tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 01

My Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 01


Thank you to a kind reader, Jennifer, for the idea and inspiration....


Jennifer was a precocious 19-year-old girl who was one part smart and 9 parts smart-ass.

Always in trouble in high school, her freshman year of college wasn't much better. She was petulant, challenging, argumentative, a flirt and a tease.

And she was my niece.

We got along okay, mainly because I had stepped in as a bit of a father figure after her dad, my brother-in-law, passed away in a tragic automobile accident when Jennifer was a sophomore in high school.

After that Jennifer went from a quiet, likable girl to a wildcat. She was suspended from school twice, once for a combination of rules violations but the other after being caught "in the act" with a boy. That cost her the captainship of the cheerleading squad, and the surprising thing was she just didn't care.

Her driving habits left something to be desired. She had couple minor accidents and after those and a pair of speeding tickets she lost her license. She had to attend summer school to graduate, and made a spectacle of herself at the prom with her dirty dancing that caused the chaperones to take her aside and read her the riot act.

Jennifer babysat our youngsters several times, getting along okay with them. But not without some pitfalls along the way. Like the time I was cleaning the family room one Saturday morning.

Jennifer had babysat the kids the night before, and when my wife and I arrived home sooner than expected I swear Jennifer had the look of someone being caught doing something they shouldn't have been doing.

I couldn't put my finger on it at the time, but the next morning when something clogged the vacuum cleaner the picture was clearer. The clogging was due to a used condom being stuck inside, and since I hadn't used one in years and unless my wife was banging the mailman it could be traced back to my lovely niece.

Of course, no real proof, except for the rubber and her red face, out of breath, disoriented look the night before. The next week while sitting at the desk at the car dealership where I was general manager, my mind wandered and I thought about my niece. She was always conniving, up to something, and always trying to get something for nothing. She used her teasing to get what she wanted, and I wondered if she'd ever grow up.

I know it sounds crazy, but I think she knew I knew about the condom because she acted somewhat awkward the next few times I saw her. That was made even stranger and embarrassing one afternoon when I walked into the basement and Jennifer was in the process of changing...and I caught her pulling up her flimsy pink panties.

"Oh, Uncle Rob, I didn't hear you come in," shrieked the girl. She wasn't really embarrassed which led me to believe she not only heard me coming but also wanted to get caught in her undies. Why I don't know, but that night I promptly told my wife when we were getting ready for bed.

In case the little vixen was thinking of getting me into trouble figured I'd come clean to ensure she didn't think I was a voyeur or worse. It wasn't the first time I caught her in a suggestive pose, and surely wouldn't be the last I remember surmising at the time

Still, Jennifer somehow graduated and entered the local college where it seemed as if she was maturing and turning things around. The wildcat in her remained a constant, just wasn't as obvious to her mother.

Which brings me to the reason for this story. One needs the background to understand Jennifer and where things would go over the last whirlwind month.

It was the middle of her first semester and I'd only seen her a few times. A couple times at my sister's house and twice at football games where she lead cheers while acrobatically flopping around. Karen had felt her daughter's wild days were behind her, but I had a feeling she was still a wildcat but was careful not to have that fact discovered by her mom.

I do know that I saw her a couple times making out --- with different boys --- near a local coffee house, and once saw her in a lip lock with a guy in the parking garage of a mall. No, Jennifer was still wild, she just wasn't obvious about it with her mother.

My wife and my sister were upstate at a women's retreat one Saturday evening when there was a knock at the door followed by an urgent "Uncle Rob" cry from the doorway. Startled --- I was in the middle of watching an ice hockey game on TV --- I yelled for my niece to come in.

Her face was ashen. She actually was shaking. Asking what was wrong, I pulled her close into a hug. "It's okay, pumpkin, tell me."

With that opening Jennifer weaved a tale of woe that almost made me laugh. Apparently she and a couple girlfriends were in my sister's car at the mall, and began showing off for some boys. She started and stopped the car, laid some rubber before doing several quick turns.

All in fun, of course, and actually not in a lot of danger, but on one of those whirlybirds she sideswiped a light fixture and tore up the side of her mom's car. Not beyond repair, but damaged. Outside, the car looked awful. I'd imagine several thousand dollars worth of damage.

"If mom finds out she will ground me...she won't let me drive, and if the police find out I'm sure there's all kinds of tickets they could give me. I mean, I can't pay my insurance now, mom has me on her policy but I have to pay my share and with school I don't work much. I mean, this is terrible," said the crying girl. "You have to help me Uncle Rob, you have to."

I sternly looked at my niece, shaking my head. Reminding her of the time I paid her speeding ticket and all the times I'd lied or schemed to help her out of jams, I said this time she was on her own.

Jennifer began balling like a baby, tears flowing like a river. "You have to help, please, please."

The girl told me how she'd broken curfew, how she'd failed English of all subjects in her first trimester, and how her mom had to bail her out from a well-used credit car delinquency. "She will kill me, please help."

