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My Number 1 Fan Ch. 01


Disclaimer: This is an adult story that should not be read by minors under the age of 18. It involves scenes of sexuality and female masturbation by a well known celebrity.

Number 1 Fan Ch. 01: A Pleasant Read

I’m a writer, but lately I haven’t been able to do much work in my novel. I’ve been working on it for more than 6 years now, and I’m still at only about 100 pages, out of 500. I think one of my main problems is that I haven’t had sex since I left university a couple years ago. Since then, I’ve found myself fantasizing a lot.

One of my fantasies includes Alyssa Milano from “Charmed.” Now, I’ve always found her cute, and I liked watching “Who’s The Boss,” but I have to be honest, I didn’t really think of her as being “sexy” until Charmed. Maybe its because she started showing off her body more in the series. But anyway, I’ve written quite a few parody stories about her character “Phoebe,” and jacked off while writing them, but this only prepared me for what came next, when I opened my apartment door one weekend night. And since this is another story, and not a confession, or a letter to Penthouse, I’ll write it as such. Enjoy.

Alyssa Milano came home from another incredibly long day of work on the set of her television series “Charmed.” Along with being one of the lead (and hottest) actresses, she was also a director and producer, so she was always there, 18 hours a day. But this wasn’t the source of all of her frustration. She was also constantly fighting the war against pornography on the Internet. Ever since her little brother saw her spread eagled on his computer (which was a fake picture of her) she had been protesting Internet porn. She even made a quarter of a million dollars in one lawsuit. But what was really frustrating her now were the completely legal nude pictures of her. She was able to argue a lot about the pictures of her nude scenes in movies, saying that they were copywriten and using them was illegal, and that even her fakes were using copywriten head shots, but since her honeymoon with her now ex-husband, she’s seen her naked beach romp on almost every porn site. And because it’s a public nude beach, the pictures weren’t illegal. And since then, she’s had paparazzi following her non-stop, hoping to catch another nude shot, since she goes around top-less so much at home. And now there were the rumors that she and Justin from N-Sync were engaged. They had been friends for years, and she loved him, but he wasn’t helping her right now.

Luckily she had the weekend off, so she could relax. Since there was still an hour of light left outside, she decided to go for a horse ride before she showered. This was the only pleasure in her life right now. Even her mom was driving her nuts.

After an hour of riding her horse, she came back in. Because it was such a short ride, she rode the beast hard and this left her ass soar. She stopped and gasped. “That sounded so dirty,” she giggled. She had often fantasized about that, after all her horses had cocks that were almost 2 feet long and fatter then her fists. “But could you imagine what would happen if the paparazzi got a picture of THAT!” she giggled again. She would leave that as just a fantasy, like most girls.

Forgetting about her horse and her soar ass, she headed towards her bathroom. She had decided to have a bath instead of a shower, since she had the time to enjoy it, and it hurt too much to stand. As she walked, she started to undress. This didn’t take long, as she was already topless, having decided to ride her horse “bareback.” Let those damn photographers get a picture of that! So as she walked, she left a trail of clothing: tight blue-jean pants, sweaty white thong panties (part of her Charmed outfit), black, leather riding boots and white socks. Her top had been thrown somewhere else before she went outside.

Though this was California, it had been a slightly chill night outside, and her nipples were rock hard. She couldn’t help running her hands over her breasts as she slinked. She loved touching her breasts. They were well worth the money she spent to get them. She could also feel her clit hardening. She started moving faster to the bathtub. Sometimes her house was too big.

When she finally reached her bathroom (larger than my own apartment I should add), she lit over a dozen scented candles and turned on the hot water. She would let that run for a while before balancing it out with cold. And while she waited, she sat on the edge of the tub and looked at herself in the full-length mirror standing across from her.

She still had a lot of her makeup on from the set, but she knew she still looked hot without it. She just happened to look incredibly gorgeous with it. She grinned at her little joke. Being alone most of the time, she found many ways to make herself laugh; and even more ways to make herself happier. Still looking at her reflection, she ran her hands over her breasts. Her nipples had sunken back in again because of the steam from the tub, but she knew how to revive them. Taking the right one between her fingers, she twisted and pulled on it, eliciting small moans of pain, but she was rewarded when it popped back out and became hard again. Still playing with the right nipple, she started on the left. “Mmm, yes.” With her nipples hard again, she opened her hands and palmed her breasts now, squeezing and knotting them. After a minute of this, she spread her legs open and slid her hand downwards. She tingled when her fingers traveled over her tight belly, and her grin widened when she found her budding clit between her thighs. Like with her nipples, she started by pulling and twisting on her clit. This caused more pain because of how sensitive the member was, but it felt three times better.

Her eyes opened as she moved her fingers to the lips of her pussy, and pushed them in, just below her clit. She unconsciously closed her legs as she rode her hand, her eyes never leaving her reflection. When she couldn’t see her cunt anymore though, she spread her legs again, and basked in the site of seeing two fingers burrowing inside her pussy.

Because of what she had to wear for her show, she kept her pussy completely bald. She had used a special European cream over a year ago that was supposed to prevent the re-growth of hair. It was designed mostly for legs and underarms, but it could also be used elsewhere. She hadn’t had to shave anywhere since.

