tagBDSMMy Hot Wife Katie Ch. 08

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 08


Katie Gets Tied Up

While on vacation in Mexico Katie told me how she enjoyed being dominated by Joel. She wanted me to treat her like a slut; she wanted me to demand her to suck my cock; to have my way with her. I glanced over at the clock and then back outside. She should be home any minute. I removed all of my clothing and threw them in the corner. I was standing naked in the hallway as I glanced down at my semi erect dick. I couldn't wait for what I was about to do to my wife. I parked my car down the street as I didn't want her to expect to see me when she walked in.

Suddenly I heard the garage door and peeking out the window I saw her car pulling up. My dick quickly grew to full mast and I gently started stroking myself. My wife walked in wearing a black tight fitting short shirt with black nylons accented with her high heels. A tight white blouse covered her torso with a black jacket. Her black rimmed glasses accented her now darker freckles because the sun we got in Mexico. She looked like a typical bitchy business woman who wouldn't give you the time of day. Her thin lips were highlighted with a nice coating of red lipstick. She was looking down at the mail and didn't see me standing in the hallway.

I grabbed her by the waist and pushed her backwards as her head snaps back and hits the wall. She starts to scream but her eyes focused and she realized it was me, "Ouch, what the fu..."

Before she could finish her sentence I move in and push my lips against hers and shot my tongue into her mouth. Katie kisses me back as I reach up and immediately start groping her small breasts. We release our lip lock and she can't say anything before I start assaulting her mouth with my tongue again. I loved the way her tongue felt against mine. She was always an outstanding kisser but since she figured how to use my tongue on my cock, it excited me even more. I released her breast and grabbed her hand and tried to place it on my cock.

Katie breaks away from my mouth, lifts her hands up and pushes me in the chest, "Hey! Not so fast. You know I have to go back to work in a few hours for a meeting!" Looking down at my nakedness," What are you doing anyways! Where's your car?"

I stare at her without saying a word as Katie stares silently back at me. I grab a hold of the base of my cock as I lean in closely to her and whisper, "It's parked down the block, don't worry about it."

"Now," looking down at my erect dick in her hand and back to her eyes, "I want you to suck this dick." She looks down at my cock and back into my eyes as I reach out and apply pressure on shoulders trying to get her to squat down.

Katie looks a little taken aback by my aggressiveness as she resists my efforts, "I have that meeting later, we can finish this tonight," as she tries walking past me. I reach out and grab her arm and pinned her up against the wall. I again apply pressure to her shoulders as she slides down the wall with her back. Katie stares at my dick as I place it against her closed lips. Katie looks up at me and sighed, "I'm having a bad day," as she tries to stand up, "I don't have time for this."

"Suck it," I instruct her. My wife's mouth remains close and I continue to press it up against her small lips. "Come on baby, suck your husbands cock." Katie's mouth opens as she takes me into her mouth. I feel her warm tongue massaging the shaft as she starts sucking my hard muscle. Katie starts taking me deeper into her mouth. I watch as her beautiful lips are stretched around my dick as I start humping her face, "Oooohhhhh... that's it baby deep throat your husbands dick," as I start thrusting myself further into her mouth almost knocking her glasses from her face. She reaches up and pushes them back up.

I can hear Katie gagging with every thrust. Her head is banging back against the wall as I'm face fucking her. Katie places her hands on my thighs trying to control my thrusts. I reach down and grab both her hands and lift them above her head as I continue to pound her mouth with my meat. I placed both hands into one of my mine and reach down and grab the base of my prick. I pull it out of her mouth as she coughs trying to catch her breath.

"Fuck, "Katie coughs. "Easy doe...," Before she can say anything my cock is back in her throat poking at her tonsils. Katie rises up trying to take me all the way down. Her lips are stretched to the limit as I grab the back of her head and hold my cock down her throat. Her nose is pressed up against my pelvis. I remove my cock and hold it on her lips gently rubbing it across her lips. Her freckled face looks up as her eyes are watering from my mouth assault.

As I move it away her strings of saliva connect between my cock and her mouth. Katie coughs again. I pull her up and place my mouth against hers as my tongue explorers her mouth. Her tongue enters my mouth and our tongues wrestle with each other. I back away and tug on her hand, "Let's go upstairs."

"I have to go to a meeting. I don't want to get all sweaty and have to redo myself. Let's wait until tonight," grabbing my cock and gently stroking it. "I'll care of this tonight!"

