tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Teacher Ch. 2

My Teacher Ch. 2

byL.A. Wicker©

It only took me about ten minutes to drive us to my small apartment. Once there, I carried Miss Jones into my place just like she was a little baby.

I laid her on my sofa and reached to turn on the lamp, I was so shocked and so fucking mad when I saw her pretty face was so violated.

She had two very black eyes, swollen lips and most of her face was bruised. Looking down her body I could see massive bruises on her hips and legs where the black men had been kicking and punching her.

I sat there caressing her blood stained hair, holding back tears from my eyes. How could anybody hurt someone so sweet and loving as this special lady, I would never know.

A little while later she woke up, giving me a little smile and squeezing my hand.

"I’m so sorry I didn’t get to you faster Miss Jones, I’m so sorry." I said as tears ran down my cheeks.

She sat up pulling my sobbing body to her and said, " Oh Larry if it hadn’t been for you I mite be dead now, it’s fine, you saved me," She was now crying too, " Larry, thank you."

As Miss Jones was caressing my face I ask her, " Can I get you some ice or aspirins Or both, Miss Jones?"

She managed a little smile as she replied, " Call me Cindy, I think you have earned it. Ice and aspirins would be nice."

We talked into the early morning hours, about everything from school to what our plans for old age where. I found out that Cindy, had been married to a man that enjoyed beating her on a daily bases.

She got a divorce from him and started back to school and became a teacher. She wanted a better school than our present one but, when your new, you get the shit schools.

I told her of my dreams of playing pro baseball, having all kinds of young babes wanting me.

She just gave me a sexy look and said, " You can have that dream now from the way the girls and the lady teachers at school look at you."

"I don’t really care about them," I looked her in her powder blue eyes, " There’s only one person there I care about."

Her arms hugged my neck and she said, " I wonder who that mite be?"

I leaned to Cindy, placing a little soft kiss on her swollen lips, " Would you like a shower or a nice hot bath? It should help with some of your pain."

Cindy frowned a little, " I’m going to need a lot of help, if you don’t mind."

"I’ll run the water, can you undress? Or shall I help you?" I said.

Cindy just laughed a little as she told me, " I don’t know what I’m going to do with you?"

I gave Cindy a towel to cover with and I went to start her bath. When I came back to help her I must say my eyes just about burst out of my head.

She was walking towards me, the towel just covered her beautiful breast and flat tummy. Her curvaceous hips, special area, covered with thin white panties and her long statuesque legs where open to my full view.

I ran to her side, placing her arm around my shoulder. We slowly walked to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, I helped her sit on the pot and ask, " So, how do you want me to help you, I’ve never helped a lady take a bath before?"

"My hips and legs are so sore, is there any way you could put me in the water?" Cindy ask.

Never in my life I had ever had to help anyone do something so personal as this. She was also the light of my life, I had to do for her without gazing at her sexy bruised body.

With a red face I ask, " How do you want to do this?"

"It’s O.K. don’t be embarrassed," as Cindy kissed my forehead and removed the towel, " Just pick me up like a little baby and set me in the water."

Then she leaned toward me, showing her tantalizing breast and wonderful hips. My trembling hands went around her back and under her firm little school teacher ass. One easy lift, she was in my arms, hugging my neck.

As I held her in my arms, a strange warmth came over me. I’ve held lots of ladies before, nothing compared to this. An inner peace ran through me, calming my soul, I just can’t explain the feeling.

I turned to the tub full of steaming water and slowly placed her battered body in the water. My hand stayed on her back to help support her.

"OH this feels so good," Cindy said as she reached for the soap, " Oh I’m so sore, I can’t move."

"Let me get it for you." I replied.

Cindy looked at me and ask, " How ummm.. do I ask you this," her face was red now, " can you help me, I hurt so bad?"

I looked into her eyes, I could see her pain and maybe a little lust in them. I soaped my left hand and began to bathe her long smooth back.

She leaned forward trying to give me better access but, she almost fell over, my right hand slid to her chest only to have her heavenly bosom fill my hand.

"OH SHIT, I’m sorry." I said.

Cindy leaned to my hand, pushing her breast in my hand more "Mmmmmmm, I must say, you have great hands."

I gave her a sly look and asked her, " What am I going to do with you?"

Cindy gazed into my eyes as she said, "When I get to feeling better, I will give you a list of things you can do with me."

"Oh shit," I thought to myself, this babe, just gave me an invite to take her when she’s better, " and take you I will my teacher, my future love."

To Be Continued...

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