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My Darling Wife Kritika


Hi I am Varun 35 male from Delhi and my wife's name is Kritika, we have been married for 5 years now.

Kritika is from delhi too and she 32 years of age. She is 5'6" voluptuous but very well maintained and looks much younger than her age.

This incident is of her cousin's marriage about 2 years ago. Kritika was excited like hell and has been doing some preparation from a long time, let me tell you here that I love sarees and kritika is also very fond of them, for this wedding she went around shopping and bought lots of sexy sarees (see through).

Then comes there blouses, she use to wear deep back and neckline in the past also but I urged to experiment with bolder things and she readily agreed.

There was this black saree for which she got almost backless blouse with just a strip to cover her bras strap and very suggestive front.

A day before marriage there was a dance party in a hotel for youngsters, both me and kritika went together and she was wearing the black saree and backless blouse, as soon as we entered she started getting the attention she deserved.

I was sitting at one place and enjoying my drinks while she seem to know everyone and was talking to everyone, I was enjoying the attention she was getting from males there and they were even trying to flirt with her.

One guy in particular was laughing at her jokes and I noticed him even trying to touch her bare back.

I was surprisingly not angry but aroused on the sight of this. She came to me asking if I was comfortable and I said I am ok and she may relax and enjoy with her relatives, to which she told me many guys here are not my relatives but grooms friend and they were trying to be naughty. I told her it's not their fault but anyone would like to try his luck with a beauty like her to which she laughed and hit me lightly.

She went again in the crowd and this time again I saw this guy particularly getting close to her and trying to touch her while introducing her to others. Then there was a call from the DJ and everyone hit the dance floor with the ladies nearest to them and this guy took kritikas hand and led her to the dance floor.

One at the floor she looked towards where I was sitting but could not see me clearly as I had changed place, so she started dancing with this guy. I could see them clearly from where I was sitting and enjoying every moment of it. This guy was touching her here and there and one of his hands was constantly trying to touch her bare back.

Then came a slow number and he held her close with one hand on her back, as the song progressed he held her tight and his chest was pressing her boobs now, kritika initially resisted a little but then probably decided to go with the flow. This guy then moved his lips to her ears and said something to which kritika smiled and next this guy put his lips on her neck, I was very excited to see this and was waiting for kritikas reaction. But she immediately pushed this guy away from her and walked towards where I was sitting. I was sipping my drink when she came and sat next to me I asked her where was she and she replied just dancing with friends. I asked her why she looked tensed but she said nothing but someone just tried little too much on her. To which I told her come on kritika be a sport enjoy and let others enjoy too, beside a little bit of flirting does not hurt. To which she laughed again and asked for some vodka which I got for her. After a large peg of vodka she was sitting with me and I was gently touching her bare back cause of which she got little aroused. I excused myself to the washroom and when I came back I saw same guy standing near her. He seemed to be apologetic and sat with kritika with his drink. Suddenly the lights were dimmed and DJ called everyone to rock the floor, this guy stretched his hands to take kritika to dance floor again but I thought she would deny this time which to my surprise she dint and went to the dance floor with this guy again.

It was a foot tapping number and this guy stood behind kritika and held her from behind. She was also seem to be little drunk and just enjoying her dance, this guy took her took a corner while dancing and started touching her back with one hand and then he suddenly bent and kissed her back. Kritika responded as if there was a electric shock and tried breaking free and in this attempt turned towards him, but this guy held her tight and this time placed his lips on hers and that was the moment of turning point that evening, kritika rather than breaking away kept kissing him and once he left her she breathed very heavily. This guy again held her kissed her and pressed her boobs also, after which there were lights and kritika came to me. I asked her where was she and she said she was just dancing with some friend but I could see the guilt in her eyes.

I told her I am pretty drunk and would love to retire on a sofa in any corner to which she said in a naughty way that what if someone try to take advantage of her knowing that her husband is drunk to which I winked and said that in that case I would to hear narrations of her encounters later and her jaw dropped listening to this.

Anyways I acted as if I am out and lay on a sofa while she went back to dance some more (that's what she told me). This time she was bolder with this guy and he brought her some more drink also which she gulped at one go. They again started dancing and this guy was taking all sorts of liberties with my wife. I could clearly see him touching her back and boobs initially and then even putting his hands in her blouse. They were lip locked also for few sec, then this guy said something to my wife and she looked towards me but I acted as if I have passed out. The guy left the dance floor and my wife followed him and they went out of the hotel to the parking area, I was following them with a distance and hiding behind the cars.

He stood behind a SUV and held my wife and started kissing her face, then he moved towards her neck and she was enjoying it with her eyes closed, next this guy removed the pallu of her saari and started kissing her cleavage, my wife started biting her lips but controlled herself but expressed her fears that they make get caught making out like this in public.

As a response he opened the SUV and motioned my wife to get inside, she stood there for few second and though she had come this far I knew now was the moment for her to decide. And she decided to give in. she moved in the car and I felt a mixed feeling to jealousy and excitement but excitement definitely took over as I had a huge erection in my pants. I moved closer to that car to get a clear vision and I could see them embracing each other and kissing like mad. Next I saw the guy lying on his back with eyes closed and I could see the bare back of my wife, then her head started moving up and down and I was hard as her to see my wife giving blow job to a complete stranger. Then this guy held her head and I could see him having pleasure of his life. Next my wife got up and sat with her back facing this guy and kissed her back while opening the only hook which held her blouse. Then this guy held both her boobs in her hand and she turned back kissing his lips. Next I could see this guy removing her blouse and bra and turning her to face him. He started sucking her boobs and she was on seventh sky with excitement. Then I could see my wife raising herself a little bit and then her panties were in her hands. I could make out that she has folded her saare to her waist and her vagina is ready to enjoy a new penis now. She again raised herself and moved on top of that guy. They moved I little and I could make out that she is trying to take him inside her. Next she pushed hard downwards and clutched her teeth to keep her from shouting. All the doors were locked so I could not hear anything but I knew she must be moaning by now. Then I saw her moving up and down for some time and her breast jiggled with her attempts. This guy held her breast in his hands and was moving his hips in a rhythmic manner with my wife's movements.

They increased their speed and after some time my wife collapsed on him and could see from her face that she was satisfied. They lay there for some time and then she got up and dressed in the car itself. She then came out and adjusted her saree as it was pretty disheveled.

I quickly went inside and lay on sofa again, she came to me and woke me up, I opened my eyes as if I was sleeping and asked her where was she. She said she was just chatting and catching up with people around.

We then left the place and I could notice she was little lost and her hair was open, I initiated the talks by asking who was the guy with whom she was dancing so sexily and she replied he was one of grooms friend. I asked her if anything naughty happened to which she asked me to shut up and said I have a dirty mind but on my insisting she said there was just a little bit of touching here and there nothing more..... I smiled and thought of fun that is waiting for me as there were stills functions left for us to attend.

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