Alyssa loved playing with her pussy. Since she was getting any lately, she had once again perfected the art. Sure she would occasionally fuck Holy or Rose, but ever since Shannon had that big public scene about not being a lesbian, Holy hadn’t been so frisky.

“Shit!” she suddenly swore, her fingers getting yanked out of her cunt as she felt boiling water flowing over her sensitive ass cheeks and onto the floor. She had forgotten about the tub.

She quickly turned off the hot water, but fumed over her stupidity. She now had to drain the tub by about a 1/5, but the problem was the water was too hot to stick her hand in and pull the plug. And she couldn’t add cold water to it without overflowing it some more. Not wanting to wait almost half-an-hour for the water to cool, she wrapped a towel around her arm and braced herself, before plunging it in. It only took a second to yank the plug, but she felt her hand get burned. Tears dripped from her doe-like eyes as she pressed the red limb to her breasts. Letting go of the hurt appendage, she used her left hand to turn on the cold. She had to wait a few more minutes before she could plug the tub up again.

“So much for a relaxing bath,” she whimpered.

With the cold water now running, she slid her injured hand beneath it, and once again wished that she had someone in her life that could have pampered her at this moment. She was looking for another husband, she enjoyed being single, but a decent boyfriend would have been nice. A well-hung studly boyfriend would be even better “Which does not even begin to describe Justin, that jerk,” she said to herself.

With the water evening out in the tub, and her hand feeling better, she placed the plug back in and turned on the hot water. When she felt it to her liking, she turned off both taps and slid into the tub. Her hand was a bit sensitive to the heat, but she knew what to do with it. Sinking beneath the water, she came back up dripping wet, and let her head relax on the crevice she had built into the tub, just for that purpose, leaving everything down underneath the water, except her right hand, which she buried between her legs once more, to “help the healing process.” She closed her thighs over her hand and sighed contently.

As the warmth infused her body, her eyes slowly closed and she let her worries and problems melt away. After a few minutes, she was almost asleep. She had forgotten to put on some music, but she was too weary to need it. However, she did need to do something before she could fully relax.

Her eyes opened as she groaned her complaint. She had just remembered that she was supposed to go to her celebrity web site and check her message board. She had promised the guy running it that she would get to it before the weekend. Too many people were complaining that she wasn’t making enough appearances on it.

Luckily she had a laptop set up for her tub, so all that she had to do was swivel a panel in the wall beside her and her computer came out on its own little desk. Good thing she hadn’t used bubbles tonight, because she didn’t want to get them in the keyboard.

It didn’t take long for her to get to the site, as she had the cable connection hooked up to the laptop, so within seconds she was glancing over some of the more interesting topics. Some girl just turned 16, great for her; one chick is depressed at high school, blah, blah, blah; Dumb Ass is singing her praises again. “You can kiss my ass all you want G. you’ll never… well, kiss my ass.” She was tiered of the old queer trying to prove that he wasn’t gay. After going through all the posts that either slightly interested her, or required her personal attention, she made her only post, telling everyone how she’s doing, thanking them for respecting her need for privacy (even though they never do), and wishing them well. Sometimes she was sick of this board and all the stupid kids who posted. Before she closed it though, she saw a new post. “To Alyssa, found another site showing pornography about you.” She didn’t recognize the person who posted it, and when she check his/her profile, that this was the person’s first post. “Well, back to duty.” She sighed, dreading what stupidity she’d find this time, as well as ready to tell G. to remove the post because of the adult link. She also picked up her phone and started dialing her lawyer’s number to tell him about the site and to get started on having it shut down.

Instead of going to a web site that was covered in naked pictures of her (which might have helped her mood get more relaxed right now), she found an erotica site. “Well, this might be a bit more entertaining, though considering some of the crap out there that I’ve read, I’ll be surprise.” She held on of dialing the last number so she could check the site out first.

There were quite a few stories, as they were all written by the sites host, but when she saw her name (or rather, her character Phoebe from ‘Charmed’,” she clicked on that. “Fantasy Palace, Chapter 1.”

“Well, so far this is okay. The guy doesn’t have it starting off with me fucking my ‘sisters’, or a demon.” As she read more, she got further into it. She liked the apparent hero of the story, and how he sweeps her off her feet and out of the club. The premonition was a great foreshadow. And he even captured her repressed sexuality, she noticed as she got to the dancing scene. She put the phone back down and continued reading.

She could tell it was based on season 4, as Phoebe was still with Cole, but he was human at that point and gone. Probably taking place when (Julian) was out fucking that female cop to get out of a jail sentence. That was the real reason he was almost canned last year.

“Alright, now here we go,” she said as she got to the limo ride part. “This guy is a good writer, but I was wondering when he was going to fuck me. Now stud, let’s see how good you think you are.” She almost laughed as she read how “hot” she became from the wine, and how she was spreading her legs for him. But wine was a good idea, and she opened her mini fridge (also attached to the wall near the tub) and removed from it her favorite bottle of champagne. She had the fridge installed a while back as she kept forgetting to bring some drinks to the tub with her. With the strong liquid going down her throat, she continued reading. Unconsciously, she was rubbing and touching herself again.

