tagSci-Fi & FantasyMudSlide (The Birth of Pleasure)

MudSlide (The Birth of Pleasure)

byUnsung Muse©

Gaea idled, sprawled out and stretched, sapped of strength and yet restless. Another wicked wave of heat swamped her tawny flesh and soaked her vine-tangled hair. These were frequent now. She knew what they were.

Gaea's reason for being was being taken from her. Her drive to procreate waned.

The gloomy weight of Nyx loomed heavy above her now. A dull unknown longing had surfaced in the molten core of her heart. It replaced the need to fill her shrunken belly. It was a new hunger she'd never known the urge to sate. It was a thirst she'd never felt compelled to quench.

What was to become of her now? What was this replacement ache designed to make of her – to tell her? Had she not done enough? She'd brought forth the bloody Sky, for Heaven's sake. Millennia ago, mind you, but it was a labor not even that of the Twelve Mighty Titans had rivaled.

So much had been taken, reaped, but so very long since any viable seed had been sown – nothing worthy of taking root, for certain. Gaea feared she had nothing left to give.

The hoards of ungrateful blood-sucking products of her womb – now stretched, torn, and rendered uncultivable from their unforgiving passage – provided little comfort in this time of unsettling change. For the first time in Gaea's existence she cared little about their various stations, their conquests, their cataclysmic differences, or even their general well being. For the first time, Gaea felt a pang deep within that had nothing to do with them and everything to do with a strange new desire surging in the void left behind.

She wanted passion: lust without the accompanying duty, the tenderness of a shared bed without the overriding purpose. After all, the weight of the world had rested not on her sturdy shoulders, but rather passed through her blessed loins.

What Gaea wanted was to feel ripe and womanly again – that rush of blood and swell of breasts as she rose and fell in the act of creation – but now, this time, she ached to create something else. Not a god. Not an element. Not another superhuman race. Not a Heavenly Body. Something of her and for her and her alone – a thing conceived to serve, to please, not betray, shame, dismiss, or defile her.

Gaea wanted passion: a touch for touch sake.

Pleasure: pure, undemanding pleasure.

A thin far-off sound of singing and running water interrupted Gaea's menopausal introspective. Her dark green all-seeing eyes narrowed and focused on a tiny unfamiliar waterfall where a dainty little wisp of a creature bathed in the sparkling flow. She had a handful of ripe cherries and was popping them into her juice-stained mouth between languid lines of her sweet melody.

It was troublesome enough that Gaea – Mother of all things – did not recognize this tiny form. She was taken aback further still by the immediate return of her omnipotent peeping. Unprecedented. Bright flashing eyes glared right back into Gaea's supreme stare with unwavering self-assurance. This uncataloged nymph took casual liberties with Gaea small few would dare. Those big glittering eyes held strange sentiments, unsettling depth of knowledge and – what was this – compassion?

Giggling, the spritely figure cleared her pretty throat and half covered her exquisite breasts in mock shyness.

Another wave of heat washed over Gaea. Her unblinking eyes and continued puzzlement provoked an additional gentle throat clearing, followed by a smile that could melt the milky caps from the Pindus.

"What magical creature are you?" Gaea recovered. "Of water, air, earth, or fire?" she awaited no answer, "What a pleasant looking little thing you are. I shall call you..."

"Pardon me, mum, I am not yours to name," the creature's voice was music, her chide a playful quip. "I think it rather presumptuous of you to try..." though she smiled brightly and did not look to have taken the slightest offense.

A minor tremor affected Gaea's reply.

"I am Gaea. I am Mother. You are of my making."

The words were sure and proud. The tone was not.

The creature giggled again, popped the last cherry into her mouth, placed her hands on her hips and carefully surveyed the growing bewilderment in Gaea's great face. Everything Gaea knew to be true balanced on the head of a pin as the strange cock-sure little sprite smiled back her defiant delight.

"I do not belong to you, madam, as I was not born of your body." The words were careful and gentle, though still cheerful and matter-of-fact. "Nay, mum, you shall not name me... though, if it please you, you may call on me."

