Mrs. Barbara Smith


When I looked up and saw the thick, black cock pummeling her little ass, my own cock stiffened and I reached down to stroke it. Since I was so easily distracted, Mr. Twelve Inches took over the butt-fucking duties.

With his hands on his hips, Mr. Twelve Inches began casually pumping me. No doubt, he was smiling broadly as a small crowd gathered around to watch my white rectum be reamed by his humongous cock.

I certainly did not mind. The anal fulfillment was unbelievably gratifying.

As Mr. Twelve Inches gradually picked up the pace, the distinct sound of his large balls slapping my ass and my loud groans every time he thrust into my bored out ass, began to draw small crowd. The louder we got the more attention we attracted.

Unbelievably, two guys and even a female, lowered their drawers, bent over, and spread their cheeks in front of us! I was incredulous. Yet, there they were - offering Mr. Twelve Inches their white asses to fuck!

When my ass had completely loosened up, again, Mr. Twelve Inches pushed his entire length into me. He then held still, reached under me, and felt around my belly button. I just knew he was vainly trying to feel his cockhead in my guts!

After a short intermission, I began to rock my impaled ass against him. Never at a loss for words, Mr. Twelve Inches commented loudly, "That's right...give it to me! Give me your white ass... Show how everybody how much your white ass wants my big, black cock...fuck it! Show these bitches how to take it up the ass. Cum for Daddy! Let me feel it..."

Slowly but surely, I felt an orgasm building as my electrifying anal sensations intensified, rising higher and higher. I even began grinding my own hard cock into the sofa, as if I was trying to fuck it.

When my orgasm hit, it came over me like a wave. It overpowered all my senses. I closed my eyes, as my entire body went ridged, especially, my rectum.

I heard a voice close by say, "Look Hon, he's cumming," as I pushed back hard, forcing as much cock up my ass as I could. I wanted all of it! I had no control. I writhed on the sofa like an anal pig. My hands were balled up and I was crying out loudly as I ejaculated several loads onto my stomach and the sofa. I didn't care who was watching.

My orgasmic fit caused Mr. Twelve Inches to cum, too. He gave me a genuine sperm enema. In fact, the quantity of semen was so great and it went so deep, I actually got immediate indigestion and a little heartburn! I had to force myself to burp, in order to get immediate relief!

When he began pulling his twelve inches all the way out of me, I felt like I was taking an, unbelievably, huge dump. My ass shook violently as the huge cock slowly withdrew.

When his black meat stick finally popped out of my clenching ass, the sound was as loud as a champagne bottle being uncorked. Almost immediately, another cool draft ran deep into my guts. It felt scary. I had never been so opened up.

As I tried to catch my breath and recover my senses, another black guy, with an equally big cock, straddled over my leaking, stretched out asshole and plunged his rigid, black pipe deep into my bowels.

I instinctively winced, but it was not necessary. My poop chute, like Barb's, had been stretched considerably tonight. I felt no discomfort, just a relaxing fulfillment.

"Well, slut. Tell me how much you want!" he said as he held still in my upturned ass.

"I...want it...fuck my ass...fuck my ass with that big, black cock..." I murmured groggily. I even wiggled my ass to encourage him.

"Yea, we know we know you want it. Now suck my boy's cock clean. Suck all your stuff off it. He can't go home like that. What would his wife say?"

I opened my mouth for the glistening, black cock that had just emptied into my ass and then groaned as the other glistening, black cock plunged into my squishy, sperm-filled anal canal. Both cocks went deep.

Suddenly, my nose wrinkled and I instinctively tried to pull back on both the huge cocks. I had just swallowed a little butt gravy!

Mr. Twelve Inches, unintentionally, helped me take my mind off the unsettling swallow. He grabbed my ears and began fucking my face.

"What a sweet throat."

"Sweet ass, too. Look how hard he is... You really opened him up for me."

When I began gagging on Mr. Twelve Inches, not only did my spasming throat muscles stimulate his cock to the extent that it quickly swelled, my rectum involuntarily began milking the other's guy cock. Both guys found grip of the undulating muscles in my rectum and throat to be so pleasurable, that they stopped fucking me. The guys let my body fuck their giant cocks.

I quickly realized that the muscles in my orifices would soon tire, so I reached underneath me and grabbed one huge, black nutsack and then, with my other hand, I grabbed the one in front of me. I simultaneously began milking them - hard.

Mr. Twelve Inches came first. He pulled all but his cockhead out of mouth and then jacked his plentiful, sweet tasting cum into my mouth. After he came, he let me nurse his swollen cockhead for a while, before pulling away and disappearing into the theater.

My anal intruder held out a couple of minutes longer. He also gave me what felt like a venti sperm enema. He collapsed onto my back, after his last ejaculation, with his cock still buried to the hilt in my ass.

With his semen oozing out of my anus, he headily whispered in my ear, "How did that feel, Baby? Like my big cock...fucking you up the ass? I really filled you ass up... Your ass felt like it was suckin' the cum right out of my balls... Suck me later okay? Make it I can fuck your ass some more."

I think we both immediately dozed off after that all that. We were exhausted.

When I awoke, the guy's cock was still in my ass and it was still hard. I not only could feel that, but also hot liquid flooding my intestines. I panicked at first thinking my intestines had been ruptured!

It took me a few seconds to realize that the guy was urinating in me! I was too tired to even struggle. I just laid there as he filled my intestines with his raunchy, hot piss.

When the guy got off me, I eventually rolled off the sofa, and onto my knees. The sofa had become uncomfortable. There was a large damp pool of sperm and urine between my legs and underneath my groin.

Still kind of out of it, I rested my head on a dry spot on the sofa, as urine still trickled out of my dilated rosebud. I was almost asleep, again, when I felt another cock press against my swollen anus and then force its way into me. The penetration didn't stop, until he had his entire cock buried up my ass.

I glanced over my shoulder at the guy and noticed he was one of the first guys I had sucked off. He must have just woke up, too, and with a daunting hard-on. He was probably anxious to get home, but not with a full-blown erection. As I turned back around, I saw several more guys approach.

The guy went straight to it. He banged me roughly.

When I flexed my hips to adjust my rectum to his hard thrusts, he said, "You like up it the ass just as much as your girl...probably more, don't ya? You're both gonna be shitting my cum tomorrow."

His comments aroused me. His big tool had cum in my mouth and in Barb's ass and now it was in my ass. I reached underneath me and began to stroke my cock.

"Yeah baby. That's it. Open up the ass. Take it all. Now squeeze."

When he came in me, I locked my entire rectum around his pulsating cock and squeezed it as hard as I could, until his orgasm subsided. The effort exhausted me even further. Only the twitching muscles in my ass and legs moved.

When he pulled out of me, he said, "Next!"

As the next guy entered my gaping, sperm-leaking asshole, my stomach knotted. Moments later, torrents of cum and piss began exiting my stuffed ass.

The release felt so sexually gratifying, that I came internally. The guy in my ass came, too.

At least three more guys plundered my ass, before I left for home. Barb was long gone.

I went to sleep that night wondering if Barb's butt-hole clenched, too, when she felt the same empty, achy void in her rectum...

I was lucky enough to butt-fuck Barb a few more times over the next year or so - inside the theater. It was not as much fun as this night, though. I'd never had such blatant, ass-fucking enjoyment or excitement.

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by Anonymous07/22/17

clarity please!

I'll admit, I'm slightly homophobic when it comes to erotica...a heads-up would've been nice.

oh, and please, don't use abbreviations, not everyone has mind-reading powers.

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