tagErotic CouplingsMy Little Jewish Neighbor Ch. 02

My Little Jewish Neighbor Ch. 02


Seeing that Alyssa had gotten out of their before I woke up backed up a lot of my fears. Had I taken advantage of this girl?

Sure, she wanted it. No doubt. You can’t be “forced” into doing something with as much ferver as she did. But see, that’s beside the point. What I figure is that she had a crush on me, and with the help of cheap Kool-Aid wine, she acted on it. People don’t do things they don’t *want* to do when they’re drunk. They don’t magically turn into crazed fucking machines, sucking off whatever neighbor happens to be home. They do things that they want to do, but lack the courage to do sober. Alyssa wanted to suck me off, drunk or not.

But should I have been man enough to not let her do it? And more importantly, would the sober Alyssa be angry at me for letting her? I had to find out. I tossed on a robe and headed over to her apartment.

My stomach sank, as her roommate answered the door. Girl’s tend to be very protective of their friends, and I really didn’t wanna get chewed out by Blondie here.

“You must be Ellis,” she said, shaking my hand. It was much friendlier than I’d expected, and I knew that she wasn’t going to chew me out. She smiled slyly. She knew what happened, and I think she was glad.

Her name was Chrissie. I’d seen her around at a few parties before. She was your standard slutty, Californian blond, with a petite frame and a wild glint in her big, blue eyes. Ordinarilly, she would have been more my type. But on that day, I was more concerned with the mousy Jewish girl sitting at the table behind her.

I could see Alyssa tense up when Chrissie ushered me in.. But Chrissie smiled a sly smile and said she’d leave us alone. She had class to go to. She said goodbye to Alyssa, told us to be good and sauntered out the door.

Alyssa got up, nervously and met me in the kitchen. She’d showered since she left my place, as her hair smelled like shampoo. She wore a pair of short flannel shorts and a tight, white tank-top. The outfit wasn’t much, but it accentuated all the right curves.

“H-h-hello, Ellis,” she said nervously.

“Hi” I smiled and stepped closer to her.

“Look,” she said, playing with her hands, “I’m sorry about last night. I had a bit too much to drink and I shouldn’tve barged in on you like that.”

“Don’t be sorry. Do you regret it?”

“No... er, yes. Well, I regret that I came on to you like that and that you had to take pity on me, when you coulda been out with other girls...”

I cut her off. “I didn’t take pity on you. I wanted you.”

”You did?” she asked, somewhat surprised.

“I still do.” A mild gasp escaped her lips, but no words. This girl had a great potential to be a wild, sexual being. And I could tell from the look in her eye, she wanted to become that person. I stepped forward and took her into my arms. My erection poked through the robe and pressed against her stomach. I kissed her soft lips, as I felt her cool little hand grasping my stiff cock. My hands began roaming her back and she slowly jerked my cock. Her body felt so tight and alive. So warm beneath my hands. I caressed her meaty silk thighs as she panted in my ear and nibbled on the earlobe. I pushed her back into the cabinet, shoving my tongue further down her stomach. She let go of my cock and wrapped her arms around my neck. My robe came undone and I wrapped her legs around my waist, lifting her slightly off the ground. We dry humped frantically—my naked cock grinding against her flannel-covered privates. Sweat poured down our faces and she moaned into my mouth.

“Fuck me,” she groaned. I wondered briefly if she was a virgin, but I figured she couldn’t be if she was so willing. I set her down on the ground, in front of the cabinet. I peeled her tight flannel shorts and thin cotton panties down her legs and tossed them into the corner. I reached between her legs and was surprised to find her pussy was soaking wet. I cupped her buttocks and lifted her towards me. She spread her legs instinctively, and wrapped her arms around my neck She gasped and I grunted as my cock slid into her cunt. Her legs hooked around my back and she held me tight, her cotton-covered tits pressed against my chest and began fucking her against the counter. I thrust firmly and quickly into her, and she yelped and moaned into my ear. We sweated profusely, as our bodies slapped against each other.

We eventually lost our footing, standing like that, and slid onto the floor. I rolled her onto her back and fucked her hard against the cold, hard linoleum. She stretched her arms out and laid flat, as I drove my cock into her. Her sweat-soaked shirt was translucent and her meaty breasts and erect nipples were clearly visible. The thin white tank-top stuck to her skin and had ridden up until her smooth belly was visible, a layer of sweat glistening in the florescent kitchen light..

She leaned forward and began sucking my nipples, as I fucked her. Her little tongue swirled around my left nip, and I could feel her teeth lightly grazing it. She reached down with her other hand, and began diddling her clit. She moaned loudly into my chest, and I could feel my balls starting to rumble. I pushed her back against the ground and kissed her passionately on the lips. I thrust into her, hard, a couple more times, before I erupted in orgasm. She continued to finger her clit as I came, and an orgasm hit her moments later. We lay there, our sweaty bodies sticking to the linoleum for several moments. She reached up and peeled off her shirt, and her big breasts flopped into view. I shirked my robe and lay down beside her, idly playing with her left nipple.

“That was wonderful,” she said. Her sweaty leg rested across mine, as she rolled onto her stomach and looked me in the eye.

“Yeah, it was,” I said. “You’re amazing. Where’d you learn to fuck like that?” I was very curious. She fucked like she was an old pro, like she was this hardcore cock-slut. But she didn’t hold herself like one or give off the vibe of being a girl who’d ever seen a boy naked, let alone fucked like that in their kitchen.

“Oh you know,” she said, playing with my nipple, “here and there.”

“So you have fucked before?”

“Oh sure. Lots of times.”

“I had no idea you’d be so talented.”

She seemed genuinely surprised to find out she was good at sex.

“How many guys have you slept with?”

“Oh just two, besides you. And nobody as good as you, either.”

“Tell me about them,” I said, my right hand massaging her buttocks. Curiosity had gotten the better of me. She started off hesitantly, unsure of where to begin. But after some prodding on my part she finally got going. The first boy’s name was Jeff. He was 20, and he took her cherry by force in the front seat of his dad’s beat-up truck. He was a faded high school football jock, that had drank himself out of college and into a lucrative career at McDonald’s, where he met Alyssa. They screwed off and on after that, mostly quick fucks in his car or the occasional blowjob or hand job in the store room at work. But he got fired for stealing when Alyssa turned 16 and she never really saw him after that. At 17, Alyssa fucked her best friend, Erik. Erik was a heavy-set German kid she’d befriended a few years prior and he never got a lot of attention from other girls. He wasn’t attractive to her, but she felt bad for him and she was terribly curious to try sex again. For the next couple years, she used Erik as a guinea pig to try out sex stuff she read about and heard from friends. He was okay, but she usually did all the work. They stopped when Erik’s family moved back to Germany.

“I wanted you when I first saw you, but I was too scared to talk to you. Chrissie kept goading me on to hit on you, but I was sure you wouldn’t be interested. I mean, you have girls over all the time. Girls ten times more attractive than me. Finally, Chrissie got me drunk and pushed over to your door. And the rest is history.”

“Well, I’m glad she did. I figured you for a goodie-goodie who was gonna wait until marriage, not the hot slut I’ve got in my arms right now.”

“Oh no. I’m no goodie-goodie. I love sex too much for that.”

I chuckled and assured her that I was very happy for that fact. My skin squeaked against the linoleum as I shifted my weight, and I realized how dirty I was.

“Ugh,” I groaned, “I think I need to shower.”

”I was just thinking I needed to take another one,” she said in a husky voice, “You wanna join me?” Of -course, I agreed and we groggily stood up and headed nude down the hall to the bathroom.

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