Turing to face her, I grab a hold her waist and feel my dick pressed against her pelvis. Looking into her eyes, "I'm not asking. I want to take you upstairs," reaching down and grabbing her hand and putting it back on my cock, "and you're going to suck my dick."

Katie doesn't say another word and gives a sly smile as she turns and walks upstairs. As we enter our room, Katie starts to unbutton her blazer and she starts dropping to her knees as I grab her and push her onto the bed. My wife gives a playful squeal as I climb up and straddle her chest. I quickly reach under the pillow and pull out the handcuffs she used in Mexico on me and put one of her wrists into it. I quickly place it though the slats in the headboard and try to grab her other arm, "HEY!" as Katie tries flailing her free hand around until I gain control and slip the handcuff around the other wrist.

"What are you doing?" Katie asks as she looks up at me, "I have that meeting!" She struggles against the cuffs trying to slip her wrists out, "Just let me go. I don't have time for this. That meeting is very important tonight!" Her voice quivers as she continues to plead, "Please honey, you can fuck my mouth! I'll give you a blowjob until you cum in my mouth! Just let me go." As she pulls and twists the handcuffs in the slats trying to free herself.

I climb off of her and sit on the edge of the bed looking over at her. Katie's breathing is increasing. She doesn't say anything as she just stares at me. I reach over and push open her blazer and pull up her shirt up to her neck revealing her black lacy bra. I can see her nipples are already erect. I reach around behind her and unhook the bra, pushing it up against her shirt. I slowly start rubbing her B cup breasts feeling her nipples in the palms of my hand. Leaning down and biting them playfully, "I love your small tits, I don't think I ever give them enough attention."

"Please," moans Katie, "Please baby," attempting to slip her hands out from the handcuffs, "unlock these."

I ignore her pleas and continue to suck, lick, and caress her magnificent breasts. Her nipples always stick out about 1/2 of an inch when she's excited. I press them together and while pinching her nipples. Her pelvis starts grinding against my body. I slide up on her and straddle her chest and move my cock to her mouth, "Get it wet."

Looking down at my cock that is inches away from her mouth and back into my eyes, "No! Come on honey unlock these!" shaking her wrists. I can sense the desperation in her voice.

I push forward so the tip of my cock is resting against her lips but her mouth doesn't open. I slide off of her and reach down into the nightstand and remove the bottle of lubrication and pour it across her chest. It is also a warming agent as I begin to rub it into her breasts, "It's..." my wife states while swallowing between words, "sooooo warm." I can feel her nipples becoming engorged as I lather her breasts; rubbing them in the palms of my hands.

My wife watches and as I push her breasts together and slide my dick between her small cleavage and I start humping her B cups. The head of my cock would strike her chin. As I continue to tit fuck my wife, Katie leans her head down further and extends her tongue to greet my dick as it would push past them. "You've never fucked my tits before!" she moans.

"Do you like it? Do you like feeling my hard dick on your tits?" increasing my pace as the tip of my dick rams against her neck and chin.

My wife nods in approval as she extends her tongue further to get a taste of my love muscle. She continues to struggle against the handcuffs as my pace slowly subsides as I feel my own orgasm building. I slide down her body until our lips lock again as her tongue explorers my mouth. I lean down and against lick her breasts and tasting my own precum and oil that was deposited on them.

Katie squirms against her shackled wrists, "Honey," shaking the handcuffs, "unlock these!"

"It doesn't feel very good, does it?" standing by the edge of the bed examining my wife's beauty. She looks so incredibly hot with her hands shackled to the bed above her head, her shirt and bra pushed up as her blazer lay open. My dick was pulsing with excitement just watching her.

"I feel helpless...," Katie pleads.

"I know," sitting back down on the edge of the bed and groping her nylon covered legs, "that's how I felt in Mexico."

"I'm sorry," looking down towards my dick, "Please unlock them?"

"I can tell this is turning you on," reaching out stroking her cheek, "you get flushed in the face." I use my fingers and trace down her neck to her chest as I slowly caress her nipples, "and your nipples get hard." Leaning down and taking it between my teeth, "and you get very wet," as I reach down and hike her skirt up to her waist. Katie swallows hard and looks at me, "This turns you on doesn't it?" as I start rubbing her pussy over her nylons.

