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My Beach Boy


We were on vacation in Bali, staying at a resort on the beach. We had surveyed the scene, hoping to find someone suitable for socializing with, but there didn't appear to be much on offer. Allyn & I ended up relaxing on the beach, hoping for a decent sunset at least, a couple of bottles of red in hand,,,

A young villager, a beach boy, passed by, offering the usual tourist things, snorkeling, see the Dolphins, etc. with a few glasses already consumed I felt some interest, well, he was quite handsome, well proportioned, so we ended up chatting.

He asked what we had done this day, we mentioned the usual eating drinking relaxing and of course, the obligatory massages one has while on holiday. "I do massage" he said.

Made must have arrived while I showered in the Al Fresco bathroom, as on my return to our room I noticed he was chatting to Allyn.

Seeing me enter, he asked if I was ready for my massage. “Of course” I said, as I lay face down on the bed.

After a long, relaxing back rub, I reluctantly rolled over, and instantly returned to my surreal mind space, feeling his hands kneading my feet,,,,,

He raised my left knee, I opened my eyes and caught him gazing at my naked and very visible pussy, watching him watching me. He was sitting sideways, semi facing me, massaging my thigh, intent on watching my lips dance for him as he moved downwards to my groin.

I allowed my leg to drop outward, till it rested on his leg, now totally exposing and opening myself to him.

His hands ventured closer, now grazing my lips each time he ended a stroke,

The other leg now done, he sat facing me, gently pushed my heels together then upwards to my bottom, He sat on my feet, then slowly dropped my knees apart, till they rested on his legs, God, I was wide open, I watched him gaze at my fanny, it’s totally clean shaven and he seemed mesmerized.

He began massaging again, one hand caressing each inner thigh, slowly kneading my flesh till he reached my groin; I felt his thumbs brushing my lips as his hands stroked to my stomach, then flowing back to my knees. The process continued, gradually focusing more on my pussy, gently kneading the lips, pulling them apart, and then trailing my juices to my clit. He was VERY patient, obviously happy to just pleasure me with his hands.

I looked over at Allyn; he gets of watching men play with me, and raised my eyebrows at him, what could I say? I’m flat on my back, knees wide apart with a young stud playing with my pussy. Actually, it was then that I felt I had to move my legs, as it wasn’t really comfortable. One by one, I lifted a leg and placed it over his, dropping my heels into his butt, spurring him a little closer. He wriggled a bit closer. I pleaded, “don’t stop the massage Made”

He began again, this time running his hands upwards, stroking around my breasts, then down my sides, only to repeat the motion; he eventually got into a slow rhythm, had positioned himself so that each time he leant over me to massage my breasts, he allowed his penis to brush downwards, tracing a line along my lips As he ran his hands down my sides on the return stroke, his penis flicked upwards along my pussy, with just the tip venturing slightly inside. He repeated this rhythm over and over again, sometimes hardly touching my pussy, other times slipping it a little more inside.

Every now then, he would hold his position massaging my nipples, his knob just inside my lips.

I couldn’t take much more of this, but I hadn’t originally intended fucking him; all Allyn and I had discussed was him relaxing, watching me be sensuously massaged, then making love with me.. With Made’s tip on my lips, I had already gone further than planned. A little bit more won’t hurt, I thought, so I slowly dug my heels into his butt a bit more, which brought my pussy closer to him. I felt his tip pop inside my lips for the first time, thinking that would be all I’d allow. Made continued to massage me, but only my stomach and breasts; he didn’t want to take the chance of slipping out of me.

I glance at Allyn again; he seemed oblivious to the fact that Made was inside me.

“He’s a wonderful Masseur” I said innocently, and smiled, squeezing Made with my pussy muscles. I felt him twitch, his buttocks clenched which pushed his penis a little more in.

What to do, what to do; It felt far too good to stop. I looked towards Allyn again, and mouthed, “Come here”

He stood, and walked towards us. As he neared my side, I dropped my knees a little wider, Allyn gazed downwards, and noticed Made was half inside me, “Only half in”, he quizzed?

“Thank you Darling, can I have him all the way, just for a moment, please, pretty please” Allyn nodded to Made, an invitation to enter me;

His hands lifted my bottom, arching my back; I felt him push, my dripping pussy welcoming him fully, my muscles contracted, clenching his cock deep inside me.

Reaching for Allyn’s cock, I whispered, “I want you now” and released my grip on Made’s cock. I asked, “how do you want me”

“Just roll over on your side”, he said and nodded again to Made, who gracefully withdrew

Alan positioned himself behind me, he lifted my top cheek and rested his cock near my entrance while Made sat beside me,

I gazed at his penis, only inches from my head, I couldn’t resist, rolled head slightly, and took him in my mouth. I knew Allyn would be enjoying this, watching me give my Beach Boy oral, while he teased my clit.

I felt my leg being lifted, and knew Allyn was preparing himself for entry.

A momentary panic attack, this wasn’t the plan; it was supposed to be a sensual, maybe an erotic massage from Made. I hadn’t intended to have Made’s cock in my pussy let alone my mouth.

But it all felt toooo good, Allyns knob had pushed inside me, but went no further, allowing him room to continue massaging my clit with his fingers.

I needed to change position, to take control; beyond return I was, I’d crossed to border from sensuous to erotic.

I wanted Allyn to take me from behind, but positioned myself so that I had better access to Made. I reached over and fondled his balls, feeling his sack tighten as my tongue traced a line along the underside of his cock. His cock twitched, I knew I was controlling his ejaculation, making him wait till I was ready;

Allyn pushed further into me, I held him there, not wanting him to move just yet, and concentrated on Made, licking him, sucking him, squeezing his balls, If I felt them tighten more, I’d relax, and push back onto Allyn.

Then suddenly Made came, spraying my face and my hair. I waited till he stopped coming, then popped him back in my mouth, wanting to savor the last few drops, wanting to feel him soften in my mouth.

Allyn was now pumping me more, slow purposeful strokes, I could feel he was ready, so adjusted myself to take him, holding Made in my hands, arching my back to raise my pelvis then suddenly, he pulled me backwards, fully impaling me, I could feel his cock pulsating as he spurted, filling me.

As his cock became smaller I rolled sideways, legs spread, feeling his warm cum leaking slowly down my cheeks. Made stood up, walked to the bathroom, returning with a wet hand towel. Spreading my legs, he began to wipe my cheeks, the towel was warm, refreshing me. He wiped around my pussy, cleaning me, then ran it along my slit. I started trembling, as he, wiped my button; That took me over the edge, I was totally at his mercy, and with the towel help against my lips, his thumb flickered over my clit, I felt my orgasm take over me, thrilling with the sensations.

As I floated back to earth, reality suddenly became apparent. Embarrassed, I glanced at Allyn, then to Made; they were both smiling, relaxing me.

“That was fantastic” I murmured, “same time tomorrow

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