tagLoving WivesMy Husband, My Cuckold

My Husband, My Cuckold


I lie here, in post coital bliss, enjoying the aftershocks from some of the best orgasms I have ever experienced. Little orgasmic eruptions in the center of my body, echoing spontaneously from the heavenly fucking I have just experienced. It wasn't love making. I was fucked, hard and long and deep, like I have never been in my life. Like my husband never did for me.

I never looked for it, I never expected it, I'm not even sure how or why it happened but I know I will want it again and again. The only trouble is, it wasn't from my husband and it was from a man I don't even like. He is everything Mal, my husband, is not. He is rude, crude, uncouth, overbearing and obnoxious but he has the stamina and the equipment of a bull.

I married Malcolm Brown twenty three years ago and we have had a story book marriage. Everything we wanted came to us. Two wonderful kids, now out on their own in the world, and Mal's rise to an upper level job in the corporate world that brought us our million dollar home in a gated community.

Mal is every woman's dream husband. He's a good provider, a wonderful father, good looking in an average sort of way and, I have always thought up until now, a competent and considerate lover who always brought me to completion He never forgets a birthday or anniversary and often surprises me with spontaneous gifts to remind me of his love for me.

I was truly a virgin bride. I had one serious boyfriend in high school but we never went beyond some light petting and the one boy I got close with in college never went beyond heavy petting and some oral. But I drew the line at penetration. I was a good girl. At least I was until today when I found out what I had been missing.

This all started at Elsie Wilson's annual pool party. It is the high light of the summer season in our neighborhood. Only the beautiful people are invited. The socially and physically attractive make the A list and this year, for the first time, we were invited. I was so excited when I showed the invitation to Mal and he dashed my euphoria to the ground when he told me he would be out of town that weekend.

"I'm sorry Patti," he told me, "have you forgotten, that's the weekend I am going to Augusta for that corporate executives golf outing. It's the chance of a lifetime to network with the management of some of the biggest corporations in America. It could mean a big boost my career. But you can go to the party without me and enjoy yourself. I always feel bad when I go away and have to leave you alone, there's no reason why you can't have a good time."

I had forgotten. Mal had told me weeks ago, I even had it on my calendar but that didn't stop me from being peeved. This was an important social event and I wanted my husband by my side.

But that's what I did, I went to Elsie's alone and after lunch and chatting with some of the women I knew, I retreated to a chaise lounge in the shade for a few moments of solitude. I guess I must have napped for a bit because I was awakened by some cold water drops on my bare midriff.

"I noticed that you were here alone and so am I," I heard him say, "and it is too good a party for you to sleep here in the shade so I brought you a drink and thought we could talk a bit." It was Norman Fisher.

I knew who he was and I knew he had a wife named Cindi but we had never had any social contact with them and I knew nothing more about either of them. I took the Margarita that he offered and I had to admit, it was just what I needed on this warm summer afternoon.

"Where's Mal?" he asked as he sat himself down on the edge of my chaise. I had to move my legs to the side to accommodate him.

"He's at Augusta National playing golf while I have to suffer here by myself." I whined.

"Well," Norman replied, "You really don't look like you are suffering too much. Here let me refill that for you." He took my empty glass from me and returned with another chilled Margarita in a frosty glass. "Where's Cindi?" I asked him as I looked at him more closely. He was about ten years younger than me and very good looking.

"She went back east to her parents. Her mother had a stroke and her father needed help in caring for her. She left two days ago and will probably be gone for a week or so until they can find someone to live in and help care for her."

"Oh, that's toooo baaaaddd, I slurred. I had almost finished my second drink. I hadn't realized how thirsty I was. I also hadn't realized that Norman was stroking my right calf.

"No, it's really not too bad." he answered, "It's giving me a chance to know you better." His hand was now caressing my inner thigh.

"Norman, schtop that! Don't get fressssh with me, we're not in high schooool." and then I giggled. That last drink must have been loaded.

"No you're right; we are not in high school. You are not a teenager, you're a woman, a beautiful woman, and I am going to fuck you."

"Nooooo Noormaan, I don't thinnnk sooooo. Ohhh I'm beginning to feel a little woozy."