"Yesssssss." she moans.

"I'll bet anything that with me ramming my cock into your tiny mouth and being tied up you're pussy is flowing with it's juices," as I begin to move my finger across her lips of her pussy over her black nylons paying careful attention to her clitoris area.

Katie lifts her pelvis as if she wants me to pull off her nylons. "Do you want me to take these off?" tugging on the fabric.

"Yessssss," she moans.

"Why?" as I trace the outline of her vagina with my index finger over them.

"I'm," Katie swallows hard, "soooooooo turned on." I look up at her as she moans, "Pleeeeease!"

My wife again struggles against the handcuffs, "Do you like being tied up? Are you worried about what's going to happen next?"

"I'm not worried baby," she whispers, "I'm so excited." I continue to rub her pussy lips with my fingers as I lean down and kiss her navel area, "Honey?" Katie asks, "Would...," pausing between words, "Would you do something for me?"

Looking up at her, "I'm not unlocking the handcuffs!"

My wife sighs, "I don't want you too." She hesitates but finally blurts out, "I have a fantasy."

My wife has my full attention as I move closer to her face, "What is it?"

"Would you put on...," Katie explains, "a ski mask?"

Confusion sets in as I look into her eyes, "A ski mask? Why?"

"Please?" my wife begs and blushes, "I've dreamed of being tied up..," taking time to chose her words, "by a masked man."

I don't know what to think about her comments. I continue to stare into her eyes. She senses my conflict, "It's not that I don't want you, it's just something I've fantasized about."

The thought of my wife revealing her inner most fantasies makes me more aroused as I feel my dick pulsing harder. Hopping off the bed I run into our closet and remove a black ski mask from the shelf. It only has eye holes as I put it on and go back out in the bedroom. Katie stares at me and looks as though she is going to pass out. I jump on the bed and start groping her breasts continuing to stare at my mask covered face. Katie gasps as I drop down to her navel area. I lift the mask barely above my upper lip and start kissing her; working my way down to her groin.

Pressing my mouth against her nylon covered mound. "Oooooooooooh," Katie moans. I start using my tongue against her cunt over the nylons. My spit goes right through them as her lips become swollen with excitement. I rub her clit with my fingers as I continue to tease her with my tongue over her nylons. I change the speed of my tongue as Katie moans in approval. Slowly I reach up and place both hands on either side of her pussy and rip the nylons open around it exposing her nakedness to my tongue.

"Ohhhhhh Fuck!," Katie moans as I take her bare clit into my mouth and began to suck it. I slide my index finger into her already wet pussy and immediately slide in another. She begins to moan loudly. Her body begins to quiver as I continue to lick her clit. My pace of my fingers increases as does the grinding of her pelvis. I love the taste of my wife's juices. A very tangy sweet sensation goes across my tongue.

She struggles against the handcuffs as I sense her orgasm is approaching. I quickly remove my fingers and stop licking her. Katie looks down at me and pleads, "Don't stop...keep licking me."

I sit up away from her. She looks down at me with a confused look on her face, "it doesn't feel very good does it."

"What are you doing?" she demands.

"It doesn't feel good to be so close," reaching down and rubbing her clit, "to get so close to cumming and not getting to."

She tries to move her arms but is met with resistance from the handcuffs, "I'm sorry. Please my husband will be home soon. Keep putting your tongue around me. Please...."

"You shouldn't tease people," continuing to slowly rub my hands around her nylon covered groin, "it hurts them."

Leaning forward I suck her breasts into my mouth and then grabbing them and tugging on them until the nipples are hard. Katie struggles against her restraints as my hand starts exploring her pussy again. "Oh fuck your turning me on."

Looking up at her, "Do you want me to keep licking you?"

"Yessssss, I'm so close..please!"

"Beg for it," as I reach down between her legs and start massaging her pussy lips with my fingers, "beg for me to let you cum."

"Please......," as I insert one finger into her while my thumb rubs her clit, "Oh God!!" she moans. Katie looks into my eyes, "please, let me cum! I want to feel your tongue on me!"

I lean down and kiss her navel and lick her pussy tasting her musty juices as she raises her pelvis to great me, "OOOhhhhh don't stop licki..." Her words are cut off as my tongue increases it's pace and my fingers start going in and out of her sopping wet pussy faster and faster,"..me..oh fuck..OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Katie moans loudly as she bucks against me as her body starts convulsing, "I'm cumming...OH SHIT!!! I'M CUMMING" Her body slowly relaxes as I slide up next to her.

