tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Renaissance Ch. 06

My Renaissance Ch. 06


[Author's note: This series is loosely based on real events in my life. Hope you enjoy.]

Chapter 6. Crystal comes to make us dinner.

It was fairly quiet around the homestead for the few days went by after my house-mate Brian and I had that adventure with the two swinger couples from the local strip club.

Brian had his sexy high-school teacher girlfriend Rachel over to spend the night a couple of times and they made the bed squeak and groan for an hour or so each night much to my both frustration and entertainment.

I saw her one night after they had done the deed and she was flush and very happy looking as she came out to get a drink. She wore only a thin, white wife-beater t-shirt and a pair of Hooter's shorts Brian had gotten her on a lark. She was braless and her nipples were rock hard. If her male students could have seen her with that after-sex glow braless in that wife-beater and those little Hooter's shorts they would have all given new meaning to "Hot for teacher."

The good news for me was Crystal's plans to come see me tonight. More good news was her offer to make Brian and I some dinner when she came over if we bought the stuff. Creole jambalaya was what we wanted and Crystal said no problem.

I dropped her off at the house after work and let her do her thing in the kitchen while I went to the recreation center to work out.

When I got home, she had taken a shower and changed into some nice-fitting faded jeans that were very flattering. On top, she wore a snug dark brown mock turtleneck. Her curly brown hair fell to about the bottom of her shoulder blades, framing her cute face. The wire-rimmed glasses she wore made her look like a sexy bookworm.

I gave my sexy bookworm a hug and a kiss when I walked in.

"Wow, you look great. Are you losing some weight?" I asked her, looking her over again.

"Yeah, actually, I have. Several pounds, thanks for noticing!"

I kissed her again. "You're so good looking either way," I reminded her as I headed upstairs to shower.

When I got back down, I noticed Brian staring at her ass from across the kitchen.

"You're staring," I teased him.

"I know he's got his eyes on me," Crystal said, looking at us over her shoulder as she stirred something on the stove. "I think he likes my new pair of jeans."

"Yes, I'm guilty," Brian said. "Joe's such a lucky guy!"

"Yes I am," I added, walking behind the chef and giving her a hug from behind and a kiss.

"Mmm, that feels good. Dinner will be served in about five minutes or so."

I wondered if Brian was hoping for another show tonight after dinner. Last time Crystal was here, she and I noticed him surreptitiously watching us having sex in the hot tub. We both found ourselves very turned on, knowing we were being watched. We finished our tryst by getting out of the tub to really give him a show. It was a mind-blowing finale.

"So, you two going to get in any time in the hot tub tonight before bed?" Brian inquired so very smoothly.

"He is wanting another show!" I thought to myself. "Who could blame him?"

Crystal and I looked at one another and she smiled knowingly. She must have thought the same thing.

"Maybe," she said with a smile and a wink at me. She paused then added, "Are you hoping for a another show?"

Brian was sipping his wine. He didn't blow it out his nose when she said that, but he certainly gulped at the unexpected candor from Crystal and coughed a couple times. "I have no comment, your honor."

Brian was still trying to clear his throat. "I was just curious. I think I'm going to be in the hot tub for a little while before bed. Anyway, first priority is dinner because I'm starving. This stuff smells great!"

Crystal served up the food and Brian and I helped bring the last couple of items in to the dining room table from the kitchen. We were standing behind our chairs when Crystal came back in for the final time.

"What are you waiting for? Let's eat," she said.

Brian answered her question. "We're waiting for the lady to sit first."

Crystal stepped to her place and I held her chair. "You're such gentlemen. I'm not used to being treated this nicely."

"It's our duty, especially as it's your first dinner with us and you cooked it on top of that," Brian said. "Thanks for dinner, by the way!"

"You're welcome, guys."

We sat down to dinner and it was better than I had hoped for. This was the first time I'd eaten Crystal's cooking and it was superlative. The girl could cook and cook well. Brian and I both complimented the chef repeatedly.

Finally, as plates were cleaned off, we talked for a short while. I suspect Brian and I both ate too much, but it was hard not to.

As we were cleaning up the plates, Brian even paused to hug the chef and managed to grab her ass and give her a kiss on the cheek as they hugged. Crystal loved the attention and the compliments.

