tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Girlfriend and the Quarterback

My Girlfriend and the Quarterback


Everyone in this story is eighteen or older.

I was a nerdy kid back in high school, awkward and shy and too book smart. Needless to say, I wasn't very popular, especially with girls. I spent most of my time hanging out with my few friends and trying not to get bullied.

The most popular kid was the football team's quarterback, Todd Brooks, who was cruel to less popular kids. I always tried to avoid him, but sometimes he would catch me in the hallway and make fun of me while all the girls laughed. Girls really loved Todd. He had All-American good looks and a confident charm, and it was widely known that he had taken advantage of it by fucking every hot girl in school. Each one would try to go steady with him, but he never dated one for more than a few weeks before moving on.

I was the exact opposite, never had a girlfriend. Not that I was an ugly or fat guy, though. In fact I considered myself a pretty good runner. I didn't have the guts to try out for the cross-country team at school, but I ran several miles every afternoon, and I was proud of my speed and my endurance. Still, the furthest I had ever gotten was kissing some random girls at camp or other places away from school.

But that changed the first week of senior year, when we had a student transfer from another town. The first time she walked into my calculus class, my heart jumped in my throat. She was a gorgeous brunette with a cute button nose and beautiful eyes, and she had a firm, tight body to match. She was wearing jeans and a revealingly tight shirt that hid a round, firm pair of B-cup breasts.

In a great stroke of luck, she was assigned to sit next to me. At first, I didn't say anything, assuming that a girl that hot wouldn't want to talk to a nerd like me. But then I realized that she didn't know anyone yet, and that this was my only chance to talk to her and get on her good side before she found the popular group.

So I struck up a conversation with her. To my delight, she was eager to talk to me. Her name was Teri, and she had been a cheerleader at her previous school, but moved too late to join the squad here. So she didn't have any way to make friends.

The next few weeks seemed like a dream. Teri and I clicked, and started spending a lot of time together, even as her popularity started to grow and she hung out more with the popular kids. She wasn't talkative, but she was smart and sweet and laughed at my jokes.

We started hanging out after classes in a small field down the hill from the school, where we would talk for as long as we could before one of our parents called and demanded we come home. Finally, after a month, I built up the courage to kiss her. She returned the kiss, and we started officially dating.

But soon it became clear that kissing was all we were going to do. Teri said she was very conservative about fooling around, and didn't want to go any further than making out. Our dates would be fun but would end with a 20-minute kissing session in my car in her driveway and then her leaving. One time I tried to touch her breast over her shirt and she flipped out. "I'm NOT that kind of girl, Peter," she said, and grabbed her purse and got out of the car. It took an hour of apologizing the next day before she forgave me. After that I kept my hands to myself.

Still, it was the best time of my life. But it all changed once Todd came into the picture. It didn't happen suddenly. The first few times he saw Teri he ignored her or just smiled at her. But as she became known around the school and started hanging in the same social circles, I started to notice him take more of an interest in her. It wasn't anything troubling, I'd just notice him chatting with her for a few seconds in the hallway between classes as I was walking up to her, or sitting down next to her at the cafeteria while she ate with the popular kids.

She brought him up one day while we were on a date. "Do you know Todd Brooks? Our quarterback?" she asked casually.

"No, not really," I said. "He's actually pretty mean, he sleeps with all these girls and then breaks their hearts."

"Wow, he sounds like a jerk," she said. And that was that for a while.

I thought she would keep away from him after that, but she kept letting him hang around her. Soon she even started to respond to his attention. From across the cafeteria or hallway, I would see her smile and flirt with him, and when we were together she would start to bring up Todd more and more in conversation.

"He's actually sweet," she'd say. "A total jerk, but he's not bad. Just a horndog."

It was a slow process that made me suspicious that she was starting to be charmed by him. Looking back on it, I should have done something at that time, but knowing how prudish she was and how committed she was to me, I assumed that even if Todd tried to do anything with her, he would be swiftly rebuffed.

Then one day while Teri and I were sitting on the hood of my car in the field behind the school, I spied Todd and several of his jock friends walking up to us. Sometimes others students hung out in the field, but this was the first time I had seen Todd there, so I immediately knew he was up to something.

"Hey, Teri!" he said. "Whatcha doing here with Peter? He helping you with algebra?"

