tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Renaissance Ch. 07

My Renaissance Ch. 07


Chapter 7. My ex- comes to visit.

My now ex-wife Lisa and I still communicate regularly since the divorce in October despite not having actually seen one another since we sold the house. We continued to get along well, all things considered, and we still loved one another.

She'd been having some problems and wanted to meet me in person as soon as possible to talk about it - or at least that was her stated reason for the urgency to see me.

We met at the Barnes & Noble coffee shop the next night, and talked over her issues, which mostly involved some guy she had dated for a few weeks who wouldn't take "no, I'm not interested" to heart. She found out he was married and not the single guy he said he was. She liked him but said, "I don't wanna be on the next episode of Cheaters." I chuckled at that and told her I didn't think Cheaters had come to Illinois yet.

Of course, I think the real reason she wanted to meet was to get the skinny on how I had been since we moved apart and how things were working out with Brian and I. She wanted to know if I had a girlfriend yet. After I told her I wasn't looking for a relationship now, she asked if I'd gotten laid, and I said yes, thank you. She pressed me to see my new digs - like tonight, after dinner.

She had been hinting for some time to see my new living arrangements, so I had already made plans for her likely visit with Brian. I told Brian that I expected Lisa to be lusty and I asked him to be ready to videotape us if the opportunity arose. I wanted a new home movie, one that someone else videotaped to get all the good angles as we moved around during sex.

"No problem!" he said. He was pretty excited at the opportunity. He'd always thought Lisa was hot. She was a pretty, blue-eyed 31-year-old. She stood 5' 4" with natural blonde hair down past her shoulders. She weighed roughly 110 pounds the last time I saw her and might have lost a pound or three more in the month or so since we'd moved out of our old house. Her boobs weren't very big -- she wore a 32A bra -- but they were nice and perky and complimented Lisa's muscular and toned body, which was the result of nearly a year of serious fitness work. Lisa looked hotter now than when she graduated college and that's something precious few women can say after almost ten years out of college.

Lisa followed me back to Brian's from the store. We got inside and I showed her around and Brian joined us for a drink and some conversation in the basement. I made Lisa and I another drink as our first ones ran dry with the ulterior motive of lowering her inhibitions to allow us to make a home movie. Brian made a diplomatic exit as I finished mixing them, citing work he needed to do for the following day.

I told Lisa to come with me. We went up to my bedroom where I set our drinks down. I heard the door close behind me so I knew we were both on the same page as far as the romance went.

She walked up behind me and embraced me with a hug as I turned around.

"Oh, it's so good to feel you baby!" she said, pressing her face against my shoulder. "I've missed you so much!"

We just hugged for a minute before we began kissing softly. The passion grew and a lot of pleasurable, familiar feelings came back to me. I had embraced this wonderful lady many, many times before and I still loved her and found her very sexy. It was even better now with all the financial tensions gone, and without the arguments. Her physical appearance had never been better, either.

We climbed into bed and resumed making out. It was like we were teenagers again. Her body felt so warm and wonderful, her kisses felt almost magical.

"Gosh, I've missed you so much as well, Lisa," I said to her as I was cuddling with her on the bed, taking a momentary break from kissing. "We should get together more often."

"I agree," Lisa replied. "I should have come to see you sooner."


"Yes, really."

"You are so sweet," I told her

She kissed on my neck and then put her tongue in my ear as she rubbed my groin. I reciprocated my putting my hand down the back of her jeans and feeling her ass. It was firm.

The next time we took a momentary pause from the passionate kissing, I looked Lisa right in her eyes. "I just want to say I love you, Lisa. I feel like I'm 16-years-old again, back in my parent's house, with the girl I'm crazy about," I said to her with a big grin on my face.

She smiled. "I know what you mean. Your girl is going to make you very happy kid tonight." She had lust in her eyes.

She started to go down on me, but before she could get my pants open I stopped her.

"Lisa babe, how would you like to make a movie tonight?"

"Uh, I don't know about that," she replied. It was the first hesitation she'd shown about anything all night.

"C'mon. It'll be fun. We used to have a lot of fun making movies now and then," I reminded her. I'm sure she knew I still had every last one of them. I would be surprised if she didn't have them too. She liked her porn as much as most guys I knew.

