My Husband, My Cuckold


The door bell rang shortly after noon time and when I answered it Norman burst into the house like a tornado.

"Hiya Babe, you look beautiful. Did you dress up like that just for me? You look beautiful enough to eat. Maybe I should start with dessert from between your legs."

'Oh god,' I thought to myself, 'If only he didn't have that beautiful cock, I wouldn't have to put up with this bullshit.'

Then he kissed me, I forgot about the bullshit and I melted. I don't why he affected me this way but my insides turned liquid. I could even feel it running down my leg.

I led Norman into the dining room where I had set up luncheon and Mal was seated at the table. He had decided to join us but to what extent I didn't know yet. He didn't get up to welcome our guest nor did he extend his hand in greeting. But Norman was irrepressible.

"Hiya Mal," he exclaimed, "thanks for having your wife invite me for lunch. You have no idea how much I admire her. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and she is so sexy too."

As he was greeting my husband he was moving me in front of him. My back was to him and I was facing Mal.

"She is so gorgeous that whenever I see her I just can't keep my hands off of her. And these tits, they're a work of art. There should be way to mount them and display them for the world to see. Raise your arms baby, that's it," and off my sweater came.

All through his discourse his hands had traveled up inside my sweater and after lifting it over my head he had removed my bra. My head fell back against his shoulder and my eyes closed because he was rolling my nipples between his fingers.

I was moaning as he continued, "She's a slut Mal, she'll do anything I want and she'll do it for you too. I'll bet your sex life has never been better since I started fucking her. Yes, I can see you like it too. Open your eyes Baby. Look at how much your husband likes what is happening."

I opened my eyes and I saw my husband sitting on our dining room chair, his pants open, and his right hand stroking his rampant cock. There was a look of pure lust on his face, no embarrassment in us watching him masturbate in front of us.

"Go on sweetie," Norman continued, "Go on, help him out. Just bend forward from the waist and suck him off. You like my thumb in your cunt, don't you? You like me finger fucking you while you suck your husband off. Make him come in your mouth and hold it there. That's right, hold his cum in your mouth, now kiss him. Give him back what he gave you. Feed him his cum so that he will have more to give you. Make him a slut just like you are."

I did just what he told me to do and Mal took and swallowed every drop that I was able to deposit in his mouth. Then Norman, who had pulled up a chair right behind us, just pulled me by waist away from Mal and with me, still facing Mal, he removed my skirt and panties and had me sit on his lap.

"Watch this Mal; watch your wife put my cock in her cunt. Do it baby. Lift up just enough and reach between your legs and take my cock. That's it, position it just right and lower your self onto it. Ooohh yes, press down, take it all in. Open your legs so hubby can see my cock in you. Do you see it Mal? Do you see how she moves on it? Watch her face Mal, watch her when she cums for me. That's right stroke yourself Mal, maybe you can come again with her. Watch her, watch her face, NOW DO IT SLUT, CUM, CUM FOR ME."

I did, I came, sitting on another man's cock with my husband watching me. I came so hard, right in front of my husband. If Norman had not been holding my waist, even though I was impaled on him, I would have fallen off of his lap. When I came back to my senses my belly and thighs were covered with cum. Mal's cum, he had squirted all over me. And then, even though it took a little convincing, Mal finally licked me clean.

We never ate lunch. Somehow we all ended up in our king sized bed, all three of us. Norman took me every way possible. Mal even had me in some ways he never had never fucked me before. My pussy was worn out and when I wanted to beg off another go around, Norm showed Mal how to take me anally. At first I resisted but by the time he was finished with me, we both loved it.

Norman left some time around six o'clock. I was in a daze, in an endorphic haze when I kissed him goodbye. It was then that I realized how hungry I was. I staggered into the dining room and there was the lovely salad I had prepared for lunch. It was wilted but I didn't care, so was I. I sat down, still naked, to eat. Mal came walking in wearing a bath robe.

He stood looking at me, and then he said, "I'm married to a whore."

"I wish you were," I answered, "I was fucked so many times today that if I was paid for it I would have made a fortune."

"Look at yourself Patti, you're sitting there naked, leaking cum all over the chair."

"It's a leather chair, it'll wipe off."

"You let him fuck you right in front of me. You opened your legs to let me see his cock inside of you."

