tagErotic CouplingsMy New Sister Ch. 06

My New Sister Ch. 06


A little over a month passed and Connie refused to talk to me. Even with Sammie as an over the phone mediator she always managed to steer the conversation away from me until Sammie waved me out of the room for privacy. Honestly it got to me more than it should have, so much so that I told my step-sister that I wanted out of her prostitution scheme, and even told Fallan to stop trying to get me to knock her up. Of course that made Sammie just mad enough to stop having sex with me too. Not mad enough to stop teasing me, kissing me, and letting me see her naked, but if I wasn’t going to help her make extra cash, then I wasn’t going to be inside her ever again.

Whatever, I thought, it was a fun week, and I had a couple hundred bucks to spend. Then one night while I was up late laying in bed finishing a book for school, Sammie sauntered into my room wearing not much more than me in just my boxers and plopped down next to me on the bed. “Can I help you, sister?” I said, not looking up from The Lord of the Flies. I wanted nothing more than to rip her silky black pajamas off and tear into her tight little body, but I was in no mood to be teased to the point my cock ached, and then left to take care of myself again.

“Actually, you can.” Sammie quipped and took the book from my hands. I looked at her, waiting “I have a friend that needs a favor.” She said and I rolled my eyes and reached for my book. Sammie tossed it across the room so it landed with a small crash on my computer desk. “Listen, you need to get over Connie. It was one fucking date Jason. One date with a girl so fucked in the head she won’t go out with a great guy who’s willing look to past her scars and her screwed up life.”

Lacking the book to hide behind I just scooted down on my bed and leaned my head back. Closing my eyes and throwing my arm over them I muttered. “I’ve already told you I don’t want to do this anymore, Sammie.” I took a deep breath and lied, “I don’t even care about Connie, but she proves that this whole thing makes shit too complicated.”

I felt Sammie stand up from the bed. “The only thing it proves is you’re a damn coward.” She hissed and I thought I heard her voice shake. “One girl rejects you and you decide to just close up to keep it from happening again.” When I moved my arm to look at her she turned away from me and walked for the door. “You don’t have to worry about me teasing you anymore,” she muttered. “I’m not going to bother with someone that doesn’t have enough spine to get what he wants.”

Maybe she was right. Of course she was right. I was terrified that I’d end up attached to one of our clients and end up getting tossed to the curb the second they were satisfied. Sammie had gone just over the line with that last remark though. I was up and out of the bed before she had my door open a few inches, so when I slammed it shut in front of her, it didn’t seem loud enough to wake anyone up. I pushed Sammie against the door with one arm wrapped around her, tightly squeezing her left breast through the thin material of her nightclothes. I ground my hips against hers and growled in her ear “Is this the spine you were talking about?”

She mewled a response I didn’t quite hear, but she was pressing her ass back against me and making no effort to get away from me. I jerked the back of her pajama bottoms down over her round little ass and ran my hand up her crack before opening the front of my boxers and pulling my cock out and laying it between her cheeks. Sammie braced her hands against my door and pushed her rear end towards me. I had to stoop a little, but I moved my hands to her hips and lined myself up with her slit before pulling her back onto me. She gasped and I groaned as I worked my way deeper into her tighter than ever pussy. I thrust in and out of her quim while she held herself off the door, pulling her ass back on me each time. “Oh God, fuck me Jason.” Sammie finally moaned out and lead me to my knees so I could properly impale her on my cock.

With her legs still trapped inside her pants, I but my knees outside of hers and drove my cock into her. The sound of her ass hitting my stomach filled the room as we did our best to keep from screaming each other’s names. Her insides were so hot and squeezing my shaft each time I penetrated her lips. I heard her suck in a sharp series of breathes and felt her pussy seize up and spray my balls with pussy juice. Sammie’s orgasm caused her arms stopped supporting her and her head hit the carpet, which made her shirt fall up to let me see that beautiful tattoo covering her back. I also left her even more open to my cock’s invasion of her cunt.

I almost couldn’t believe I was fucking my step-sister again. I’d thought we were done, but couldn’t be happier to be pounding balls deep into her spasming pussy again. I was gripping her hips and jerking her small frame back on my cock so hard I feared I might bruise her, but her quiet moans and gasps only encouraged me to keep going. “Don’t hold out, Jason.” I heard her tell me, she was looking back over her shoulder, smiling with her mouth half open. “Cum for me, baby. Cum deep in your sister’s cunt.” She chided and her pussy clamped down on me again.

