tagMind ControlMuch Mightier Than the Sword Ch. 02

Much Mightier Than the Sword Ch. 02


I want to thank everyone for their overwhelming positive feedback to the first chapter of my story and I also wanted to apologize for the amount of time it has taken me to post this chapter. Here's hoping you enjoy the second part just as much as the first.


An incredible sensation lifted Bobby out of his slumber, and his eyes fluttered open. He was enamored with the sight of his beloved Alexis, his new slave, worshipping his erect dick with her tongue. She was licking its entire length, sucking his balls, and swallowing his entire member with a level of gusto she had never shown before in the time he had known her…except for yesterday. Because yesterday was the day his life had changed. Due to some very strange circumstances, Bobby now had in his possession an item with unlimited power; it was a pen with the peculiar ability to control minds. When used in conjunction with an equally mysterious canister of black ink, the pen could be used to write messages that the reader must obey, no matter the content. The first person he had tested this extraordinary gift on was his beautiful bitch of a girlfriend, Alexis. He had changed her mood from truculent and bitter to joyful and admiring with a simple stroke of the pen, and then he had succeeded in making her follow any verbal command he was to give her, effectively changing her from kind, kinky girlfriend to slutty slave in no time flat.

Alexis looked up at her new master with those beautiful brown eyes that had come alive the day before, as she continued to work his morning wood into her mouth with a heated passion. Her enthusiastic ministrations were sending him closer and closer to the edge. She stopped sucking for a moment and lightly licked the tip of his dick while smiling sexily at him. Bobby moaned loudly as his orgasm quickly approached. She locked her lips back around the head and began to fondle his nuts and the rest of his shaft. Her technique was too good for him to withstand for long. As her tongue lashed around the cock head that was thrust inside her mouth, he erupted. His hips jerked up from the bed as blissful stars lit his vision. Alexis swallowed every remaining drop of his seed before licking clean his spasming member, then finished it off with a light kiss to the head.

"Good morning," she finally said, her voice as light and joyful as it had been yesterday. Bobby swallowed hard.

"Yes, it is."

Alexis slithered up the side of his body and came to lay her head to rest on his chest. She rubbed one hand over his slightly-hairy chest and the other played with his hair as her naked body coiled itself around his. The sheets and covers were tousled and barely remained on the bed from the previous evening's activities.

"Breakfast is almost ready," she said with a voice that sounded as if it could break off into unending giggles at any moment. He looked down at her, pleasantly surprised. As if on cue, he started to smell the delicious aromas of cooking bacon and eggs wafting in from the door, and immediately realized how starved he was. Either all of last night's events had taken more out of him than he thought, or the pen and its miracle ink had sapped his stamina and energy reserves immensely. With that thought, Bobby glanced over at the nightstand beside her bed, at the fountain pen and the strange ink canister that sat atop it. He made a small note to himself then, not to use the pen more than twice a day. Who knew what would happen if it were used more than that?

"What is it? Do you want to write me another message?" She must have seen him looking at the mystical items. She leaned up from her position on his chest to look him directly in the eyes, still smiling beautifully. "Do you want to command me to do something else?"

"Maybe later," he responded. "I was actually thinking about using it on someone new today." Her smiled started to fade a little. Bobby only smiled big. "I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. You want me to use the pen and ink on however many women I want, because that makes me happy. Isn't that right?" Her smile returned, bright as ever.

"Of course," she agreed, leaning in to kiss him on the lips. The small kiss soon evolved into a deep, heated one. Their lips mashed tightly together, their tongues tangled within, her body pressed tightly to his, her tits pressed hard to his chest. Finally, she broke the passionate kiss and slunk out of bed. "I've got to finish up with the food." Without bothering to get dressed, she walked toward the doorway that led out to the rest of the apartment. She stopped and turned to say, "After all, you're going to need all the energy you can get if you're going to fuck a bunch of girls today." The comment was made in all seriousness, as she continued to smile peaceably. Then she was out the door to tend to the food.