"Come on," he said, "let's get you inside where it is cooler." He grabbed my wrists and pulled me to my feet and walked me into the back of the house and then out the front to his car. As we pulled away from the Wilson's I put my head back against the head rest, I felt soooooo gooooood. I felt his hand inside my bikini and then he was touching my clittie. That felt even better.

"Norman, you shouldn't be doing that." I was giggling. "It's mucccssh too naughty."

"But you like it, don't you Patti."

"Yessssss." I hissed, "But I shouldn't. Ooooh, look we're home."

He half carried me into the house and he sat me onto a small arm chair. "Oh Norman I feel so tingly. What was in those drinks you gave me?"

"Just a little something to make you feel horny. To make your inner slut come out."

I felt my breasts fall free as he removed my bikini top. "Your tits are gorgeous," he said as he tweaked my nipples. I moaned, "Don't Norman, I'm not a slut." My nipples stood out hard and long. I arched my back to offer them up to him.

"Yes you are and you want this too." he said as he dropped his swim trunks.

His cock stood out from his body and I gasped. I had only known Mal's but what was in front of me was half again as big in both length and girth. It was almost poking my nose. It had a slight upwards curve and was uncircumcised. The helmet tip looked like a knob at the end. It was fascinating.

"Go on," he said, "Touch it, you know you want to. Feel it, feel how hard it is. It's like that because of you. Because of how sexy you are. Because of how beautiful you are. Because you want to suck it. That's right; take it in as deep as you can. Both hands now and still room to take it in deep. Look up at me while you suck. Keep looking when I cum. Drink, drink from me slut. Drink my cum, be my bitch. Swallow, do it, more is coming. You are so beautiful, so slutty."

I was slutty, I felt beautiful and desirable, I felt liberated and I could do anything he wanted and I did. He took me up to my bed and he stayed the night, not leaving until noon the next day.

The alcohol and whatever else he had given me had long worn off but his cock was now the drug that possessed me. I wanted it wherever he put it. I never knew there was so many ways to fuck and I fell in love with every way he did it to me. The first time I came with him in my pussy I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I have had orgasms with Mal but nothing could compare to what Norman gave me.

I tried to resist him when he first wanted my ass but a few slaps on my buns and I gave in to his wishes. I am so glad I did. By the time he gave me my wake up fuck in the morning I was babbling about how much I loved what he had done to me. By the time he left me at noon I knew that whenever he wanted me, I would be available.

Mal came home that evening and I thought I would be racked with guilt for what I did last night. But I wasn't. I just greeted him like I always did and when we went to bed he made love to me like he always did when he came home from a trip. But this time, it was boring.

He made love like he always did, gentle, sweet, caring and considerate. Aside from kissing and sucking on my tits we never did anything oral. Making sure that he brought me to orgasm before he came, he then pumped his cock into me for his completion. Telling me loved me, kissing and cuddling for a few minutes and then rolling off me to fall asleep by my side.

None of the passion, none of the hunger, none of the demands that Norman made of me and my body. Norman had awakened something in me that I never knew existed, something I realized I now needed, and something my husband could not supply me with.

It was only two days later when my door bell rang at five in he afternoon, I was surprised to see Norman standing there when I opened the door. I had just come home from shopping and was beginning to do my dinner preparations.

"Hello Patti," he said as he breezed right past me and entered the hallway. "I have been thinking about you all day."

"That's nice Norm, I've thought about you too." I replied as I closed the door behind him, "But this is not a good time for you to be here, Mal gets home in less that half an hour."

"I don't care when he gets home, I want you and your sweet pussy right now."

"Mmmmmmmmffff," was my answer as his mouth covered mine. He had one hand on my ass and the other in my hair as he pulled my body against his. Whatever resistance I tried to summon melted as our tongues met. I was overwhelmed by his desire for me and mine for him.

My dress came off at the foot of the stairs, my bra and panties never made it to the top and I don't even know when I lost my shoes. There was no foreplay, there were no preliminaries, he just rammed his cock into me and I exploded. My climax was one of the best I ever had. I must have been soaking wet because he slipped in as easily as a sword goes into its scabbard.

