tagFetishMy Sexual Awakening Ch. 4

My Sexual Awakening Ch. 4


Well, as we left the motel unit, to explore the town, we noticed a cab pull into the drive to drop a customer. Des thought we would ask some local knowledge of the driver, to get some ideas of where to go and special interest locations in town. After a few minutes of conversation he asked me to come over and get into the cab. He decided to get a tour of the areas of interest and decide where to go that way. I settled into the back seat and we headed for the town centre. The driver was a mine of information and as we drove he pointed out all the usual tourist information. On an impulse, I asked whether there was any tattoo parlours in town. He replied that there was two of them and said he would point them out along the way. Des looked approvingly at me and to my horror asked if either of them were open at the weekend. They both are he replied as the main economy of the town was tourism and the town is geared to the service industry in the main. Des then asked if he knew the best one for body piercing.

"If that's what you want, there is one on the far side of town that specialises in all types of piercing and I believe that it is run by an ex army medic who really knows how to do it safely and his clinic is spotless. Probably on a par with the medical centre right over there." As he pointed out a new building on the right hand side of the taxi. The rest of the journey I was numb with anxiety and fear, while Des continued to get his local knowledge enhanced by our friendly driver, "Burt". The next thing I remember was stopping outside an attractive older building, tastefully, decorated with few outer signs to indicate the nature of the business within. My husband paid the man with a large tip, for his discretion and help.

As we walked in toward the front door, I realised that the wind had picked up a bit and my dress was exposing my naked bottom to our driver. I was beyond caring at this point, however, as the reality of what I might be about to do in the next short while penetrated my fevered imagination. However, I reasoned, it wasn't necessary to get it done right away, and it wouldn't hurt to ask about the procedure and Des might be disappointed if I didn't go ahead, but I would make it up to him later. There was nobody going to force me.

We rang the bell and a middle-aged man came out to see us. I blushed as Des explained what I was looking to have done, and the bastard even went into detail about the benefits that I had anticipated. This man was old enough to be my father, I was standing there in a really revealing toga, no underwear, trembling with fear and he was asking about the best ways to keep me in a state of near orgasm every time I walked around. I thought of my daring exploits, earlier on, and in particular about the old truck driver that I had opened up my legs to, while he took photos of my most intimate parts. It still made me tingle with excitement as I recalled the moment I stretched my vagina wide open, as he took his photos.

But right now I was looking at the mans reaction to my husband's words. He sounded very mature as he looked at me and told me that most women expected a heightening of their sexual awareness and if the piercing was done correctly, this could almost be guaranteed to constantly stimulate the clitoris at the slightest movement. He had a book of photographs and letters from women that he had done these procedures on over the last ten years. I felt relaxed, as he suggested that I have a look at some of the contents while he prepared his studio for an examination. I looked at the book, leafing through the various types of genital piercing that were available. I was impressed with the professional way the book portrayed the many different options that I could choose from. A few minutes later he asked us to follow him into the studio. The cabbie was right. The studio was clean and when I was asked to get up on the table, I did so right away. It was obvious to the man that he didn't need to ask me to remove my panties, as he complemented me on my state of preparation. Apparently some women need to be shaved and stimulated so he could determine the best position for the piercing. Des smiled proudly as he expertly examined in great detail my genital area. My head was elevated and there was a full-length mirror at the foot of the table so I could watch what he was doing. I was very relaxed by now as he went to get a marker pen. I could see in the mirror, my vagina, completely open, with my clitoris shining and wet in a state of extreme arousal. It amazed me that I could lay there, so calm and relaxed whilst being examined in intimate detail in this way. I had told him, when asked if I still wanted a clit piercing, blushing slightly, that I would trust him to do whatever type of procedure would best suit my body and give the most satisfying result. I even stated my preference in jewellery that would enhance the visual aspects of my vagina in an erotic way. I felt like a real slut talking to a stranger in this way but after all, I was only going to do this once and it would have to be right first time. The gentleman reassured me that I was expecting what every woman desired of a piercing and he would do his very best to oblige me. I found myself trusting him completely and agreed to have the procedure done right away. We picked out a lovely little ring, which he said I could change later if I wished, after it healed in about 2 weeks. Then he clamped me and prepared to complete the piercing. I took Des's hand as the needle went through, but there wasn't as much pain as I had expected. Only a few minutes later I was the proud owner of a clit piercing. The area felt a little numb, but there was no blood and I felt relieved and excited as I stood before the mirror, lifting my dress to examine my vagina from all angles. I was more than satisfied with the result. Des was told not to aggravate the area and not to attempt vaginal intercourse until the area was fully healed. Of course, there are other ways to achieve satisfaction, he told Des, as he surveyed my bottom, knowingly with a smile. I was too excited to mind his gaze as I continued to prance around in front of the mirror. I rather enjoyed his attention, as he was a really caring sort of guy and after all he had just been manhandling my clitoris in a way that only my husband had ever done before. I had had sex with a few other young guys before I was married but I was too much of a prude in those days to allow such intimate handling of my clit. God, how much my attitudes have changed I thought as I finally finished my examination and modestly patted down my skirt as I prepared to leave. Des paid the man generously and thanked him for his gentle and caring approach to his work. Des asked if I would like to get a taxi back to the motel, but I was not in any pain and the shops were only a short walk away, so I decided to delay our return for a while.