Bobby still found this whole situation hard to believe. It was all so surreal. He pulled himself up out of the bed and stretched his aching body in the morning light that sliced through the blinds over the windows in Alexis' room. As he pulled his clothes on, he thought of all the possibilities that awaited him for the day, but he was quickly learning that that thread of thought tended to be more overwhelming than anything, so he quickly decided to just take everything in stride. Having the power of a god was almost too much for a single human to handle, especially one so young. It was Saturday, so he had pretty much all day to fuck off (literally) without any responsibilities to worry about. Then the thought occurred to him that he didn't really have to have any responsibilities for the rest of his days, probably. He would never have to work again. He could just get Alexis to give him all the money he wants, or anyone else for that matter. And if he never had to work again, what the fuck would the point of going to school be?

All of the potential for supreme leisure was starting to strain heavily on his sane mind, so Bobby managed to push those thoughts away and focus on one thing at a time. He finished dressing and sat down on the bed, finding himself staring at the pen and ink once again. His thoughts turned to who his next subject should be, and then a marvelous idea came to him. He grabbed up the godly items and left the room.

Bobby sat at the kitchen table, waiting patiently for his nude slave to finish with the breakfast. She finally placed a full plate in front of him, as well as a tall glass of orange juice. The food looked and smelled terrific. He immediately dug in, shoveling the eggs and biscuits into his mouth. He was so into it that he barely heard her say, "Be back in a jiff. I'm gonna throw a little something on." He nodded shortly and continued to eat. When she came back, she was wearing a very short pair of boxers and a tight white tank top that her nipples proudly protruded from. She sat at the table and started on her plate of food that held much lesser proportions than her master's. Bobby was finishing up his.

"Wow. You did a great job on breakfast, you little slut." Alexis looked up from her food and smiled hugely.

"Thank you," was all she said before scooping up another bite. Bobby leaned back in his chair, fully satisfied by the meal, and gazed upon his slutty new respectful girlfriend.

"From now on, Alexis, you are an ultra slut." She looked back up into his eyes, listening intently. "You love sex more than anything, and will strive to get it in any way that you can, from anyone that you can, including women." Alexis simply nodded as she slowly chewed her food. Bobby leaned forward to emphasize the next part. "Because now you're bisexual. You love the female form and find their beauty much more arousing than even the best looking man, except for me, of course. You still love cock, though. You must have cock very frequently or your needs will never be fully met." He took a moment to let these new commands sink in. She swallowed a mouthful of food.

"Whatever you say, baby," she finally responded. Her nipples were now much harder than earlier, and were struggling to break free from the thin fabric of the tank top.

"So tell me your thoughts on the hottie that lives above you," he said with a smirk, pointing toward the ceiling.

"Denise? Oh my god, she's so fucking hot. She has the most amazing tits…and her legs…her legs. She always wears these little shorts around that show off her tight ass and her long, tanned legs. I just want to grab her ass so bad and rip her shirt off so I can play with those plump, beautiful titties. I bet she shaves her pussy too. I would really like to find out." She clenched her barely-clothed legs together as she explained her feelings for the smoking-hot blonde that lived just above her. Her free hand absent-mindedly found its way to one of her breasts and began pinching and tweaking the hard nipple through the shirt.

"Well, you may just get to find out one of these days," Bobby said, still smiling from her new thoughts on the female gender. "But today, I want you to go out in an outfit of my choosing and find a woman to bring back here so that I may write her a special little message."

"Of course," Alexis acquiesced, still pawing at her tit through the shirt. Bobby stood up from his chair and stretched.

