tagIncest/TabooMy Mother My Son and Me

My Mother My Son and Me


Ever since my father died when I was young my mother and I have always been close. I was her only child and as a daughter we clung to each other for comfort. At 15 I started hanging out with the wrong crowd at school and became pregnant. Mom didn't like it but supported me in my decision to have the baby. Actually there wasn't much she could say since she had me at 17. She played nursemaid as I continued my education. My son grew quickly and by the age of 18 had become a fine, healthy boy. I had never married as I spent all my time working, getting my education and looking after my son. That and the fact that mom continued to live with us didn't give me much opportunity to go out.

One evening during the summer I returned home from work only to find my mother and son sitting quietly in the den. That wasn't unusual, what was unusual was that there wasn't another sound in the house. No TV, no radio only silence.

"Mom, what's going on. I know there is something wrong now what is it."

My mom, only 47 years old and still a beautiful and sexy woman herself, looked at me and smiled. "Judy, its time." My son who had the look of someone that had just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar looked puzzled.

"Are you sure mom? I mean he just turned 18."

"Yes, I'm sure. I think you and I should introduce Jimmy to the adult world."

Jimmy looked over at me as if to ask what was going on.

"Mom, before I agree how do you know its time?"

"Let me show you. First, these magazines." Mom pulled out at least 10 nudie magazines that Jimmy had stashed in his room. "Second, I walked in on Jimmy masturbating today. Third, yesterday I saw Jimmy peeking through a crack in the bathroom door while you were in the shower. I also think he has been watching me."

I turned to Jimmy and said: "Is that right Jimmy, have you been watching mom and me in the shower?"

Jimmy hung his head and said "Yes, I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

I looked at mom and said: "Mom, I think your right. It's time."

Jimmy looked up at me then over to mom wondering what was going on. Mom looked at Jimmy and told him not to worry we would explain everything to him later. With that mom went to the kitchen to prepare dinner and I went to my bedroom to change leaving Jimmy's magazines on his lap. A little while later Jimmy entered the kitchen carrying the magazines and said: "I guess I should throw these away." Mom looked at him and said "No, there is no need for that. Keep them but put them away for dinner. I'll call you when dinner is ready." Jimmy left and headed back to his room.

About 10pm I got ready for bed just as mom entered my room. She had on a black see thru top with no panties.

"Mom? Are you sure you want to talk with Jimmy dressed like that?"

"Why? Is there a problem with the way I'm dressed? You didn't seem to mind the other night when you slipped into bed with me."

"I know but how do you know Jimmy is going to feel the same way?"

"Let me see. He's a male, horny and he will be with two very sexy, hot, horny females that want to fuck his brains out. I think he will see it my way."

"OK....if your sure. I might as well slip into something more comfortable myself. No sense in wasting time when he comes in here."

I slipped on a sheer top that barely covered my 38D tits. As a matter of fact the bottom of the top was only an inch below my nipples. Jimmy would be able to see the bottom half of my tits without even trying. I did slip on a thong but it was transparent so I didn't even appear to have them on.

"OK, I guess it's time. JIMMY!!! JIMMY! COME TO MY ROOM!" It took Jimmy less than 30 seconds to get down the hall. When he entered my bedroom I was sitting on the edge of the bed and mom was seated in a chain at the foot of my bed.

"Jimmy, mom and I have something to discuss with you. Come sit by me."

Jimmy was wide eyed as he sat and stared at my tits peeking out from underneath the sheer top. As he sat down he looked over at mom who had already begun to slowly swirl her fingers through her snatch.

"Jimmy....about those magazines..."

"Mom I can explain. I just borrowed them..."

"Hold on a second. No one said you were in trouble. I just wanted to tell you to keep them in your room under cover. Just in case our neighbors or friends came over. You don't want them asking too many questions do you?"

"No mom....you mean your OK with them?"

"Yea...it's OK. Mom and I wanted to ask you something.....personal." "OK....anything."

"Jimmy, have you had sex yet? I mean I know you masturbate but have you...uh... fucked a woman yet?"

"Uh....uh.....no....no, not yet but I came close with Cindy."

"You mean our neighbor?"

"Yea....I was doing her lawn and she must have been drinking because the next thing I knew we were in her house and sitting on the couch. She started asking me about sex and stuff and was feeling my....my penis...and well she let me feel her breast."

"And what happened then?"

