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My Cuck Fantasy


I have discussed my desire for my wife to be with others (just touched and kissed would be fine) but she is dead set against it (so she says) but it has lead to some great fantasy play (hmm). She’s 30, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, GREAT body and amazing legs, ass and tits.

So here is my most recent fantasy… She gets me to undress and lay on the bed and play with myself. "Only your nipples" she says. "I want to put on a show."

She then undresses, staying only in her knee high black leather boots, and turns away from me. She stands at the end of the bed in front of the full length mirror.

She starts to dance and swing a little, running her hands over her ass. She then turns to face me and closes her eyes, head back, as she runs her hands down over her breasts to her inner thighs...

She opens her eyes and looks at me... hesitant...

"Am I sexy?" she asks.

"Oh man yes!" I reply as my cock grows and strains for attention.

She turns round to the mirror. I can see her body and face in it's reflection. She pinches her nipples and pushes her breasts together. She is not looking at my reflection but at her own as she caresses herself.

She looks back at me and says "I love you"

"I love you too" I reply as I note that hesitant look again.

She turns back to the mirror.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the sexiest of them all"

I laugh a little but soon fall into silence as a voice from behind the robe door on which the mirror hangs, answers.

"You are Nikki. You always were, ever since high school"

I stop my nipple play... a little confused.

Nikki doesn't look round to see my reaction. I see her shaking a little. Perhaps too afraid of my reaction despite my hints at my fantasies over the last few years.

The door swings open and out steps Justin, Nikki's high school boy friend of 2 years. A bloke I know she was in love with.

I am frozen to the bed. Confused as hell. Wanting to say something but gob smacked and intrigued at the same time.

Justin steps forward and embraces my naked wife.

He burries his face in her shoulder, as she buries hers against his chest. The embrace is intense. It is the hugging of two really close friends, long time parted. The hug of close family members at a tearful reunion. It is the hug of my wife and her high school sweet heart.

"I've missed you so much" I hear him say into her skin.

"Me too" comes her nervous uncommitted reply.

I stay silent, watching, invisible to the moment.

Then I see his hands have slid slowly down her back, over her bare ass were they then rest again. Her head tilts slightly back as does his and their eyes lock. He leans forward and her neck automatically cranes to reach him, still programmed after all these years. After 9 years of marriage she has not forgotten him at all.

Their lips meet and they kiss awkwardly. After drawing back they meet again. This time as if back at school. This time as if they never broke up. This time her eyes close as she gives in to the moment she has longed for all these years. He has become a man and she has become a woman, but now they are teenagers again, full of love, full of lust.

They turn slightly and I see her tongue dart out and tease his lips. They both let out a wanton moan and their mouths lock fast, grinding, eating each other. I see her throat movement and know that her tongue is deep within him. I see her swallowing as they exchange saliva, drinking each other with earnest.

The kiss breaks off.

Nikki turns round and faces me not attempting to escape Justin’s strong arms as they keep their clasp, now in front of her has she stands with her back to him.

"Is this really what you wanted to see?" She asks me

The answer in my head was yes, but I had never imagined her to call on her ex boyfriend. I had never put a face to her lover but surely this was asking for trouble.

My mouth opened to respond but no words could be heard. My mouth was dry as was my mind.

"Well?" she asked again.

Before I had time to answer I noticed Justin’s hands becoming alive again as they worked their way up my wife’s stomach until each clasped her breasts and began a sensual massage.

"Ooooh" Nikki let out as her head tilted back to rest on him, her eyes looking up searching for his but eventually closing to take in the sensations.

He fixed me a look and gave a rye smile. We had only met once before... at MY wedding where he had invited himself.

He then lowered his head and began kissing Nikki in the pit of her neck.

"Oh Justin" she moaned. "You remembered"

"Not a day has gone by when I haven’t though about you" he replied before going back to her neck.

"Me too. I missed you so much" came her response.

I was dumb struck and so wanted to protest, but my raging hard on and increased arousal stopped me in my tracks.

I watched as Justin began sucking my wife’s skin between his teeth, giving her a sensual love bite.

"Oh yes Justin, you DO remember. HE never gets that right"

There was distain as she mentioned HE... ME?!

I could see her legs parting, her hands hungrily attending her own needs. His right hand left her breast and caressed her own hand as they played with her pussy together, their hands intertwined as she lubricated them with her juice.

"Just kissing and touching remember Justin?" Nikki said between kissing.

His pants had dropped somewhere along the line and I could only guess what his hard on was doing behind her.

I saw her ride up and down a little. I now knew he was hard and I knew what she was doing. The same thing she does to me. She was wanking him with her butt cheeks. Riding him but without penetration. Letting his cock slide between her legs over her pussy but not in. I saw the tip. He was big. He rubbed harder, faster from behind her. Now he had control and she was not resiting.

"Just kissing...mmmmmm.....and...... touch....touch me...oh Justin"

While I knew they had fooled around in school, they had never made love. I married her, both of us virgins.

"Haven’t you wondered what it would have been like?" he inquired.

"Nikki, I still love you"

"mmmmmmmmm oooooooohhhhhh no I mustn’t. We cant Justin."

"Do you love me Nikki?"

He rubbed and grinded against her pussy, biting hard into her neck.

"Oh yes Justin I love you like the day we met"

"Haven't you thought about it?"


I don’t know how. I don’t know why. But my hand was now on my own cock and pumping hard and fast.

"Do you want me Nikki?" he asked

"Oh god yes"


"Now... oh my god now"

"Nicky!!!" I protested

Her eyes opened. She saw me.. she looked at me. And then her eyes closed as he entered her.

She gasped.

As he relaxed in her, her eyes once again met with mine for a brief moment, almost saying goodbye, before closing again, tight in concentration as he begun to make love to Nikki, my wife.

Nikki rocked hard against his every thrust. She had fallen forwards and propped her arms against the bed has he drove into her from behind.

I had only ever expressed my interesting in seeing her touched, felt up, kissed.

Now she was being fucked hard.... and was in love with the man behind her, inside her. Inside her body and her heart.

"Oh GOD YES!!!!" she screamed as she came for the first time.

With me it would have been the only time but now she showed no signs of stopping. No signs of "needing some sleep". No signs of getting up to "wash up in the shower".

Her eyes still tight shut she was in heaven.

"Do we need him? I think he's had enough?" Justin asked.

Nikki glanced at me. My cock now limp and covered in cum.

"I don’t care" is all she could say before closing her eyes once more.

I stayed for about 5 mins but now that I was spent, I really didn’t know how I fitted in.

They were intense. I did not exist.

I left the room as she came a second time.

I left the house after trying to watch TV as she came a 3rd and 4th time.

In the morning I returned.

He was gone. Nikki was in bed, asleep. I looked under the covers. She was naked. She never slept naked.

She was covered in his cum. She hadn't "washed up in the shower."

I kissed her and she rolled away from me.

I kissed her again and our lips met and hers parted, inviting my tongue.

"I still love you" I said.

"I love you too Justin" she answered. "I always have."

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