"As a matter of fact, let's go to the store now and pick up a nice little outfit for you." And with that, Alexis stopped eating and proceeded to get dressed. Soon after, the two headed out. They ended up at a department store not too far from Alexis' apartment. It didn't take Bobby very long to pick out the outfit that she would wear to score some pussy. It consisted of a barely-there black halter top that tied in the front at the breasts, and a breathtakingly-short denim mini skirt. The only underwear to speak of was a sheer pair of black thongs. The whole thing was topped off with sexy black high heels that would hopefully make her long, slender legs stretch on even further. Bobby rushed her back home and immediately had her model the outfit for him as soon as they stepped through her front door. They went back into her room and he watched, entranced, as she stripped her mundane clothing off and started dressing in her new super-slut outfit. Fully nude, the first article she pulled on was the sheer black thongs. His pants tightened as she pulled up the sexy undergarment over her beautiful legs and then up over her hips, the thin fabric burying itself between her pussy lips and her ass. She twirled around once slowly for him, hoping to please him while he watched, and it did indeed please him. Next, she worked the denim skirt on, pulling it up over the thongs and zipping it up. She pushed the waist of the skirt down so that it rested very low on her hips and pulled the straps of thongs so that they showed over the denim, but only slightly. Bobby nodded in approval, as transfixed as ever.

She then put on the black halter and turned away from him to tie it up in the front. She turned back around to face him and started to put the heels on her feet. Bobby definitely loved the way she tied the halter tight, forcing her tits up high and together, creating a delicious amount of cleavage. She slid the shoes on, straightened her dark hair out, and posed for him in the finished product, a sexy smile spread out on her full, sultry lips. Bobby was speechless. How had he been so lucky? He didn't even want to think about it right now. He had this hot, slutty babe standing right before him, ready to obey anything he said, and he was going to take her again…now. He stepped forward and kissed her aggressively while taking both of her tits in his eager hands. She responded to the kiss with a grope of her own and began rubbing her hand over his pant-covered crotch. He quickly untied the halter and started to suck on her hard, pink nipples without hesitation. Alexis moaned and unzipped his jeans. It wasn't long before she had his cock free and was stroking it. That only lasted a moment before Bobby pulled his lips away from hers and spoke.

"Get on your knees and blow me, slut," he commanded. There was no second thought from her and she was on her knees in no time, taking him into her lipstick-covered mouth. He pulled his pants further down around his knees to give her more room to operate on his package, and that she did. She sucked his staff feverishly for a minute before removing it and licking his nutsack, then suckling on each ball, alternately.

"Will you please fuck my ass?" she asked eagerly, looking up into his eyes as she continued to massage his cock and balls. He nodded. She smiled and stood up to lean over the dresser that was sitting nearby. She stuck her skirt-covered ass out to him. He assaulted her like a beast, pulling her skirt up and tugging the thongs down to her knees. "Yes!" she screamed in anticipation before he even penetrated her. Bobby lined up his member with her wet and swollen pussy and plunged in deeply, all the way to the base of his cock. Another loud moan of pleasure escaped from her throat. She braced herself against the large, oak dresser, her bare tits mashed against its finished surface. He pounded her pussy more than a few times to get his dick wet enough for entry into her ass. She continued to moan and pant as he fucked her twat. She then arched her back and started playing with her nipples again. Her master played with her ass cheeks, reluctant to take his dick out of her cunt, because it felt so good. But he knew her ass was much tighter, so he removed his cock from her pussy and lined it up with her asshole. Alexis squealed in anticipation, knowing what was about to come. As soon as he sunk his pussy-lubed dick into her dark sanctuary, she came. Her high-pitch screams filled the apartment as she spasmed from the pleasure coursing through her.

Bobby continued to fuck her, still not terribly close to his own orgasm. Her pleasure was mounting again, however, and it wasn't long before she was approaching another orgasm. He reached forward with one hand and began to play with one of her tits as his dick continued pumping in and out of her ass.

"Please…keep…fucking, my….fucking my ass…," she was saying, barely able to form a coherent sentence since the pleasure was too overwhelming for her. Bobby felt the early stirrings of his orgasm and began pumping into her ass faster and harder than before, gripping her hips to stabilize his assault. She gripped the sides of the dresser harder than ever, causing it to rock and shake with them. What he first thought were words coming from Alexis quickly turned into incoherent mumbling and gibberish. She was shutting her eyes tightly, quickly approaching another climax as her moans and screams began to reach a fever pitch. And then they both came at almost exactly the same instant. Bobby buried his cock deep within her bowels and unloaded his seed for what seemed like an eternity. Jet after jet of cum shot into her, eventually overflowing out of her ass and dripping down her leg. Her orgasm crashed over her at about that time, causing her sphincter muscle to spasm around his cock while she writhed in pure ecstasy.