Teri giggled, which wasn't the reaction I was hoping for. "No, we're just hanging out," she said. "Enjoying the day!"

That could have been the end of it, but my wounded pride made me make a huge mistake. "I'm not just a math guy, Todd," I said. "I'm a pretty great runner, too."

"Oh, really?" Todd said. "Funny, I've never seen you on the track team."

"You don't need to be a jock to be athletic," I shot back. "I bet I'm faster than you, even."

Todd raised his eyebrows. "Really, you think you're faster than me? You know what this letter on my jacket stands for, right?"

I was thinking of something to say back, when Teri said, "Why don't you guys race to prove it?"

"Sure," Todd said. "Let's do it right now."

"Okay," I added, trying to sound confident. I wasn't really sure I could beat him in a race, but I couldn't let him call my bluff.

"Let's make it worth something, though," Todd said. "Winner gets a prize."

"Like what, money?" I asked.

"Sure, maybe. Or maybe you do all my homework for the rest of the semester," Todd said.

I was thinking about this when Teri broke in. "Hmmm..." she said, "how about the winner gets to see my boobs?"

My jaw dropped. Todd was equally shocked. I could tell he was suddenly re-evaluating me. Why else would Teri make that offer unless she was confident that I would win?

"Whoa, awesome!" said one of Todd's jock friends. The others all enthusiastically agreed. "That's a great bet!" "Do that!"

"What?" I sputtered to Teri. Todd saw my expression.

"Wait," he said, "has Peter not seen them already?"

"I told you he hasn't," Teri said, giggling. "I'm a good girl!"

What did she mean by that? Had he asked her about how far we had gone? Why had she tolerated him asking her such a personal question? My mind was spinning. I wanted to object, but part of me thought that this might be Teri's way of easing her way into letting me see her topless. I mean, why else would Teri be so confident that I would win that she'd risk showing her tits to another guy? If she was doing this for me, so I didn't want to stop her.

"Sure, that sounds great to me!" Todd said, and he deliberately took a lingering gaze at Teri's breasts, tantalizingly bulging from her tank top. Teri saw him look and I could see her slightly flush under the attention. That gave me my first doubt. Surely Teri wouldn't be okay with Todd winning, too?

"Let's race to that tree," Todd said, and he lined up in a runner's stance. I hadn't even said if I agreed to the bet or not, but I numbly complied and lined up next to him. I wondered if I had a change to win this race. Todd didn't know how fast I could run, and as a quarterback he likely wasn't going to concentrate on sprinting. Maybe I would humiliate him in front of his friends!

That hope disappeared the second one of the jocks shouted, "Go!" Todd burst ahead of me, and although I was able to keep pace close behind him, I couldn't catch up no matter how hard I tried. It didn't help that Todd's friends were cheering him on as we ran. At one point, through the cheers, I thought I even heard Teri shout, "Yay, Todd!"

As we approached the tree I tried to give a last burst of speed, but it wasn't enough. Todd zipped across the tree a good four feet ahead of me.

I was exhausted, but Todd didn't even look winded. "Hey, good race," Todd said to me, and smacked me in the chest like I was a kid. He then turned and walked back to Teri, grinning. "So let's have my reward!"

Up to that moment, I hadn't seriously thought Teri would actually show her tits to Todd. Surely she would back out, especially with her boyfriend standing right there.

But instead she just grinned. "Okay," she said, "but only Todd gets to see. The rest of you stay on that side."

As the jocks moved around next to me, I tried to say "wait" but I was so winded from the sprint that I could barely get out "whey..." and few times. Everyone ignored me.

Then it all happened so fast. Todd confidently strolled around so that Teri was between him and the rest of us. "Ready!" he said. Teri turned around and faced him, with her back toward me and the jocks. As I watched in dumb surprise, she grabbed the bottom of her tanktop and slowly pulled it up. Her shapely bare back came into view as her shirt rose higher and higher.

At the last second, the rise paused as Teri reached the shelf bra in the top. The shirt stretched for an agonizing second, and then sprung up all the way to her shoulder blades as her breasts popped free.

