tagLoving WivesMy Sexy Wife Starts Stripping

My Sexy Wife Starts Stripping


When I married my sexy little wife in 1962 I knew that she was the sexiest most exciting woman that I had ever seen in my entire life.

Little did I know that she would also become the most sexually active woman that I had ever heard about? Nancy became even more sexually active than many of the women working as full time prostitutes, something that she would also do many times.

The fun thing about Nancy being so horny and insatiable was that she did it because she loved the feeling of men fucking her and because she loved to have an almost endless string of orgasms.

On the day we were married Nancy, my virgin wife, said that she wanted to make me happy by fulfilling my fantasy of having my sexy little wife become a wild little whore if I really wanted her to. I couldn't believe it when I heard her telling me that she had decided to let eight different men that she had already picked fuck her tight little virgin pussy.

When I told her that it was a wonderful surprise and I was very agreeable if she was sure that she really wanted to do it. She quickly told me that she was glad that I had agreed because that she had already invited eight different men from her reception to come over to our apartment and make her a real woman of the world. Nancy said that she had wanted to get fucked for a long time but that she had held off because of the respect that she had for her parents, knowing that they wanted her to be a virgin when she got married.

From that night on Nancy began a wild sexual adventure that lasted for the next seventeen years. During the next seventeen years over fifteen thousand different men had the privilege of fucking my beautiful sexy little wife. Nancy was going out four; five, sometimes six and occasionally seven nights a week letting men that she met fuck her horny little pussy.

This sexy little woman was never satisfied with having only one man a night. During the week when she went out she usually was fucked by from six to eight different men. On the weekends it was an entirely different story. Nancy would let anywhere from eight to more than sixty different men fuck her horny little pussy in a single night.

In 1965 Nancy's personal high at that time was sixty-two different men's hard cocks inside of her horny little cunt in one night. On the night that she got fucked by sixty-two different men she was at a large college party and she didn't manage to get home until after ten o'clock the next morning looking like she had been used by every man in the state. In the years that followed Nancy became more and more insatiable.

Several years later Nancy had become so insatiable that at a large gangbang where she was the main course she let ninety-three different men fuck her that night.

I loved the excitement of having such a sexy horny little wife. It was a constant turn on to have her going out at night letting so many different men fuck her horny little cunt.

The only thing more exciting than knowing that she was out spreading her legs and letting all of these different men fuck her tight little pussy was my getting to fuck her when she came home after a night out letting fifteen or twenty men fuck her. It's to bad that more men don't let their wives go out and let other men fuck them instead of being so jealous that they won't let them do anything.

In 1965 Nancy had let Ralph, a black man that she had fallen in love with breed her because she decided that she wanted to have his baby. She did get pregnant from Ralph but in May of 1965 she suffered a miscarriage and lost her little black baby girl. Nancy was very depressed for a while and to get over her depression she began to go out to little country bars out in the woods at some of the small logging towns about thirty to forty miles from where we lived. Nancy would go to these bars, get very drunk and let the farmers and loggers at the bar gangbang her for the rest of the night.

My cute little wife had been stripping, and putting out, at bachelor parties and stag parties since July of 1963. She absolutely loved to show off her sexy body with her gigantic tits, small waist with her smooth flat stomach and her great legs to lots of men. Nancy performed at several parties a month but in 1968, Nancy, wanting something exciting but a little different went back to several of the small bars that she had frequented when she was in her depressed state right after having a miscarriage.

On a Saturday afternoon in July of 1968 Nancy had me drive her out to a couple of these little bars as she quickly renewed her acquaintance with the owners and operators. Dressed in a very revealing and sexy outfit Nancy went into the first of the two bars to talk to the owner about her start stripping and performing an exotic routine for him one night a month.

She wanted to start stripping at the bar on one Saturday each month. Nancy was gone into the owner's office for about an hour. As I was waiting in the bar I also noticed that the main bartender went into the office for about thirty minutes too. After about an hour Nancy came out of the office and from the flushed look and the smile on her face as she approached me I knew that she had been letting the owner and bartender look at her sexy little body and fuck her tight juicy little pussy.

The operators of the bars knew how popular Nancy had become when she was a customer of theirs several years earlier. At that time she would come over and get drunk letting the customers gangbang her all night long.

Although they quickly agreed that she could come and dance for them one Saturday night each month they didn't want to pass up such a good chance so they had Nancy strip for them and then they sampled her hot little pussy before they told her that they would let her dance at the bar.

When we left that little bar that afternoon Nancy was very hot and horny. Stripping for the bar owner and letting them fuck her had really turned her on. I drove her over to the other little bar that was about thirty miles away and Nancy went in to talk to the owner of that one about performing at his tavern one night a month.

Nancy was inside with the owner for about forty-five minutes as I waited for her in the bar. When she came out she was straightening her clothes and I could tell that she was even hornier then she had been when I had brought her in. As we left she told me that she had also stripped for the owner and had let him have a sample of her hot little pussy. He also agreed to let her start dancing at the bar at least one night a month.

