tagMatureMrs. Burns Visits

Mrs. Burns Visits


"Mrs. Burns?"

"May I come in?"

I was always impressed by her: perfect hair, brown with blond hi-lights, stylish outfit, bright colors, a burnt-orange blouse with tan skirt, 3 inch heels. I could never believe she was Charlie's Mom, not seeming old enough to have a 24 year old son.

I stood aside as she moved past me, into the foyer of our 2 bedroom apartment. "Please, come in, I'm sorry for the mess, I wasn't expecting anybody..."

She had been here before, but these were different circumstances. She was tall, almost my height in heels. She smiled as she looked around. "It looks like a tornado hit it! Don't you boys ever clean up?"

Bowing my head, thinking This is why we don't have parents over! "Yes, Ma'am, I was just about to, when the bell rang." I rushed and threw papers and books off the couch. "Please, sit, is Charlie okay?"

"Yes, thank you, I just left him, he says you come by every night."

"Well, I know how crowded those hospitals can get, so I try not to intrude."

She lowered herself into the cushions, trying gamely to maintain her balance in all the lumps. She brushed her skirt, then slid those big sunglasses down, looking around again. "I haven't seen you since the accident. Are you okay?"

"Yes, fine, listen, I wanted to tell you and Mr.

Burns how sorry I am..."

She held up a hand. "Tommy, the cops on the scene told us. It wasn't your fault. Charlie said you keep apologizing, and I just wanted you to know that not only do we not hold you at fault, but if it hadn't been for you, my Charlie wouldn't be alive today. How are your hands?"

I looked down, self-consciously. "Better, thanks, I got the bandages off the left one."

"May I see?" holding her hand out. and I gave her mine, gingerly. Her big brown eyes welled up when she saw the ugly dry flesh, still raw in parts, and she said, "Do they hurt?"

"No, not bad." I chuckled, "A little hard to open a beer, but I get by."

She looked up at me. "If you need anything, honey, you just let us know, I mean it. I'll open beers all night for you, if you want! But seriously, you haven't been back to work, right?"

"I'm hoping for Monday, if I get the other hand cleared by the doctor."

She opened her bag, and took out her check book. "I wanted to give you Charlie's share of this month's rent, and I want to give you something extra to tide you over until you are back on your feet."

"No, that's not necessary..."

"Charlie said you wouldn't take it, but I reminded him of how tough I can be. He said to tell you it's a no-win situation."

She looked around. "I also will be sending Awilda, and her girls over to straighten up this place. My son is not coming back to this mess! And I bet there's nothing in the fridge, right? Don't make me check!"

I was being scolded, sweetly, playfully, and I had to smile. "No, Ma'am, the pantry is bare, as they say!"

"Well, I have the day off, so we will be making a road trip to restock this place. Get you some beers and a nice bottle opener, okay?"

"Mrs Burns..."

"Call me Kim, please."

"This really isn't necessary, he would have done the same for me."

"Yes, I hope he would, but you risked your life to get him out of that car, and it could have blown up and killed you both!" She was welling up again.

"Well, we weren't and I should have known about that turn, it's always slick in the light rain like that."

"Enough! Thanks to you, Charlie will be released in a week or so, and once his leg heals, he'll be as good as new. And like it or not, you are now my Guardian Angel, too. I just think about poor Charlie in that burning car! And I get... Oh, here I go again!" and she sobbed, and broke into tears.

I moved next to her on the couch. "It's okay, every thing's fine, he's gonna be just fine."

She looked at me, then buried her head into my chest, holding me tightly. I put my arms around her shoulders as best I could, and let her cry. After a moment, she wiped her nose with a tissue from her bag.

"I'm sorry to get you all soaked, Tommy, I just think... anyway, when you are up to it, we can go shopping, and run by the rental office. Just get dressed first, People would be talking for sure!"

Damn, all I had on was a tee shirt and PJ bottoms. I was so shocked to see her, I didn't even notice. And now that I did, I realized I had a little woody going.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't realize! I..." Stalling, thinking how obvious it will be if I grab a pillow, and how awkward if I don't.

She smiled, "If you have to shower, I have all day, and I can do some cleaning..."

And let her come across porn tapes and DVD's? Oh, Shit!

She was stacking newspapers, and magazines when I saw my chance, and darted for my room. I washed up quickly, brushing my teeth, combing my hair, and I heard a knock on the bathroom door. "Yes?"

"May I come in?"

"I'll be out in a second!" I was bare-chested, and in fresh jockeys when the door opened to my room and she stepped in.

"I'll... just let me grab a shirt and we can go!"

"Tommy? Where do you want these?" She held up 3 DVD cases, all x-rated. Mine were stashed in my dresser, so they must have been Charlie's, but I couldn't rat him out.

"Oh, I'm sorry," smiling weakly. "Like I said, I wasn't expecting company."

"No, but maybe you need company."

She tossed them on the bed, and I noticed they were all Older Women themes. With college boys, with blacks, lesbians. But all women Mrs. Burns' age or older. Charlie had a Mother thing! Who knew?

I mumbled, shuffled my feet as I held my jeans in front of me. "I'm really sorry, Mrs Burns..."