"I've never cum that hard in my life!" she whispers as I climb up and straddle her chest again, the head of my dick is inches away from her mouth and my own excitement has made my precum boil out the tip.

"Look at all the precum," as I hold it by her mouth. "I bet you want to taste it don't you?"

Katie nods in anticipation as she extends her tongue and tries to lick the tip of my dick as I pull it away. "Does your husband let you taste his cum?"

Katie again nods and tries to move her head forward to get a taste of my cock.

My wife looks up at me, "Yesssss," she moans, "Let me taste it. Let me..." Before she could finish I press my precum covered tip into her mouth as she sucks and licks it from my dick. I pull out of her wet mouth as I ease my body off of her as I spread her legs and place the tip of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She lifts her pelvis to greet my dick, "Put it in me baby."

I can feel she is sopping wet as I slide just the head of my cock inside of her, "please push it in." I keep moving to avoid her getting the feel of my entire cock and as she begs again, "please...I want your cock in me!" I pull the tip out of her and hold it at her opening to her pussy, "pleas..." before she could finish in one motion I push it all the way into her,"OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,"

I slowly move it in and out of her as her hands remain shackled to the headboard. I lift her legs up above my shoulders and lean forward so her knees are almost touching her ears. I can hear her nylons ripping further as I begin to ram my cock in and out of her. I look down as her nylon covered legs wrap around me as the rip around her vagina continues to grow as my cock slides in and out.

I begin to quicken my pace as I continue to assault her pussy. The sounds of her wetness echo in the room as her moaning increases, "faster!...fuck me faster."

Katie begins to moan louder with each thrust of my dick and soon she her body is bucking against me as she continues to struggle against the handcuffs. Her glasses almost fly off of her face as I start slamming myself into her. Katie is soon cumming again, "FUCK ME! Harder! FUCK ME!! OOOOHHHHHH Fuck!" she screams. My own orgasm is building as a slow my pace.

Katie senses I'm going to cum, "Shoot it inside of me! Cum inside of me! I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy!!"

Putting my finger in her mouth, "Don't you want it? Don't you want to taste my cum?"as I kept a steady pace of moving my cock in and out of her.

"Please don't cum on my face," She yelps between thrusts of my dick into her, "My husband will be home soon. He would see it."

I hold my cock deep inside of her, "Aren't you a cum whore?"

Katie looks into my eyes, "Yessss."

"Don't you want to feel my cum on your beautiful face?" as I slowly start sliding my cock back and forth in her wet pussy.

"I can't..." as she continues with her role play.

Sliding my cock a little faster, "I want to cover your face with my sperm! Come on Mrs. Jackson, don't you want to feel my cum on you?"

I pull my cock out of her and straddle her chest, Katie turns her head as to say "don't" but I put my cock within inches of her beautiful freckled face. "You want my cum. Tell me you want it." I slap her mouth with my cock. "Come on! Say you want my cum streaking down your face."

I start stroking my cock within inches of her face. My wife continues with her fantasy and begins to beg, "Please don't cum on my face, please. pleeeaasse." with more desperation, "pleeasseee."

Katie starts moaning the word as she stares up at my covered face. She continues to repeat "please" again and again to almost a whisper as I stroke my dick. The pleas have turned into a beg of "please." Slowly stroking my cock, I begin to cum. The first white stream of cum lands across the bridge of her nose and onto her glasses. It starts flowing down her face. Katie's mouth opens and she gasps as her moaning increases. Another shoots out and lands on her cheek and across her lips and into her mouth. My wife's breathing increases as she begins to orgasm. Her body starts quivering as a final shot lands directly in her mouth, "Ohhhhh fuck!! You're cumming on my face!" Katies volume increases as I press my dick against her face rubbing my cum into her. Her reaction turns me on even more as it increases the intensity of my own orgasm. We slowly regain our composure as my cum drips off her face,into her hair, and down her neck. I press my dick forward as she takes me into her mouth cleaning the cum from tip of my dick.

As I reach up and unlock the handcuffs, Katie breathes, "Oh my God! That was hottest sex we've ever had!"

I roll off of her, tossing the ski mask onto the floor, "Yes it was. Did you just fucking cum while I came on you?"

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