We had been at it for almost an hour; I lost count of how many times I came. I was in orgasmic heaven. I never heard the garage door go up, I never heard it close, nor did I hear the back door open and close. It must have been close to six o'clock when I was coming down from my last gut wrenching orgasm and I saw, in the gathering darkness, a figure standing in the hall. It was Mal.

His pants must have been around his ankles because I could see his naked skinny legs, white against the hallway wall. He was still wearing his boxer shorts but it was the motion of his hand that caught my eye. He was stroking his cock. Not particularly fast but with steady deliberate motion and when our eyes met, he came. I couldn't make out his features but I could tell he climaxed by the way his body stiffened.

Norman was lying on top of me his face buried between my face and my shoulder on the other side of my head, he couldn't see Mal. My husband had just seen him fucking me to a monstrous orgasm yet Mal did and said nothing. He just stood and watched and yanked on his cock. I in turn, did nothing but return his stare with my own as if to say, 'I don't care if you saw me, now what are you going to do about it?' Mal just pulled up his pants and walked out of the house.

To tell the truth I was just too far gone with Norman's cock buried in me to care what Mal thought. All I was thinking was how I could move my ass to get myself off again on that glorious cock . Norman didn't know we had been discovered until I told him some two hours later when he was leaving. That's when I showed him my panties and bra lying on the hallway floor filled with Mal's cum from when he jerked off. Norman's only reaction was to smile.

Mal didn't come home until almost midnight. I was in bed reading, waiting for him. When he walked into the bedroom, He said. "I saw you tonight with Norman."

"I know you did, I saw you in the hall watching." I replied as I patted the bed next to me, indicating that I wanted him to sit there.

"How COULD you?" He asked as he sat where I indicated

"How could YOU?" I repeated, showing him the bra and panties.

"I......I......," he stammered

"It turned you on didn't it? Watching me get fucked like that." My hand went to his lap; his cock was as stiff as a board. This was a side of my husband I had never seen or even dreamed existed.

He was moaning as I was stroking his cock. I repeated my question and then commanded, "Take it out!" He didn't respond verbally but he did take it out. I was holding his cock in my hand, gently caressing it.

"I can tell you liked it Mal, your cock is speaking for you. What did you like best? Did you like it best when his cock was sliding into me or when I was cumming on it for him? Did you cum best into my panties when I came or when he came in me?"

All Mal did was groan but I got my answer when he shot his load in my hand. I caught as much of his cum as I could and held my hand up for him to see.

"Did you see when I sucked his cock and swallowed his cum? I never did that for you but you saw me do it for him. I like the taste of cum now, even yours.

"Watch," I commanded and I licked my palm. Then I offered my hand to him.

"Lick it," I demanded and after a moments hesitation he licked and cleaned my hand.

I was growing heady with the power I was exerting over my husband. I wasn't going going to let this moment go by. This was a seismic change in our relationship.

"Take off your clothes." was my next instruction and while he complied I threw off the blanket and removed my panties. I was wearing a shortie nightgown, my neatly trimmed pussy fully displayed. I was wet, not with passion but with power and it was very visible. As I sat on the edge of the bed I opened my legs wide.

"Come over here baby," I said to my standing husband, "We both just tasted your cum from my palm, now I want you to taste mine from the source." I proceeded to suck and lick his now rampant cock all the while commenting on how Norman's cock was longer and thicker than his. Mal just mumbled in response.

"Now it's your turn," I said as I guided him to his knees between my thighs. "Make me cum with your tongue the way Norman does. Make me cum on your face. You got so hot when you saw me cum like that for him. Yes, yes, that's the spot. Suck it. Ooohhh yes."

He lapped up every thing that squirted out of me, like he was a little puppy dog, and after a hug and a kiss we both went to sleep.

I was just starting to drink my morning coffee when Mal walked into the kitchen to join me. Neither of us spoke while he poured his and sat down opposite me. He took a few sips and then after gathering his courage began, "Yesterday........" and then he faltered.

I looked him right in the eye, I was not about to give up the advantage and the power I had gained last night and I charged.

"Yesterday? What about yesterday? For me it was probably the best day of my life. Sexually, it must have been the best for you also. How many times did you cum yesterday Mal? Two or three times in my bra and panties? I saw you jerking off when you watched and you came for me at least twice when you came home. Five times in one day Mal. When was the last time you did that? Never I'll bet."

