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My Best Fuck Ever


Young executive gets sexual experience from a younger woman.

(Authors Note. This story contains references to and about sex during the menstrual period and may not be desirable reading for those faint of heart. If this topic offends you I recommend you exit now. It is a true story, though it happened more than 30 years ago.)


I had been transferred to another state by my employer. I was staying in a nice motel; having been there about a month and looking at at least another 4 months before I could move to the area permanently. My company had used this facility numerous times so we were well known to the staff. One particular member of that staff was a red haired lady of about 35 or so who ran the bar.

One Saturday evening I was sitting at the bar talking to this lady and she ask me if I might like some company for the evening. I told that would be great. She walked over to the phone and made a call. When she returned she suggested I move over to a booth in the corner which I did. A few minutes later she brought over a round of four drinks. Just as she turned away from the table a man and two young ladies walked up to her. She promptly introduced us all and the younger of the two ladies sat down beside me and the other lady and man sat across from us.

It turns out the two ladies are sisters, Janie beside me was 22 and Joan was 24. Joan's male friend was much older; I would guess about 45 or so. I was 28 at the time.

Conversation flowed smoothly for a couple more rounds of drinks and then Joan and John excused themselves. Janie and I continued talking and I ask her if there was anything she might like to do or somewhere she might like to go. She caught me quite off guard when she said "Why don't we go to your room?" Certainly not one to ignore an opportunity, I agreed and paid the tab.

Janie was a natural blonde, medium build, about 5'6" and probably 120 lbs, a very attractive young lady. Once in the room she immediately kissed me full on the lips and we shuffled around until we were on the bed, still fully clothed. We kissed and caressed each other for some time until she said "I don't usually do this on a first date, but you seem really nice and my friend in the bar says you are a good guy. We won't have sex tonight but I am enjoying what we are doing, is that alright?"

I told her that was fine, that I was enjoying myself. As the night progressed we began to get heated up and before she left to go back to her room (which she shared with her sister) she had allowed me to remove everything but her panties, which I might add were totally soaked.

The three of them were in the National Guard and were in town for that reason, and as such had time commitments for the next day. We agreed to see each other the next evening.

The next day went by so slowly as I waited to hear from Janie. By 7:00 pm I still hadn't heard from her so I went to check the bar, my friend there said they had not been in. The night went by without me hearing from her at all; needless to say I was disappointed.

Wednesday night when I got back to the hotel after work my message light was on. Calling the front desk I was told I had a letter there. I could not imagine who would send me anything at the hotel. I retrieved the envelope and found a letter from Janie. She explained that they were called back home and had to leave as soon as they finished at the fort for day. She apologized and said she would let me know when they would be back in town.

Friday night as I prepared to get comfortable for the evening the phone rang. It was Janie. She asked if she could spend the weekend with me. Of course I said yes and ask her when she would be getting into town. She said she had taken a gamble that I would agree and was waiting for me at the airport now. The airport was at the complete opposite end of town from my hotel but I made it in less than forty minutes. I parked in short term and went in. I had no more than got in the door when she came running to me and we hugged and kissed. I have to guess that it probably looked like a scene from a movie as people were standing around watching us.

(I need to interject here that I was a young, inexperienced man from a small Midwest farming community, not at all wise in the ways of the world, and this was in the early 1970's. That was a whole different ball game than today! My wife and I were both virgins when we married and I had only been with my wife and three or four others at that stage in my life.)

We got back to the hotel about 9:00 and decided that we both just wanted to relax and get to know each other in every way we could. I showered while she unpacked and then got into bed while she showered. (See, I wasn't even alert enough to wait and shower with her!)

She walked into the room wearing a long t-shirt and shut the light off and got into bed. We kissed and caressed each other and within a few minutes I found that the t-shirt was all she had on to my surprise and it came off very quickly as did my shirt and shorts. Before I knew what was happening or had any idea what to do she was riding me. We made love several times in positions I didn't even know existed during the night. I received my first ever blow job that night -- what a treat!

I had to work the next morning even though it was Saturday but was done by 11:00. When I got back to the hotel she was waiting for me in a teddy and we started all over again. Janie was the tightest woman I had ever been with. We were talking about that as she rode me and she started bearing down and actually pushed me right out of her vagina. She relaxed and took me back in and then repeated this a number of times until we started laughing so hard we had to stop what we were doing and catch our breath. She explained that she had done some exercises and that she could actually grip a pencil in her vagina tight enough that I couldn't pull it out -- she was right!

Janie was not only an excellent lover, she was totally fun to be with, in or out of bed. We spent the rest of the weekend in bed, or having sex wherever the mood caught us until I had to take her back to the airport.

She was in town one weekend a month for her National Guard duty and then she would come down one other weekend a month as she could. This went on for about 6 months until my wife and family moved up to be with me after school was out.

One weekend when she was down for her guard duty I was to meet her Friday night when she got to town. When she knocked on the door she was crying. After getting her calmed down she said she was just mad because she had just started her period and we wouldn't be able to do anything this weekend.

I talked her into going to the lounge and having a drink to relax with. After the second round she was in a better frame of mind. I told her that I didn't want her to think I was being crude, but the condition she was experiencing was not a problem for me, if it wasn't for her. There might be some allowances we would have to make but other than a little inconvenience I didn't see any reason we couldn't do what we had planned to do.

She thought about it for a minute and I could see the sparkle in her eyes. She asked me if I was sure that it wouldn't bother me and I told her not at all. Within minutes we were on our way back to her room.

She had never had sex during her flow and I had never had sex with any other woman during that time so we didn't really know what to expect. We pulled the covers off the bed and laid several towels on it and got undressed. I lay on my back and she mounted me. Instantly I felt the heat she was generating, even before entering her. She slowly lowered herself on me and immediately took me all the way inside her and then bent over to lay her breast on mine. We had the most passionate kisses we had ever experienced.

I can not describe how wonderful she felt; the heat was remarkable and the lubrication from wetness was beyond anything I could imagine. Once we began to move the sounds we generated were much louder than the normal sloshing and pounding that we always made in that position. As she started raising and lowering herself faster and faster; harder and harder; we started splashing blood all over ourselves. Several times I slipped out and my cock would throw blood clear up to my face.

Once my chest was nearly coved with her flow she laid down against me again and we rubbed until she too was covered in blood. I have no idea what happened, but for some reason all the excitement gave me extra staying power. Even after I climaxed I stayed hard. We must have fucked for close to hour all together counting the times we lay and hugged and kissed without motion.

When we had finally exhausted ourselves we lay and hugged and kissed for some time and then took a long shower together.

I still replay that night in my mind occasionally, even after thirty some years.

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