Crystal cleaned up after dinner and loaded the dishwasher, refusing Brian's repeated offers to at least help clean up. Despite her protestations, we helped where we could. Eventually though, she shooed us out of the kitchen, but not before Brian collected the trash and took it outside.

Brian and I settled in the living room and chatted about the day's events. I told him about my day at work including sewing up some skateboarder's forehead. My patient tried to do some stunt on a handrail before school with his skateboard and ended up providing the day's entertainment for his fellow students. Brian's day included a new client he's taken pro-bono on a child support case. "It's not your typical case," he commented, and went on to explain it was a custodial father seeking back support from a mom who had allegedly hidden some assets and income from the local corporation she co-owned.

About then, Crystal meandered in with a fresh glass of wine and sat down next me. I put my arm around her shoulders and she cuddled next to me.

Brian asked Crystal about her social life and how things were going at her apartment and all. He was very masterful at making even a latecomer feel like they are the center of attention. And given that Crystal was easy on the eyes didn't hurt.

Crystal told him about her new boyfriend taking her to Chicago last weekend. They had a great time there and he got her these new jeans. This boyfriend was black, as Crystal preferred, and a decent guy it seemed. Far better than the last boyfriend who she found out was smoking crack in his spare time or the guy before who liked to smack her around and is now in prison for breaking her finger in a domestic violence incident a couple years ago. This new guy worked as a waiter at Olive Garden. She indicated her apartment felt like home now and life was good without a live-in boyfriend.

Time was flying and Brian told us he was going to get some tub time in before doing his preparation for tomorrow.

While he went upstairs to change, Crystal joined me as I took the opportunity to check the hot tub water with a test kit as it was my week to check the water. I had finished a few minutes later and Crystal and I were just walking out of the room where the Jacuzzi tub was located when Brian came down from his bedroom wearing a towel.

He said "hi" as he passed us and Crystal stopped and watched as he dropped his towel to get into the tub. She noticed that he didn't have any trunks on, which I suspect was why she was watching him to begin with.

"Hey! Nice ass," she shouted.

I looked back in time to see Brian shake his ass in our direction. Crystal laughed.

"Whoo Hooo!" she hollered. I couldn't help but laugh too.

Brian was out in the tub and we relaxed on the couch in front of the TV. By now, the three of us had consumed over a bottle of wine and were socially lubricated and inhibitions reduced.

Crystal and I soon started to make out. It wasn't terribly long before she was working her way down my chest to my groin. My cock was straining against my jeans and her touch was very welcome, even though it was making my predicament worse. She helped me out by unhooking my belt and opening my pants.

She pulled my cock out and began delivering a wonderful blowjob. I was enjoying it immensely, as her technique was practiced and quite proficient. Her lips were so soft and I arched my back and lifted my hips off the couch towards her mouth when she would run her tongue lightly from the base of my cock to the top. I was rapidly approaching my ejaculation when she stopped abruptly. I looked up to see Crystal smiling at me.

"You want to go out to the hot tub?" I asked as she stood up and slowly stripped her shirt off, then her lacey white bra, revealing her ample 36B breasts that were remarkably perky with dark, silver-dollar sized areolas.

"No, not until you fuck me first. Besides, I didn't bring a suit," she said. She apparently thought about that for a second and reconsidered. "But it's not like he hasn't seen me naked, now has he?" she giggled.

I stood up and kicked my pants off then moved behind her. I reached around her, savoring the warm feeling of my hands against her skin, hugging her gently around the waist.

Crystal moaned and spoke softly. "I like it when you put your arms around me. It makes me feel so good."

I just held her even more closely, suppressing my urge to bend her over the couch and fuck her doggy style right then and there.

"You're so sweet, Joe. Do you think we should just wait until another time when he's not in the tub instead of worrying about it tonight?"

"Nah, just wear your birthday suit. I want to show your sexy body off anyway," I told her, kissing her neck from behind slowly and softly. "Let Brian see what he's missing."

"You are such a perv, but I love it," she said, smiling warmly and turning her head around to kiss me. I pressed my dick and balls up against her delightful ass and cupped both of her breasts at once with my hands, flicking her nipples with my thumbs.

