tagBDSMMy Time Ch. 04

My Time Ch. 04


I had no idea what Mistress Q could have cooked up in the kitchen. There is no pun intended. I told Her that I could not cook worth a darn. I had heard Her moving stuff around and taking things into the kitchen from Her bedroom. I was curious and a little hesitant. But the adventure must continue.

Mistress Q was dressed in Her heels and nothing else once more. I loved to look at Her. She was so beautiful. I noticed Her cock was just starting to become erect, what I used to call a 'chubby' when I was younger. I was delighted I had that effect on Her. Maybe it was only the anticipation of what She was going to do to me that made Her aroused.

"Put these cuffs back on and make sure they are snug," She ordered handing me the four leather cuffs for my ankles and wrists.

I put them on and watched, as Her cock grew a little more firm and stood just a little more stiffly.

"Lay over the table so that your cock hangs down on this side and your head is just at the other side," She ordered.

The table was cold against my chest. It was just wide enough to accommodate me in that position. If I looked straight ahead with my chin resting on the table, it was just at the edge. My cock was giving me away again by being firmly erect. The little pill was working its magic (as well as the magic Mistress Q was working) on me.

Mistress Q fastened a length of rope to my right wrist cuff. She pulled it out to my side and up to the corner of the table. Pulling it firmly out away from my body She tied if off to the table leg. She did the same to my left wrist and arm only to the left table leg. I was stretched on my stomach onto the table. I was not going anywhere now. This done She walked back to the rear of the table.

Mistress attached a rope to the right ankle cuff and pulled it out as far as it would go. She tied off the rope to the table leg near the floor. She did the same to myleft ankle. My feet were just barely touching the floor. I was pinioned to the table. It was warming to the same temperature of my body. I was very open and vulnerable to Her.

"You need some filling back here," She said as She slid in the butt plug. It was not much of a stretch now for me to handle the insertion. I was well used back there and the muscles seemed to loosen more readily. I hate to say this, but I was beginning to miss the feeling of something being back there. It was starting to feel very natural to have an object inside of me.

"I told you earlier to expect punishment for looking at Me when you were not given permission to do so," She said. "Here it comes. You will not find it pleasant and it will not stop until I am satisfied that you will not repeat the offense."

With that Mistress Q landed the first blow of a wooden paddle on my ass cheek. It stung much worse than the leather paddle She had used earlier. I thought that I could bear it if She kept the same rhythm She had with the leather paddle. That was not going to happen.

Mistress started a rapid stroking of my left ass cheek that set me on fire immediately. It too my breath away and brought the tears to my eyes immediately. She concentrated on my left ass cheek until there were ten strokes administered. Around the fourth stroke I found my voice and screamed bloody murder. I was just flat out crying from there.

"Take a deep breath," She said as She paused in the strokes and I took advantage of it by gasping in a full breath of air.

Mistress immediately started in on the right cheek of my ass with the same vengeance. I screamed the whole way through it. I thought I would never be able to stand this much pain. Lights were going off in the backs of my eyelids and I thought I could actually feel the heat in my ass all the way up to my head. The tears I was crying were making the table wet. I was jerking around trying to get away from the pain, but the bindings were too tight and the table too heavy to move. I did not have any leverage anyway. Ten strokes were delivered to my right cheek and then they stopped.

"Take another deep breath," Mistress told me. I did as She said. The breath came into me in jerks. I was crying so hard.

Suddenly Mistress Q started to paddle the back of my left thigh. Man did that sting like crazy. I thought I was dieing and in a way wished that I would. She administered five strokes to that leg and paused.

"Take another breath," She ordered. I did the best I could, but could not get a full breath in this time. My head felt like it would explode.

Five more strokes were rained down on the back of the right thigh and then Mistress stopped again.

"You took that pretty well," She said. "I don't think you will disobey Me again."

"No, Mistress," I almost yelled.

"Good," She said. "I knew you would be a good slave from the start. You just need these little reminders now and then. Besides, I like to hear those screams. They turn me on so very much."

