tagIncest/TabooMy Son is a Nudist

My Son is a Nudist


The story below is written with the intention of putting my fantasy down on paper (symbolic) and allowing others to enjoy it as much as I do.

There are some conditions that must be met first though:

a. You must be of legal age in which ever state, county, country or universe that you reside in.

b. If you find graphic sex and detailed descriptions of sexual acts offensive, stop now.

c. If you enjoy this type of story or like what you have read then keep an eye out for more.

d. If you have comments or suggestions for future stories let me know, I'm open to ideas.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read the stories that I post. You readers are the reason that we writers exist.

Thank you for your consideration.


I'm a 39 year old new divorcee. I divorced my rotten no good husband last year after 23 years of being married to him. We have a son who just turned 23 last month. That's right you guessed it. I was 15 and very pregnant with my son Bobby when his father and I got married.

Bobby left home for college when he was 18. A smart bright student, he graduated with a degree in computer science and is working as an independent contractor writing computer games and stuff like that. He lives in the Silicon Valley area of California.

I look forward to reading his daily emails. He's always telling me about the projects he is working on or his friends and of course how he's decorated his studio apartment. When in college he started going to nude beaches. He told me that now that he lived in his own apartment he had become a full time nudist.

I wrote asking him what he meant by being a full time nudist. He wrote back telling me that he never wore clothes except in public or unless he had company that felt uncomfortable with nudity.

Finished with the divorced and not having seen him in two years, I wrote him and told him I wanted to come and visit, maybe stay a few weeks. He wrote back, letting me know how much he looked forward to my visit and of all the neat and interesting places he wanted me to see. I emailed him the date and time I would arrive and asked him to meet me at the airport.

For a 39 year old brunette, I've kept myself in good shape and I have a damn good body. I work out and jog daily. I have a firm flat stomach, perky average size tits with large nipples. I shave my pussy and have a nice firm round bubble butt and long shapely legs, which I love showing off.

It was August and Bobby emailed me to bring only light summer clothing as the temperature there was in the 3 digits. Bobby met me at the airport and what a sight he was. Tall, long blondish hair, blue eyed. Not an ounce of fat on him. Like me he worked out and jogged daily. We hugged and kissed. We looked more like brother and sister than mother and son. Holding hands, we collected my baggage and drove to his studio apartment.

It was a comfortable place. It had a small kitchen, a bathroom, a large walk-in closet and the main room was large enough for him to divide into a living room/office area and a sleeping area. Since it was on the top floor of the building, it came with a small private rooftop patio. He had decorated it in a very modern style. I felt very proud of my son and was looking forward to our visit.

We spent the rest of the day talking and catching up. After dinner, Bobby pulled out a small futon he had borrowed from one of his friends. Taking out the extra bedding from the closet, I helped him fix it up for sleeping. I insisted I sleep on it and he could keep his double bed to himself. We stayed up well past midnight before turning in. I went to the bathroom and changed into one of my ex's old t-shirt, Normally I slept nude, but since I was sharing my son's studio apartment, I didn't think I should walk out naked.

When I came out, Bobby was already in his bed. He had a sheet over his lower body with both his hairy legs out from under the sheet. From what I could tell, he was sleeping nude. The patio doors were open to let the cool night air in. I turned off the light. We said good night to each other and went to sleep.

The bright early morning sun woke me up. I got up and went to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee. Heading back to bed, I stopped dead in my tracks. Lying on his back with the morning sunshine on his body, was my beautiful 23 year old naked son. The sheet he used to cover himself with was completely off. Seeing him naked I realized he was no longer a boy but a man. His muscular chest had a light covering of blondish hair, with a treasure trail going down his stomach to his thick dark pubic hair. His uncut penis was fully erect and pointing straight up toward the ceiling. Two large egg shaped testicles weighted down his scrotum which hung down between his open hairy legs.

Feeling the warmth of the sun on his body, he awoke stretching and arching his back causing his fat erect uncut 8" penis to be even more pronounced than before.

My pussy got wet and tingling. I sat on the sofa and watched him sit up and look at me.

All smiles he said, "Good morning Mom."