"Oh," she moaned with satisfaction. She put her hand around my erection pressed up against the top of her ass, smearing still more pre-cum on her backside. I was anxious for action after that blowjob.

"Come on, let's go upstairs so you give me some of that tongue of yours and then you can fuck me silly."

"Lead the way, beautiful," I said, picking my pants up off the floor and then holding my hand out. She took it after grabbing her shirt and we walked upstairs.

We finished stripping after we walked into the bedroom. We were both without clothes in no time. Crystal hopped on the bed right off and laid back and spread her legs widely. She looked damn good with a great, round ass, sexy legs and those 36Bs looking back at me. She stood about 5'5" and was probably around 135 pounds now thanks to her dieting.

"Come and get it!" she commanded me with a big, flirty smile on her face, running her hand down her tummy towards the special spot a little lower at which I was lustfully eyeing.

Her pussy was freshly shaved clean and she spread her lips to further entice me, as though I needed any encouragement.

I went down on her, without the usual drawn-out foreplay, as she was already wet and super horny, just like me. I still played briefly, building anticipation. I knew she was there when she began lifting her pelvis off the bed a few of times as I teased that sweet little pussy of hers before I finally put my lips to it.

When I did, she tensed up and moaned loudly. "Damn, she's ready to go!" I thought.

Crystal squirmed around as I maneuvered my tongue around the folds and crevices, paying extra special attention to her clitoris.

"Oh yeah!" she cried out, running her fingers through my hair.

She tasted great. I was just getting settled in when she started bucking her hips and calling out to Jesus.

"Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus!" she cried out two or three times as she lost herself in a powerful orgasm. I was concentrating on keeping my face between her legs where it needed to be and it wasn't easy.

"Oh, wow!" she muttered when it was over, very much out of breath. She reached down and gently pulled me up. When she saw me look her in the eyes, she told me what she wanted in no uncertain terms. "Fuck me. Now!"

I obliged.

I climbed up and ran the head of my cock against her sloppy wet slit. She just purred like a kitten. I pushed in, sinking my iron rod into her. We both cried out with moans of pleasure. I paused to kiss her passionately before I began pumping her while she held her ankles in the air. She ripped off a trio of orgasms in just about as many minutes. Each time, she brought me closer to involuntarily climaxing. The third time, I just couldn't hold back any longer. Even holding my thumb and finger at the base of my cock I couldn't stop those warm feelings as my balls tightened up and the emissions began while she was climaxing. I did work to minimize it though and succeeded there. When it was over, I remained hard and very much in the mood for more action.

I pulled out and lay down beside her and told her to hop on.

"I thought you just came," she said, sitting up and looking at me with a sly grin. I'm sure my spunk was running out of her and down her crack.

"Yeah, I did, and I'm still hungry for more, baby! Now get on."

"Rrrrrooowww!" she playfully growled.

She instantly perked up with a little twinkle in her eyes and a huge grin as she climbed up. She eased herself on my pole, moaning with delight as it sank into her, and rode me while I played with her tits. She fucked me well, too, both forward then reverse cowgirl, changing up after she got off once or twice.

Finally, in the reverse cowgirl, she was bent over and it was almost like I was stuffing her doggy style, only deeper. She was enjoying yet another climax when I announced I was going to come. Those last few bounces felt like heaven. This time, though, I wasn't going to hold anything back.

"Oh god!" I shouted before pulling her hips against my pelvis, giving me maximum penetration as I felt the surge of hot cum coursing from my balls through my cock and into her hot, slippery pussy. I flooded Crystal's cunt with shot after shot of watery semen.

It almost immediately started to run out of her around my cock and then down my crack even before I had finished the last few dribbles inside her. Oh, her ass looked so good in front of me with my cock still inside her pussy.

Crystal lifted her hips off my cock and as soon as my cock fell free, so did our fluids from inside her red, gaping pussy.

She stood up and then yelped as she felt a bunch of semen running down her thigh. She picked up my sweatshirt and used it to wipe her thigh and her hot little creamy pie.

"Damn, you are fucking incredible!" she said.

"Thanks, babe. I was planning to eat you out more though before we started. You usually like that." I got up to inspect the damage and wipe myself off. I had fucking cum all over my balls and in my crack.

