tagInterracial LoveMy Kaitlin's Soul is on Fire Ch. 03

My Kaitlin's Soul is on Fire Ch. 03


The Valet pulled Diane's Range Rover up to the curb, as they stepped forward Curtis opened the passenger door like a gentleman, and helped guide Kaitlin onto the front passenger seat. As she maneuvered herself into the SUV's elevated leather seat Kaitlin observed Curtis's eyes locked in and focused, upon detecting her perception of his stare he quickly diverted his eyes. Kaitlin realized that she had inadvertently exposed her naked upper thighs and even her flimsy little thong to Curtis, and he had been staring in earnest.

Flustered she thought; what did he see? -- How much of her was exposed? The answer was almost everything. And then she considered -- he probably liked what he saw! In a strange way it aroused Kaitlin that a Blackman had just admired her most private area, and briefly thought what it would be like if she had not been wearing her thong, and she had been completely exposed, she was disturbed that it excited her.

She was struck by how sensual that moment had made her feel and fantasized that she could be bold enough to have whisked her thong aside and wantonly expose her naked pussy to Curtis allowing him to feast his eyes on her, in her mind her hand slowly spread her pussy lips apart inviting him to appreciate her moist pink folds and exposing her most intimate inner sanctum willfully tempting him in a brazen way, displaying herself without inhibition allowing him a view so hallowed, private and personal, she had never shared with any man including John such intimate disclosure.

Kaitlin had never masturbated in front of anyone, but suddenly now her thoughts were about how audacious it would be if she shared this moment allowing Curtis to view her pussy while she manipulated her engorged lips for his visual pleasure. Inviting him to stare at her cherished prize, before offering him a chance to make it his own. What on earth she thought had gotten in to her, to have such vivid thoughts that she wanted to show herself to not just any man, but to this one very special Blackman.

Kaitlin shivered and realized she had to regain her composure and stop allowing these perverted thoughts to cloud her normal good judgment.

During the twenty plus minute ride home they switched the stereo stations several times, nothing playing seemed particularly satisfying; possibly contributing to the tensing mood. Their banter was a bit strained and somewhat restless. As Kaitlin composed her thoughts, she hoped that her slightly amorous behavior, designed to provoke the people watching her when they were waiting for the valet to bring the car, had not sent the wrong signal to Curtis.

Hell her behavior all evening for that matter was questionable for a happily married woman. In a slight panic she wondered if Curtis was thinking he 'was going to nail her'. It troubled her that her friends Diane and Jack had such a bizarre unconventional lifestyle; she had not seen Diane's revelation coming, and never had the slightest suspicion. To Kaitlin's way of thinking they were just plain Weird! Thank God, Curtis had no clue about some of her private thoughts about showing him her pussy, or her curiosity about how big his black cock is, and how intrigued she was about the whole IR scene that Diane had explained.

Certainly Curtis could recognize that Kaitlin was innocent, not aware or involved in this whole 'lifestyle' nonsense. She devised a graceful and charming strategy about how she could end the evening with no hard feelings, after all they each had some fun dancing, established a new amicable acquaintance, he would certainly understand, he knew she was married. Kaitlin smiled confidently, satisfied that she could handle it artfully. Yes, she had her graceful exit strategy devised. But it disturbed her that the thoughts of interracial sex had been so arousing to her.

Kaitlin wrestled with her thoughts and attempted to wrap her mind around Diane's ideas. She determined that Diane conveyed and important underlying theme and dynamic regarding this whole interracial scene, the way Diane emphasized the significance of a white woman receiving and willingly accepting actually begging the Blackman to cum inside her, before tonight she had never heard the term bareback, she assumed it meant sans condom, no barriers between their black and white skin. It seemed to carry a significant importance, ultimate surrender, the risk of the wife conceiving!

Somehow this unrestricted access would right 'Historical Wrongs'. It somehow represented the most 'intimate expression' of total acceptance. Offering what was once the most forbidden property and valued possession of a white-slave owner, the white woman's virtuous womb, and encouraging the Blackman to use it, to spoil and defile her fertile white pussy with the once forbidden black cock and potent black seed, was the ultimate 'Profound Symbolism' for the Blackman especially, but also significant in meaning for both the white husband and wife.