"Yeah, we did," she recalled with a slight grin. She paused for a second in thought. "Oh, why not."

"Hold that thought," I told her. I handed Lisa her drink and told her to enjoy.

I walked downstairs to the study and told Brian we were golden and to grab the camera.

"She said yes?" Brian asked with some degree of incredulity.

"Yep. She doesn't know you are going to shoot the video yet. I want you to come in and start shooting, okay?"

"Alright. I'll come up in a couple of minutes."

"Excellent," I said, spinning around and heading back upstairs.

Lisa had finished her drink and part of mine. "Liquid courage," I thought. That's good.

I began kissing her softly before climbing into bed with her. We took up where we left off, making out and feeling up.

"So, where's the camera?" She asked me as I began to lift her shirt off.

"Ought to be here any moment," I replied. Just then, Brian quietly walked in with the camera up to his eye.


"Just relax and enjoy yourself, babe. You're beautiful and sexy," I assured her.

She just looked at Brian for a few very long seconds, or so they seemed to me. "You owe me, buster," she said, allowing me to take her shirt away, revealing her bright green A-cup bra. I grabbed her boob through her bra.

"Damn, you smell so good," I noted as I leaned into her neck to get a better smell. I ended up pushing her back onto the bed with my pelvis between her legs, kissing her passionately. I ground my growing erection into her groin and we were dry humping just like teenagers do.

From there, we rolled around, slowly taking clothes off and kissing and groping like when we first dated.

She helped me out of my pants and shirt and pulled out my rigid cock from my boxers and looked it over.

"Would you like me to suck your cock?" She was just tormenting me by asking me this - doubly so as I could feel her warm breath on my cock as she talked.

"Oh yeah!" I tried to push my cock towards her mouth, but she pulled back.

She blew lightly on it and teased the head with the tip of her tongue, flashing an evil smile. "You like that?"

"Yes I do, Lisa!"

She then licked the shaft from bottom to top and back down again, giving me tingles all over.

She stopped again, looking at me. "Do you want to put this inside my pussy?" She had me right where she wanted me.

"Uh huh!"

At last, she put it in her mouth, delighting me with her soft lips and wet tongue on my erection. "Man, it has been too long!" I said softly.

"I love your cock, Joe," she said before putting it back in her mouth.

While she worked on blowing me, I coaxed her to scoot herself around so I could reach her pussy.

I felt plenty of moisture through her red satin panties. Lisa moaned as I rubbed her over her panties.

"Oh, I like that," she said.

I slid my fingers under the satin material and explored her very moist honeypot. I gently messaged her clit and fingered her wet pussy, savoring the smoothness of her walls. Lisa really liked that. I had her breathing heavy and rocking her hips.

I found her G-spot and managed to manipulate her to her first orgasm in front of my best friend Brian. It was fun making her come with my finger, just like when we first dated.

We changed up and did some good old 69-style with her on top. I gave Brian plenty of opportunity to videotape Lisa's ass in her panties and again later as I pushed them aside and ate her fine pussy, putting my tongue between her lips and everywhere else down there.

She kept sucking on my cock and I felt myself getting close. I caught Brian's attention and pointed down towards my cock. My balls were tightening as it all came together and I suddenly erupted in her mouth.

Brian was right there taping Lisa's face as it happened. She knew me well enough to know it was coming and moaned as I started bucking gently as shot after shot of gooey sperm blasted into her mouth.

Lisa held most of it in her mouth until I my orgasm subsided and then climbed off my face and sat up and looked at Brian and the camera. She opened her mouth and proudly showed him the fresh load I'd given her, smiling. Then she let some of it trickle out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her chest.

"Damn, that's hot as fuck," Brian said.

Lisa just chuckled and swallowed the remainder, then opened her mouth to prove it was all gone.

"Mmmm, that was good!" She looked down at my smiling face. "You better not be done. I'm so fucking horny right now!"

She leaned over and kissed me and I put my arms around her and hugged her, assuring her more was to come soon.

I wanted to give my cameraman Brian some additional good shots while I was recovering, so I spread Lisa's legs and let him get some close-ups of her crotch with her panties on along with some sexy ass shots for the video.