On April 13, 1968 Nancy performed her first dance at one of the little bars. Her first performance was a nine o'clock. Nancy's nine o'clock performance was very exciting as she sexily removed her clothes as the men at the bar sat very quietly watching her. The ones that had never seen her before were very stunned at her sexy little body.

They couldn't believe that a body that small could have such gigantic big tits. After she had finished stripping for them Nancy slowly walked through the crowd of men, still completely naked, over to the bar to get a drink. While she was at the bar, Jack the bartender, told the crowd that Nancy would put on another performance at twelve o'clock. He told the men in the bar that, "up until time for the next show Nancy will be performing private dances for all of you that are interested in seeing her up very close and personal," he smiled and chuckled, "if you know what I mean." He told the crowd that there were six tickets available for private performances

That night there was eight men that wanted to have Nancy strip for them personally before her next performance started at midnight. The bartender collected the money for the private shows and told the men that each private performance would be timed and would last no longer than twenty minutes. When the first man came into her dressing room Nancy was wearing a see thru shorty nightgown and a black robe.

Jack brought the first man back to her dressing room and introduced him to Nancy telling her that his name was Jesse. Nancy greeted him with a big smile and had him sit in a chair that had been set up to sit in while she was giving her private performance.

Watching the excited reaction of the men as they watched her dance and strip had really turned Nancy on. Already being hot and turned on plus the fact that she had had three or four drinks after her performance just added to her wild horniness. As she started dancing she was practically on top of the man watching her private performance. In a few minutes she had become so turned on that she couldn't help herself as she reached out and grabbed his hands and immediately put them on her big tits.

While this amazed man squeezed and played with her big tits Nancy quickly reached down and undid his pants, pulling out his now rock hard cock. Nancy immediately sat down on his lap as his hard cock slipped up inside of her hot wet pussy.

She was so turned on that she rapidly bounced up and down on his hard shaft. It took only a couple of minutes before she began whimpering and growling as she had her first orgasm of the night quickly followed by a groan as her dance customer emptied the contents of his balls into the deep recesses of Nancy's horny little cunt.

Almost in a trance Jesse left as the next customer was ushered into Nancy's dressing room. Jesse quickly began to spread the word that he actually got to fuck that sexy little gal during his private performance. When the men in the bar heard that during a private performance they might get the chance to fuck this gorgeous little woman that they had watched dance and strip for them at the bar, they almost stormed Nancy's dressing room.

Watching her had made them horny and they wanted to see her immediately because they wanted to put their hard cocks into her tight little pussy. The bartender Jack hollered, "all right you guys, calm down. You'll all get your chance with this gorgeous little lady because she has agreed to give as many private performances as she needs to to be sure that no one gets left out."

Nancy managed to squeeze all eight of the men that wanted to see her for personal performances after the first show before she went out for her midnight performance. Nancy's midnight show was really down and dirty as she pulled out all the stops letting them see every part of her sexy little body. The men knew that she had been in her dressing room putting on her personal performances, which they had found meant that she had let these eight men fuck her hot horny little cunt.

Starting her next performance at midnight Nancy began her very hot sexy strip dance for them. When Nancy was completely nude she began to spread her legs, showing them the hot little hole that they were all so anxious to get their hard cocks buried into. Having just finished entertaining her eighth man with a personal performance just before she started doing her midnight show, Nancy's pussy was still gaping wide open from so much use and there were still globs of sperm dripping out of her well used little love box.

Seeing the sperm dribbling out of her really turned the men on and all of them began yelling that they wanted to get a ticket for a personal performance immediately after this show was over. After her show, Nancy, completely naked, wandered through the bar letting the guys really look her over. As she slowly walked through the crowd she reached out and took a bottle of beer from one of the men. After taking a drink she lay down on the table between the men sitting there and began to tease the entrance of her pussy with the tip of the bottle.

Getting hornier by the minute she gradually shoved the bottle into her wide-open pussy, pouring the beer into her pussy as she worked the bottle in and out of her insatiable cunt.

The men were now so worked up wanting Nancy and she had become so wild and hot that the so-called private personal performances quickly became very public. Several of the men simply picked Nancy up, carried her over and put her down on a pool table. They quickly paid the bartender for privilege of using Nancy as they one by one began to climb on top of her and fuck her wild quivering little cunt. It was quite a sight seeing these big loggers on top of my tiny little wife as she wildly took all of their big cocks up to the hilt in her cute horny little pussy.

For hour after hour except for an occasional bathroom run and the short breaks for another drink while a new man was mounting her sexy little body, Nancy was flat on her back on the pool table. She was on the table for hours as man after man climbed on the table, mounted her and fucked her, shooting their hot load of cum deep inside of her heaving belly. As they continued to fuck her I could tell from the sound of her whimpering and growling that Nancy was having a very special night.

Nancy had always climaxed very easily and on occasions like this she would start having an almost continuous orgasm just exactly like she was having tonight. Loving the feel of a hard cock inside of her stirring up these almost continuous orgasms drove Nancy to let man after man ram their hard cock into her so she could continue this wonderful feeling hour after hour.