The wind was blowing briskly now and I was feeling more daring than ever as we walked along the footpath. The combination of the medication and the wind blowing around my genitals sporting my clit ring was making me feel careless and when my dress blew upward and exposed my more intimate areas I displayed no concern at all, not constantly trying to cover up immediately but allowing the dress to fall back naturally without my help. Des had promised the old man that he would bring me back for a "check up"and a fitting of the permanent ring with the jewellery of my choice. I agreed to let him take photos at that point for his collection. I hoped that the weather would be great and I would be able to spend longer in the lake area next time. I chatted to Des, as we approached the shopping area, which by this time was relatively deserted as it was around 6pm and most of the people would be having dinner. There were only convenience stores open so we spent our time looking into shop windows and admiring my reflection as we looked into a large appliance shop. On impulse, I lifted the front of my dress to have another good look at my ring. Des smiled and said we should get a few things from the chemist shop to aid the healing process.

We went into the shop and Des went to the counter while I picked up some perfume and some lotion. We rang a taxi from the shop and Des asked for Burt to pick us up, if possible. Armed with a bag of goodies for the night we waited for the cab outside. When the cab pulled alongside the kerb, Bert got out to open the door for me. I wondered if he always did that, or whether he just wanted a better view of my body, remembering what he had seen on our way in to the tattoo parlour. I thought I would oblige him with a sight to remember and climbed in without trying to keep myself covered as I might have done. As I settled into the seat I noticed his eyes bulging, as he took in a visual treat. My skirt had ridden right up around my hips as I deliberately allowed him a generous look as I made myself comfortable. My nipples were straining against the fabric and were very prominently showing my breasts. When he finally closed the door I knew he was quite aroused. We drove off as Des said we would be going back to the motel now. He was asking if we were happy with the local tattooist and was blatantly curious about what we had done there. I knew that he had seen with his own eyes just minutes ago, but I told him that I had a new genital piercing. Des winked at me and said to carry on if I wished. "If you are curious, and you open the door for me again, I will show it to you if you like." I said brazenly. The cab seemed to speed up and I smiled at Des knowingly.