She nearly gagged on her champagne as she reached the part where he revealed his “16 inch cock” and how she went down on it. Or rather, how Phoebe went down, she reminded herself. “Yeah, now I know your fantasizing boy.” Then again, she was the one fantasizing about her horse’s 24 inch cock earlier. She giggled again and continued reading.

With one hand busy scrolling down, she let her other hand play with her clit. “Mmmm,” guys weren’t the only ones who could work a keyboard one handed. She read over the parts where he started fingering her, and she matched his pace. When he put two fingers inside her cunt, she did likewise. “But I’m probably better at this then he is.” She leaned back in the tub and closed her eyes as she moved her fingers around inside. She didn’t bring herself to orgasm yet, but she was taking her time. Going back to the story, she laughed reading how he revealed how her (Phoebe’s, she kept reminding her self, this was Phoebe, not her) Phoebe’s cunt was so tight that he could barely fit two fingers inside. “Okay, its possible he has really big fingers, but come one.” As if to prove her point, she fit a third finger inside her own pussy, and it was only just now feeling tight.

“Her gynecologist could only make her cum once or twice?” Now that was disturbing. What woman gets off from her gynecologist? Those meetings were so uncomfortable that she had to focus on the puzzles her doctor placed on the ceiling and walls for his patients. Although the first time she ever saw one, when she was a teenager, she did cum, but she had been so embarrassed afterwards. “Men,” she shook her head in disgust. Getting power over women anyway they can.

She was tempted to shut down the site right now, but when she continued reading, seeing how Cole gave Phoebe 4 orgasms (and knowing Julian that was a far cry) but the hero giving her even more. She giggled at the idea. But her fingers kept working her cunt, and as she continued reading, she moved faster.

After reading a few more paragraphs, her fingers were going crazy in her pussy, and she had to move her computer back into the wall to keep it from being knocked over. With her computer gone, she slid down the tub, elevating her hips, and put her feet on the soap racks further above her. She had those put there especially for this. With her body positioned like this, she had the best access to her cunt and pushed four fingers in and pumped as hard as she could. And as her hand pumped, she started breathing faster and faster. Her blood was racing and she was panting, as her body finally started to shake as an orgasm raced through her.

When it finished, Alyssa sighed and slid under the water. It was far from being the best she’s ever had, but it was still good and what she desperately needed. She slowly drew her fingers out, but left them on her lips, letting them brush her sensitive pussy. She pulled the computer back out so she could finish the story. “Let’s see, I started cuming when he shoved that huge cock into Phoebe.” She quickly found the paragraph. “She can’t take that whole thing in?” she laughed. “What a wuss. I’m sure that I could fuck that whole sausage.” She patted her cunt reassuringly. “And I bet I could take most of it up back too.” She teased her little asshole, wondering what it would feel like to be fucked there by something so big. She’s had a bit of ass action before, but nothing recently.

As she continued reading, she was surprised to see that Phoebe hadn’t been fucked in the ass (this writer seemed like the kind of guy who would do that) and was equally surprised to see that Phoebe was thinking the same thing as she. “This guy really seems to know me. I wonder if I might know him in real life?” It appeared that after he pulled out and came on her face that they were done, so she relaxed her fingers. She would finish her bath (which was starting to cool down) by finishing the story.

“Hmm, that limo drive, Lisa, sounds hot,” she said as she read how Lisa licked the cum from her face. “And there’s a lot more to her. Holy shit!” she shouted when she read how Lisa drove off with the limo, watching a videotape of the encounter and playing with her cunt. But the story got really weird as they entered the hotel and met the door guard and the stripper, but when the guard revealed her three huge tits and a large cock, she could only stare at the computer in open-mouthed wonder. “That’s freaky. What kind of hotel is that?”

But that was the end of the story. “Hey, damn you tell me what happened.” She wanted to read more. She surprised herself by how into the story she had become. Hitting the back button, she was excited to see that there were two more stories, with more on the way.

“Awesome. But this bath has become to cold, and I’m starting to shiver.” Sliding the laptop back into its wall slot, and slowly climbed out of the tub. Her legs wobbled a bit at first, unsteady from her recent orgasm. “Guess it was better than I first thought,” she giggled. Quickly toweling herself off, she wrapped her bathrobe around her naked body, and a dry towel around her head, and walked over to her bedroom. She had a better computer system there, along with some toys that she could use while she read. It was rare for her to have multiple orgasms lately, but she was sure she could really get herself off from these stories.

Reaching her room, she turned on her computer, pulled her bed closer and sat on its edge, while she fished around her nightstand drawers for some of her toys.

“This is going to be a great night,” she purred, feeling her clit itching again.

To be continued…

Notes: I didn’t expect to write this one so soon, but after posting chapter 4 on my web site, and getting the kind of feedback I got, I couldn’t help myself. Especially after I received a special visit. Hmmm, maybe that’s telling you too much right now. I want you to decide if this really happened, of if I’m just “jacking” you again.

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