"No, that's okay, Joe. I couldn't wait for you to fuck me and I came as soon as you put it in me." Crystal was still wiping the goo off. "God, I came so much! How do you do this to me?"

She handed me the sweatshirt that wasn't quite yet covered in spunk and I gave myself a quick wiping off.

"You were pretty good yourself, getting me off like that." I pulled her close as I cast the sweatshirt aside and kissed and hugged her. "Ready to go downstairs?" I asked.

"No. I want you to cuddle with me with those big, strong arms of yours around me!"

"Your wish is my command!"

We got back into bed and she sat between my legs and leaned against my chest as I was leaning back against some pillows. I put my arms around her chest and draped my feet across her thighs.

She purred as she rested her head against my chest. Her whole body was relaxing after our love-making.

"I really like how I feel when I'm with you," she said, gently rubbing her hand across my forearm. "You are addictive, Joe, you know that?"

"Are you falling in love, Crystal?"

"Gosh, I don't know what to think. I really like my boyfriend and I know he's crazy in love with me. He's fun. He's pretty good in bed. But he's not you. I don't get the same feeling from him that I get from you."

"What's that feeling you're talking about?"

"When I'm in your arms, I know you're a great guy and you treat me like I'm golden. I don't get that with him," she confessed.

"Does he treat you poorly?" I asked.

"Oh, no. He treats me nice. He doesn't always hold the door for me and he surely doesn't wait until I sit down at dinner until he has his seat." She paused, chuckling briefly. "But he doesn't hit me or yell at me or treat me like shit. If he did, I'd be gone. I'm through with that shit. I deserve better than that."

"Wow. I'm proud of you for recognizing that important fact. Nobody needs to stay with an abusive mate. You're a great woman. You deserve someone who's going to cherish time spent with you."

"I feel special when I'm with you," Crystal admitted softly.

"Well thanks, babe."

"No, I mean it. I like being with you and even without the sex, I love being around you and with you. With the sex, oh my god! I feel like you're the guy I've always been looking for."

"I don't think you're looking for a guy like me. I'm not ready to settle down and that means I'm not a good candidate for you." I really wasn't in the market for a steady girlfriend.

"I know you're playing around. Hell, look at me. I'm not ready to commit myself to a single man for the rest of my life yet, although if I found a guy like you, I'd have to consider it."

"Well, Crystal," I began, "thanks for the compliment. I'm truly flattered. I think you're a magnificent girl and enjoy our time spent together both in bed and out." I was gently stroking her cheek. "Shortly after I first met you, I had a crush on you, but I've come to love your personality and everything about you in addition to your genuine friendship."

"You're so sweet. My boyfriend never says anything like that to me."

"I don't know what to tell you. You want to go down and get in the tub for a while before bed?"

"Sure. Let me get some towels for us," she said. She got up and got a couple of towels from the bathroom across the hall and returned.

We then walked downstairs, holding hands and got a drink in the kitchen before going out to the Florida room where the hot tub was located. Neither of us wore a stitch under our towels. When we got out there, Brian had soft music playing.

Crystal doffed her towel and Brian promptly whistled.

"Easy tiger," she said. She slowly climbed in first, taking her time to give Brian and eyeful, especially when she spread her legs to straddle the edge of the tub to get in, pointing her ass and her red pussy between her legs in his face.

"Crystal, did you two just get done having sex?" he asked as she sat down. "You're looking pretty flush and happy, girl!"

"Yep. We did. Twice," she said, looking at me and smiling proudly.

"Lucky bastard," he muttered under his breath.

I got in and cuddled up next to Crystal. We talked for about fifteen minutes. I think Brian's eyes didn't know where to look. He was watching the swells of the top of Crystal's breasts over the water line and trying to get peeks at the rest as the water sloshed around a bit from time to time.

Brian's wineglass soon ran dry and he got up to get a refill. His cock was fully erect and he made no effort to conceal it. This time, Crystal took the bait and eyeballed it as he climbed past her.

"Hey Brian," she said as he was getting out. He stopped and looked over.

"Looks like you've got some stiffness there," she added grinning.

"I'm not used to being next to a naked girl I'm not dating, Crystal. To say nothing of my jealousy of Joe and his good fortune with you earlier."

He left and returned in a few minutes, his erection now merely semi-erect.

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