I grunted and drove as deep into Sammie as I could before my cum erupted into her. She shuddered as I pumped my cock in and out of her a few more times, letting her throbbing walls milk my shaft. I practically fell over when she started to stand up. “I almost forgot how good you felt on the inside.” I sighed as I watched her straighten her clothes, then her hair in my mirror.

Sammie grinned at me as she walked over to where I was sitting on the floor and bent down to kiss me. She snaked her pierced tongue into my mouth and drew mine back into hers. “Get some rest, I’ll tell you about the job tomorrow.” She told me and turned to leave. When she opened the door, she made a surprised noise and I glanced up to see what startled her. I leaned to look past her into the hallway, and my blood froze. Standing there in her fuzzy pink pjs, mouth hanging open and eyes as wide as saucers, was Gracie.

Sammie quickly closed the door and I just as quickly had my ear pressed to it trying to hear what was being said. Failing to make anything out I pulled on a pair of pants from my hamper and joined them in the hallway. “So are you guys like boyfriend and girlfriend?” Gracie blurted out to me interrupting whatever Sammie was in the middle of telling her.

Sammie looked up at me and I stared at her then just shrugged. I had no idea what to tell either of my sisters. I never planned for getting caught or having to explain anything. “Yeah we are.” Sammie finally answered. “But it’s a secret ok?” she quickly added. Before Gracie could ask why Sammie went on “Most people know us as brother and sister, and you know that brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to date right?” Gracie nodded while I once again stood in awe at how fast Sammie handled her. “Well, people would get the wrong idea about this whole family if they found out about me and Jason. But, I’m not really your sister right? So we aren’t doing anything wrong.”

Gracie nodded and said “Yeah I guess not…” she yawned and it was obvious to me the door slamming had woken her up. She must’ve been on her way back to bed when she heard Sammie tell me to fuck her. “Mom and Dad are gonna be pissed though!” she suddenly blurted out.

“Watch your mouth.” I scolded, and before realizing I wasn’t really in the position to boss her around. “Mom and Samuel can’t know about this either.” I told her, looking down the hallway towards the stairs, expecting my parents to come up them any second. “Listen Runt, if anyone finds out about this, then Sammie will have to go live with her mother in Florida.” Gracie drew back like I’d raised my hand to strike her, I hadn’t realized just how attached the two girls had become to each other.

Sammie put an arm around her and added. “And Jason will have to come with me, because he’s my boyfriend,” I smiled a bit when she said that, but it faded when I saw Gracie start to tear up. “Now I know you don’t want to be left alone here, so all of this will just be our secret okay?” Gracie nodded, still on the verge of tears. “Come on, let’s get you back to bed.” The older sister said and led Gracie by the hand back to her bedroom. She came back to me sighing in relief and leaned against me in the hallway. I should have still been worried, but all was thinking was that Sammie still smelled good even after getting fucked in my bedroom floor.

“I don’t think we have to worry about her telling anyone.” I finally said. Sammie sighed again and nuzzled her head into my chest and groaned. I hugged her tightly and sighed myself. “Well, nothing we can do about it now.” I shrugged. “Go get some sleep Sammie.” I told her and released her so she could shuffle off to her own bedroom. I returned to bed thinking I’d never get to sleep, but found Sammie had drained me worse than I thought and quickly gave in to my heavy eyelids.

The next morning Sammie was already gone again, and Gracie acted like nothing had happened on the way to school. I was worried but prepared for a barrage of questions; her complete dismissal of what happened startled me so much I almost started talking it about it myself. Fallan met me just inside the school after Gracie scampered off to find her popular friends. “So Samantha told me the good news.” Fallan said with a smile and brushed her hips against me as we walked along the halls. I glanced after Gracie and frowned, and Fallan stifled a laugh. “Yeah, she told me the not so good news too.” She grabbed my hand so I’d stop before I went into my first class and turn to look at her. “Don’t worry about your sister ok? Even if your parents find out, Sammie’s mom would never let her go homeless, and I’d bet money she’d be happy to have a man around her house too.”

