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My Priceless Wife


Disclaimer: If you only like reading realistic things, please don't read this. This is just a work of fiction. All characters are pure imagination. Everybody is over 18 years old.

I must thank justchick who edited my text.


My wife Heidi is a real knock-out. She is a very pretty blond with a beautiful mouth and shiny green eyes. She has the tall athletic body of a swimmer, with wide hips and the sexiest long muscular pair of legs I had ever seen. I am really very proud of her.

I was sure we had all the reasons in the world to have a very happy marriage. But everything changed that night we both came back quite drunk from a party. I was very horny, so I screwed my wife on the first carpet I've found when we entered in our house. To my surprise, after we finished she started crying. I asked her what was going on, but she didn't want to answer. We went silently in our bed. But we couldn't sleep at all. I felt she had something to share with me but she didn't know where to begin.

Finally, my wife told me a secret I was not aware of. She always had a problem about climaxing during intercourse with me. Simply, my penis is not big enough to fill her willing womanly depths. She would fake a climax and was good at it, because she never reached one since we married, except by masturbating with big dildos. She said she would masturbate after I went to sleep or went home. I also confessed to her that I started playing with my cock many years ago and I loved to watch. She promised she would allow me to wank myself while another man is screwing her. I told her I would love to watch her masturbate and even satisfied by a better endowed man.

After a lot of talking (during the whole next week), we both agreed to try a sharing session. She said she must be in charge. We choose a safe word in case one of us couldn't face the challenge we had to deal with.

The most important thing was who we shall start with. We had to find a young, tender and discreet male. I told her I've heard rumours that my friend Mike has a big dick and I was sure he would be glad to have some hot memories about her. She also knew he was ogling over her ass, as she often caught his eyes glued to her body. The very next morning we decided to invite him to pay us a visit.


Heidi tried to look as sexy as possible, but not provocative like a whore. She wears black framed glasses. Her light hair was falling on her wide shoulders. Her short tight black skirt, a revealing sleeveless white blouse and a diamond piercing in her nose made her look very attractive. Her suit barely covered her enticing full breasts.

When she went into the living room I noticed Mike looking down at the black high heels that she was wearing. Heidi sat on the couch with her long legs crossed. She began stroking her thigh and calf muscles, complaining about how sore she was from running. He could see all the way up her shapely legs, past her lovely tanned thighs. He said that efforts to stay in shape can be easily seen.

"Do you think so?" she asked blushing like she was shy.

"Every man could agree with me" he answered with a very small grin. Heidi quickly snaked her arms fast around his neck to kiss him thankfully. He didn't move at all. Maybe he didn't know how to act, due to my presence there. Before understanding what was going on, she kissed his lips.

"You are so nice to tell me that, Mike!"

She smiled at him and leaned forward to give him a better view of her wide cleavage.

"So you really like my legs, aren't you?"

He stood silent. Obviously, he didn't expect this behavior from my wife, especially with me on the same couch. I decided to help her teasing him a bit more. "I bet he would like to see more."

Heidi at last turned toward me, very slowly looking me up and down. She removed her glasses and put them in my hand to take care of them. She bit her lower lip and returned her attention on Mike. He was telling us how hard was for him to cancel the appointment with his fiancee, because

"Mike, I want to ask you something, and I hope you will answer me honestly."

"Is she jealous?"


"Could you please pay more attention to my words, instead of my tits?"

"Heidi, please, stop it!"

Heidi uncrossed her legs to change their position. It was obvious they were catching his eyes.

"Yes, she is really jealous!"

"But you should tell her you were going to visit us!"

"I did tell her, that's the problem!"

"So does she think she has reasons to be jealous on me? But I am way older than she is!"

Mike was now really cornered. How could he tell to my buxom wife she didn't look damn hot? But how could he do that with me sitting in the same room with them?

"Actually, you are very pretty. I mean... you're really gorgeous... . Tall, way more physically fit than her... not to mention your breasts...".

"Wow! That's nice! Are your fiancee's tits bigger than mine, Mike?"

He blushed a little and replied nothing.

"You promissed to be honest!"

"Yeah...Err, I mean ... at least what I could see of them."