These horny men kept fucking my sexy wife long after closing time but they were having so much fun with her that no one seemed to worry about the time. Even the bartender was so turned on by Nancy's sexy little body with her big bouncing tits that he also took his turn fucking her. When they were finally done using her sexy body and filling her sex-starved cunt, it was almost seven o'clock in the morning. By this time Nancy had been fucked by forty-three different men.

Some of the men fucking my sexy little wife were farmers from the area but most of men very big loggers working in the big forests nearby. Most of them came by and thanked Nancy for a wonderful show and told her that they would be ready for her whenever she decided to come back and put on another show for them. As I helped her get ready to go home she was very drunk, but she was also very happy and feeling great after having so many body shaking orgasms.

Nancy collected her money from the bartender, she got over twelve hundred dollars for her night of fun and the owner got over eight hundred dollars for letting her dance and service all of these horny young men. As I helped my drunken little wife out to the car she smiled at the bartender and told him that she would call him later and make arrangements on when she would schedule her next performance at the little bar.

On our way home Nancy, quite drunk and tired, said that she had really had fun that night and she was looking forward to putting on her show at another little tavern that she had contacted in a nearby community.

When we got home Nancy said, "honey would you please make love to me. I want your cock inside of me. I love to feel you climax and shoot your load of sperm deep up inside of me. Its exciting to know that it will mix with the cum that all of the other men left inside of me tonight.

Nancy scheduled her performance at the second little tavern two weeks later on April 27, 1968. She had now acquired a very sexy wardrobe for her performances and was prepared to do another very erotic show as she danced and stripped for the men at the tavern.

On April 27, 1968 at seven o'clock I drove my sexy little wife over to the tavern for her performance. She was very excited as we drove over. I could tell from her actions that it was going to be an exciting night because she was already very horny and she hadn't even had anything to drink yet. I knew that after she had several drinks she would become an absolute horny little slut and show off everything and do anything as she performed for them tonight.

As we went into the bar Nancy stopped and talked to the bartender, Fred, to let him know that she was there and have him show which room was hers to use as a dressing room. He told Nancy that they would probably have a fairly big crowd for such a small tavern that night because he had put up a couple of posters of Nancy. Nancy had given him a small picture of her in a tiny bikini to show around to bar to let the men know what she looked like.

It surprised her when Fred showed her that he had taken this picture and had it made into posters, tacking them up in several places in the tavern. As he was showing Nancy her dressing room she told him that she would need an extra chair in her dressing room for the men that wanted a private personal performance to sit in.

Fred told Nancy they were expecting a larger crowd than normal because many of the men in the community had seen Nancy's picture and knew that she was going to perform tonight. He was right because the little bar was really hopping. At nine o'clock he announced to the crowd that the show was about to start as he introduced Nancy. Word had leaked out from her performances at the other tavern two weeks earlier and these men were already horny and ready for a super hot show.

Nancy's combination of a dancing and stripping performance lasted about fifteen minutes. She was really getting into this routine of dance & strip and it showed. By the time Nancy's performance was finished she had the men panting for her. Watching the men get excited seeing her sexy body had Nancy so turned on that she could hardly control herself. When her performance was over she walked nude through the crowd of men on her way to the bar to get a drink.

Several of the men took advantage of the situation and reached out, squeezing and feeling various parts of her body as she passed by. As they touched her Nancy would stop and give them a chance to feel her up and touch anything that they wanted to on her. Many of them squeezed and pinched her big tits while others reached down and fingered her already wet pussy. As they fingered her Nancy would accommodate them by spreading her legs giving them easy access to her horny little hole.

When Nancy went back to her dressing room Fred announced to the crowd that Nancy was ready to give some private personal performances for those that were interested. Fred told them that if they were interested that they could get their tickets from him and then he would escort them back and introduce them personally to Nancy.

Half of the horny loggers jumped up and headed to the bar wanting to get a ticket to a private personal performance. Fred told them that there were only eight tickets available before the midnight show. To make things fair he said that he would let them draw numbers out of a hat for the privilege of seeing a personal performance with Nancy.

After the numbers were drawn and the first of the men went in for his special dance I noticed that most of these men were very big rough looking loggers. I was sitting at a table very near the door to Nancy's dressing room. I could hear almost all of the sounds coming out of this little room. It wasn't long before I began to hear Nancy whimpering and growling as her first lover brought her to a quick orgasm. It was only about ten minutes and he came out of Nancy's dressing room with a big grin on his face. He headed back into the crowded tavern as the man with the second ticket went into the dressing room for his appointment for a personal performance.

From the sounds coming out of the room I could tell that these burly big loggers were really working over my sexy little wife's body as I continued to hear her moan and grunt as they hammered their hard cocks into her tight little pussy. She again just managed to get the eight men who had the tickets all in for their performances before the midnight show was set to go on.

When Nancy came out for her midnight show I could see that she had really been used by the first eight men, as they must have really fucked her hard. She was fairly drunk again as she started her show so I knew that she was going to be super horny as she put on a real xxx rated performance.

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