While Brian was recording, I also had her crawl on all fours across the bed and we got still more footage of me helping Lisa out of her bra and panties. Brian's boner was huge and prominent in his pants. Poor guy.

Lisa wanted more direct attention so I had her spread her legs while she leaned against my chest. I fingered her pussy with one hand and played with nipple with the other as Brian dutifully shot more video.

I think she liked this camera play for Brian because she was spending more and more time watching and performing for him. I have no doubt that she was highly aroused performing for a guy she thought was cute and had known for many years.

She climaxed again as I was finger-banging her and after she caught her breath, she got up and insisted on Brian taking his clothes off as well, just to keep things "fair". He didn't object at all.

She walked over to him to take the camera and when he handed it to her, his eyes were glued to her perky tits.

"You really like my tits, don't you?"

"Yes. They are cute," Brian said, smiling.

"You can touch them, you know."

Brian reached out and cupped one of her breasts then put his mouth on her nipple. She moaned softly and so did he. "Alright. That's enough for now," she said, pulling away.

"Always leave them wanting more," I thought. "She must have learned that too!"

Lisa stepped back a couple of steps and got her bearings on how to run the camera pretty quickly then told Brian to get to it. She recorded him getting undressed, then got some close-ups, primarily of his erection and his balls for the better part of five minutes. She made him stroke himself and she captured the pre-cum running down his cock. Lisa's eyes were hungry with passion for Brian as he performed for her.

I went down on her after she surrendered the camera back to Brian. I'm sure she was still watching Brian closely - or parts of him anyway - as he was standing over us videotaping down on me between her legs. After five minutes or so of eating that pussy and probing it with my fingers, Lisa gave Brian a nice O-face as she got off.

"Oh, god damn!" she said as she came, bucking her hips on my face.

After that one, I knew more were to come as follow-up orgasms with Lisa were fairly easy to achieve. I also knew from experience just how she liked it and I kept her near her orgasmic plateau for probably ten minutes. Brian captured multiple O-faces as Lisa was practically catatonic after the extended pleasure I gave her. I invited him get within inches of her - close enough to smell the lust coming from Lisa's cute, little tightly-trimmed muff. Yes, she was a natural blonde and she was flooded with her natural lubricant tonight.

I then climbed up between Lisa's legs and spread them wide. I gave Brian some good shots as I teased Lisa with the head of my cock, rubbing it up and down the crevice between her lips as her bald pussy was fully exposed for both Brian and I to see.

"Oh god. Please quit teasing me and just fuck me, will you?" she pleaded.

I made sure Brian got close and captured the sounds of my erection against her soggy pussy as I continued to tease and torment little Lisa. Finally, with Brian's face and the camera mere inches from Lisa's pussy, I inserted myself and she and I both moaned in the pleasure of the moment. Hell, I think Brian let out a moan as well. The folds of her very wet and warm vagina felt so good.

I glanced up and saw Brian petting his big erection as I gently fucked Lisa.

"Brian, you're not going to shoot your load on me are you?" I asked.

"No, man, you're good. Now Lisa, on the other hand!"

Lisa didn't smile. "Don't you dare!" Little did I know she had plans for him later in the evening.

I could tell Lisa was extraordinarily aroused and horny this evening. I fucked her for a while in several variations of missionary, changing up each time she climaxed, before sitting up and taking a break to keep from shooting my load before I was ready.

"Having Brian here watching us is making me so fucking hot that I can't stand it!" she finally admitted.

"Me too," I said.

"Brian, don't you dare jack off and come, you hear me?" she told Brian.

"I hear you."

I pinned Lisa's knees back with my elbows and fucked her again, this time reaching under her to grab her ass and play with it. It wasn't long before Lisa's body language and breathing was suggesting that she was getting close again. I reached a little further under her and teased her little rosebud with my fingertips.

"I'm coming!" Lisa grunted out as she began to come for Brian and I. I kept up the fucking for a second orgasm from her before needing a break of my own to forestall my own climax.

I rolled her over while we were at a break in the action and then hit it from behind. Brian captured Lisa's ecstasy from several angles, including an extended close-up of her O-face while I fucked her doggy. He also recorded all the moans, groans and yelps as I tore her up.

Every time I changed positions, I gave Brian good penetration shots and Lisa was doing her part by playing the licentious home porn star. It was some mind-blowing sex. We all lost count how many times she climaxed.