I looked her up and down for a few seconds. It’d had gotten colder since the last time I’d been so close to her, so she was hiding her body under a crushed dark red leather pea-coat and a long black corduroy skirt, but I could still see her firm tits and long tan legs in my mind. “I’m not worried she’d tell anyone on purpose.” I finally said and shrugged leaning on the lockers next to the classroom’s door. “But as much as that girl talks, it might slip out anyway.” I shook my head and almost laughed. “To make it worse she thinks Sammie’s my girlfriend, so I don’t even know what to do if I actually want to date someone, you know?”

Fallan grinned and looked away from me. “Did you, maybe… Have anyone in mind?” she half mumbled and scooted closer to me, pressing her chest to mine. I felt her hands on my sides inside my jacket and breathed in her scent. “I mean,” she went on, “you’re kind of Sammie’s plaything right now, but if we… I mean you, if you weren’t doing the whole prostitution thing…”

As Fallan started to trail off, I was leaning closer to her. Our eyes had closed and our lips had just met when I heard someone clearing their throat loudly behind me. I sighed and turned to see my English teacher staring at us with her eyebrows raised expectantly. “Go to class, Miss Ayush.” She ordered flatly, then held the door open for as Fallan rolled her eyes and stalked off. “Save it for after school, Jason, or at least until lunch.” Mrs. Holbe advised as I sunk into my seat wondering if Fallan would give me the chance to wait that long, or if I’d be jerked into a broom closet again.

I made it to second period without incident, but it was clear as soon as the economics teacher announced we’d be working in groups on a project that Fallan wasn’t going to let me make it much further. She quickly pushed a desk against mine, which was already against the wall, and effectively pinned me in my seat. I glanced around, expecting Sammie to join us, but my step-sister was already seated with three girls (at least I think they were all girls) that were dressed like there was a funeral after class. Fallan smiled at me and slid her hand across my thigh. It probably would have gone further but a third desk was placed facing us and a girl I’d never met sat down silently. “Fallan, Jason, this is Katie.” Our teacher introduced us. “She’s new and since you’re lacking two partners, she gets to join you.”

Katie wasn’t much bigger than Sammie; maybe an extra twenty or so pounds, all of which looked like it was carried on her chest or hips. Her brown and ash colored hair and big brown eyes (made to look even larger by her glasses) gave her a slightly mousy look, and her high cheek bones or short pointy nose didn’t do much to assuage the appearance. “Nice to meet you.” I said and offered a handshake. Fallan just sighed and put her hands back in her own lap.

Katie managed a meek smile and pulled her hand out of the pocket of her faded overalls to grab my hand. “Thanks.” She muttered. “Sorry you got stuck with me.” She really appeared apologetic too. I wondered what was bothering the girl so much, but figured she was just shy around new people. Fallan huffed again and started flipping through her notebook as if she actually cared about the project we were doing.

As we got to work, Fallan slowly loosened up a bit, and got more brazen with her advances. In the middle of a conversation about budgets for a new product her hand found its way to my zipper, and then quickly made it inside my pants. I leaned forward and rested my elbows on my desk; knowing better than to try and stop the dark-skinned girl from doing whatever she wanted, I decided to at least try and stop anyone from catching us. Concentrating on how she was making me feel and worrying about getting caught left little of my attention to be granted to what Katie was saying though. “Don’t you think so?” I barely heard. “Jason?”

I snapped myself to attention. “Um… Yeah.” I agreed to something. Fallan tried to hide a laugh and I cut my eyes at her. The discussion carried on and my cock was pulled out of my boxers so Fallan could more easily rub it. I tried not to moan, failed and tried to cover it up with a fake cough, which made Katie stumble over her words and give me a suspicious look. “What?” I tried to act as clueless as possible.

Fallan didn’t even flinch when Katie ducked down to look under the desk. I stupidly reached for her to stop her, as if I could’ve done so quickly enough or without exposing myself. “Oh… My God.” Katie gasped and sat back up in her seat blushing. She covered her face in her hands and slouched in her seat. “Are you seriously doing that at school? In the middle of class? Three feet away from me?” She asked in a hushed voice.

Fallan still hadn’t stopped and for some reason I hadn’t tried to stop her. “It obviously doesn’t bother you very much.” Fallan quipped. “If it did you would’ve already tattled on us.” Katie lowered her hands slightly, watching to other girl as she spoke. “Even with that innocent virgin nerd look you have going for you, I can tell there’s a little freak wanting to get out.” Fallan accused with grin. I wanted to laugh, I wanted to tell Fallan to stop picking on the girl, and I wanted to find out if she was right all at the same time.

