhhh fuck it hurts, but it also feels good, so don't stop, don't stop," Shannon hissed and out of the blue, she began to convulse wildly under my plunging cock. Her orgasm took both of us by complete surprise and I stopped thrusting inside her butt, as Shannon squeezed my rod with her ass muscles.

"Oooohhhh I'm cumming again. Gooooooood, Jason," Shannon screamed in pleasure at the top of her lungs.

As she began to come down from her high, I resumed the rough assfucking, this time with a short, deep and very hard shoving motion. The friction of her ass convulsing around my cock was beginning to bringing me closer to a climax, and I knew exactly how I wanted this one to finish.

As Shannon regained her senses I slowly withdrew my long hard pole from her bowels. I reached out and the hot mature married woman took my hand, as I helped her turn around. I pressed on Shannon's shoulders and she quickly got the idea, instantly dropping to her knees on the tile kitchen floor.

"Suck my cock, bitch," I roared approaching my climax.

Shannon looked up at me as she wrapped her luscious crimson-red lips full lips around the head of my cock and dapped at the tip with her tongue engaging in what I would believe would be her first ass to mouth action.

Shannon wrapped her left hand around the base of my meat, and again her rings sparkled in the light. She began gulping at my cock, and within a few seconds the married woman had most of my pole shoved down her throat.

I knew I soon would blow my load and I took control of the action as I placed a hand at the back of her head, wrapping it in her hair. I began to fuck just the head of my cock in and out of her lips and knew it was a matter of seconds before I would cum.

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