"Yes I did and you know why? Because it makes you hot when you watch. So hot you shot your cum all over me while he was doing it. You came because you were watching another man fuck me. You're just as sick as I am, maybe sicker. Even now, just talking about what happened is making you excited. Look at your willie, it's standing up peeking out of your robe."

It was, it looked like a shy thing looking out from behind a curtain, not wanting to be seen but wanting to see what was happening outside. I reached out and took it in my hand and pulled Mal close to me until he was standing between my legs, his cock was against my chest nested in my cleavage. Using both hands I pressed my tits together to envelope it and massage it.

"He made me into a slut, Mal and I love it. I'm a slut for him but I'm a slut for you too. Anything I do for him I'll do for you. Why are you complaining, we've had more sex in the last week than we've had in the previous six months. I'm not going to stop seeing him and if you try to make me stop I will leave you and go to him. You don't want that to happen do you? You don't want to give up these tits, do you?" I was rubbing them up and down his cock. "No you don't want that, I can tell. That's right, rub it against my titties. Do it, cum baby, cum for mamma, squirt!"

The first shot caught me right in the face, the rest I caught in my mouth. My hand around his dick forced him to his knees between mine and I kissed him. Kissed him until my tongue entered his mouth carrying his cum back to him. Our tongues dueled until he swallowed my deposit.

"I still love you Mal, please don't make me choose. I want you but I want him too. There's enough of me for both of you. Now fuck me, fuck me hard just the way he does."

He tried, God bless him, he tried, but he just didn't have the equipment or the stamina and he gave up and agreed to share me with Norman.

I put him to the test a few nights later. He came home from work and found me standing in the living room. I was dressed to the nines, little black cocktail dress, five inch stiletto heels and black nylon stockings.

"Wow," He said, "You look great. I didn't know we were going out."

"We're not." I replied.

"Then why are you all dressed up?"

"I have a date tonight." was my smug reply.

"A date?" He questioned. "A date with who?"

"With Norman of course. He's taking me out to dinner."

"But Patti.........." He began.

Just then a horn blared in front of our house. "That's him now," I interrupted. "Your dinner's in the microwave, turn it on for two minutes. Don't wait up; I don't know what time I will be home." And I turned and walked out of the house leaving my stupefied husband standing with his mouth agape as I strutted out the door with an exaggerated hip sway to meet my lover.

Norman didn't even get out of the car to open the door for me. I no more than finished pulling the door closed when he slid his hand up my skirt and felt my bare pussy. He was checking to see I had obeyed his request to go commando.

"No panties and no bra Normie, just like you wanted." I said, "I just hope I don't get so wet I stain my dress. You've made me into a real slut. So where are you taking me to dinner."

"It's a surprise babe, just lean back and close your eyes and I'll have you there in no time."

I did just what he asked but only because his fingers had penetrated me. I moaned when his thumb rubbed over my clit. I knew my pussy was leaking already, I could feel it running down my ass. I didn't care, I just wanted to cum on his fingers and for dinner to be over so I could have his cock inside me. Before I knew it the car had stopped and I hadn't cum yet.

"Please Norm, I'm so close, get me off before we go inside."

"No baby I want you nice and hot for your surprise."

"Where are we?" I asked as I opened my eyes and looked around. "This doesn't look like a restaurant."

"It's not, it's my place."

"Don't tell me you can cook."

"I can't, but Cindi can."

"Cindi, your wife? But......"

"Come on in," he said, pulling me through the door as he called out, "Honey we're here."

She came out of the kitchen removing her apron as she approached us. Her tits were jiggling inside her yellow halter top dress as she walked. 'I'll bet she's not wearing panties either,' I thought to myself as she came close to kiss my cheek in greeting. Only at the last second she switched to my lips.

"Kiss her Patti; she's a slut just like you are." Norman was whispering in my ear.

His cock was thrusting between my thighs from behind; her hands were entwined in my hair. His arms went around me holding both of us in his embrace; I was the meat in that sandwich. Cindi's tongue was dancing in my mouth. Between his touch and hers and the preparation he had done to me I was lost, lost in my lust.

Norman reached down and raised the hem of my dress up around my waist; my pussy and ass were open for use. His cock was rubbing on my naked cunt as he pumped it back and forth between my thighs from behind. I don't know why but I suddenly had the thought, 'I wonder if it is long enough to reach her pussy through my legs'.