"Nothing...she passed out and fell asleep. I didn't know what to do so I came home."

"You did right....now to our question. Would you be interested in having sex, Uh, I mean sex with me and mom?"

Jimmy just stared as his mouth fell open. I'm sure this was a total surprise.

"Well... you can answer now if you want."


"I told you the boy had good sense. Who could resist the two of us?"

"Just a minute mom. Jimmy, you know what this means? No one must ever know. Not your friends, family...no one! Understand?"

"Yea! I won't tell a sole."


"Uh....when do we...you know....do it?"

I looked over at mom and I could tell she was ready to jump him right now.

"How about now? Do you want some time to think about it?"

"Hell NO!!! I'm ready anytime you and grandma are!"

"OK then lets see what we have to work with. I need you to strip....now!"

Jimmy got off the bed and took off his shirt. Then slowly he lowered his pants pulling off his underwear at the same time. As he pushed his pants passed his prick it popped up like it was being shot out of a cannon. I gasped when I saw the size of my son's cock. It was at least a foot long and looked to be as big around as my lower arm.

"Jimmy!! Where did you get suck a weapon?"

"I don't know ma...It just sort of appeared this way in the past year. Up until then it was pretty small but then all of a sudden it just started to grow. All the kids at school give me hell about how big I am. The girls won't even touch it. The act scared. That's why I haven't had sex."

I looked over at mom and I thought she was going to cum right then and there.

"Look at the size of my grandson! What a fucking monster! Honey, we are going to have some fun with that piece of meat! Come over here honey and let grandma take a look."

Jimmy walked past me to where his grandmother was sitting. She leaned forward which put Jimmy's dick at mouth level.

"Damn son...that is a big prick you have. I know your mom wants to fuck you first so I hope she doesn't mind if I have a little taste. Is that alright with you?"

"Yea...go ahead grandma. I don't mind at all."

Mom took hold of her grandson's cock and proceeded to suck on the huge head. After a couple of minutes all she could get in her mouth was the first 3 or 4 inches.

"Honey, this is going to take some practice. I don't even have a dildo that comes close to this thing."

I was watching with fascination as my mom did her best to suck my son's huge cock. I was horny when we called him in the room with just the thought that he may want to fuck me but after seeing the size of his cock my juices really started going.

"Jimmy, I think it's time you fuck your mother. I can already see that she is about to jump you. Honey? Do you want to try and suck off your son or would you rather try and fuck this big thing?"

"Oh mama.....I gotta try and fuck it. I don't know if I can wait much longer."

"Ok then....Jimmy your mama is waiting for you to stuff this big thing in her little pussy. Be careful Jimmy. You don't want to hurt her the first time. Ha...Ha...Ha..."

I got up on the bed and slipped my soaked panties off my legs. I watched as my son climbed up on the bed between my legs holding what looked like a baseball bat in his hand. I rubbed my pussy to spread my cunt juice all over the lips. I knew that was going to be a chore and a please at the same time.

"OK Jimmy....you have to take it slow. I've never had anything this big before. And don't worry about cumming too fast. I know it's your first time."

"I'll be OK mom. I've already jacked off two times since I got home. Are you ready? Your pussy looks mighty small!"

"Here, let your grandma help you baby. Just a little suck to get the head slick....Oh yea...and a little lick on that sweet pussy to make sure it's ready. OK... let me help you get it started...There honey...how does that feel?"

"Ohhhhh.....Like a fucking freight train is running up my cunt! Ahhhhhh..." "Honey he only has the head in you....Slowly Jimmy....You don't want to scare your mom off."

"OK grandma....Ahhhh....mom your pussy sure feels good and tight!"

"Ahhhh....ahhh...that's it son....slow.... in and out....in and out... Ahhhhh.. OK baby you can shove some more in. I think I'm getting use to it... That's it...OK that's better. Is it all in yet?"

"Not yet honey....Jimmy has about four or five inches to go."

"Oh fuck!! I though it was all in! I think I'm gonna cum already....Yea...Oh yea that is a good fucking cock you have son....fuck me....FUCK YOUR MOTHER!!!!"

Jimmy started fucking me with long slow strokes shoving more and more of that monster cock into me each time. I felt I was being split in two but I was fucking determined to take all of my son's cock.

"Oh baby your cock looks so good fucking your mother. I can't wait until I can take that big fucking prick up my cunt. Fuck her Jimmy....fuck your mother's cunt!"