I almost climaxed out load when he stood up and stretched, his huge erection bouncing up and down. Seeing the look on my face, he realized he was not only naked, but had a huge morning erection. Cupping his balls in his hands and trying to cover his erect cock with his arms, he ran past me to the bathroom.

"Opps, sorry mom, I wasn't thinking. I'm really sorry." he said as he scurried past me.

He left the bathroom door open. I heard him peeing and then taking a shower. My pussy still wet, I got up and went to the kitchen to see if the coffee was ready. I poured myself a cup and walked out to the patio . Sipping my coffee, I couldn't take my thoughts off my naked son. His body so muscular and hairy. Even his butt was hairy. His father wasn't that hairy. I guess he got the genes from my side of the family. His uncles had hairy legs and chests. His penis was huge, defiantly a lot bigger than his fathers. I'd never seen one so long and fat. As a little girl, I remember seeing my father and brothers naked, but their penises weren't erect so I had no one to compare him to except his father. And his wasn't anywhere near as long and fat as Bobby's.

My pussy was getting wetter just thinking about Bobby's huge fat erection. Sipping my coffee I fondled my wet pussy. My puffy wet pussy lips parting open as my finger sank in. Then I heard Bobby calling out.

"Mom! Mom! Where are you?

Taking my hand away from my wet snatch, I stood up and turning toward my son I called out to him, "I'm outside in the patio Honey."

Within seconds he was standing in the doorway still wet from his shower. His towel wrapped around his waist.

He looked at me and said, "Mom, I'm really sorry about this morning. I didn't mean for you too...."

Interupping him I said, "...Honey, don't worry. I know you didn't do it on purpose. And anyway, I quit enjoyed seeing how, err grown up you've become."

"Oh Mom, you're so cool, I'm glad you're not upset. He replied.

Well Honey, nudity doesn't make me feel uncomfortable or turn me off, it's just. I kind of was not unexpected seeing you ...err. Well you know what I mean. I said.

"Ha Ha Ha, I guess I was just as surprised as you were. I'm glad you're being so cool about it." he said.

"Come here and sit down, make yourself comfortable while I go get some more coffee. I said.

I brushed past him as he walked out into the patio. As I went into the kitchen I looked back and saw my son totally naked toweling him self dry. Returning with the coffee pot and an extra cup, I poured us coffee. My son had thrown his towel on the lounge and was standing stark naked enjoying the cool morning air and warm sun. I handed him his coffee and I sat down.

I sat there for a long time, sipping my coffee looking at him.

Finally he said, "Mom, if you're uncomfortable with me being naked, I can go put on some shorts."

"Oh no! I said, It's just I can't get over how grown up and manly you've become." "Turn around and let me have a good look at you."

Turning, I couldn't help but admire how his muscular back tapered down to a narrow waist and a round hairy bubble butt. His legs too were hairy and muscular from jogging.

"I had no idea you were so hairy." I said.

Turning and facing me again, he asked, "You like my body hair Mom?"

"I think it looks very sexy, Bobby." I replied.

He sat on the lounge facing me and kept his legs well apart giving me an unobstructed view of his large soft uncut penis and large shaved ballsac. We talked all morning about what it was like being a nudist and about his nudist friends. He invited me to undress and join him naked.

Nodding no I said, "Oh honey, I don't know, I don't think I'm ready for that just yet. Maybe later."

I asked him if he had any plans for today.

"I'd like to take you out to lunch and maybe drive around and show you a few of the local sights. Maybe rent some movies for later. What do you think? " he asked.

"Sounds like a wonderful idea. I better get cleaned up and dressed then, I'll be ready in 30 minutes." I said.

In the bathroom, I took off my t-shirt and looked at my naked body in the mirror. My shaved pussy lips were wet and puffy, my nipples very erect. I wonder if he noticed my nipples. Reaching down I cupped my pussy and diddled myself to an orgasm as thoughts of Bobby's erection danced in my mind. After showering , I put on a white transparent, very tiny, G string, no bra, a light cotton summer dress and sandals. Stepping out of the bathroom, I found Bobby waiting for me. He had on shorts, izod shirt and sandals. Arm in arm we left to go eat lunch and some sight seeing.

We had a terrific lunch at his favorite pub where we ran into some of his friends. We stayed several hours visiting and having a good time with his friends. After we left, we drove around looking at many of the new modern buildings.