True to my word, I spread out my legs and held my dress up as Burt opened the door on our return. I placed one leg outside and invited him to have a good, close look with my other leg almost touching the door on the other side. I was fully aroused as he stared right at my moist fully engorged clitoris peeking out from my wide open vaginal lips. He was bulging at the crotch as a moist patch appeared on his trousers. He must have cum in his pants, just looking at my pussy. I had this crazy notion to undress completely, but I held myself in check as I got out of the cab and walked toward our unit. The cab driver refused to accept the fare Des offered him, instead thanking Des for allowing the display of my charms to him. Burt gave Des a card with his number and said if he could help us any further, to ring him and he would come around to pick us up anytime. I couldn't wait to get into the unit and have another look at my piercing. I was overjoyed with the day's events. I felt sexually charged and on the

brinks of orgasm just about all the time. I was totally in control while I flashed my body, and it was exciting to see the reactions of those people that I was showing off to. By now I was a blatant and unashamed exhibitionist and Des was enjoying the experiences as much, if not more, than I was. He seemed to always be ready for lovemaking now and he just couldn't get enough of my naked body.

I had a completely new appreciation of the power I held, with the loss of my previous inhibitions, I was proud to display myself to anybody who wanted me to. I couldn't believe how far I had changed in such a short time. I realised that I would have to be more careful when we got home, because of our position and standing in the community. I would still be able to have fun, but maintain a more reasoned approach. I couldn't run naked down our street in front of the neighbours, but there would be opportunities for the odd "Accidental" flash from time to time.

We entered the unit and closed the door. Des put down the bag on the table next to the TV. And I looked to see what else he had purchased while he showered first. I noticed a small bottle of Vaseline and a tube of baby oil. I took out the perfume and the talcum powder and the antiseptic cream, as I prepared for my shower. I noted, with satisfaction the my nipples indicated my readiness to indulge in another round of vigorous sex play and my clit was still throbbing with excitement, but there was still no pain from the procedure. I wondered why I had been so terrified as we entered the clinic, I decided to take the medic's advice, however and not directly stimulate the region, until it was completely healed.

His card was in the bag and I realised that I didn't even know his name. I had surrendered to a stranger's touch, in a most undignified way with my legs wide open, while he probed and touched me in a most intimate way, without even introduction. How rude, I thought, as I resolved to become more acquainted with him on my next visit, when he would be taking photos of his handy work. I kept this image in my mind as I changed positions with Des in the shower. I washed my hair and took care not to allow soap to cover my pubic area in case of infection. I directed the flow of water down there instead. I almost screamed in ecstasy as a powerful orgasm shook through my body and left me drained on the floor of the shower stall. The slightest movement of that ring certainly lived up to my expectations, and more. I dried off, carefully, taking care not to disturb my new clit ring. Des whistled as I entered the main room. This was the first moment that I had been totally naked, before his eyes, since the procedure and my jewelled clitoris, the sexy golden waist chain, hanging around my waist, along with the very prominent nipples of my firm breasts appeared to excite him immediately. We kissed as we discussed our dilemma of not being able to have full vaginal intercourse for two weeks. Des led me toward the bed with a familiar gleam in his eyes, as he lowered me to my knees on the floor and bent me over, exposing my bottom to his now, throbbing penis. I trembled with anticipation, as he generously and tenderly, lubricated my puckered anus.

Suddenly he was inside me as he gently pressed himself further and further in, until I felt his body touch mine and I knew he was buried to the hilt inside my bottom. We had experimented with anal intercourse before, but he had never been fully inside, as I normally complained that it hurt me as he pressed in. Another reason was that I got no real enjoyment from it, as I needed clitoral stimulation to climax satisfactorily. I knew that it would not be possible for me to climax as a result of anal nerve stimulation alone. I was more relaxed tonight though and I found myself moaning with pleasure at the way we were so close and very much in love. I was amazed to feel another orgasm building up inside me and as Des ejaculated deep inside me, I erupted in yet another mind blowing, shivering and shaking, pleasurable orgasm. I was happier than ever as we lay, together on the floor, recovering ourselves, to get up on our feet. I was now, multi-orifice orgasmic, I enthused to myself, with a big smile.