Mistress started to rub the cheeks of my ass gently. Her hands were so soothing. They felt cool on my skin. I was probably redder than a barn door back there. After some soothing rubbing She bent over and started to make love to my ass cheeks with Her mouth. She did this to first one cheek and then the other. I almost thought that the paddling was worth enduring to get this from Her. It was then I noticed my cock was still as hard as a rock. It was actually dripping precum. I could feel it sliding off the head of it. I wanted Her to touch it, but knew that would not happen for a while. It was twitching and waving in the air as if it had seen an old friend under that table.

Mistress Q started to wiggle the butt plug in my ass. This went on for a little before She pulled it out past the large section of it and then shoved it back in. My asshole started to burn at that. She started to fuck me with the plug for several minutes. It kept getting easier and easier until it finally felt great. I tried to wiggle back into it, but the table was in the way and I was stretched too tight to move much at all. Then Mistress shoved the plug firmly into me and stopped.

She walked around the table to my head. I saw that Her cock was just as hard and erect as mine was. That monster standing out from that delicate and trim body of Hers was a fantastically erotic sight. One I will never get used to but will love to see each time it is presented to me.

"Open your mouth," She ordered. "I want something warm and wet that I can fuck."

I opened my mouth as ordered. It was a little tricky with my bottom jaw against the table. I tilted my head back and presented Mistress with the mouth She desired. She stuck Her cock into my mouth. I closed my lips on it and began to swirl my tongue around the soft and almost spongy head. I was back in heaven.

Mistress started a nice in and out motion with Her hips. I could not move my head on Her cock so She indeed had to fuck my mouth to get the sensations She wanted. She moaned so tenderly. She would stroke in a little deeper about every third push until I had about half of Her cock in my mouth. She kept this up until Her breathing began a little more rapid and Her moans of pleasure were more insistent. Finally She was hitting the back of my throat and my gag reflex was clutching with each inward thrust.

Mistress pulled out. I swallowed a little of the saliva that had accumulated in my mouth.

"Now I want you to stick your tongue out and let it lay flat on the floor of your mouth," said Mistress. "When I go back in your mouth you will keep your tongue out and down there. I will go slowly and get you used to things. You will be quite proud of yourself if you listen and apply your mind to the task at hand."

My tongue came out and I made an effort to make it lie flat on the floor of my mouth. I did not see how this would help much. I would not be able to use it to caress Mistress' cock while She was in my mouth.

She slid Her cock into my mouth and went about halfway. Now I knew what She was talking about. I had no way of stopping Her progress by tightening my throat. I could only close it a little, but I could not stop Her now from shoving the whole thing right on down into my gullet. She was one smart Lady. I would have to pay close attention to Her instructions. I saw the potential here.

"As I push in," She told me, "take in a steady breath until it is cut off. Relax your throat muscles as much as you can and resist the urge to gag. I will go slowly and a little at a time. I am setting you up for success here and you will be able to do more than you have ever done before. Don't be disappointed if you can't take the whole thing. W/we have plenty of time for you to practice before you are going to leave here."

She started to push forward. I closed my eyes and concentrated on taking in the steady breath. The head of Her cock cut it off when it hit what should have been the back of my throat. My gag reflex wanted to react. I suppressed it as best I could. Mistress went just a hair farther and stopped. She just held Her cock right there and let my throat get used to the sensation. It seemed like a long time and I was just running out of air when Mistress pulled back out. She did not pull Her cock all the way out of my mouth, but far enough out to let me breathe.

"One more time now," She said. "You did real well on that one."

I breathed in again and Mistress advanced Her cock. Again the air was cut off and I was able to control the gag reflex pretty well when it wanted to kick in. I could feel a little rippling action being made by my throat in order for it to do that. It just came on naturally. Mistress continued to slowly push Her cock in. I could feel that it was past the last mark She had made and was still moving inward. I was stunned at how much I seemed to have taken in. It felt like I had about a mile of cock in there. Mistress stopped, held it still for even longer than the last time and then pulled it out. This time she came all the way out of my mouth. I was gasping for air. Left over drool cascaded out of my mouth before I had a chance to swallow it.