Stopping at a video store, we went in to rent some movies. I didn't find any I was interested in seeing. Bobby was in the back looking for movies there. During check out, I noticed the movies he picked were X rated soft porn.

When we got home, Bobby headed straight to the bathroom. Leaving the door open I saw him drop his short and kick them off while holding his penis and peeing. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I had the bag with the movies with me. I opened it up and looked at the movies he had rented. They were X rated soft porn movies. One was about an older woman and a younger man, the other was about a young man meeting and falling in love with an older woman who turned out to be his mother. Was he really planning on watching these movies with me? Not that I'd mind watching porn, but it just seem strange he wanted to watch porn with me.

"Mom! Mom!" I heard him calling.

I walked out to the living room. Bobby was stark naked, his back to me, standing by his bed looking out the window.

"Honey, I was in the kitchen." I answered.

"Oh! Sorry, I didn't hear you." he replied.

We sat facing each other on the sofa, we talked about his friends and work. After awhile he laid his head on my lap. I had my hand on his hairy chest playing with his nipples as we continued our conversation, his cock lying up on his belly prominently displayed.

It was getting dark outside. I got up and turned on the his desk lamp.

"I'll make us sandwiches for dinner. You want a beer or soda with your sandwich?" I asked.

"Beer." he answered.

When I came back with the sandwiches and beer, I found him by his DVD player putting one of the movies he had rented in.

"I hope you don't mind the movie. I've seen it before. It's a good movie, a little on the risqué side. But worth watching." He said.

The movie was about an older married woman having an affair with a younger man. There was lots of frontal nudity with tit sucking, pussy licking, cock sucking, pussy fingering and jacking off but no anal or vaginal penetration and no cum shots. When the movie finished Bobby got up to get us more beer. I couldn't help but notice the state of his penis. While not erect, it was very engorged and fat. His foreskin had retraced enough to show at least half his cockhead.

He returned beers in hand, sat next to me crossed legged, his engorged member very prominent. We talked about the movie. He wanted to know if I thought it would be more meaningful if it was sexually more explicit.

"Honey, I think it was very sexually explicit." I answered.

"Oh Mom, I guess, what I mean is, if it had vaginal penetration and cum shots in it." He explained

I started laughing. The more I looked at him the harder I laughed. He started laughing too. We were both laughing very hard. My side was aching. After we calmed down, he asked me what was so funny. Trying not to laugh again, I told him I found it terribly funny discussing the pro and cons of vaginal penetration and cum shots in a porn movie with my stark naked son. Both of us started laughing again at the absurdity of the situation.

We stayed up for awhile longer. Finally I told him it had been a long day and I was tired and needed to get some sleep. He leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips and said goodnight.

The next morning, I again woke up early, I looked toward Bobby to see if he was still sleeping. He was still asleep and uncovered with a huge morning erection, his foreskin rolled back exposing his large swollen cockhead. Because it was late when we went to bed, I slept almost nude wearing only my G string. Getting up quietly I went to the bathroom to pee. When I came back, Bobby was sitting on the edge of his bed. He saw me standing there naked except for my g string, which barley covered my pussy. I watched open mouth as Bobby stood up and walked to the bathroom not bothering to cover or hide his huge fat erection.

Before I had a chance to make myself decent, he came out of the bathroom. His penis now soft by still very engorged. I made a feeble attempt to cover my tits.

"Oh mom, why bother. I don't mind. Come on, enjoy yourself. See how great it feels to run around naked." he coxed.

Throwing caution to the wind, I said "Well, why not. I don't mind you being naked. So why should there be a reason for you to mind me being naked."

Besides I reasoned, I had on my G string and my pussy was covered. So what if my tits and ass were exposed. He was my son and there was no reason from me to feel embarrassed or inhibited.

Together we went into the kitchen to brew coffee. He hugged me from behind, I could feel his engorged cock slip in between my naked ass crack. I could feel his pubic hairs on my ass cheeks and his arms pushing against the bottom of my tits as he hugged me. We walked out to the patio and drinking our coffee, we spent the morning naked talking. Oh, I kept my G string on, but I felt positively wicked, my nipples were hard and erect the whole time.