"Kim, I shouldn't..."

"Shhh, Tommy, I know what young men have on their minds. I'm not that old! I just thought your choice of themes was interesting."

"Well, I can explain..."

"It's not necessary, Tom, I'm flattered, really, and when we first met, I thought I detected... a connection. Am I right?"

Actually, she was, but that was because I didn't realize she was Charlie's mom! "Yes, Ma'am."

She was closer now, her hands at her sides. "Tommy, can you be discreet? I mean, can you keep something just between you and I?"

I nodded. "Mr. Burns and I have an understanding. Sort of 'Don't ask, don't tell', if you know what I mean. I would hate for Charlie to think poorly of his Mom, too." I nodded, amazed that this was happening. "I was attracted to you before the accident, but since then, I've had fantasies."

"About me?"

She nodded. Our faces inches apart. "You've done so much for my family, and your burns must have cramped your style with the opposite sex... and I would be honored to help you relieve any stress you may feel. Do you follow?"

I nodded again, as she tugged the jeans from my hand and looked down at me. This little chat had me rock hard now, and she smiled. "Did I cause that?"

I closed my eyes and felt her hand brushing the front of the bulge, then the elastic moved and she reached inside as they slid down. I hadn't jerked off since the fire, my hands were too sore or too rough.

When her soft long fingers wrapped around my shaft, I thought I was gonna come, immediately, and I felt her kisses on my chest, tickling the small patch of hair, then teasing my nipples as her hand rose and fell between us.

I felt her lips on mine, and her tongue shot in, and I held her in my arms, the hands still almost useless. I looked into her eyes as she slowly drifted to the floor, licking the head of my cock as it twitched in her hand.

She looked spectacular as she smiled then slid me into her hot lips. I was wondering about her fantasy and whether this was part of it as she slurped on my cock, almost gagging when she pushed all 7 inches deep.

She backed off and licked the tip, her tongue flickering like a candle. The wave came quickly, and though I tried to contain it, the force would not be denied. I groaned and held her head to it as I felt the sperm erupt, shooting a load, deep, and she gagged again.

I released her head so she could breathe, and shot again, holding the mattress, now. She stayed on it, drinking every drop, expertly.

I softened and she released me, coming up my naked body, still fully clothed. "I'm sorry, you are just so hot!"

"Shh," she whispered. We kissed and I could taste my cum for the first time. She played with my nipples, and whispered, "Should we shop now and continue this later? We have so much more to do."

My cock was showing signs of life again, so I said, "You're getting me hard again, it's gonna be awkward shopping with this thing."

She smiled between kisses. "I was hoping you would say that." She pulled her orange top over her head and her tits were everything I expected. She unhooked the skirt and slid out of it, still in heels, with white bra and panties.

She pushed me back on the bed, and unhooked the bra. Her tits sagged slightly, but she was tighter than many 30 yr olds I had seen. She lowered her panties and I was surprised to see she was shaved.

She climbed over me, inverted for 69, then went back to my cock as she spread and I could see her glisten with moisture. My tongue sampled her, and she shook gently. I dipped further and she ground down on my face.

She was making throaty noises, almost gurgling, as she moved up and down my shaft, and I hardened. When I was fully erect, it was time, and she swung around, still over me but facing each other.

She held my cock, and teased her slit with it, while driving me crazy! Her head of hair tumbled around me, and it was dark, and I felt her stiffen when she started to take me in.

She groaned again, as I went deeper, and I moved my hips forward, feeling her dance on the head of my cock. She bit my neck, and kissed it as she began rocking, back and forth, me firmly implanted, and her breathing roughly.

My hips moved up to smack hers, and she whimpered about how good it felt. That spurred me on, and having just cum, I was good to go.

We stayed like that, then rolled over, with me on top, then I plopped out of her, and she rolled onto her belly. I propped a pillow under her, raising her hips and got behind her for maximum penetration I shoved hard, feeling her give from my pressure.

She really groaned as I began hammering her, standing behind her while holding her hips, this awesome woman who was my best friend's mom, sweating and moaning from my pounding! If only I could feel those tits dangling!

"Oh, Baby, make me cum, make me cum! Arghhhhh!"

I felt my head twitch, like the trigger on a gun, and I shot, my second load almost as big as the first! She grunted and splayed across the bed, and I slumped onto her, both gasping for air.

Somehow, she moved under my weight and we faced each other, kissing, whispering, with me telling her she was the best I ever had, and her saying this was better than the fantasy and only the beginning.

We dressed slowly, then shopped and returned to do it again, before going separately to see Charlie.

He was in good spirits when I got there. "So, my Mom came to the house, huh?"

I nodded, told him about her paying the rent for both of us, buying groceries, even leaving expense money to hold us over. He said he knew: She and his dad were in earlier, and they agreed to finance us for the whole summer. Apparently, the Burns family was better off than Charlie let on.

"No sense fighting it, Bud, Mom has a way of getting whatever she wants, and Dad's just as happy to go along with her. And like it or not, you are now her adopted son!"

No, I thought, I'm her Guardian Angel, and she's coming over tomorrow, too!

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