tagHumor & SatireMy Little Head Takes Over

My Little Head Takes Over


"HEY ASSHOLE, wake up. Yeah I'm talking to you, open your eyes."

What, huh, just who is talking to me so early in the morning?

"OK, OK I'm awake, what do you want?"

Better question is who you are as I look around my bedroom there is nobody here. Then I hear him again and it sounds as if he is under the covers. I throw back my blanket to see my penis staring at me.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Penis that sounds like somebody who hangs around with Butthead. My name is Cock, you got that, or I'll accept prick or maybe Dick but no matter what that girl downstairs says you cannot ever call me MR. Winky."

"Hey buddy, you belong to me and I can call you anything I want to, understand."

"You think so? Well how about a nice UTI to show you who's the boss, or maybe no erection for the next six months. Then we'll see who's running the show here."

"I think we're getting off track here, the real question is why after all these years you now decide to talk to me?"

"After what happened last night, it's obvious to me that you're no longer capable of making intelligent decisions. Just what the hell were you thinking, you had that girl almost begging for me, and then you leave her there in the bar for some other prick."

"Who are you talking about; wait a minute you mean that fat girl with the cross eyes and hump?"

"And just how many other beauties did you have begging to go to bed with you last night?"

"Hey, there's no way I would have taken her home, she's not my type."

"Sure I understand, she's not your type, so instead of a sure thing you come home and rough me up with that hairy palm of yours. I don't mind you abusing me when you're too stupid to score but you had that chick in the bag and you let her get away."

"Hey cut me some slack here, I have standards you know, and I don't just fuck anything in a skirt."

"Hello, do you remember who you're talking to, I've been occupied with every piece of ass you've ever had so don't talk to me about standards."

"No, you're right, it's just I'm maturing now and I think I should be more selective with who I become involved with."

"Look pal I'm not talking about getting married, just getting laid."

I knew my cock was right and that I've been going through a dry spell. It was just after Lucy broke up with me it sort of shook my confidence.

"Don't blame me for that fuck-up; I performed my part with flying colors. You're the one that started with the sex games. Just tell me why you had to ask her to tie you up and make you call her Mommy?"

"No you're right I don't know what came over me, it was at the time I thought it would turn her on."

"Well if people are going to call me the little head, they should be calling you the empty head. OK, maybe I'm being too rough on you, but hey, I'm getting horny down here. I'll tell you what, just let me do the thinking for the rest of the weekend, and then Monday I'll let you decide who should run our life."

What did I have to lose and besides he was right, I wasn't making any smart decisions as it was anyway. I agreed and he took over immediately telling me to get up, shower, and get dressed. When I started to shave, he told me to skip it, as chicks love the bad boy look. My cock even picked out my clothes and I had to admit he had better taste than I.

He said we were going downstairs to see Rachael, even reminding me to grab some condoms before we left. I told my cock that Rach was a good girl and we didn't have to worry about safe sex.

"You just let me worry about who's safe and who's not. I'm not about to get some weird STD and end up falling off or worse."

I started to ask him just what could be worse than my dick falling off but decided I didn't really want to know. I grabbed a handful of rubbers and headed out the door to Rachael's apartment. I hadn't actually slept with her before but we had played touchy-feely with her holding me in her hand, but stopping before I climaxed. As I walked down the stairs, my cock started in on me,

"You'll do the talking but I'll do the thinking, don't say anything but what I tell you to say."

I threw my fate into my cock's hands, so to speak, and I told him to lead the way.

When Rachael opened the door, I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her deep and hard. I believe I took her breath away and when I stopped, she was panting,

"John, I've never seen you this forceful before, I think I like it."

I pressed up against her,

"OOH, I see Mr. Winky likes it as..."

I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock,

"It is called a cock, can you say that?"

"John, you know I never talk..."

"It's a cock say it."

"Ca,ca, cock, ooh that feels good, John you have a nice cock."

"That's right, now take my cock out of my pants, and hold it in your hand."

She did as instructed and as she held it with two hands, she caressed it almost lovingly. I took a rubber out of my pocket and told her to put it on my cock. She started to balk but one look from me stopped and she tore open the package and rolled the condom onto my erection.

I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom where I threw her on her bed and then mounted her after pulling her dress up over her waist and sliding her panties to the side. I held her hands over her head as if she was my captive and she screamed out in orgasm as I pummeled her with my weapon of love. When I finished I withdrew from her and stood, I told her I was leaving. She asked me if I would be back and I said I didn't know. She sat there still flush and gasping for breath and begged me to allow her to take the rubber off my cock. She then asked as a favor to her to allow her to suck my cock just one time. I just shrugged and then pushed it in her face. She took me in soft and worked until I firmed in her mouth she then sucked and licked until I came again down her throat. She thanked me and then kissed the tip as she tucked me back in my pants. I walked out the door without even saying good-bye.

"God that was the best, you're right cock you know what you're doing. Believe me I'll follow your lead from now on."

"Well I'm glad to see you coming around, let's go see Lucy."

My cock hasn't talked to me since that day, I guess because I learned my lesson and he doesn't have to. However, he has begun to do something odd lately but of course; I wouldn't dare argue with him. He began painting pictures, that's right in oil. I just stand in front of the canvas holding the pallet, and then he daubs himself in a color and spreads it across the canvas. I'm sure I don't need to tell you it's nothing but porn but actually it's pretty good and I've already sold a couple.

For all you men out there, listen to me if your cock tries to tell you something pay attention, you'll thank him for it later.

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