"Don't swallow all of that stuff," She ordered. "You will need it for lubrication. I want you to keep your eyes open on this one. I think you will be surprised at your progress. I certainly am. Ready?"

With that She started back into my mouth. I kept my eyes open this time. What a sight that was!

Drawing in breath again I watched as Mistress Q's cock entered my mouth. It was in just over halfway when the air was cut off and the reflex let me know it was there. I relaxed and it kept advancing. Her pubes were getting closer and closer to my face. The same little spasms started in my throat, but I did not let the gag reflex take over. That beautiful cock kept advancing farther into my throat and the root came closer and closer to my lips.I was doing it. I was taking all of Her cock into my throat. I was amazed. The only thing that I could do was to stare at it and watch it. It almost went completely black for me when Her pubic bone butted up against my nose. She stopped pushing and just stayed there. I could hear her breath coming in ragged pants. She was excited and so was I. My first deep throat!

My air was running out and I desperately needed to get some more. Mistress gave a grunt and started to pull out. She came all the way out of my mouth and leaned down to kiss my forehead. I wanted to cheer but knew better. My ass was still burning from that paddling. I was not about to disobey if I could help it.

"I am so very proud of you my little slave," Mistress cooed. "You took the whole thing in! I thought you would come close and that is why I had you watch. You will get a reward later. Right now I need to get off. Open your mouth one more time. Just breathe in with my stroke inward. I will try not to get carried away."

I did not know what She meant, but I was game for anything by this time. I opened my mouth and in went the cock. This time there was a steady push clear to the root of it and then Mistress drew it right out. I breathed as She pushed it back in. They were not hard pushes and not too awful fast. She was certainly fucking my throat though and I knew I was going to get some more of Her cum. I concentrated on keeping my throat relaxed and my breathing in sync with Her thrusts. I could hear the gasping pants and then Mistress pushed Her cock the deepest She had been into my throat and held it there. She even grabbed my hair and pulled it. She let out a loud yell and Her cock pulsed tremendously. I could feel the gushes of cum as they came out of Her cock and down my throat. I was disappointed that I could not taste any of it while She was in that deep.

Mistress Q finally stopped spurting and I was ready to scream for air. I was starting to get dizzy from the lack of it and could see the blackness move in from the corners of my eyes.

Mistress pulled out of my mouth and I lay there gasping. That is what a well-fucked slave does when He is still tied to the table and can't move. Mistress sat down on one of the kitchen chairs for a minute to catch Her breath as well. I was so happy I had been able to take it away.

Mistress and I both regained our composure and She started to kiss my warmly and lustily. Her tongue swept through my mouth and cleaned it out. My cock was hard as a rock all the way through the throat fucking and was still in that same condition. I wanted to cum so badly. I wanted Her to at least touch it and thought that should She decide to take it in Her mouth I would probably cum with just the touch of Her lips.

She finally stood up and I saw that Her cock had gone down, but not all the way. It was in the process of coming back up again. I wondered if She had taken one of those little pills Herself.

Mistress said, "Open your mouth again."

She put Her cock back in my mouth and I immediately felt it start to grow to a full and firm erection. She did not move it. She just let it stay there for a little. She played with my hair while it grew into working shape.

Mistress Q removed Her cock from my mouth and walked to the back of the table. I felt Her pull the butt plug out. I was empty again and not liking it very much. With some relief and a little trepidation I heard the snap of a latex glove. The cold stab of lubricant followed that on one of Her fingers at my anus. She ran one of Her fingers into me without any fanfare. I yipped like a startled dog.

The finger was moved in and out and around and around for a minute. A second finger joined it. This did not cause me any distress after all my anus had been through. These followed the same pattern as the first finger. A third finger soon followed the other two and the pattern was repeated. This was getting better and better.

"That is three fingers," She said. "I would go for a fourth but I want this a little on the tight side right now."

The fingers were withdrawn and I could hear the glove being removed. I could feel the lubricant running onto my balls.