"Why don't you take a better look? You could check it by yourself... You need to be sure what you are talking about."

She took his hands and pressed them against her breasts. Mike was stunned. He looked at me and asked "Rick, could you tell me what the fuck is going on here?"

I replied plainly "Just talk to my wife, please! I agree with everything she says and everything she asks you for!"

"So you also think I should measure her breasts with my own hands?"

"This is exactly what she told you!"

Then he asked her "You think you're pretty hot stuff don't you?"

"Am I not?" Her voice was filled with self confidence.

Mike stood staring at the gorgeous looking melons for a few more seconds and then reached out and grabbed her right tit and knowingly squeezed it. His hand seemed to get its own life and senses, nourished from her hot flesh.

They didn't seem to care about my presence in the same room with them anymore.

"Are your fiancee's tits bigger than those, Mike? Why don't you lick my nipples? They are so sweet... so ripe!"

He didn't answer, because he was much too busy to free her perfect mounds with his excited trembling hands. She leant forward, her hard breasts swung in front of his willing mouth. She pulled his head to her breast saying "I want you to suck my nipple. You may also bite it a little if you want to." He began suck and lick her pink large areolas while her long fingers were stroking his head.

"You didn't answer my question, Mike!" she squealed.

"What question?" he managed to whisper, while being busy working over her large tits.

"Do my tits best your fiancee's? They really do, don't they?"

"Of course they do! You could be sure about that!" he groaned. His right hand slide between her rich thighs. "And those legs of yours are the most beautiful I've ever put my hands on!"

"Do you think my pussy is wet enough? You are too shy, Mike. Why don't you tell Rick that his wife's pussy is craving for your cock?"

Mike dared to speak "Rick, I think your wife really needs to be hammered! Should I do as she wants?"

She sealed his lips with a kiss: "Just let him know you're going to do that! You don't need his further permission since you are already caressing my pussy. It's obvious he's waiting to see us playing."

She ran her hand over his muscular ass and squeezed it tight. "You know you'd love it" she said. "You have always dreamed of fucking me". He gave up resisting her as she ran her fingers to his penis and gently rubbed it through his pants, I saw him reacting to his touches, stiffing up his body.

Then she took her hands from his erection. "Maybe the rumours I've hear about your size are wrong."

He didn't reply anything. While I was watching his hands rubbing her long thighs, glittering along their insides I was imagining Mike fucking her with just the shoes on.

The sweet perfume of her cunt was filling the room. His pants were wet with precum. She stared at it, eager to satisfy the throbbing dick. She took hold of his swollen cock through the fabric.

"Oh, my god!" she exclaimed. A broad smile came across his face. "Big eh?" he said, with a smirk. "Do you want it?" Aware of his endowment, he was taking charge.

"Ooooh, of course I want it! I love big muscular cocks! You want me to suck your dick, don't you? Is that what you want from me? I'm pretty sure that your friend Rick would like to watch his wife giving you a wild blow job! Don't you want to help him about that?"

"Of course I'd like to, but..."

"There's nothing to be ashamed about, dear! You are too shy! I didn't expect this from a well hung man like you, having so heavy balls! I bet your girl doesn't know how to give a man a real blow job!"

"What if I don't want to?" I jokingly replied.

She turned her face toward mine and touched the bulge sticking up out of my groin, "Oh you want to honey, believe me" Heidi replied. "You will watch the most erotic scene ever! I'm sure you want to give your hot wife the best fuck treatment she needs to receive, to cure her greedy pussy."

Her hands went right for his belt, and start unbuttoning his jeans. All the while she was staring straight in my eyes. They both took my silence as an accomplishment, so he went forward. He stood up. His trousers fallen down noisily.

"Get on your knees. Suck my cock, whore!"

His loud manly voice almost hurt my ears. She obeyed and gripped its engorged shaft feverishly. She pinched his balls lightly and then her fingers gripped again the big swollen head. She rubbed the head of his cock up and down with lips. He wasn't patient anymore. He reached out, grabbed her head and pulled her down his dick! The room filled with the noise made by her mouth slurping his dick with as much passion as she was able to, while she looked at him, begging for a complement

"Ooh, I love sloppy blow jobs!" he moaned. "You surely sucked a lot of dick before!"