Gaea repeated, quieter now, as if assuring herself. "I am Gaea. I am Mother. You are of my making, as are all things..."

"Nay, my great lady, wondrous Gaea. Though I may give myself to you," the words clung to her tongue like honey, flashing eyes emphasized how the creature reveled in their slow delivery and suggestion.

Gaea shook her great head. A twist of glorious vines – rusts and browns and greens – unfurled and curled, snatched the insolent vixen from the unknown secret valley, reeled her in and set her firmly on Gaea's mountainous chest.

The creature giggled her delight in provoking such abrupt rough handling and nimbly steadied herself on Gaea's heaving breast. She then began to turn in slow deliberate circles holding her arms out from her sides for Gaea's full inspection.

The beautiful little nymph stood not more than eight inches tall. Naked, her skin – almost translucent – seemed to both reflect and transmit light. It shimmered, emitting an enchanting bluish-white glow. No, beautiful was too mild. Wild azure eyes shone like gemstones and flashed with naughty whimsy. Long slender legs led up to a perfect little firm round backside, partially obscured – playing peek-a-boo with Gaea through a hazy veil of silky golden tresses.

Gaea was torn between almighty offense and irrefutable intrigue. She could not deny her unexpected delight in this unfamiliar challenge. She had to admit it presented a welcome distraction from her self-pitying loll about, a respite, even though by rights she should smite this impetuous little vixen on the spot.

Stopping to face her again, the nymph eyed Gaea's strained expression with a deliciously wicked little smile. She slid her tiny hands up and pinched her own soft pink nipples, intently holding Gaea's gaze and licking her lips as they hardened to perfect little points between her slender fingers.

Gaea's gasp in reaction rocked through the small balanced body. The sprite giggled, having to steady herself again.

"For the sake of my own entertainment, I'll play along," Gaea drew out the words, slow and hesitant, almost afraid of the path her own piqued curiosity and boredom had her taking. "You amuse me, nameless little one. Let's say for a moment the impossible is true, that you do not belong to me..." A great pause, "What do you mean 'give yourself' to me?"

The gorgeous creature smiled broadly and exaggerated a deep low curtsy, holding long the position while Gaea flushed at the impossible-to-ignore peek of blush between the tiny bent white legs.

It was Gaea's turn to clear her throat.

"What is your purpose, you bold little thing?" Gaea meant to sound commanding, but the question idled out in a sad thin whine of rattled confusion.

"Why pleasure, mum, sweet pleasure... yours and MINE." Again, cheerful and matter-of-fact – simply stated with no reservation, but with marked emphasis on 'mine'.

Perplexed beyond words, Gaea looked on in supreme disbelief as the nimble nymph began to caress herself with expert familiarity – the creature's instant and unabashed arousal was extreme – as she breathed out the words. "Do you like what you see?"

Eyes fixed on Gaea's – confident, knowing, needing no answer. The earthquake of Gaea's quickening heartbeat prompted the need to spread her tiny feet even further apart for stability, though it served another need.

"My pleasure excites you, Madam, I can feel it in your great breast. You tremble beneath my feet and I feel your longing quake through my entire body." Delicious short breaths sweetly pushed out the words, as the creature wetted her fluttering fingers in the petal-soft folds of her pretty pink pussy. She then drew them in a snaky little trail up over her taut belly and between her small round breasts. She slid them into her mouth and winked at Gaea as she licked them clean, while her other hand spread her lovely plump white labia open to show Gaea the ripe rosy protrusion of her slick swollen clit.

"Wouldn't you rather touch me than name me, Madam?" The sweet melodious voice grew throaty. As she arched back, the little feet slid effortlessly apart, offering Gaea a simply scandalous view of this most intimate masturbation. Both hands taking unhurried turns – spreading, dipping, sliding, rubbing – returning to a panting open snap-dragon mouth to deliver the sweet dripping nectar to a hungrily darting little cherry-stained tongue.