Des was equally thrilled, as he had always wanted to ejaculate, deep inside my pretty little ass, as he called it. I was in raptures as we discussed for the next hour, our individual sexual fantasies and desires, some of which I was reluctant to mention, as they involved bringing another male into our bedroom. I was sure Des would not co-operate fully with some of these, so I had left them in the deep background of my thoughts, never daring to mention them to Des, for fear of losing the best husband imaginable.

He, of course, had similar reservations of his own. Now, we were boldly discussing our secret fantasies and vowing to each other that we would accommodate those hidden desires, but more importantly, never deny the other partner the opportunity to fulfil any fantasy that they desired. It was the most amazing coincidence that many of our previously hidden, secret desires were appealing and even complementary to the other partners fantasy. The events of our day, as it unfolded, had already gratified us both and made our marriage stronger and as fulfilling as ever before. I now knew that the adventures yet to happen would continue to enrich our lives for a long time to come.

Des promised me that he would take me shopping for a new wardrobe when we returned home, for suitably revealing, but acceptable evening apparel, so we could go out day or night dressed to accommodate our fantasies whilst not risking being turned away from entry to the more conventional entertainment venues in the city by virtue of non complying dress code.

He had planned to initiate me into exposing my body this weekend by not allowing me the opportunity to cover up, by only allowing me the infamous toga and sandals on our trip away. Now that he had seen the enjoyment and relish that I had experienced, he wished that he had brought more suitable clothing to take me to an expensive restaurant for an evening meal.

It had been fortunate that he had found this holiday oriented town, where casual dress was so widely acceptable. I had amazed him with my boldness at the rest area with the truck driver, and during our subsequent lunch venue. He praised my bravery at the tattoo parlour and my subsequent candour with Burt the taxi driver, when I showed him my new piercing on our return to the motel. I explained the excitement I felt, showing off my ring to a total stranger in such a public setting.

It was now around 7pm as the sun was disappearing over the lake. Des asked me if I was sore down below. The fact was that I was feeling just fine and asked him what he would like to do for the evening.

It was warm and my piercing wasn't giving me anything other than a pleasant awareness of my sexuality. I would be ready for anything that he wished to do.

There was a bowling alley a short walk away from the motel, with food and refreshment available so we strolled into the foyer to get a meal, noting that there were mostly younger people dressed in beachwear and remembering our last meeting with Melissa and her friends, I wasn't nervous about the prospect of going inside for a while. We sat down, not feeling too conspicuous in the way I was dressed, as the atmosphere was more relaxed than the restaurant we had lunch in. We ordered a light meal and surveyed the surroundings. Some of the ladies were wearing transparent tops without bras and there were even a few thongs in evidence. I relaxed completely and enjoyed my meal as we watched the activity around our table, situated above the alley, near some gaming machines. The establishment was a complete entertainment centre with a stage, complete with catwalk for fashion shows, pool tables and an adjoining dance floor where some couples were already gathering. Des and I were enjoying the informality and range of activities provided. They had a show of differing varieties every weekend.

I urged Des to stay for the evening as any tensions that I had, walking into this place, had long disappeared. I knew that we were due back to visit in two weeks and I wanted to come back to this place again. Des had often debated obtaining a holiday home, away from the city, for a weekend getaway and he felt this town was ideal to look for such a place, just as I did. The surrounding district was scenic and picturesque, The Lake was magnificent and best of all and it was only a 4-hour drive from home. An added attraction was that it was not a well-known holiday destination. I thought of Cathy and Ken. I couldn't wait to tell Cathy all about our adventurous weekend. She would be as keen on this place as Des and I were. I knew that she wouldn't be judgemental about our activities, as she and Ken were both as exhibitionistic as I had rapidly become. She had never worn panties either and showed off her assets without any shame or inhibitions.

Des agreed immediately. He suggested an evening stroll beside the lake for the next 40 minutes before the show that would be starting at 10pm. Some sort of fancy dress competition tonight, which probably explained the relaxed dress styles all around us. I was fitting into convention more and more as the evening had progressed. There were prizes in many categories, including beachwear, which accounted for the girls in their see through tops.

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