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My Sailor


She had anxiously been awaiting this moment for almost a year. She felt her thighs shaking from the nerves and she rubbed her sweaty palms along them, remembering his words, "I can't wait to run my hands along your sexy legs, baby." Thoughts like that sent shivers down her spine, and there were plenty of thoughts like that.

She had seen scenes just like this one in a hundred romance movies before. The airport scene, where the lovers run into each other's arms and embrace for a kiss. She knew better than to expect movie magic, but that didn't stop her from dreaming about it. A woman came on the loudspeaker, announcing that flight number 204 had just landed and would be exiting through terminal 8. She looked up at the number above the terminal closest to her bench. 8. He would stroll out of that door at any moment.

Autumn had loved Johnny from the moment she met him. Met, a term she used loosely. They met online, on a random chat site. They instantly fell in love. They spent every moment talking together. They skyped and called and texted. They found online sites where they could watch videos together. They played online board games. They were infatuated, and although they never truly got to touch each other, they were more intimate with one another than they had ever been with another soul. Fuck what people thought about meeting online. It was a blessing to them. And now, as he was back from boot camp, it was finally time. All of their plans were about to come alive. He flew up to Seattle to finally hold his love. Autumn's stomach was uneasy, she had never felt so nervous before.

Just when she thought she might be sick from the nerves - there he was.

Strolling out of terminal 8 in his dress blues. He was so gorgeous she almost couldn't breathe. He saw her right away, and that big smile spread across his face, and instantly his teeth went down to bite it, like it always had. Autumn stood up, a bit wobbly at first, and walked over to him, and looked up, exactly a foot, into his eyes, tears began to well up in them. He reached down, and put both his hands on her cheeks, her eyes instantly closed to his touch, and tears began to fall down he smiling face. "Hey, Sparky." he whispered, "I'm home."

Before she knew it, it happened. His lips met hers, for the first time, she felt what she had only dreamed of for the past 11 months. His full, warm lips against hers. It was like a high, she never wanted to come down from. The heat spread all over her body, and she hungered for more. But she resisted. The sweet innocence of that first kiss would be enough for now. She took his hand, and began to lead him out of the air port.

He began to tell her all about his flight, and although she loved his stories so much, all she could focus on was the tone in his voice, rather than the words. Like a sweet song. She watched his lips move, she laughed when he did. But she was in shock that he was finally hers. They got in her car, and started the long drive home.

It was dark by the time they were in her town.

"Are you hungry?" She asked Johnny.

"A little, but I'm pretty tired." he replied.

"I could just make you something at home?"

"That sounds perfect, Sparky." he smiled.

She had never liked pet names before, and she had never had a nickname before Johnny started to call her "Little Sparky", he meant it to bug her, but it just gave her butterflies every time, so she let him keep calling her sparky. She loved it.

The arrived home, and as they walked hand in hand to the door of her apartment, the stress set in. she thought about how many times they discussed how this night would happen. She thought of all the wild fantasies they had thrown back and forth, she began to fear that they set their standards to high, she was afraid, that is, until she felt his hands on her waist.

she had the door knob in her hand but was frozen in place. He stood behind her, with his hands on her hips, rubbing them slightly. Her eyes automatically shut again. with his chest to her back, he reached around her a little more, his hands now rubbing her pelvis, inching his finger tips into the waistband of her pants. God he was turning her on. Small moans began to creep up out of her throat. she could feel his heart beat on her back, she took a deep breath and opened the door. She stepped in her dark apartment. She began searching for a lamp and Johnny closed the door behind them.

"That's better." she said as she fingered the light switch.

"Yes, much better." Johnny smiled. "You are so beautiful, baby. Even more so up close." he stepped closer to her, and shifted her until he back was against the door. His lips pressed hard into hers, parting them, he slipped his tongue into her mouth. It was all so rough, so wild, it got adrenaline pumping inside her body. she untucked his navy shirt, and began to work her hands up his smooth skin. His hands were firmly grabbing her tits ontop of her shirt, but they quickly moved down to her waist, then her hips, then her ass, which he held on to, and lifted her up off her feet. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he began to lose it. He let go of everything but her. His lips found her neck and he began kissing and biting and sucking. In between breaths she'd hear him whisper "fuck! i love you" or "I want you now baby."

She pulled his face away from her neck so they were nose to nose. She looked him in the eyes, his beautiful dark eyes. And said "fuck me." She'll never forget the smile that crossed his face when she said that. He obliged.

He was tall dark and handsome. She was petite and girly. Their physiques even complimented each other well. She made him feel like a man, and he sure as hell made her feel like a woman. He carried her to the bedroom, and set her down on the edge of her bed, so her legs dangled down. he got on his knees, on the floor between her legs, and slid her pants off of her body. He took a good look at her naked legs and smiled as he pulled down her black lace panties. He kissed her lovingly, and pushed her from her sitting position ever so gently, so she would lie down. He put his palms on the insides of her thighs, and pushed them apart, revealing her soft, wet pussy. Her pink lips already glistening. She couldn't see him, but she was sure he was smiling. He ran his hands along her legs, and brought each of them to his mouth. Leaving soft kisses behind. on her ankles, and her calves and her knees. Then he began the teasing. Kissing her thighs, working his way up to her pussy, and getting so close, then moving to the next leg, and doing the same thing.

"Johnny, baby, please. Please lick me." She'd beg.

"Autumn, don't worry baby, i will." he would reply. over and over. until it was true.

He let his tongue dive in without notice. She let out a yell, but he didn't stop. He parted her lips with his fingers and drug his wet tongue across her clit. Making it nice and wet, and making her back arch in pleasure. He continued this. Licking her from top to bottom. Sliding a finger in and out of her as he sucked on her clit. Pumping faster, bring her close, then stopping. Then he'd slide his tongue inside her and tongue fuck her as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. He was driving her absolutely crazy. He stopped for a second, and slid his hand under her head to bring her up to him, and his kissed her lovingly, and deeply. he let his hand get lost in her hair and then stopped right as her tongue began to press against his. he smiled and laid her back down. When he went back to work, he simply flicked his tongue over her clit quickly, and didn't exactly finger her, so much as trace circles teasingly around her opening, until she came from him.

And cum she did. Hard. Her whole body was affected, and he moaned his name over and over, as she did so.

She lay there, collapsed for a few seconds. She breathed hard. She had never had an orgasm quite like that before.

"Thank you Johnny. Thank you." she repeated over and over, breathlessly.

"My pleasure, sparky." he planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

He may have thought she was ready for sleep at this point, but she had just begun. She was going return the favor to him. She was going to fuck him senseless. He just didn't know it yet

.... to be continued.

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