She continued to suck, happy to please the man in front of her.

He pulled her to stand up and kneeled on the couch, sucking her swollen pink nipples.

"You are a damn hot woman. I want to fuck you."

"I know you have a burning need to fuck my pussy. I want to be a cowgirl and you to be my horse. You will my wild young stud."

She pushed him back, crouching on his knees and lowered herself down on his pulsating prick. It slipped in easily because of all the preparations she made before.

After a while of intensely boning, she stopped to take a breath. He pushed her forward and down to fuck her doggie style. Her face reached very close to mine. She gripped my shoulder, looking straight in my eyes.

"Are you proud of your beautiful wife, honey? Your friend seems to be very happy!"

This was too much for me. I was strangely aroused by the scene before me. My hands were desperately trying to free my penis. She pulled my head and whispered in my right ear.

"I think it's not a good idea to show off your little teenie-weenie while your friend is fucking the shit out of me! Maybe you would be a little bit embarrassed to compare your little dick with a proper one" she said, licking my cheek. So I kept watching her bouncing tits while he was pulling her wide hips.

Her smile grew wider, her ruby lips separating to show her pearly teeth. "Thanks for behaving, sweetheart! I shall reward you quite soon". She returned her attention over Mike.

"Your friend is sweating from the effort of screwing your foxy wife. Why don't you clean his forehead with some wipes?" I stood there as hypnotized, not believing it was all really happening. My wife was fucking my friend in my own house and, instead of being furious, I was actually enjoying it! I was even helping him!

Mike picked her ass up again and her legs wrapped around his body, pushing his ass with her heels. Her arms snaked around his neck while she was kissing his mouth eagerly.

She lay her neck over my thighs, so she could look straight in his eyes more easily, while he was pumping hard, grunting from pleasure.

"Your wife is definitely a good fuck!"

"Did you hear him, sweetheart?"

"Yes, honey, you are suited for big cocks!" I answered.

"Is your fiancee's pussy sweeter than mine?"

"NO! NO WAY! You have the best cunt I've ever met! I'm terrible sorry I didn't fuck you before! I'm going to cum now!"

"Oh! I'm going to die! Ohhh! Fill my cunt with your hot cum!"

"You want me to cum inside your pussy?"

"Just do it! Do it, please! I need your cum!"

Recovering from her orgasm, she turned her attention over me.

"Now you will have your reward, honey!"

She stood up and then she knelt between my thighs. She gently pushed my chest to lie on my back. I was ready to be her fucking toy, everything was so terrible kinky. She dragged her long nails over the soft fabric of my shorts. This was too much, my excitement has been already too long and all I could think about was to cum right then. I strained to control it, because I was expecting her to free my erection and take care of it. I wanted to beg her to help me, but I had no strength to say anything anymore.

Piercing me with her eyes, she tongued very slowly all along my erection from the aching balls to the tip. She was studying my body's tension, enjoying the smell of precum filling my pants, just like a raptor following its prey.

Suddenly, her hand pressed my shaft against my abs. My brain exploded, while her hand was becoming heavier. She was supporting me with an assured tone "Yes, honey, release your seed! Fill your pants...Fill your trousers... It's OK... You have so much pressure down in your balls, honey! You need to get rid of it!"

Cum was flowing in rivers while she was fixing me with her shiny green eyes.

"Good boy!"

I closed my eyes. I was totally spent, almost on the edge of fainting.

I felt her heavy bosoms brushing me briefly. Then her she shoved her hot wet tongue in my ear. She whispered "You are a very nice man, you know?"

"You see, Mike, my husband enjoyed our hard fuck, too! Maybe he'll join us next time, because today he was a little bit too shy!"

He closed to me to give me five.

"Rick, you are definitely a good friend to share your gorgeous wife with me! She is priceless! You shared with me the biggest treasure ever! You are really a rich man! Anytime you need something from me, just ask and I'll help you!"


While she was tongue kissing him good-bye, I was still silent, drugged, staring up at the round moons of her ass cupped by his large hands.


This is how our new life began.

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