He withdrew from her and they both went to take a shower together. Under the hot spray of the water, they both teased each other while they cleansed themselves. Before they got out, Alexis sucked him off until he came on her face. She cleaned off the cum and they got out and got dressed. She dressed in her new outfit once again and Bobby put on the only clothes he had with him. They stepped outside to head off in their separate directions. Alexis locked the door behind her.

"So, you know your mission, right?" he asked, glancing out over the railing of the apartment complex, taking in the beauty of the sunny, new day.

"Of course," she replied, looking at her cell phone – probably at text messages.

"Repeat it to me," he commanded. She closed her phone and slipped it back into her small, red purse.

"Go out and find a hot, bi girl or lesbian, get her to come back here, and then I call you to tell you her name."

"Absolutely, and make sure you give me enough time to make it back over here before you get back," he added.


They both headed down to the ground level and separated to get in their own cars. She climbed into the new SUV Bobby was driving yesterday, and Bobby found his modest Volkswagen GTI sitting amongst the other parked cars in the small lot. Not another word was spoken before the two headed off in separate directions.


The brand new Lincoln Navigator tore down the road with the small, lithe frame of Alexis situated behind the wheel. Her thoughts swirled over the events of yesterday and today as she piloted the large SUV in no particular direction. It was still hard for her to believe that she used to think of Bobby in such a vile way, using him for her own amusement. How could she have been so ignorant? Now, she realized his true significance in her life and couldn't help herself from admiring everything about him. It was so clear now that she deserved nothing more than to serve him and make him happy. She knew her new attitude had come from those messages he had written to her with that strange pen, but that didn't matter to her. It had only served to clear her mind and bring the truth to the surface. The messages told her how things were and how they had to be, and she knew that with every fiber of her being.

Her thoughts quickly shifted to the task at hand. She had been commanded by her master to bring him back a woman, and she was going to do just that if it was the last thing she was to do on this planet. Besides, she was dying for some female action as well, ever since that buried desire had been unearthed by Bobby. She wanted nothing more than to find a hot, young college student like herself and eat her pussy long into the night. That thought sent a euphoric thrill through her body and she squeezed her legs tightly together as she drove. But where would be the best place to find a young, hot lesbian at this time of day? It was far too early for the gay bars to be doing any kind of business, so she pushed that thought away. She supposed the next best place would be the very place she goes every weekend to spend her seemingly never-ending supply of cash, the place she and Bobby had been at just a day earlier, searching for that elusive pair of pants. Alexis turned onto the next main street and headed south toward the mall, her sheer thongs moistening more with each passing moment.


Only five minutes had passed since leaving Alexis' apartment before Bobby pulled to a stop against the curb on 34th street. The street was a small road in a friendly suburban neighborhood that he visited quite frequently. Both sides of the street were lined with cookie-cutter houses outlined with picket or boarded fences and prefaced by a straight, planted line of healthy deciduous trees in front of the sidewalks. Bobby climbed out of his compact hatch-back and surveyed the quiet street. Besides a few kids playing a game of basketball down in a driveway at the end of the block, the street was desolate and serene. He shut the door of his car and hurried up a stone path to the front porch of a quiet, two-story home. He pulled open the screen door and knocked on the inside door. Within a minute, the door swung open to reveal one of Bobby's best friends. Eli Connor was a tall, handsome kid with short, dark hair and kind eyes. He was obviously just lounging around lazily on this Saturday, since he was still wearing his sleeping attire and no shoes.

"Hey, what's up, Captain?" he said, stepping aside so that Bobby could enter.

"Well, a whole lot, actually," he replied, trying unsuccessfully to hide the excitement in his voice. He stepped inside and Eli closed the door behind them and they both started toward the kitchen.

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