Gaea's great breast rose and fell, as she struggled with the unfamiliar sensations pulsing through her almighty body. She had never witnessed such an exquisite and unbridled exposition of raw lust, not even when she'd guiltily spied on Aphrodite spreading herself wide for Ares feisty tongue or when she'd caught the Daughters of the Sea taking turns making love to one another with the horn of plenty. Those acts were scandalous curiosities. They hadn't enflamed her like this. What was this strange heat – this unknown stirring in her sacred center? The urges were very real and very strong. Though reluctant, Gaea was beginning to understand the all-consuming ache she'd been suppressing these past many moons. The dizzying pulse between her great matronly thighs, craved not godly seed... it throbbed for touch, just touch. Her great mouth watered.

"Do you like my tiny pussy, Madam?" The whisper issued from deep inside the little nymph's pretty throat. "I see you, swallowing your desire... you want to taste me don't you?" Her soft giggles teased between musical moans. "You want to thrust your great tongue deep inside and make me twitch and squirm on the end of it – a skewered butterfly."

Gaea's face flushed deeply at the graphic allusion, overwhelmed by the intense accuracy of the creature's keen perception of the desire she struggled to stifle.

The willful sprite skipped a little closer to Gaea's great blushing face and plopped her soft bare bottom down. Knees raised, she spread her thighs wide before Gaea's tilted head. Her lovely lean legs, no bigger each than Gaea's own index fingers.

"Tilt your head a little more, madam. This is what you want," she held her glistening lips open again for Gaea with her tiny wet fingers.

Gaea tried to avert her eyes. Her great nostrils flared at the unmistakable scent of apple blossom. The creature's little head rolled back, sweeping the long silky golden tresses across Gaea's mountainous chest, as she purred.

"Taste me, madam. I know your great mouth fills with hunger for me. I want to feel your giant wet tongue against me."

Gaea swallowed hard. Her lips parted against her most conscious will. The tiny sprawled form issued a soft long moan as she felt Gaea's moist warm breath between her thighs.

Gaea's tongue reacted to the seductive moan before she could stop it. It slithered out through her parted lips – narrowed to a point and took careful aim – seemingly of its own volition. The tip of Gaea's willful tongue pressed into the warm wet softness that opened eagerly around it. An orchestral flood of sweet throaty sounds urged it forward, the tight hug of contracting flesh foretold of secret pleasures yet to come.

"My lady, do not be timid. I know the full grandeur of the great Mother Earth's tongue, must be magnificent indeed, but my body aches to be filled by such supreme splendor... you must give me more." The breathless creature slid her tiny hands under her splendid ass and lifted, thrusting forward with her raised hips to slide her pretty little body onto Gaea's quivering tongue. Gaea froze in place, her tongue extended – a glorious godlike erection – as the panting sprite plunged and rocked, forward and back, fucked her little self with feverish expertise. Words rose and fell on apple blossom-scented winds, barely discernable through throaty groans.

"You grow wet too, Madam. I know.... My pleasure brings you – hssss – pleasure, but you want to feel my beautiful body... hard and hot against your – uh – great – ah – hungry – unhg – cunt." The last word exploded on the air, threatened to rouse almighty Zeus, carried by growling breaths and amplified by exquisite orgasm. The tiny form shuddered: skewered butterfly, indeed.

Gaea strained to suppress a smile of delight as her giant sopping tongue softened, retreated back into its warm dark cave. She swallowed deeply, the sweet lingering liquid securing her beauty and immortality, as she replayed the words in her great dizzy head.

The soft little body rolled over and curled herself luxuriantly around one of Gaea's large brown nipples. It hardened quickly at the touch, to Gaea's awe and dismay.

Can my hallowed being experience such a thing? More perplexing still, how could this tiny creature possibly intend to pleasure ME – the Supreme Goddess? I am Gaea, Mother of all things, and this slip of a vixen – all told, the size of my almighty hand – contends the expertise to bring me pleasure, the likes of which I found not in scores of affairs. They were undertaken only to bring forth this great world.

Blasphemous. Preposterous. Unthinkable.

Smiling up into Gaea's awesome face, the damp and blushing pixie picked her little self up with fluid grace. Gaea grew awkwardly aware the strange magical being was reading her mind. Uncomfortable once more, Gaea cleared her throat.