Todd's eyes got huge and he broke into a wide smile. I could feel my face burning with shame. This asshole jock was feasting his eyes on my girlfriend's bare breasts, something I had never gotten the chance to. Now he knew their size, their shape, how they bounced, the color of her nipples, everything I was supposed to know.

All the guys around me were craning their necks trying to see whatever they could. I did, too. I felt so embarrassed, trying to get a glimpse of the side of my girlfriend's tits, the ones she was willingly showing to a guy I hated. By the look on his face, they were as beautiful as I imagined.

After what seemed like hours, Teri pulled her shirt back down and laughed, "Okay, that's all you get!"

Todd just shook his head in amazement. "Teri, girl, those are incredible."

Teri laughed flirtatiously, and she back around to face me. She was blushing furiously, but was absolutely beaming. I had never seen her so proud.

When Todd and the jocks left, I confronted her. "How could you have done that?" I angrily asked. "You won't even let me do anything more than kiss you, and you show your tits to Todd?"

"Hey!" she said, angrily. "Watch your language! I thought YOU were going to win, and it was going to be a treat for you. It's not my fault that you lost. I'm not going back on my word."

That shut me up, but I was still angry. That night we didn't go out, and it wasn't until tomorrow that we spoke again. I ended up apologizing to her for not winning the race. I didn't think I was the one who should have said sorry, but I was worried that she would break up with me.

Over the next few days, Teri and I made up and we went back on dates. I was hoping I would at least get to see her topless, but she continued to stop at just kissing. That burned me up, especially since I'd see Todd around the hallways, knowing that he had seen Teri's tits. He ignored me, but I'd still catch him talking with Teri in the hallways. They were even more flirtatious now, for some reason, laughing and joking like close friends.

I was hoping that it would stay at that, but a couple of weeks later, Teri and I were in the field again when I saw Todd and his jock friends walking up with a football. Inwardly I groaned.

"Hey," Todd said. "Football starts next weekend. We need to use this field to practice, so beat it, Peter. Teri, you can stay and watch."

"Get out of here, Todd," I said. "Go use the practice field."

"Aw, come on, you guys," Teri said. "Both of you can use it."

"Why don't we race for it?" Todd said, and flashed a grin at Teri. "Think you got any faster, Pete?"

"You just want to see my boobs again, Todd," Teri said, smiling mischievously.

"No way. I think the stakes have to be bigger this time!" Todd said. "Winner gets to see you naked."

Teri's eyes opened wide in surprise. For a second she opened her mouth, as if to say something. I thought that surely she was trying to find the right way to tell Todd to get lost. But then she stammered, "How...how would we do that? We go somewhere else?"

"Nah, we'll just do it right here!" Todd said, giving a charming smile. "Just turn around like last time so no one can see but the winner."

"Right here outside? But everyone else can see me!" Teri said.

"So what?" Todd replied. "If you're turned around, they'll only see you from behind. And who cares who sees your ass? It's the best ass in school anyway."

Teri immediately blushed. She looked over at Todd's friends, and it seemed that she was trying to accept letting them see her naked from behind. She didn't even look at me to see what I thought. I hadn't even agreed to race! I had kept quiet, expecting her to say no, but the longer she hesitated the more scared I was that she'd agree to this. Even if I won the race, I didn't want my girlfriend to get naked in front of a bunch of guys.

Todd glanced over at me. His smirk was enough to telegraph what he was doing. He was showing me that my girlfriend was so easy for him to manipulate that he could have her strip naked in front of all his friends right in front of her boyfriend.

"O...okay!" Teri finally said, with a smile and a shrug. "Winner gets to see me naked!"

"Hold on for a second," I said, and practically yanked Teri a few feet away.

"Teri, wait a minute," I whispered to her as urgently as I could. "You're not going to get naked right here in front of everybody?"

"Well, I mean, only the winner gets to see me from the front," she said. She sounded a little unsure, like she was convincing herself. "And Todd's right, I don't care who sees my butt, it's no big deal."

"But, but, but Teri," I whispered desperately, "I haven't even seen you naked yet!"

She just looked at me. "Then win, sweetie," she said. We both knew she had no expectation of that happening.

"Hey, let's go!" Todd shouted. Teri immediately broke away from me and walked back to the group. Todd had dragged a starting line into the ground again. I dumbly lined up with him again.