"Joe, let her ride you. I want to get some of her on top, both forward and reverse cowgirl before you come, okay?"

Brian had been pretty quiet as far as directing the action, and this was really the first time he had a specific request.

"Okay," I answered as I pulled out and gave Lisa a chance to make room for me on the bed. I laid back and she mounted me slowly, giving Brian multiple initial penetration shots. She let him capture it in front, from behind and the look on her face when she felt me going up inside her. She was having a great time with it and I wasn't complaining one bit. Each time it was heavenly as I sunk inside her wet and wonderful pussy. I had no doubt this home movie tape was smoking hot - and then she rode me like a champion porn star.

I had to stop her several times as she kept bringing me to my orgasm. One time, she paused and got up to finish my drink and give me a chance to calm down. After finishing my drink, she walked over to Brian and gave him a kiss and then knelt down and kissed his raging hard-on and then put it in her mouth and stroked him a few times while sucking him.

"Ah, that's a nice cock Brian!" she observed.

"Thanks, Lisa."

She climbed back into bed and impaled herself on my dick to ride me reverse cowgirl, giving Brian an eyeful for the camera as she fucked me long enough for her to get off again. I'm sure the sight of her leaning back on me with her legs spread and my cock sliding in and out of her pussy as she climaxed was a sight to see for Brian.

Her legs got tired of that reverse cowgirl position and she lifted herself off and sat down next to me. I sat up and looked at Brian and asked, "Inside or outside?"

"I think creampies are sexy," Brian said. "Lisa, is that okay with you?"

Lisa just smiled. "Anywhere except up my ass works for me!" Someone was feeling her alcohol a little it seemed.

She laid back and spread her legs. Brian got an extreme close-up for a minute and then motioned for me. I knelt and inserted my cock. Lisa and I both groaned loudly.

I leaned forward and put her ankles on my shoulders and began to thrust deeply with my legs spread wide. Brian was behind me, shooting my cock entering Lisa's wet pussy.

"Brian, this isn't going to take long," I warned him. Watching her suck his cock didn't have a calming effect on my arousal.

Indeed, it came to me pretty quickly - after just a couple of minutes in this position.

I had almost come several times already, so I knew it had the potential for a copious amount of semen. She hit the sweet spot at the same time as I did so it was heavenly for both of us. I felt myself shooting stream after stream of semen inside her.

"Wow! I can feel it inside me!" Lisa said, grinning.

Brian was right there behind me too. I was hoping he caught the sight of my urethra pulsing as I filled my ex-wife with my seed.

When it was over, I was spent.

"Damn, that was good!" Lisa said.

"Holy shit, you're right!" I replied, still panting. Damn right that was good.

After a few kisses and giggles, I dismounted. Brian stayed right there to capture the money shot creampie after I pulled out.

To her credit, Lisa was a willing porn star model for the camera and spread wide for Brian to get some very intimate and close-up shots of her well-fucked, leaking vagina. She indulged him for almost ten minutes, masturbating and playing with the spunk leaking out, even licking her fingers off several times after playing in the cum at the mouth of her vagina. Eventually though, she got up. Brian shot the rivulets of semen running down her thighs and a few drops that fell from her lips.

We went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Brian followed us like it was a friggin' reality show. Lisa got into the shower and I followed, and Brian captured us lathering up in the shower together.

Brian started cussing like a sailor all of the sudden, and ran off to find a fresh tape as he'd filled the first one. Lisa told him to wait outside when he got back.

We took a long shower and I think I lathered up Lisa's entire body twice. She washed me very carefully as well. We were enjoying one another immensely. A half-hour later we went back to our bedroom and Brian was sitting on the bed waiting for us, still naked. He saw us and stood up to film again.

"Show's over, Brian. Make sure I get a copy of that tape, too," she said as she pushed him out of the bedroom while wearing her towel. He didn't even have a chance to get his clothes off the floor of my room.

She got dressed quickly, thanking me for a great time and gave me a kiss before walking out. She closed the door behind her and I heard her walking down the hall to Brian's bedroom. I heard his door close.

When she didn't come out after a couple minutes, I thought that odd, so I got up and decided to check and see what they were up to.

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