"Mine is to give birth – life to all things – nothing more. I do not mate for 'pleasure', strange little one."

"Pardon me, mum, but have you derived no pleasure from your lovers, from your mates?" It was blatantly rhetorical. The waif knew the answer to this too. "From Uranus, from Pondus... no gratification?"

"My duty is to my children. I exist for them alone." A small lake formed in the soft well below Gaea's great left eye.

The creature's all-knowing expression softened. "Your responsibility is too great, madam." She whispered sweetly, "it would please me to have you know pleasure, for pleasure sake. It would thrill me to bring you passion."

Mother Earth wiped fresh rivers from her golden-green-flecked eyes, as the tiny beauty flashed her a tender smile. She turned, began to saunter toward the Goddess's great belly. That sweet musical giggle returned to Gaea's flushing ears, as from very far away. The soft padding footsteps tickled as she went.

Gaea's great brown thighs fell languidly apart, as that foreign expectant humming began anew between them. She closed her eyes, let her massive head lull back, licked her full lips and swallowed hard.

The creature lay on her flat little belly, nestled in the soft moss of Gaea's full womanly mound, the tiny head and arms dangling down over the moist smooth slope below. Gaea's incomparable opening, a mudslide of warm soft wetness that smelled faintly of sage and cinnamon, blossomed in welcome as the enchanting little nymph marveled at its neglected beauty. She placed both hands on Gaea's great godly clit and kissed it with absolute reverence, gently kneading with all her little fingers and purring with delight.

Gaea took long deep breaths. The heady scent of this – her own unfamiliar excitement – reached up, intoxicated her and this touch, this worship, sent thrills up through her belly and made the great wet space beneath her vibrating clit ache for contact. New waves of heat – not like those she'd suffered earlier – bathed her entire body in an ethereal golden glow. Her supple tawny flesh, slick with fragrant dew, was alive with intense new sensations. Strange lustful sounds crept unchecked from the damp sweet cave of her mouth. Her massive thighs plied farther and farther apart by giant unseen godlike hands. She gasped at the sudden unparalleled pleasure, as the hard-bodied vixen slid – full-length and face first – down the hot wet mudslide of Gaea's formidable cunt.

Strange exotic music flooded the Supreme Goddess's burning ears. She felt an intense growing pressure, a delicious heat between her engorged pussy lips. The creature stood, wrapped herself in their lavish slick softness and began to spin – round-and-round at an unnatural speed – sending an extraordinary hum through Gaea's great throbbing body. An intense light, an unearthly blue-white glow, enveloped her. A cool tingling breeze played over every inch of her aching flesh. A tumble of golden tresses fell over and around her, soft and luxuriant, as two huge sparkling azure eyes looked up at her from a magnificent glowing white face.

Yes, beautiful was far too mild.

The charmed vixen knelt between Gaea's wide spread legs, now Gaea's equal in size, with her lovely cherry-stained lips poised – wet and parted – above the great Goddess's waiting mudslide pussy. That familiar musical giggle reached Gaea's burning ears. Warm moist breath moaned against her buzzing clit. Long nimble fingers slid with expert ease into Gaea's ravenous heat.

The Heaven's grew deep crimson and vibrant orange. The Fifty Daughters of the Sea sang out their garbled enchanted song, trying to remember where they'd hidden the horn of plenty. Zeus stirred from his three-thousand-year-sleep, a raging hard-on throbbing between his silver-white thighs. Aphrodite spread her legs wide for Ares belligerent tongue, while Diana – the Huntress – lay down her rusty bow, got down on all fours and presented her muscular ass to a very horny and salivating Pan.

Mother Earth cried out. The breathy screams of her climax shook bits of the very Sky loose, sending the Twelve Mighty Titans running for cover.

"I shall name you Pleasure," she wailed, as her latest creation – a glowing blue-white sprite with a pretty tumble of silky golden tresses – made its unforgiving passage through Gaea's bountiful loins and slid into being from the mudslide supreme. Pleasure – a gift to the world, a gift to herself – the product of her immortal imagination.

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