Jimmy started picking up the pace fucking me faster with longer and harder stokes. By now I was having a continuous orgasm.


"I'm cumming to mama....I gonna cum in my mama's tight fucking cunt!! OH FUCK ... IT'S SO FUCKING GOOOD MAMA....I'M CUMMMMING!!!!"

Jimmy started shooting a huge wad of cum deep into my pussy but my little cunt wasn't big enough to hold it and it started squeezing out and running down between my ass cheeks.

"Oh fuck that was good Jimmy. You have an amazing cock son!"

Jimmy slowly pulled his softening cock from the depths of my cunt. Mom took one look and couldn't resist. She took hold of Jimmy's prick and started sucking his and my cum from that foot long sausage.

"Damn grandma....that feels good. Yea....suck my prick grandma. Suck it and it will get hard again then I can fuck your tight little cunt and see how you like taking my prick."

Mama raised her head and smiled at her grandson.

"That sounds good to me Jimmy boy! You get it up and I'll find a place to put it!"

"Jimmy? Just to let you know....mama likes it in the ass! You might just get her to roll over and shove that man size prick up her shit chute if you're lucky. What do you say. Interested in fucking your grandma's ass?"

"Oh hell yea mom! I'd love to shove this thing up grandma's ass!"

Mama looked up at me with disbelief.

"Not yet you don't. First I get a cunt full of cum then you can fuck my ass if you can get it hard again. As for you daughter of mine, you know damn well that you love it up the ass as much as I do so don't go getting Jimmy aching for mine and hold out on him getting yours. I make damn sure yours is the first asshole he shoves this pole into. Now grandson....how about fucking this old woman."

"Ok grandma. But you're not old. You're a hot piece of woman though. I can't wait until I get my cock buried deep in your sweet cunt and you get to feel what mom already had."

"Don't worry son....grandma can handle it. She has been waiting for this day for over two years. Since the time she saw you naked getting out of the shower. She just didn't think you would have such big equipment to take care of her needs with."

"That's enough chit chat....Come here Jimmy and see how that piece of meat fits this old pussy! Enough talk....lets fuck!"

With that Jimmy climbed on top of mama as I took hold of his prick and aimed it towards mom's dripping cunt. After a couple of minutes Jimmy had about half of that prick buried in mom's twat.

"Oh fuck Jimmy....don't you have all that fucking cock in me yet? You're tearing me in two! Oh fuck you making your old grandma cum..... Yea baby....keep fucking me. I'm cumming Jimmy....that's it keep shoving that cock in me!! I want more ..... Oh fuck yea... you're fucking making me cum!!! FUCK ME....OH FUCK YOUR GRANDMA... SHOVE IT ALL THE WAY IN...I WANT IT ALL....OH FUCK YES.....I'M CUMMING AGAIN....AHHHHHHHHH.....AHHHHHHHH.....FUCK MEEEEE!!!!!!"

"I' cumming grandma.....I'M CUMMING IN YOUR FUCKING CUNT!!!!!"

"That's it Jimmy....fuck her....fuck your grandma....make the bitch cum on that big fucking cock of yours!!!! Fuck her Jimmy.....shove all of it up her twat..... Split her in two!!! Make her cum baby so I can eat your cum out of her cunt!!!!"

Jimmy and mom came at the same time with Jimmy grunting and mom swearing that Jimmy was going to split her into. When Jimmy pulled out I had to give his cock a lick and then dove into my mother's cunt eating the fresh cum that my son had just deposited. Mon was surprised but even more surprised when she had another orgasm. That just helped push more and more of my son's cum out of her cunt and onto my waiting tongue.

"Damn that was good mom. That was the best tasting cunt I have ever had."

"Must have been honey. You have you sons cum running down your chin and between your breasts."

"That reminds me. Jimmy you didn't even suck my tits while you were fucking me. Don't you like them?"

"Like them...I love them mom. You didn't give me a chance. You wanted my cock so much I didn't even have time to suck you tits or eat your pussy!" "I guess your right....next time then."

"Yea....next time mom.... How about 20 minutes."

"Sounds good to me....how about you mom? Ready for another round?"

"Damn straight! Jimmy...anytime you can get that monster up my pussy and asshole will be ready!"

"Lets get cleaned up and something to eat. It's going to be a long night!"

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