"I must have cum a dozen times for Norman that afternoon and evening," I continued, "and then I did it again for you. How much better can life get? I have never seen you so turned on in all the years we have been married. It was better than our honeymoon."

"But you're my wife," he countered, "what you were doing with Norman........"

"What I was doing with Norman was enjoying myself. It was just sex. I am your wife and I want to remain your wife. I love you, I don't love him."

As I was making my response I rose from my chair and walked to him. I opened my robe, I was naked underneath and I sat in his lap. "You're my husband and I love you, I really do. I don't want to change that. But now that I know how turned on you get when you see me with him I don't want to change that either."

"That's right baby, suck on Mama's tittie. I can feel how hard your cock is against my thigh. Talking about how Normie fucked me turns you on doesn't it? I like you like this, I like you being my horny husband. Go on touch me down there, see how wet I am, how turned on I am too."

As I was talking I stood up and shed my robe and I straddled his lap. I reached down between us and holding his cock I lowered myself slowly until just his tip was in me.

"He makes me hot too, Mal. He not only makes me hot for him but hot for you too. You like me like this don't you? You like me wet and ready like this, wanting to fuck you whenever and wherever you wish? You like having a hot wife even though you have to share me with him? Show me baby, show me you like what Norman does to me by pushing me down on your hard cock and fucking me here and now."

He did it, he grabbed me around the waist and he forced me down onto his upright cock. I was kissing him as I slowly began to rotate my leaking cunt on his cock. When I lifted my lips from his, I began my instructions.

"I am going to fuck him whenever I can. I love you and I don't love him. But I do love his cock; it's so much bigger and thicker than yours." "No don't you move, I'm in control now." "He is going to fuck me whenever he wants me and you will always know when I go to him." "Mal, I do think telling you this makes your cock feels longer and thicker than ever before." "Because I know how hot it makes you, sometimes I will get him to let you watch."

I was grinding my pussy down onto his lap as hard as I could trying to force his cock in as deep as Norman's goes.

"I will always tell you whatever you want to know about what we do." "Are you ready Mal?" "Are you ready to cum now?" "If you are ready to share your wife with Norman do it!" "Cum! Cum now in your hot wife's pussy." "Fuck me baby, show me you still love me." "Show me you still want your hot wife!"

The poor guy never had a chance. He came, he came hard and he agreed to everything I wanted. I had my cake and my lover too.

Saturday morning I got a call from Norman, "What are you doing today?"

"I have nothing planned. Why?"

"I thought I could take you to lunch and then fuck your brains out."

"Gee Norm, you have such a wonderful way with words."

"Come on Patti, you know you want it. We can fuck all day, I'm horny and Cindi is still out of town."

"You really know how to sweet talk a girl Norm, but I don't think so. It's the weekend and Mal is home."

"So what. You told me that he has already seen us and it made him hot. Tell the cuck he can watch again or if you like, make it a threesome."

The son of a bitch knew he had me. First of all I wanted his cock and secondly it could give me a chance to really solidify my power over Mal. God, how I wanted both. I was instantly wet.

"Ok Norm, but promise me that you will not do anything to humiliate Mal."

"Sure, sure baby, I know you still love him. I'll treat him with kid gloves."

I couldn't help but think that he agreed a little too easily but my desire for that cock of his overcame any reluctance on my part.

"Ok, come over here for lunch and then we'll see how the afternoon progresses. But Norm, promise me that whenever I say stop that will be end of the activities for today."

"Sure, sure baby, whenever you say stop I pack up and leave."

I believed him, I guess because I wanted too and I went to tell Mal about Norman's coming for lunch. Mal did not take it gracefully.

"Coming for lunch? And what else?" was his challenging reply.

"For lunch and for whatever happens afterwards. Look, I told you I would let you know when I would see him. Now you can leave for the afternoon or you can stay. You can just watch or you can join us for a threesome, it's all your choice. You know how much improved our sex life has gotten since this started and I can only see that this will make it even better. I'll set the lunch table for three, whether you show up or not, is up to you."

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