The fact that the Blackman's superior size and stamina provided the white wife with deeper and greater pleasure was a fact that the white-husband seemed to recognize and acquiesce , so his white-wife could fully enjoy the multitude of intense symbolic rituals associated with this whole 'IR Scene.' Obviously some of those folks seemed to really enjoy it. It was scandalous and outrageous, certainly eye-opening.

The fact that Diane was enthusiastically encouraging Kaitlin to get involved in such behavior, open herself to Curtis's advances, grant and share with him all the symbolic 'IR Rituals' discretely and in secrecy, it was simply unthinkable. Did Diane think that Kaitlin would invite Curtis into her home, and into the bed she shared with John; and proceed to make love with this Blackman all night, repeatedly accepting his seed deep inside her, lying upon their marital bed committing interracial adultery? For one night of indulgence, animalistic sexual gratification, some type of white guilt dispensation, she would give herself to Curtis completely, then with what a goodbye kiss in the morning, and a promise to take their shameful secret to the grave.

Sure on a purely hedonistic physical sexual level it was exciting to think about, however morally it was the antithesis of she was as a person and loving wife. It was just plain insanity.

As they got closer toward home Kaitlin had to provide Curtis with some instructions about the landmarks and roads to guide them, it was obvious he was unfamiliar with this section of the suburbs. Kaitlin realized she had not that long ago made the transition from City-girl to Suburban-Mom, well almost mom, soon hopefully.

Curtis attempted to maintain a conversation, and was asking or telling her about someone they had met earlier at the club. She just nodded, feigning interest, distracted in her own world of thoughts. . Anxious to be home alone, ending this very strange evening. Returning to her dreams and aspirations for the future, wishing for a long and loving future with John. Thinking Hopefully, this would be the year with maybe a little bit more work and savings, she and John could finally start their family, with a Baby!

The Range Rover came to a stop at the top of Diane and Jacks driveway. The front of the house as well as inside was strangely dark, there did not appear to be any lights on, however in the circular front portion of the drive sat the Ferrari.

Kaitlin showed Curtis the pathway between the side of the house and the back gate, thinking she heard faint music coming from that direction. Sure enough Diane was placing and arranging items at one of the outdoor tables, most of the outdoor lights on the deck were on, but must have been dimmed very low creating a soft mellow atmosphere. Some very soft jazz music filled the night air, at a melodic pleasant volume.

Diane had adorned the table with an array of lit candles, and arranged an assortment of treats including: mini pastries, a cheesecake, assorted snacks, a fruit-plate, there was a pot of coffee, a couple of Jack's posh Cognac bottles, four snifters, a centerpiece of fresh cut flowers, and more... the entire works for a late-night feast. The elaborate spread was troubling to Kaitlin, because Diane had obviously put a good deal of effort into the late night banquet.

Kaitlin's well crafted plan to exit gracefully and immediately would now need to be revised. It would be rude of her to ignore Diane's gracious table, so she would have to stay a short while, before she could make her planned exit.

As they all took their seats, Kaitlin declined anything further to drink, she had no further use for alcohol after her over-indulgence all night long, and she certainly did not want any coffee, because even her revised exit plan should have her home in bed in the next twenty minutes.

Diane was unrelenting that if Kaitlin was done drinking, then to minimize tomorrows hangover, it was important for Kaitlin too rehydrate and offered a cold bottle of 'Flavored Vitamin Water' Diane said. "Drink it all girlfriend, it will do the trick, trust me, it will do the Trick!"

As Kaitlin savored the cold liquid X- remedy Diane smiled. Kaitlin picked at a bit of the fruit and pastry, she noticed Lamont place a small leather bag on the table and organize its contents. Next she noticed that he ignited a lighter and began to draw on a small onyx pipe. Soon the air was fragrant with a sweet pungent marijuana aroma.

Kaitlin recalled the scent from her college days, but had not partaken since. Lamont handed the pipe to Curtis who took a long hit, and passed the pipe to Diane. Diane put the pipe to her lips and inhaled, she motioned to Kaitlin who was shaking her head no. Kaitlin stated. "I gave that up many years ago, no thanks."

Lamont chimed in telling Diane. "As an attorney, I recommend that Kaitlin needs plausible deniability, so she can be like President Clinton and claim she never smoked that pipe. Go ahead Di."