My hands had reached her skirt and I was pulling it up, I wanted to rub my naked pussy against hers. The both of us had the same idea and we were humping each other thighs.

"That's it girls," Norman said, "Rub those pussies.

I felt him pull down the zipper on the back of my dress and then untie the bow holding her halter up. In no time at all, both of us were nude and we both fell to the floor as he guided us to a sixty nine position.

I had never made love to a woman before so I just did to her what I like done to me and I was so proud of myself when I got her off. I loved sucking on her tits and teasing her nipples with my tongue and I can tell you that the way a woman makes love to me is very different than the way a man does. I fell just as much in lust with Cindi as I am with Norman.

I stayed there all night, sleeping only when both of them fell asleep and left me alone. When either one woke me with a kiss or a caress, I was instantly available. I couldn't get enough of either of them. I didn't get home until noon the next day and then I just went to bed and slept until Mal woke me when he came home at dinner time.

His first words were, "Where were you all night?" He was standing in front of me as I sat up on the edge of the bed, I was till half asleep.

"I was at Norman's house."

"You fucked him all night?"

"No, sometimes Cindi took over."

"Cindi, Cindi his wife?"

"Yes, she's a slut just like I am. Oooh, I see that excites you too. Would you like to see what she did to me, Mal.? Do you think you could handle watching your slut wife with Norman's slut wife? I think you could. Oooooh you are so hard now. Drop your pants now and get on your knees. Looks at your wife's lesbian pussy. It's bisexual now, she licked it and tongue fucked it after Norman came in me. Then he fucked me again, his cum is still in me. Go on Mal, do what she did, suck it out of me. Stick your tongue in me, lick me clean!"

He did, he went down on me. He ate me out and made me cum and he drank every thing I gave him. My cum and whatever was left of Norman's. He was so good to me. I let him fuck me and then I made him eat me out again. My husband was becoming as big a cum slut as I am.

The next Friday we had the Fishers over for dinner. We never got past the cocktails. Cindi had worn just a sweater and skirt and I was in jeans and blouse. I had no doubt that she was as naked underneath as I was. Norman was just as coarse as always.

"Waddya think, Mal, aren't these two the sexiest chicks you ever saw?" He was on his third martini; Cindi was sitting next to him. "Which one do you think has the biggest tits?"

"I don't know," Mal answered, "I never had a chance to compare them."

"Well come on over here and grab a hold of Cindi's, you already know how big Patti's are."

I watched Mal approach the two of them and then reach out to touch Cindi's plump breast. She didn't seem to mind the attention at all. He covered her tit with one hand and gently manipulated it. She not only didn't object, she seemed to enjoy it. I got up to get a closer look at the activities.

"I don't know Norm; it's hard to tell through this heavy sweater."

"Well lift it over her head then, take it off of her. Oh my, don't those titties look nice. Move over next her, Patti. Take Patti's shirt off Mal, let's get a good comparison."

We all knew where this was going and nobody put up any objections. Least of all Mal. I could see the tent in his pants as he reached up to hold one of her tits in one hand and one of mine in his other.

"So waddya think Mal, which one is bigger, maybe if you sucked on them you could tell better. Yeah, look at those nipples willya, look at how hard and long all four of them grow. Looks like you're growing along with them, Mal Take your pecker out of your pants before it breaks off. Look at those two sluts go at each other. Did you ever see anything like it? They are so hot."

"Is that all you've got, Mal? Your pecker looks so small compared to mine. Look, look how big mine is. Yeah hold mine and yours at the same time. Feel the difference. Big is better the girls tell me. I'll bet you will say that too. That's right Mal baby, stroke it. Go ahead kiss it, I know you want to. I know you want to suck it too, just like you sucked those titties. Yeah, you do that so good. Patti told me you like the taste of cum. Here it comes. Yeah take it, swallow it, no more second hand cum for you. You'll get it right from the source now."

Cindi and I had stopped our onslaught of each other when we realized the meaning of Norman's monolog. Both of us watched in astonishment as Mal went down on Norman and sucked his cock. When it was all over and Mal realized what he had done. He looked at me sheepishly, not knowing what I would think. I wasn't sure myself until I realized this was the best thing that could have happened. He was just as big a slut as I was. I nodded my head and smiled, it like a weight was lifted off the room.

