tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Stepfather and his Brother Ch. 04

My Stepfather and his Brother Ch. 04


I don't know how long I was out to it for as I slowly drifted back to life with someone touching me. I awoke and found that my stepfather was removing me from my bindings and helping me to my feet. He put his arm around my waist and helped me to another part of the garage to a small bathroom. I found it difficult to stand as I was ushered inside.

"Now listen to me."

"I want you showered and then you are to put those things on," as he pointed to the small table.

"I want you to do your makeup and hair and I'll be back to check on you soon."

" Oh and don't get any smart idea' s about escaping or not doing as your told."

"You don't want your mother to suffer some pain do you?"

He closed the door and locked it leaving me alone. I sat on the toilet and needed to relieve myself,as my pussy was still sore from the rape earlier. My mind wandered back and I thought about how my stepfather's brother had used me. I flushed the toilet and then entered the small shower cubicle. I let the water stream down and wash his sweat and his seed from my body. It covered myself with soap and the water helped relax me. I began to sob as I continued to wash my body. I slowly turned the water off and took the towel drying myself.

The hair drier look little time to dry my long hair and I was soon applying my makeup. I use the foundation then some eyeliner and the peach eye shadow that was there. Next came some lip liner and there was little choice in lipstick being only pink there. Finally I applied some lips gloss and then made my way to the things, which had been provided. There was a pair of black lace tops stockings and a black suspender belt. On the floor was a pair of black patient leather stilettos with a 6'' heel. As I slipped them on I looked at myself in the large mirror and soon realised that I now looked like some cheap hooker. The door opened and my stepfather took my wrist and led me back along the corridor to another room. As I entered there was a large bed in the centre of it where my mother sat dressed as I was except that her things were red and she wore a bra but no panties. Her glazed eyes and the smile on her face told me that she had been drugged. As I tensed my stepfather placed a small glass vile under my nose and ordered me to inhale. It was that same sweet smelling liquid I had smelt before and I was soon feeling its effects.

I began to feel heavy and my stepfather steered me to the bed. I moved to where my mother was and she took my hand.

"Hi baby," she said as she drew me to her.

"They promised they would hurt you if you do what they want."

"I looked over and there was my Stepfather and his brother again with the camera. The smile they gave me was supposed to re-assure me however it was more evil that genuine.

As I turned back my mother again smiled. As she stroked my hair she said.

"Now honey I want you to relax."

"You and I are going to make love and it will be just fine."

Her hand pulled me to her and our lips met. She began to kiss me and at first I was apprehensive, however the drug was beginning to relax me and I soon found my inhibitions begin to leave me.

Her hand moved to my breast as she cupped it gently as her tongue entered my mouth. She sucked it gently and I was responding as mine searched for hers. I could taste her and it felt good. She took my hand and placed it to her breast. I ran my finger over the hard nipple and I could feel her suck in a breath as she responded even more her hand was pulling on my nipple, which began to harden. Her mouth left mine and made it's way to my breast and her lips parted taking it into her mouth. She began to suck it, rolling it between her teeth. I felt the moan deep in my throat as my own mother was turning me on. Her hand made it's way to my pussy and a finger probed it's opening. Her index finger found my clit and she massaged it send pangs of pleasure throughout my body.

Her mouth left my breast and made it's way to my ear.

"Lay back baby and let mummy suck your juicy young cunt."

I complied with her direction and she moved between my legs. She pushed them apart and I soon felt her sweet breath at my pussy opening. Her tongue darted out and probed my clip. I t found it's mark and she began to lick my clit. My hands moved to her head and I held it, pushing it into my cunt. She lick it hard, pushing it inside me, sucking my juice into her mouth. God it felt so good. Only a woman knows how to please another and my mother was pleasing me. I held her head tight and ground my pubic bone against her mouth. The camera moved in for a close up and as I closed my eyes I wanted to cum for her.

My mother's mouth left my pussy and I opened my eyes to see why it had. I wanted it back there and wanted it now. I watched as she made her way to me.

"Honey do you want to lick mommies pussy?"

"Yes mommy," I found myself saying.

My mother straddled my face and she made her way back to my pussy. There it front of me now just above my face was her pussy. It glistened in the bright light and I could hear it telling me to lick it. She lowered her hips and I could now smell her womanhood. My lips parted and my tongue licked at her slit. I felt her body tense and I again felt her mouth on my pussy. She was again licking and sucking on my clit, telling me what she wanted to do. I soon responded and followed her lead. The camera was now capturing my first taste of being a lesbian.

I was sucking and licking my mother and she her daughter. We were pleasing each other with our mouths and I was enjoying pleasing here. We were now like animals on heat as the drug was taking complete effect. I wanted her, wanted to eat her pussy and she mine. I wanted to cum filling her mouth with my love juice and I wanted to taste her love juice. I glanced over and my stepfather had his cock in his hand and was stroking himself at the sight of a mother and her daughter using each other for their pleasure. I wanted to make him cum and I took the lead. I pushed my mother off and moved between her legs. I push her legs wide apart and opened her pussy lips. I moved my head and my mouth soon found her clit as I licked and sucked her rock hard clit. I felt her hands on my head as she thrust her hips against my mouth.

"Oh yeah baby that's it."

"Fuck yeah baby girl."

"Suck mommies pussy real good."

"Come on you little bitch suck me suck me hard."

I was turning my mother on and I again glanced over at my stepfather stroking his cock. He was rock hard and it wouldn't be too much longer before he would be ready to cum.

My fingers were now inside my pussy as I continued to lick and suck my mother to climax. I wanted to cum and wanted my mother to be proud of her baby girl. I felt something hit my back and soon realised that my stepfather had cum shooting his seed in all directions. I was pleased I had made him do it, as I didn't want him inside me. Russel wouldn't let him join us as this was a lesbian video and there would be another opportunity for him to have me. I felt my mother tense and her thighs closed around my head. I felt them squeeze and then they tightened as she moaned loudly.

"Oh god I'm going to cum." She wailed.

I was finding it difficult to breathe as her thighs gripped my head and her hands pushed it against her mound.

"Oh fuck yes," she squealed.

Her cunt exploded and her body almost lifted off the bed as she climaxed into my mouth. I could taste her and felt the rush of pussy juice between my lips. Wave after wave spread throughout her body and she was enjoying every minute of it. It would be some time before she would release me and then she again pulled me to her. She kissed me passionately and sucked the saliva that was mixed with her pussy juices from my mouth. Her mouth left mine and she gazed into my eyes telling me that she had been completely satisfied.

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