The next thing Kaitlin discerned was Diane grasping her face as if she were about to kiss her, but Diane had reversed the pipe and was blowing what they used to refer as a 'shotgun' into Kaitlin's mouth and nostrils. Remembering the routine Kaitlin surprised herself by inhaling deeply, absorbing the smoke, and then laughing.

Kaitlin was surprised at how quickly the inhaled smoke seemed to effect her she felt mellow and relaxed, she was absorbed in her private thoughts sort of spaced out, when suddenly she felt Curtis gently grasping her hand indicating he wanted her to stand. Confused she realizes that Curtis is inviting her to dance as she notices that Diane and Lamont are about fifteen feet away and had been slowly dancing together for some-time, a bit alarmed that she had been so unaware of her surroundings, wondering how much time had floated past; that just one hit from that pipe had put her into such a dreamy state.

Feeling so tranquil, and not nearly as anxious to depart immediately she grasps the large Black Hand. Kaitlin stands and steps into Curtis's powerful black arms. The song is an old Barry White tune, but her hazy mind cannot recall the name. He holds her gently, but close, and they dance slowly to the melodic tune, not speaking a word.

Throughout their dance Kaitlin vaguely discerns that nearby Diane and Lamont are sharing a kiss, but gives it no further thought or concern. Kaitlin is just floating and swaying to the music, and fondly remembers the title of the Barry White song. Smiling, she whispers the name of the song out loud. "Can't get enough of your love Babe."

Suddenly she feels Curtis stiffen and she looks up into his eyes. He is staring back intently. Kaitlin softly tells him. "Thank you this will have to be our last dance."

He looks confused, but leans down and places a brief awkward kiss, it started on her cheek, and ended with a clumsy quick brush across a portion of her lips, very inelegant, and unsure. The song ended and Kaitlin slowly disengaged from their embrace, stating. "I think I will use the powder room before I go home. Oh and thank you for the dance actually all of the dances it was a fun night."

Kaitlin navigated her way down the relatively dark hallway to the powder room. Her mood is relaxed and carefree. She laughs to herself thinking about Curtis's attempt at a kiss, relating it to that awkward phase in a friendship , when a friend is either expressing hello or goodbye, that first occasion when one of them breaks with tradition of the handshake or wave, that first time they initiate a hug and kiss. Then every time afterward there is that sense of obligation that we now must hug and kiss, because the standard has been set.

It was not a romantic kiss. Curtis had not been making a pass at her, she thought. However Kaitlin pondered Diane's earlier comments about Curtis servicing a white wife that had recently moved away, maybe he did expect to seduce another white wife, was he under the wrong impression and think she would be unfaithful to John? Kaitlin recognizes her thoughts are not very lucid, that 'one puff' had her rather intoxicated.

As she exited the powder room into the shadowy hallway, her attention was drawn to a flickering light source emanating from the slightly ajar doorway that was Jack's home office. Curiously Kaitlin approached the door of the office, and was surprised that hanging from ribbons draped to the door were two fancy Mardi Gras type masks adorned with sequins and feathers, they were very ornamental the type of mask that exposes the lower half of a person's face, but the eyes and forehead are covered in sequins, and plumes of vertical feathers jutting up like a ceremonial headdress. Kaitlin had been in this hall dozens of times and knew these masks were not part of the previous décor.

Drawn to the source of the flickering light, she opened the door to Jack's office. There must be several dozen lit candles ablaze inside the room, the candles flickering glow casting shadows and rays of light that appeared to bounce of the walls and ceiling. The large number of candles placed around the otherwise dark room created a surreal almost dreamlike atmosphere.

For a second Kaitlin thought her imagination was playing a trick on her, but her eyes and mind came into focus. It was not imaginary, there in the middle of the room sitting on a three foot high pedestal, it was positioned. It almost gave the illusion that it was some type of ceremonial alter. Atop the pedestal was a mattress, fitted with stark pure white silk sheeting. The atmosphere could have been right from a Hollywood movie set.

The vacant spot on the sacrificial alter; atop the stark white sheet was the focal point of the unholy site, beckoning for a sacrificial ritualistic offering. Subsequently Kaitlin noticed, attached at the four corners of the mattress were black leather restraining straps, each coiled neatly in a circle, uncoiled they were probably three feet long ---- at the of each strap was a red velvet clasping cuff.