The rest of the night was spent in a four person orgy. Everyone fucked everyone else until we all collapsed in exhaustion. Norman even fucked Mal in the ass after I convinced Mal that I loved it and he would too. They stayed with us for the rest of the weekend and Mal did learn to love having his ass fucked.

Then came Halloween and the party at the Armstrong's. The invitation specified that everyone had to come costumed as a paired couple, such as Romeo and Juliet or Punch and Judy, etc. A week prior to the party Mal come home from work and even before he could get his coat off, I grabbed his hand and pulled him back out to the car.

"We're going out for a fast dinner and then getting our costumes for the Armstrong's party," was my answer to his query about what was going on.

"Do you have any ideas about what you want us to be?" he asked

"Of course I do," was my reply, "We are going as a high society couple."

"Good idea but I'm not sure if my Tux still fits."

"Well this time there will be a switch." I said with a knowing smile on my face.

"What kind of switch?"

"I'm going to be the one wearing the Tuxedo." I said. My smile growing wider.

"But that means that I will be the one wearing..........Oh no,"

"Oh yes," I cut his protest off, "That's right, an evening gown."

"But Patti........"

"No buts. I've seen how you look at me when I get dressed to go out with Norman. How you love to roll up my stockings and pull up the zipper on my dresses. Sometimes I think you are jealous. I know you have been dying to try on some of my clothes but they are too small to fit you. Well for Halloween you are going to get your secret wish. We are going to cross dress.

He didn't put up too much of a fight and we ended up having a good time picking out clothes for him. Mal is not a big guy, 5' 8" to my 5' 2" and he weighs no more than 140. It was easy to find a form fitting evening gown for him that I was able to alter to really make it slinky.

I even bought him a panty girdle that held his penis to his leg to take care of any erection problems that might possibly arise. A bra and falsies and a pair of three inch heels completed the clothing. We actually had fun picking out the stuff. By the time we got to shaving his body, Mal really began to get into it and when I got him his wig he became Malvina. When I put his makeup on he became really pretty.

I don't know how or when it happened but as the party went on I found I was spending more and more time with Cindi and Mal was dancing with Norman. I suppose it was the size difference. Mal, in heels and a dress towered over me in my Tux. He fit better with Norman and me with Cindi.

The drinking, the low lights, the fact that we had all made love to one another previously probably made what happened inevitable. I was dancing a slow one with Cindi and she felt so good in my arms that when she raised her head to say something to me, I shushed her and then kissed her. It was a passionate kiss and it conveyed more than just the sex that we had previously enjoyed. It conveyed love, a love that that is ordinarily shared by opposite sexes.

When we broke apart I looked around, I suppose in guilt to see if we had been observed, and I saw my husband, now fully into his role as Malvina, similarly kissing Norman. His arms were around Norman's neck and his body was molded to his lover's, much as mine had been multiple times before. I even felt a small pang of jealousy.

Norman saw me looking at them and he nudged Mal to look in my direction. I got a look of defiance from Mal, much the same as the one I had given him when he first saw me fucking Norman. The world had completely turned around.

We had come to the party, paired as married couples, in the Fisher's car. But when it was time to go home, Mal got in the front with Norman, I was in the back with Cindi. She collapsed against me as my arm went around her shoulder, her soft naked tit felt so good in my hand. As we pulled out of the parking lot I saw Mal's head disappear into Norman's lap.

When we got to our house all four of us went inside. Nothing was said but Mal and Norman went to our bedroom and Cindi accompanied me into the guest room. It was a night of two separate couples enjoying the delights of new found love.

In the morning, after the Fishers left, I asked Mal to explain his behavior last night. At first he was hesitant but as he spoke it became more evident that we had reached a milestone in our relationship.

He told me that when he first saw me with Norman, something was awakened in him. Instead of being upset with me for fucking another man he was jealous my explosive organisms and of the pleasure I was experiencing. When we invited him into the threesome he was able to experience some of the pleasure first hand and then more again, vicariously, when I dated Norman. But when I dressed him as a woman and Norman treated him as one, it tipped him over the edge. He had a new meaning to his life.

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