On one hand I wanted to help my lovely niece. On the other, well, I wanted to make the little bitch pay for all of her bad behavior and the constant childish actions. And I also thought of the day I saw her in her panties and well, I am a guy.

We spoke for nearly an hour, and Jennifer knew she wasn't getting anywhere. Especially when she suggestively allowed me a peek up her short skirt and I didn't react at all.

"Please, Uncle Rob, I am desperate," cooed the girl, and I think she realized her precarious position. She seemed to be thinking, almost like at the edge of a cliff: to jump or not to jump? Then came the words I'll never forget: "What if I, well, you know, jerked you off."


I stared at the girl. Where did that come from? I guess it was a practiced response, because she said it again.

"I know you're my uncle, but you're a guy. I can't imagine a guy who doesn't need a little help with, well, you know. I've been told I have good hands!"

Not believing what I heard, I just sat there dumbstruck.

She kept talking. "I know you don't get it enough, I heard you on the phone the other day with someone complaining about that. Let me get you off...please. Just help me."

Standing, I shook my head. I sat down next to her on the couch. She stared as I stared back as not a word was uttered. Reaching behind her I rubbed her back, then pulled her over my midsection, right over my knees.

"What the fuck are you doing," yelled the shocked young girl, flipping her head back as her brunette mane snapped around.

"Doing what should have been done a long, long time ago."

With that I spanked her ass several times as she attempted to wiggle away. Holding her back, I lifted her skirt and spanked her panty-covered ass several times bringing forth yelps as she struggled to get away from my grasp. It wasn't to be, and soon I slipped her baby blue panties with the "VS" initials on the back.

Panties down, I proceeded to spank that lovely ass while telling her she needed to stop being a bitch. That she couldn't use her physical attributes to get her out of trouble. That offering her uncle a hand job for thousands of dollars worth of work in detestable. Her buttocks turning red, I deposited about 20 swats on her beautiful ass before letting her go.

The girl was pissed and called me a couple not nice names while she pulled up her panties and pulled down her skirt. She made a minute out of making herself presentable, but it was great looking at her squirming with hurt and embarrassment.

"What are you smiling about," spat the girl.

"You've deserved that spanking for a long time, and I should have done it long ago," was my reply. "Plus I like the VS on your rear end. I bet that VS is a store name, but really stands for Very Sore."

Daggers came first, but then a smile started to hit Jennifer's lips as her hands rubbed her behind. "That's not funny," said my niece. "Not funny at all."

Sitting back on the couch, Jennifer slipped a pillow under her behind as we spoke about the night's activities. She apologized for being a bitch, said she'd try harder, but asked again if I could help her out.

There weren't a lot of things I could do, but there was one that I told her about.

"Look, you have several thousand dollars of damage there, and I'd have to concoct some story to keep the truth away from your mother. I'd be in big trouble if she found out. Plus, there's only one guy I know who I could get to fix this, and it won't be a walk in the park."

"You have to help," said Jennifer. "You have to, anything, please, help me."

I grabbed a beer and weaved the way toward getting the car back in tiptop shape.

Alex was one of the expert mechanics at the shop. In his mid-40s, he had the experience to work miracles on difficult cases. He also had done a few off book repairs as favors for me over the years. Good friends, I called on that friendship from time to time. But in all cases he was paid handsomely. In this case, there wasn't a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

"Here's the thing, he's confided in me something that he wants and doesn't currently get. You might be able to help," I said, a sly smile showing.

"Of course, anything. What, babysitting? Cleaning his house? I don't have money but I can work it off however I can."

Telling her I knew she could, I explained the deal.

"His wife refuses to give him blow jobs, simple as that. I know that if you were to promise him, say, a month of BJs and really came through as promised, I think we could get a deal done."

The look on Jennifer's face was priceless.

"I'm not a whore."

"Don't say you haven't done it before, many times I'll bet," was my simple reply. "Look it as a service being done, like cleaning the house. You will be cleaning something, alright, and your car will get fixed and nobody will know what happened I'll tell your mom there was a problem with the exhaust, and because of a recall the car will be out of order for a couple weeks. I'll get her a loaner Your car will be fixed Nobody will be wiser. "

Looking at her sternly, I read her the riot act.

"Listen, you got into this problem because you don't think. I'm offering you a way out.... if you can convince Will it would be worth his while. He makes good money, but so that's not the issue. I know what he wants. You can supply it. He will be spending a lot of time on this, and if we all work together we can fix your problem with nobody else any wiser."

I told her to think about it, but not to long. The offer wouldn't be on the table much longer, as it would take a lot of hard work and effort to pull off this masquerade.

Jennifer was between a rock and a hard place. There was no other way out, except to come clean with my sister. That would have awful consequences. I could tell her mind was mixing around all the thoughts and ideas. Her tears started again, but I ignored them. Let her stew, worry....

The battle of wits continued until Jennifer bowed her head and demurely said, "I'll do it."

Good decision!

(To be continued)

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