Katie finally moved her hands and leaned in close to us. “I’m not saying anything because that’s not how to get on in a new school.” Katie admitted “I just want to do good on this project.” She said quietly. “And I know I’m new and you probably would rather just do it without me, but I need your help and I’d really appreciate it if you could pay attention to our work instead of giving each other handjobs in the middle of school.”

“You’re right.” I said forced Fallan’s hand off my junk. She frowned at me and I just shrugged. “She’s right. We all need this grade, so we should put our heads together and do a good job.” I leaned in close to Fallan and whispered in her ear “And if you’re really that horny, we can sneak into the supply closet again.”

Fallan grinned wider this time and shook her head. “They changed the lock on that door.” When she saw Katie looking at us confused she waved a dismissive hand. “Doesn’t matter. Let’s get back to work.” Which was still easier said than done with my erection straining against my pants. Lacking any place to sneak off to and have a quick slap and tickle, Fallan and I went straight to the cafeteria with Katie quietly in tow. When she sat down across from us, Sammie looked at like she was insane for daring to invade what most students considered her private table in the corner. “She’s okay.” Fallan vouched for her before Sammie could tell Katie to find somewhere else to sit.

“So, who’s the friend with the favor?” I asked Sammie, still curious as what or who I’d be doing now that I was ‘working’ again. As soon as I got the words out of my mouth, Fallan got her hand back in my pants. Katie was apparently the only one to notice the change in my expression and bit her lip to keep from laughing.

Sammie glanced at the new girl suspiciously before she started talking. “Not really a friend,” she shrugged. “But she’s paying more than usual so I’m putting aside our differences.” Sammie turned to me and smirked. “Do you know who Deborah Nichole Sollud is?” the name made Fallan’s grip tighten expectantly, and Katie coughed, either trying not to laugh at my face or something else.

Sure I did, it was hard to miss the name of the head cheerleader in a town obsessed with football. “What does miss popularity need me for?” I asked. “Surely she’s not lacking for guys wanting to fuck her.”

Sammie tapped me on the nose with a french fry and I wondered what had her in such an odd mood. “That’s the problem, dear brother. The guy she was fucking isn’t fucking her anymore, so she wants you for some relief.” Sammie popped the fry into my mouth and grabbed another for herself. “See, you’re still kinda new here, not many people know you, so even if you ran your mouth about it, nobody’d believe you.”

“So she needs me to be her rent-a-dildo?” I asked with a sarcastic smirk. Then another thought occurred to me. “And what about the guy that was plowing her? What if he gets pissed off and comes after me?” I worried, now talking as much with my hands as my mouth. “Last thing I need is some football player trying to kick my ass over some bimbo.”

Sammie smiled and put her finger on my lips to silence me. “Three. Thousand. Dollars.” She pulled a folded up stack of money from her back pocket and waved it in my face. It smelled like sweat and Sammie’s crotch and I wondered what she did with her cut of the money “That’s only five hundred.”

I was silent for a moment, enjoying Fallan’s slender fingers working my cock, staring at the money in Sammie’s hand as she shoved it down into her pocket. “When and where?” was all I needed to know. I was supposed to take Gracie home, and then go over to Debbie’s house since her parents were out of town. After giving me the directions, Sammie informed Fallan that she should take her hand off my dick before she started charging it rent, which made Katie laugh so hard she nearly choked.

Before I made it to the parking lot after last period, Fallan pulled me behind one of the drink machines next to the gym and shoved her tongue in my mouth. “Fuck me?” she pleaded. I smiled and nodded eagerly. Gracie could wait a few minutes while I got reacquainted with Sammie’s olive-skinned slave girl. She drug me through the gym, which was practically empty, and into the girls’ showers, which was thankfully empty.

Fallan pulled me nearly to the rear fire exit and quickly undid my pants and shoved them down before pushing me down on the fake-wood bench that ran along the center of the isle. She hiked her long skirt up to throw her leg over me and the bench, and stood standing on one leg in front of me. I reached under the heavy black fabric to move her panties aside to find they were split down the center. I ran my fingers down her slit and back up across her clit and pulled a shudder and small moan from her. “Really?” I smirked and snapped the band on her crotchless underwear.

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