This time I was so tense with worry that Todd had no problem beating me. In the first five seconds he took an unbeatable lead and passed the tree a good ten feet ahead of me.

All the guys were cheering and hooting as Todd sauntered back toward the group. This time, Teri was quiet, and already she was blushing. It looked like she had enjoyed flirting with Todd and hadn't thought about actually going through with this.

"Okay!" Todd said, a little out of breath but excited. "Time for my prize!"

The atmosphere suddenly was charged with anticipation. Everyone was expecting my girlfriend Teri to just take off all her clothes, right here outside behind the school. The field wasn't even secluded, anyone could wander down the hill and see her. Todd's friends were all grinning. Todd was going to get the best view, but they were excited that they'd at least be getting to see her naked ass.

Teri looked behind her, back at the school. "So...so, right here, then?" she asked, almost as if hoping he'd let her off the hook, or at least go somewhere more private.

"Yeah!" Todd said, aggressively. Almost too aggressively. He quickly backed off and smiled, and said, "I don't think I can wait long enough to go somewhere else!"

Teri laughed and blushed again. Was it really this easy for Todd to make girls just do his bidding? Just a smile and a dumb joke and they would do anything for him?

Teri looked at Todd, then his friends, then me. I realized that I was still a distance from Todd's friends, and that I could just refuse to move. Teri wouldn't be able to get naked without facing at least two of the groups, so maybe then she wouldn't do it. Todd looked at me and realized that I wasn't going to budge. I braced myself for a fight.

But instead what happened was even worse. Teri looked at me and looked at Todd, then turned toward Todd. At that angle, Todd's friends had a perfect side view of her body and could probably even see her front. She was making a choice that she'd rather Todd's friends see her naked than me!

She looked back at me, and almost nodded, as if to confirm what I was thinking. I dumbly surrendered, and walked over to Todd's friends. If she was really going through with it, at least I'd deny Todd's friends the view.

Teri waited until I walked over, then turned more so that we were entirely behind her. She glanced back to make sure, then turned back to face Todd. He gave her an encouraging smile, which must have made her feel more at ease. She reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, and quickly pulled it up and over her head. From behind, the rest of us saw the back strap of a pink bra. Todd's eyes went straight down to her bra-encased tits.

Teri then began unbuttoning her jeans. Button by button, the waist started to slack, and then Teri hooked her thumbs on the sides and slid them down over her hips, slowly revealing a matching pink pair of panties, tightly wrapped against her lovely ass. She let them fall down to her ankles, and stepped out of them.

Now was the point of no return. My girlfriend was standing in front of all of us in just her underwear. I desperately tried to think of something, anything, to say to stop her. But before I could, one of the guys next to me broke the tension with a lout hoot. Teri seemed to jump at the noise. Todd laughed and said, "Hey now! Quiet back there!" Teri and the rest of the guys laughed. Everyone except me.

Then Teri reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. It sprung off her shoulders, exposing her bare back to us, and she shrugged the bra off her shoulders and tossed it several feet away. Once again, her bare breasts were exposed to Todd's gaze. He let out a low whistle of approval. Teri giggled, and I could only imagine how delightfully that made her breasts jiggle.

Some of the guys were murmuring now, anticipating what was about to happen. Teri nervously looked behind her as she hooked her thumbs into her panties. I could see on her face that she was having second thoughts about the idea of exposing herself to all of us. She tried to only turn her head, but she couldn't help move her torso a little, causing her right breast to wobble enough to give us a glimpse of the side of her right breast. "Shit, yeah!" one of the jocks said. He even nudged me a little, forgetting who I was.

Teri must have been encouraged by the looks on our faces. She turned back to Todd and slowly slid the panties down. As she did, she wiggled her hips left and right, almost shimmying herself out of them. The guys all groaned as her beautiful, round butt came into view. I also let out a soft moan.

Teri pulled down her panties until they were barely hanging on her hips. Then, she did a quick shake, and they slid down to her ankles. That was it. My girlfriend was completely naked, outside, right behind the school.

Me and the other guys could only see her toned, sexy legs, her shapely back, and her gorgeous, heart-shaped ass, which was so tight it barely moved as she stepped out of her panties. But Todd could see everything. Her tits, her smooth, flat stomach, her bush. All of my girlfriend's charms were completely exposed to him.

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