Kaitlin walked unsteadily retreating back down the scarcely lit hallway as quickly as she was able; she stopped before opening the French door to the deck. She pondered her guilty feeling; she felt that she had violated some sense of privacy by her nosy intrusion into Jack's private office. She was also stunned that she found the candle lit room and setting, disturbingly erotic.

Kaitlin took a few steps onto the deck and Curtis smiled reaching out his hand and requested. "May I have a proper last dance, please?"

Kaitlin agreed and they began their final dance joining Diane and Lamont on the makeshift dance floor. Still feeling the effects of the smoke, it transported Kaitlin to another far away world, one song turns to two, then three, she experienced a drifting- floating sensation, almost unaware as Curtis lifts her face and applies a gentle kiss to her mouth, she surprises herself, instead of obstructing Curtis's overconfident advance, Kaitlin is intrigued and pulls him tighter signaling her consent and approval, next a deeper longer harder passionate kiss that takes her breath away, they continue dancing and holding the other tight for several minutes.

Kaitlin notices that at some point Diane and Lamont had moved over to the hot tub, and were seated on the edge dipping their feet into the water. Kaitlin is embarrassed and concerned that Diane and Lamont may have observed their hot blooded kiss, the actual indiscretion made her body flush; the prying eyes caused her to blush.

To conceal their escalating playfulness, Kaitlin purposefully steers their affectionate embrace from further scrutiny, repositioning their dance to the furthest darkest corner of the deck area. Kaitlin feels so safe and protected from harm as she is being held in Curtis's strong black arms.

Picking up on her apparent motive Curtis initiated another kiss, Kaitlin now assured that their increased cover provides more privacy, responds passionately, Their embrace tightens; Their searching lips become more animated ....... Their physical embrace becomes more urgent, abandoning the pretext of non-sexual sociability. They both feel a sense of escalating passion.

Kaitlin is struck with a startled apprehension, realizing she needs to cease their inappropriate conduct immediately; as she becomes aware of his shifting embrace; as Curtis gradually slides his hand through the low cut opening in the front of her dress, his initial touch upon her upper abs just below her rapidly beating heart; he begins leisurely migrating his amorous doting hand onto her supple breasts. Kaitlin's breathing is erratic she knows they have crossed a line, she knows she should stop him..., as she prepares to pull away, she freezes...-- Kaitlin had shifted her head downward, her eyes captured...., and then her mind processed the imagery....!

She witnesses the erotic contrast of Curtis's large Black Hand on her milky white breast, thrilling chills run down her spine. The affirmative thoughts racing through her mind were suddenly very lucid. The awareness that she is a willful participant! The unthinkable Black on White imagery effects her deeply, the large Black Hand on her married white skin, she knows it is sinful, but the rebellious act appeals to Kaitlin, and makes her feel defiant and decadent.

As her eyes soak in the color contrast, it pleases her immensely. The sinful implications only deepen her curiosity, and overwhelm her with thoughts of submitting to temptation! Breaking the societal Taboo alters her mood, her brain seems to be flooded by pleasurable neurons; she feels sought- after and feminine, his blackness suddenly fascinates her.

She reflects on the scandalous tribal societal conventions, the hostility among many regarding White women and Black men being involved together, however Kaitlin just then at that instant believed in her case at that moment... the Black on White foreplay: to be eye-catching, it was striking; and possessed a dreamlike quality. The physical touch aroused her!

Kaitlin is drawn further to the unholy temptation; she thought the beauty of her initial interracial union was picture perfect! Kaitlin is now very curious, wondering about what it would be like to be with a masculine Blackman.... To experience first-hand.., to gain carnal knowledge, --- be taught, and discover for herself, the mystique of being satisfied in the arms of her first Blackman! Kaitlin emits a subtle but audible gasp. "we mmmh,.. ohhh not alone, yeeeas pleeez.. Be discrete."

Curtis had methodically begun gently stimulating her right nipple, and confidently fuels her compliance. She is enjoying his sensitive touch. Kaitlin responds inaudibly, but receptively, he continues toying with her nipple, then kissing her again tenderly, and impulsively he begins penetrating her lips rapidly with his tongue, instigating a reply thrust from Kaitlin's tongue. Their tongues and lips mimic a salsa dance.

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