Mistress put a wet rag on my balls and cleaned that off. Then She tied a rope around my balls only. It was tied right at the base of the sack and then two or three turns were made. This was looped somehow through the circling rope and pulled very tight. It pinched a couple of spots. Mistress Q tried to smooth out the skin in those areas. I could feel a long tail on that rope that hung free. A second rope was applied the same way as the first. I could feel my ball sack start to swell a litte. My cock remained rock hard. This was a turn on for me.

Mistress Q then knelt down and untied each ankle from the legs of the table they had been attached to. I could not figure out why She would let my legs loose. My thought was soon answered. She wrapped one rope around each leg just above the knee and tied them off with a knot. One leg and then the other was lifted at the knee and tied to the leg of the table where it met the tabletop. My feet were left dangling. This really opened up my backside. I knew it was in for more abuse. I felt so open and vulnerable. I could really feel the air in the room moving on my little rosebud.

One end of one rope attached to my balls was run through the 'D' ring of the cuff on my right ankle. That was pulled so that my foot was angled toward my body and suspended about halfway between the floor and my balls. When Mistress released my foot I could see that I would have to keep my ankle back in the air to take the weight of it from pulling on my balls. This was going to be a chore. When I tested putting the weight of my lower leg on them and it hurt like hell. The same thing was done to the left ankle. I was strung up like a hog going to the slaughter. I figured out that my legs would get tired before very long and the pull and stretch on my balls would begin to hurt constantly.

"That should keep it interesting for you," said Mistress Q. "You don't want to forget about your legs or your balls while I am having my fun back here. I promised you a reward for your wonderful efforts and here it comes."

The head of Her cock nudged up against my anus. It felt huge just touching it. I remembered just how large it was. I thought that I would probably be able to take Her wrist just as easily as that monster cock of Hers.

Mistress pushed and my hole started to open. I pushed back against it to try and make the entrance a little easier.

"That's a good little slave," said Mistress. "Keep loosening up and it will be much easier on you and Me while I put this thing in there."

More of that cock was pushed in and my hole was stretching farther than I ever felt it before. It was hurting and I thought it was going to tear before She got that thing in back there. Suddenly the head popped in the phincter and it closed around the head. My God was that thing huge. It felt like a sewer pipe going in back there. Mistress held still.

"Get used to it a little," She said. "There is a lot more to take and I am going to use you hard and fast."

In a few moments my hole did get fairly used to it and I started to relax even more than before. This was different than a dildo. Her cock seemed more pliant and gentle on my poor little hole. I liked this better.

Mistress Q must have become impatient. She pushed Her cock inward with a steady even pressure. It inched its way up my canal. I could feel the progress it was making inside of me. It felt like She had been pushing forever when the pain started up inside me on the left side of my abdomen. I knew that She was at that turn from the way it had felt with the dildo. She started to move Her cock around the same way She had the dildo and the pain suddenly eased. More of that cock was fed into me until I felt Her hips up against my cheeks. They must have still been warm from that paddling because they felt sore to me when She touched them.

My balls were starting to stretch a little from the weight of my lower legs pulling down. I made a conscious effort to keep them up but they were getting tired. Mistress started to pull Her cock out and it burned around my anus. I knew this would get better so I did my best not to groan too loudly. Then Mistress rammed back in all the way and started a good fucking pace. She had a nice rhythm going. I could hear Her moans of pleasure.

"God you feel good," She said. "I am going to enjoy fucking your ass."

The pace continued as Her breathing got heavier and heavier. That is when the in and out really got frantic. My balls were being stretched and they hurt. I did not mind so much because Mistress was bumping my prostate each time She pushed in and Her cock scraped against it as She pulled out. I was lost in a zone by that point. I was on the brink of cumming but I just could not. It was lucky I did not without having permission anyway. I noticed a voice crooning in pleasure and realized it was mine and not that of Mistress Q. I was hoping this could go on forever. It felt so good. The table was rocking and I was just a rag doll going with the motion. My balls were aching and being pulled on by my feet. The pain added to the pleasure.

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