Around noon I fixed us a salad and we sat in the living room to eat.

"Mom lets watch the other movie I rented, I think you'll like this one too. It's one of my favorites." he said.

This movie was about a young man meeting and falling in love with an older woman who he later found out was his mother. Like the other movie, there was lots of nudity and sex, but no vaginal or anal penetration or cum shots.

I was sitting back on the sofa with Bobby's head resting on my on lower stomach just above my pussy mound. I couldn't help but notice his penis grow and thicken as we watched the movie. My pussy getting wet and puffy as I watched him. Every once in a while he would inhale deeply.

When the movie was over, he pushed his face toward my scantily clad pussy and inhaled deeply. Sitting up facing me, we could discussed the movie.

"Mom, don't you think the movie would have made the story more meaningful if it had included fucking and cum shots? He asked.

"Oh my, what happened to vaginal penetration." I asked.

Oh mom! why so formal, fucking, pussy, cunt, twat, cock, dick they're all just words. He said.

Not wanting to change the subject, but unable to keep my thoughts or eyes off his engorged cock and feeling somewhat risqué, I told him I couldn't help but noticed he shaved his ballsac.

"Mom when I was a teenager, I overheard dad ordering you to suck his shaved balls while he licked your shaved pussy. Ever since then I've been shaving my balls"

I couldn't believe what I just heard. Looking down at his balls, they looked like two large eggs in a dark smooth pink sac. Was my son telling me he wanted me to suck his shave balls? I was tempted to reach out and feel them.

But, before I could, he stood up holding his ballsac for me to look at and said, "Mom, the first time I got a blowjob, I had the bitch suck my balls while I jacked off."

I felt a little embarrassed with him standing there holding his ballsac and listening to the way he was talking about his sexual experiences, but I also felt very aroused. My G string was plastered to my very wet and puffy pussy lips. Bobby's cock thought not fully erect was defiantly more than just engorged. His foreskin had rolled back exposing his entire purplish cockhead and he had a glistening drop of precum on the end of it.

"Lets go outside and soak up some afternoon sun." He said.

We got up and with his semi erect cock leading the way, we went outside and sat on the double lounger next to each other.

About fifteen or so minutes later he said, "Mom if you turn over and I'll put lotion on your backside."

I turned over onto my stomach and felt more than saw my naked son straddle me. I could feel his shaved balls rubbing against the bottom of my butt. I moved my legs apart and felt his balls fall between them. Closing my legs slightly caused his balls to pushed up against my wet pussy. His large heavy cock nestled between my ass checks. My heart was beating fast, my pussy leaking cum onto his ballsac. I felt positively evil allowing my son such intimate contact with my body.

Bobby rubbed lotion on my back down to my buttock. Then turning around facing the other way he straddled my back and gently sat on me, I could feel his hairy ass and his shaved balls against my skin as he rubbed lotion on my legs from my ankles up to my butt. Parting my ass checks he rubbed lotion between them from my asshole to my very wet G string covered pussy.

Climbing off me, he asked me to turn over so he could rub lotion on my front. Turning over towards him I looked up, my mouth must have dropped open to the floor. There just inches away from my eyes was the underside of his huge, fat, very erect, 8" cock.

"Sorry mom, it just happens, I have no control over it." He said while smiling down at me.

"It's ok honey, I understand," I replied softly barley able to keep from grabbing and sucking it into my mouth.

Again straddling me over my hips, his angry looking cock just inches from my pussy, he untied my g string and with one quick yanked he pulled it off. The both of us now stark naked. Putting it to his nose, I watched as he inhaled deeply, savoring the aroma of my pussy. His long fat erection twitched and leaked precum as I watched it with hungry lust filled eyes.

Spreading my legs apart, he sat on top of me so his shave ballsac rubbed against my shaved pussy. He poured lotion on his hand and rubbed the lotion in, cupping my tits and rolling my hard erect nipples between his fingers. He pinched and squeezed my tits sending waves of pure pleasure up and down my back. My pussy juice leaking all over his ballsac. With one hand on my tits, he moved his other hand to my pussy pushing his balls aside, he cupped my pussy, squeezing my puffy wet pussy lips between his long fingers before letting his large middle finger explore the hole he came out of 23 years ago.

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